Shake it Off (Taylor's Version)

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In this episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G delve into Taylor Swift's anthem "Shake It Off," co-written with Max Martin and Shellback. They discuss the song's impact, including how it caused an actual earthquake during Swift's AOS tour, and its significance as a defiant response to critics and haters. The hosts highlight Swift's own explanation that the song, following a sorrowful track five, is an upbeat "f-you" to detractors, embracing awkwardness and encouraging self-expression through dance. They also touch on the song's broader themes of resilience and self-empowerment, as well as the legal controversy it stirred with a copyright infringement lawsuit by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, which was settled after five years. The discussion encapsulates Swift's ability to transform criticism into empowering pop music and the enduring relevance of "Shake It Off" as a symbol of Swift's artistic evolution and personal growth.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13 at Taylor Swift fan podcast"

  • The podcast is hosted by four Taylor Swift enthusiasts: Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • They explore Taylor Swift's music, including Easter eggs, song breakdowns, and fan theories.
  • "Shake It Off" is highlighted as possibly Taylor Swift's most well-known song.

"This is 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song, every Easter egg, every era, and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G."

The quote introduces the podcast and its hosts, emphasizing their dedication to analyzing Taylor Swift's work.

Significance of "Shake It Off"

  • Recognized globally, "Shake It Off" is considered a signature Taylor Swift song.
  • The song is known for its catchiness and was written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback.
  • An earthquake during a concert was attributed to fans dancing to "Shake It Off," highlighting its impact.

"Everyone in the world knows 'Shake It Off'... it's so recognizable... it caused an earthquake... that is incredible, that is amazing."

This quote underscores the song's popularity and the physical impact it had during a live performance, causing seismic activity.

Public Perception and Misconceptions

  • "Shake It Off" may lead some non-fans to mistakenly believe all of Taylor Swift's songs are similar.
  • The song's pop nature might deter listeners from exploring Swift's diverse discography, including albums like "Folklore" and "Evermore."

"They think that every one of her songs sounds like 'Shake It Off' because 'Shake It Off' is such a glittery gel pen pop song."

The quote reflects on how "Shake It Off" could misrepresent Taylor Swift's musical range to those unfamiliar with her other work.

Taylor Swift's Response to Criticism

  • "Shake It Off" serves as a response to negative criticism.
  • Taylor Swift uses humor and self-acceptance to counteract the criticism, as seen in the song and its music video.
  • The song follows a pattern in Swift's albums where an emotional track five is succeeded by an upbeat track six.

"I wrote a song called 'Shake It Off'... if you learn to laugh at certain things and not take everything so seriously... I'm having more fun than you."

Taylor Swift explains her strategy for handling criticism by using humor and self-deprecation, which is encapsulated in "Shake It Off."

Evolution of Taylor Swift's Attitude

  • Swift's transition from caring about public opinion to embracing indifference is reflected in "Shake It Off."
  • The song represents a personal and artistic evolution, marking a shift in Swift's focus and attitude towards life.
  • Swift wanted the song to be an anthem that encourages people to dance and let go of their inhibitions.

"1989 was essentially a celebration... I kind of stopped caring... I honestly don't care anymore... life is much better that way."

This quote from Taylor Swift reveals the personal growth that inspired "Shake It Off," highlighting her journey to self-acceptance and carefree living.

"Shake It Off" as an Empowerment Anthem

  • The song is designed to inspire confidence and joy, encouraging listeners to dance without self-consciousness.
  • Swift's intention was to create a track that would compel even the most reluctant dancers to join in.
  • The song's universal appeal is evident in its ability to resonate with audiences of all ages.

"Something about this song... wants this song to get people to get up and dance and it works on all ages."

The hosts discuss the song's power to unite and uplift people, emphasizing its role as an anthem of empowerment and confidence.

  • The podcast hosts mention a lawsuit related to "Shake It Off," suggesting a planned discussion on the topic.
  • The lawsuit is connected to the song's lyrics, indicating the significance of the words in the legal dispute.

"I also have a breakdown of the lawsuit that happened with this song."

This mention of a lawsuit sets the stage for a deeper exploration of the legal challenges faced by "Shake It Off" and its lyrics.

Sponsorship and Therapeutic Value of Therapy

  • The podcast episode is sponsored by BetterHelp, an online therapy service.
  • The hosts discuss the value of therapy in managing time and priorities, as well as improving mental well-being.

"If you're thinking of starting therapy, give BetterHelp a try... learn to make time for what makes you happy with better help."

The quote promotes BetterHelp as a sponsor and advocates for the benefits of therapy, tying in the theme of self-care which is also present in "Shake It Off."

