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Zach, a self-proclaimed Swiftologist, delves into Taylor Swift's fashion evolution throughout the year, highlighting her shift towards a "quiet cozy luxury" style and a penchant for suiting and office wear. He notes Taylor's historical lack of a consistent stylistic identity, despite occasionally flirting with new trends and designers like Stella McCartney and Oscar de la Renta. Throughout the review, Zach critiques specific looks, from streetwear to red carpet ensembles, and expresses a desire to see Taylor take more fashion risks. He suggests designers like Ganni, Saint Laurent, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger could enhance her style, blending youthful and sophisticated elements to create a unique aesthetic that is distinctly Taylor Swift.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift's Street Style Evolution

  • Zach, a self-proclaimed "Swiftologist," discusses Taylor Swift's street style evolution over the past year, noting seismic sartorial changes and developments.
  • He observes that Taylor Swift has experienced personal changes, including two breakups, which have influenced her style.
  • Zach criticizes Swift's past lack of stylistic identity, acknowledging only occasional collaborations with designers like Stella McCartney and Oscar de la Renta.
  • He expresses appreciation for Swift's more consistent fashion branding this year, identifying a theme of "quiet cozy luxury."
  • Zach appreciates Taylor's avoidance of overt branding in her attire, aligning with her relatable image despite her billionaire status.
  • He prefers Taylor Swift's "model off-duty" style, characterized by basics, good tailoring, clean lines, and simple color palettes.
  • Zach encourages Taylor to take more fashion risks in the future.

"We've had a lot of kind of seismic outfit sartorial changes and developments in Taylor Swift's life this year."

This quote sets the stage for the discussion on how personal experiences have influenced Taylor Swift's style evolution.

"I think we're getting closer to it so we're going to go through all of these significant looks that have happened this year."

Zach expresses optimism about the development of a more consistent style identity for Taylor Swift.

"The theme of this year in her going out looks... is quiet cozy luxury."

Zach defines the overarching theme of Taylor Swift's street style this year, emphasizing comfort and understated elegance.

Taylor Swift's Designer Preferences

  • Swift has worn designs from The Row, Reformation, Stella McCartney, and Ralph Lauren, among others.
  • Zach notes Taylor's preference for suiting and office wear, which she has deconstructed and incorporated into her style.
  • He mentions that while Swift works with stylists, her street style choices likely reflect her personal preferences more than red carpet looks do.

"The designers that she wore a lot of this year are kind of The Usual Suspects but with a few new additions as well."

Zach lists the designers whose clothing Taylor Swift has frequently worn this year, indicating a mix of familiar and new choices.

"Taylor has always had a little bit of a buttoned up part of her style."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's preference for a polished and somewhat conservative aesthetic.

Taylor Swift's Personal Style and Image

  • Zach appreciates Taylor Swift's approach to fashion, which avoids loud branding and maintains a sense of relatability.
  • He believes Taylor looks most beautiful and elegant in simple, tailored outfits with a "model off-duty" vibe.
  • Zach hopes to see Taylor Swift take more fashion risks in the coming year.

"Taylor isn't really one to wear like a lot of big branded items and I like that about her."

Zach commends Taylor Swift for not relying on heavily branded items, which he feels makes her more relatable.

"I actually want her to take more risks."

Zach expresses a desire for Taylor Swift to experiment more with her fashion choices.

Zach's Personal Engagement with the Audience

  • Zach invites viewers to subscribe to his channel and check out his podcast, "Evolution of a Snake," which discusses Taylor Swift's style.
  • He mentions his Twitch stream and Patreon page, where he engages with his audience and offers exclusive content.

"Over 50% of you that watch my videos are not subscribed and to that I say stop making me cry please subscribe."

Zach playfully encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel, emphasizing the personal connection he seeks to establish with his audience.

"I do stream on Twitch from time to time so go check that out because you know once it's gone it's gone most of the time unless you go to patreon then it's sometimes still there."

This quote is a call to action for viewers to engage with Zach's content on Twitch and Patreon for more exclusive insights.

Detailed Review of Specific Looks

  • Zach provides a month-by-month breakdown of Taylor Swift's style choices, starting with April.
  • He discusses specific outfits, including a v-neck with butterfly accessories, a revenge dress, and various casual looks.
  • Zach critiques certain choices, such as footwear and a recurring bag he dislikes, and suggests improvements.
  • He juxtaposes formal elements with more casual, college campus-inspired styles.

"April Fools and I felt like a fool in April because what was the first glimpse of her new her new style."

Zach uses humor to introduce the discussion of Taylor Swift's style in April, setting the tone for a detailed critique.