Analysis of "Shake It Off" Lyrics

  • The hosts plan to analyze the lyrics of "Shake It Off" in detail.
  • The lyrics reflect Swift's carefree attitude and are meant to resonate with listeners who enjoy living unrestrainedly.

"All right, so let's get to these lyrics."

This indicates the hosts' intention to delve into the specific lyrics of "Shake It Off," suggesting an in-depth examination is forthcoming.

Taylor Swift's Response to Criticism

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics in her songs are often a direct response to her critics.
  • The simplicity of her lyrics is intentional, avoiding complex vocabulary.
  • Despite being labeled as talentless and brainless by detractors, Swift has been successful.
  • Her approach to criticism is to channel it into her music, creating hits like "Shake It Off."

"I mean this is obviously just like a direct you know response to the haters like we've been saying."

The quote highlights that Swift's lyrics are a direct rebuttal to her critics, showcasing her resilience and ability to use negativity as a source of inspiration for her music.

"She's kicking it off by saying I've got nothing in my brain people are saying that I'm a brain dead idiot and she's out here winning even then we know what she's doing now but even then she was winning and on top of the world and people are saying you're talentless you have nothing there's nothing going on in your brain."

This quote emphasizes Swift's method of confronting criticism head-on in her lyrics, acknowledging what critics say but contrasting it with her actual success and achievements.

Taylor Swift as a Source of Comfort

  • Fans find comfort and support in Swift's music, using it as a form of therapy during various emotional states.
  • Swift's lyrics often provide a sense of reassurance and resilience, resonating with listeners' personal experiences.
  • The question arises regarding who Swift turns to for musical comfort or if she finds solace in her own songwriting.

"Her music is you know her art her music her lyrics have always just kind of like I find a lot of comfort a lot of support just like in her music when I'm sad I listen to Taylor Swift when I'm happy I listen to Taylor Swift."

This quote captures how Swift's music serves as an emotional anchor for fans, providing support and comfort in both good times and bad.

"Who is Taylor Swift's Taylor Swift and could it even be at this point herself."

The quote poses an intriguing question about Swift's own sources of inspiration and comfort, speculating whether she might find therapeutic value in her own music or songwriting process.

Taylor Swift's Musical Influence and Fan Base

  • Swift's music influences her own work, with her past songs inspiring her more recent creations.
  • The inclusivity of Swift's fan community is celebrated, welcoming new fans regardless of when they discovered her music.
  • Fans connect with Swift's authenticity and her ability to relate to others through her music.

"I always wonder that like who who does Taylor Swift turn to when she like needs like music and art like that and I wonder if it's if it's her own you know or maybe just I mean I guess. songwriting."

The quote reflects on the possibility that Swift may turn to her own songwriting as a source of comfort and inspiration, similar to how her fans turn to her music.

"You don't have to know everything about Taylor Swift to be a fan."

This quote reinforces the idea that Swift's fan base is open and accepting, valuing the connection to her music over extensive knowledge of her career or personal life.

Taylor Swift's Cultural Impact and Imagined Theme Park

  • The concept of a Taylor Swift-themed park is proposed, inspired by Dollywood and the distinct eras of Swift's career.
  • Fans suggest names and locations for the hypothetical theme park, emphasizing Swift's significant cultural impact.
  • The theme park idea represents the breadth of Swift's influence and the desire for immersive experiences related to her music.

"Taylor Swift needs her own theme park it's like Dollywood Dolly Parton has her own theme park. but you have your all each era has its own land how great would that be put it somewhere in Nashville."

The quote suggests creating a Taylor Swift-themed park with different areas representing her musical eras, highlighting the potential for a physical space dedicated to celebrating her career.

"What would it be called I don't know Swift like Swifty World Swifty world Swift Swifty verse Swifty verse would be good especially if she is Shifting out of the lover house and going into a new Swifty verse."

This quote shows fans brainstorming potential names for a Taylor Swift theme park, illustrating the enthusiasm and creativity of her fan community.

Personal Connections and Anecdotes

  • Fans draw parallels between their own lives and Swift's music, finding personal significance in her lyrics.
  • Discussions include celebrity fans like Travis Kelce and his public admiration for Swift's music.
  • Personal stories and connections to Swift's music are shared, demonstrating the individual impact of her work on fans.

"Nick I kind of feel like Travis Kelsey is like you like he's like a pop girly tall nice beard musly handsome talented pretty loves Taylor known for being the best like top of his game for sure just like our very own Nick Adams."

The quote creates a personal connection between the speaker and Travis Kelce, based on shared characteristics and admiration for Taylor Swift, showing how her music creates bonds among fans.

"Both of the women in our lives are the Breadwinners isn't that great and blond we're kept men that's what it is right and beautiful."

This quote humorously connects the personal lives of the speakers to that of celebrities who are fans of Swift, highlighting the relatability of Swift's appeal across different audiences.

Naming Pets

  • Nick Adams named his black dog Oliver because the color reminded him of an olive.
  • Stanley, another pet, was named after the Stanley Cup, a reference to the hockey championship trophy.

"ack dog Oliver because he's black like an olive that's that's the only reason why I named him Oliver."

This quote explains the simple reasoning behind the naming of Nick Adams' dog, Oliver, based on its color resemblance to an olive.

"Stanley Stanley pup he was named after the Stanley Cup but like the hockey hockey the hockey one this was pre Stanley Stanley Cup."

Nick Adams clarifies that his pet Stanley was named after the Stanley Cup associated with hockey, predating another entity known as Stanley Cup.

Dehydration and Need for Acceleration

  • Lacy G mentions forgetting her Stanley Cup (a personal water container) and feels dehydrated.
  • She is drinking coffee, which is contributing to her dehydration and causing her to speak quickly.
  • Lacy G acknowledges her need for an "accelerator" to slow down.

"I'm very dehydrated I'm drinking coffee I feel myself talking fast I'm so sorry I need accelerator."

Lacy G expresses her physical state of dehydration and the need to slow down her speech due to the effects of caffeine.

Interpretation of "Shake It Off" Lyrics

  • The group discusses the meaning behind Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" lyrics.
  • They conclude that the song is about ignoring negativity and criticism.
  • Taylor Swift's approach to dealing with scrutiny is to "Shake It Off."

"she's not going to let herself be affected by the hate people are always going to be talking no matter what stage in life she's in no matter what she's going through."

The group interprets that Taylor Swift's lyrics in "Shake It Off" reflect her attitude towards ignoring haters and negativity in her life.

"she said in an interview with rolling stone she said had every part of my life dissected my choices my actions my words my body my style my music when you live your life under that kind of scrutiny you can either let it break you or you can get really good at dodging punches and when one lands you know how to deal with it."

Amy Nichols quotes Taylor Swift from a Rolling Stone interview, highlighting Swift's experience with intense public scrutiny and her coping strategy of resilience and avoidance.

Questioning the Meaning of "Players"

  • Amy Nichols asks about the meaning of "players" in the song "Shake It Off."
  • The group speculates whether it refers to men in the dating scene or broader aspects of life such as business or the music industry.

"oh I. I understand the whole course I get everything she's saying but the first line I've always wondered what what players is she talking about she talking about guys who are players?"

Amy Nichols questions the specific reference to "players" in the song, wondering if it relates to men in the dating context.

"she can't she can't hold on to a man because what's the what's the What's the phrase like don't hate the player hate the game."

Nick Adams suggests that "players" might refer to the dating game, where the phrase "don't hate the player, hate the game" is commonly used.

Taylor Swift's Adaptability and Genre Switching

  • The group discusses Taylor Swift's ability to adapt and switch music genres.
  • They note her transition from country to pop with the album "1989" and then to alternative music.
  • Swift's lyric "I never miss a beat I'm lightning on my feet" is seen as a metaphor for her versatility and ability to change.

"she's playing the The Dating Game. The Dating Game right like don't hate the player hate the game like."

Anna Z interprets the reference to "players" as a metaphor for Taylor Swift navigating the dating scene as well as the music industry.

"I feel that can also you can also apply that to how she switches genres you know I mean this is 1989 was when she went like full pop."

Amy Nichols points out Taylor Swift's genre-switching abilities, specifically mentioning her pop transition with the album "1989."

Taylor Swift's AAS Tour and Subtle Hints

  • The group mentions Taylor Swift's AAS Tour and how it incorporates all her music eras.
  • They discuss a moment from the tour movie where Swift hints at a fifth album.
  • The discussion includes Taylor Swift's self-awareness and her response to public perceptions during performances.

"I'mma call it the AAS tour like you damn right."

Lacy G refers to Taylor Swift's ambitious plan to include all her music eras in the AAS Tour, showing Swift's confidence in her artistic choices.

"someone had to do it. gosh you have had way too much coffee I know I do love it in the ARs tour when um the fellow over there with a hella good hair."

Anna Z comments on a specific moment from the AAS Tour, highlighting Taylor Swift's playful acknowledgment of her song lyrics during performances.

Taylor Swift's Lawsuit Over "Shake It Off"

  • The group briefly discusses the lawsuit involving Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off."
  • The lawsuit was filed by the group 3LW and spanned several years, potentially affecting Swift's album re-recording plans.
  • They speculate on the impact of the lawsuit on the release order of Swift's re-recorded albums.

"Yes by a group called 3lw do I have that. right um. yeah I have kind of like a SparkNotes version of what happened because this lawsuit that we referred to as the Shake It Off lawsuit of course it's spanned a couple years."