"This is Taylor's Revenge dress... I love the spaghetti straps too. I think it's so dainty and elegant."

Zach praises a specific dress worn by Taylor Swift, highlighting its flattering fit and design details.

"She's also got the ultimate negative accessory on her arm. a rat."

This critical comment addresses a particular accessory choice by Taylor Swift, reflecting Zach's candid and humorous review style.

Personal Style Critique

  • Zach expresses a strong dislike for tan sandals, feeling they make an outfit look unfinished.
  • He appreciates Taylor Swift wearing white and enjoys the simplicity of her outfit with a midriff-baring top and swishy skirt.
  • He criticizes the matchy-matchy aspect of her tan shoes and bag.
  • Zach is not fond of Taylor Swift wearing baseball caps and oversized clothes without a balancing element.
  • He dislikes the color of the shoes and bag, referring to them as "baby poop baby diarrhea color."
  • Zach appreciates the quiet luxury of certain items but disapproves of the obnoxious gold detailing on some shoes.
  • He likes the top and jewelry in one of Taylor Swift's outfits but has a strong aversion to the shoes and the color choices in another.

"I really hate a tan sandal I don't know what it is it's nothing against those specific tan sandals I just don't like them."

This quote highlights Zach's personal distaste for tan sandals, which he feels detract from the overall look of an outfit.

"I do love white on her she doesn't wear white enough and this simple set with her little mid drift peeking through swishy skirt."

Zach expresses his approval of Taylor Swift wearing white and finds the specific outfit with a peek of midriff and a swishy skirt pleasing.

"I mean I'm not opposed to her wearing a Birkenstock I'm known to enjoy Birkenstock myself it's something about the obnoxious gold detailing on it like it feels that feels very incongruous to the quiet luxury of it all."

Zach distinguishes his dislike for the gold detailing on a Birkenstock from the brand itself, suggesting that the detailing does not align with the understated luxury he prefers.

Fashion Elements and Accessories

  • Zach enjoys Taylor Swift's oversized sunglasses and thinks they are a strong fashion choice.
  • He criticizes the use of oversized clothing, particularly when it lacks a balancing element.
  • Zach is open to chunky loafers and Doc Martens, and he approves of small socks with the outfit.
  • He dislikes the asymmetrical skirt trend and the use of certain colors in shoes and bags.
  • Zach appreciates Taylor Swift's choice of footwear and attire at Jack Antonoff's wedding, noting the absence of the "ugly shoe."

"I do love these oversized sunglasses on her though they're kind of a serve."

Zach compliments Taylor Swift's oversized sunglasses, indicating they add positively to her look.

"I think that there's too much oversize going on like when you're wearing an oversized piece as that's kind of as slouchy as that shirt is you got to have some sort of like narrowing element on the bottom half just to make it more visually appealing."

Zach criticizes the lack of balance in an outfit that incorporates too much oversized clothing without a complementary, form-fitting element.

Styling and Outfit Composition

  • Zach suggests that Taylor Swift could have paired her oversized shirt with navy blue spandex shorts to create a more cohesive look.
  • He notes that Taylor Swift has a tendency to wear skater skirts and asymmetrical skirts throughout the year.
  • Zach disapproves of the color-blocking in one of Taylor Swift's outfits, particularly the combination of orange and red.
  • He suggests that the jewelry choices, such as the thick gold choker and long necklace, are unnecessary.

"I feel like wearing even like spandex shorts with this would have been kind of a look which is what she kind of tried to do I suppose with the Shenia Twain te fit that she does later on that we'll talk about."

Zach suggests that spandex shorts could have improved the outfit and references another look Taylor Swift wore that had a similar concept.

"I hate this I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I remember seeing that this is not a dress it's a skirt and a top and I'm just kind of like when Taylor decides to like match colors she really goes all out."

This quote expresses Zach's strong dislike for a particular outfit where Taylor Swift matched colors extensively, which he finds unappealing.

Overall Impressions and Highlights

  • Zach enjoys Taylor Swift's style when she wears tailored, wide-legged pants, embracing the oversized pant trend of 2023.
  • He praises specific looks that give off a sporty vibe and appreciates the combination of navy and black.
  • Zach is a fan of utilitarian and cargo elements in clothing, especially when made from linen.
  • He admires Taylor Swift's looks that give off a pop star vibe while remaining casual and approachable.

"I love this look this to me is the most successful model off duty SLC col campus Vibe."

Zach praises a particular look of Taylor Swift that achieves a successful model off-duty vibe, emphasizing its success in styling.

"Why was she just casually serving because I'm obsessed with this look too."