Amy Nichols provides a summary of the lawsuit involving Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and the group 3LW, noting its duration and potential influence on Swift's album release strategy.

  • Taylor Swift faced a lawsuit filed by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler in September 2017.
  • The lawsuit claimed Swift's "Shake It Off" copied lyrics from 3LW's song "Players Gon' Play" from 2001.
  • Swift's legal team argued the phrases were not unique and cited previous songs with similar phrases.
  • A federal judge dismissed the case in February 2018, stating the concept of players and haters was too common.
  • However, in 2019, the decision was overturned by a federal appeals court, leading to a potential jury trial.
  • The lawsuit was settled out of court in December 2022, after 5 years of legal proceedings.

"In September of 2017 songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler they filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Taylor Swift big machine records and Sony music publishing and anybody involved in Shake It Off."

This quote explains the initiation of the lawsuit against Taylor Swift by songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, alleging copyright infringement of their song's lyrics.

"Taylor's lawyers quickly shot back at the lawsuit saying that it was fundamentally flawed and it should be dismissed arguing that the short snippet of lyrics was not creative or unique enough to be covered by copyrights."

The defense from Taylor Swift's legal team is summarized here, stating that the lyrics in question lack the originality required for copyright protection.

"A federal judge agreed with those arguments ruling that American pop culture had been heavily seeped in the concept of players haters and player haters back in 2001 and that no single artist could claim a monopoly on such a concept."

This quote details the initial ruling by a federal judge who dismissed the case based on the argument that the phrases used are too common in American pop culture.

"In 2019 a federal appeals court in the ninth circuit overturned that decision and revived Hall and Butler's lawsuit against Taylor Swift."

The appeal by Hall and Butler led to the reinstatement of the lawsuit, indicating the legal battle was not yet over.

"In December of 2022 Taylor and the two songwriters who claimed that she stole these lyrics to her hit Shake It Off reached an agreement to end the copyright lawsuit."

The final resolution of the lawsuit is mentioned here, with an out-of-court settlement between Taylor Swift and the plaintiffs in December 2022.

  • Taylor Swift has been involved in legal battles similar to other prominent artists like Ed Sheeran.
  • She began re-recording her albums, with the first release, "Fearless (Taylor's Version)," coinciding with the start of the podcast discussed.
  • The lawsuit's settlement timing did not align with Swift's music release announcements, raising questions about Easter eggs and strategic planning.

"Ed Sheeran was in a similar situation where it came down to a jury deciding if the song that he was being sued for... but he was found not guilty not liable."

This quote draws a parallel between Taylor Swift's and Ed Sheeran's experiences with copyright lawsuits, noting the outcome of Sheeran's case.

"She started re-recording her albums in 2021 or maybe started working on them sooner. But we got the first Fearless Taylor's version in 2021."

The re-recording of Taylor Swift's albums is discussed, highlighting the release of "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and its significance to the podcast.

"In her initial claims like in 2017 when they first decided to sue her she had released a statement saying something along the lines of like you know when I was growing up... it wasn't like I heard 3LW song and then decided to just like rip it off."

Taylor Swift's response to the lawsuit is recounted here, emphasizing the commonality of the phrases in question during her childhood, which supports her defense against the copyright claim.

Taylor Swift's Career and Fan Theories

  • Taylor Swift's career moves, including her re-recordings and music releases, are often accompanied by fan theories and speculation.
  • The podcast hosts discuss potential clues and announcements related to Swift's upcoming projects.
  • Theories include the release of "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" and the significance of dates and hidden messages in Swift's announcements.

"Taking on Taylor Swift is a documentary at it's currently streaming on Amazon on Prime video if you're interested to check it out."

This quote mentions the availability of a documentary on the legal battle involving Taylor Swift, providing context for the extent of public interest in her legal and career moves.

"Candace Ashley Beauty on Tik Tok put this together get ready for reputation Taylor's version y'all the snake is coming out of Exile next week on the 5th."

The hosts discuss a fan theory from TikTok about the potential release of "Reputation (Taylor's Version)," showing the engagement of Swift's fan base with her work.

"She has said there's not going to be why did I just lose it there's no rep there will be no explanation thank you there's. yes thank you there will just be reputation."

This quote captures the speculation around Taylor Swift's cryptic announcements and the anticipation of her next release, "Reputation (Taylor's Version)."

"I saw someone on Tik Tok or Twitter or somewhere say that maybe the reason that she's been throwing up the twos could be because... maybe she's doing era's part two you know like er's Tour Part Two like just changing things up."

Fan theories regarding Taylor Swift's use of symbols and numbers, such as the number two, are discussed, showing the depth of analysis her fans engage in when interpreting her actions and announcements.

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