This quote reveals Zach's enthusiasm for one of Taylor Swift's looks, indicating he is very impressed with her casual yet stylish appearance.

Fashion Analysis: Dry Brush and Blowout

  • Zach comments on the need for a little touch-up, suggesting a dry brush or a tiny blowout to improve the look.
  • The pleated skirt and contrast with the boots are appreciated for their girlish yet official style.
  • The boots are described as assertive, with a "going to step on you" vibe.

we just get a little a little dry brush could we get the Dyson in here and just do a little teeny tiny blowout could we it looks like she just got out of the shower to be honest.

Zach is suggesting a minor hair touch-up to enhance the overall appearance, as the current state resembles someone who just showered.

Taylor Swift's 1989 TV Inspired Look

  • The color of Taylor Swift's attire is praised for looking good on her.
  • The coordination of the blue dress code is noted as a characteristic move by Taylor Swift.
  • The choice of shoes is highlighted, with a preference for Taylor to avoid black shoes that could potentially ruin her outfits.

here's another look 1989 TV inspired that color it looks very good on her.

Zach approves of the color of Taylor Swift's outfit, noting it suits her well and is inspired by her 1989 album.

Fashion Choices: Shoes and Accessories

  • Black shoes are seen as a potentially boring choice that can detract from an outfit.
  • The block heel is considered cute, possibly inspired by Sabrina Carpenter.
  • The use of a sparkly bag, excellent makeup, and jewelry is commended, especially with the arm and neck exposure.

I really like the shoes I wanted to point out the shoes here um I want her to stray away from wearing black shoes a lot of the times I think her outfits are ruined by a black shoe.

Zach criticizes the frequent use of black shoes by Taylor Swift, suggesting they often detract from her outfits.

Fashion Review: Afterparty Look

  • The afterparty outfit is noted as being styled by a professional.
  • The sparkly bag makes a return, and its appeal is noted.
  • The denim look is encouraged, as blue is seen as a flattering color for Taylor Swift.

so I don't know if it counts it was definitely done by a stylist as a is all of her stuff. but that bag is back.

Zach acknowledges the involvement of a stylist in the afterparty look and expresses delight at the reappearance of the sparkly bag.

Business Attire: Simple and Elegant

  • Taylor Swift's simple and elegant business attire is praised.
  • The houndstooth or plaid coat, despite screen resolution issues, is admired.
  • The red bottoms on the boots are considered sexy and less tacky compared to heels.

it's very simple. it's very elegant it's very I need to go and negotiate my AMC deal and make a million dollars off my movie and the boot come on she loves a lubaton.

Zach expresses admiration for the simplicity and elegance of Taylor Swift's business attire, suggesting it's appropriate for high-stakes negotiations.

Oversized Jacket Critique

  • The oversized jacket is criticized for being too large and not fitting well.
  • The color choices and the combination with denim and other materials are not well received.
  • The overall look is deemed a mess.

that jacket is is just a crime it's that jacket could have five Taylor Swifts in it that jacket could have Travis Kelce in the entire Chief's team inside of it it's too big.

Zach strongly criticizes the oversized jacket, comparing it to something that could fit an entire football team, indicating it's excessively large.

Tailored and Classic Style Appreciation

  • Taylor Swift's modelesque frame and regal aura are highlighted.
  • The suits, separates, and wide-legged pants are particularly praised.
  • The cropped, single-breasted blazer with a notch lapel is singled out for its excellence.

but I just think that Taylor is such an elegant natural and classic beauty that playing to her strengths which is like a very modelesque frame and an almost kind of like up sensibility.

Zach appreciates Taylor Swift's classic beauty and believes her fashion choices should play to her strengths, such as her modelesque frame.

Casual Outfits and Sports Event Style

  • Taylor Swift's casual look at a Chief's game is likened to a college girl at a football game.
  • The cozy, oversized sweater and navy color are recommended.
  • The tartan skirt and the way it pairs with the bag's orange color are approved.

she rocked the house down boots this is cute I liked this it reminded me of a look that she wore when she was with Joe in 2022 walking down the street in New York City.

Zach endorses Taylor Swift's casual style, comparing it positively to a previous look from 2022.

Shoe Choices and Fashion Proportions

  • Taylor Swift's ability to experiment with different shoe styles due to her long legs is noted.
  • The chunky shoe with interesting proportions is liked.
  • The cinched waist and blazer addition are seen as creating dimension and elevating the outfit.

Taylor has such long legs that she can experiment with with all different kinds of shoes we don't need to be doing chunky clunky all the time.

Zach notes Taylor Swift's long legs allow for a variety of shoe styles, suggesting she doesn't need to limit herself to chunky shoes.

October Fashion: Chiefs Look and Evil Aesthetic

  • The Chiefs look is praised for its edgy, evil aesthetic.
  • The severe smoky cat-eye makeup is seen as accentuating Taylor Swift's features.
  • The leather jacket and rhinestone shorts are highlighted as part of an effortless chic look.

this Chiefs look gagged me she looks evil in a really great way like she looks Vel.

Zach is impressed by Taylor Swift's Chiefs look, describing it as having an appealingly evil quality.

Disapproval of Graphic Tee and Youthful Attempt

  • A graphic tee outfit is criticized for trying too hard to appear youthful and relatable.
  • The "hi fellow kids" vibe is not appreciated, and the outfit is likened to a misguided attempt to connect with a younger audience.

it's giving hi fellow kids.

Zach disapproves of a particular graphic tee outfit, likening it to an awkward attempt to appear young and relatable.

Princess Diana Cosplay Critique

  • Zach expresses dislike for a Princess Diana-inspired outfit.
  • He finds the cap and graphic tee to be suboptimal choices.
  • The sneakers are criticized as ugly, leading to an overall negative opinion of the look.

Princess Diana cosplay like it's too direct of a reference I can't explain what I don't like about it. I don't love her in a cap. anyway I don't think that's the best graphic tea she could have used and those shoes those sneakers are ugly so this is. a no.

Zach is not a fan of the Princess Diana cosplay, disapproves of the cap and graphic tee, and finds the sneakers particularly unattractive, resulting in a negative assessment of the ensemble.

Business Chic Appreciation

  • Zach transitions from a negative to a positive review with a business-like outfit.
  • He praises the cutouts in the top and wishes for a detailed photo to examine it further.
  • The simplicity of the outfit, including a single necklace, is highlighted as a positive feature.
  • A stylish bag and the company of an attractive male companion are also appreciated.

but we goes straight from a no to a hell. yes because look at the business she's back is that the same cod as before I don't know it's similar but I love the the I love underneath the kind of like triangle cutouts that are in the top I don't know if it's like a boier or what I think there is a photo of her that shows that in more detail.

Zach approves of the business-like attire and is particularly fond of the top's triangle cutouts, though he regrets not having a detailed photo to further assess the look.

Leather and Mesh Combo

  • The combination of a leather skirt and a sheer mesh top is praised.
  • Zach notes the aged look of the patina leather and the greyish tone as appealing.
  • The outfit is reminiscent of Marc Jacobs' Heaven line, which Zach endorses for Taylor Swift.
  • He appreciates the incorporation of Gen Z fashion elements and suggests a change in footwear away from lace-up boots.

I love her in leather I love this leather skirt I love that it's kind of like a patina leather it looks a little bit aged it looks a little bit like almost on the gray side which I really like. and she's wearing a sheer kind of like mesh top with a design on it really.

Zach expresses his fondness for the leather skirt's aged appearance and the sheer mesh top, which he associates with the aesthetic of Marc Jacobs' Heaven collection.

Urban Preppy Style

  • Zach describes Taylor Swift's style as a blend of streetwear and Ivy League, coining it "urban preppy."
  • He appreciates the strategic use of a cap in this style.
  • Despite liking the overall look, he disapproves of a coat she added, which he describes unfavorably.
  • The boots she wears are highlighted as potentially the best of the year, despite possible discomfort.

I love this too I want to call her style like a new preppy there's like a or like an urban preppy there's something very like street wear but also kind of like about it all like an Ivy League aspect to it I love the use of the cap here.

Zach identifies Taylor Swift's style as "urban preppy," a mix of streetwear and traditional Ivy League fashion, and he appreciates her use of caps to complement this style.

Leather Blazer and Fabric Combination

  • A leather blazer worn by Taylor Swift on Zach's birthday is commended.
  • He notes an interesting mix of fabrics but criticizes the fit of the skirt.
  • The stacking of necklaces with this particular outfit is questioned.
  • Zach debates the coordination of a red leather boot with the rest of the attire.

we love a leather blazer we do I like her in in any kind of leather but brown leather is an interesting thing interesting combination of fabrics going on here I don't hate it.

Zach enjoys Taylor Swift's leather blazer and the use of brown leather, acknowledging the interesting mix of fabrics, though he is not entirely convinced by the skirt's fit or the accessory choices.

Critique of Denim and Accessories

  • The Gucci monogram is strongly criticized, with a plea for Taylor Swift to avoid such designs.
  • The fit of the jeans is deemed too wide, likening them to a maxi skirt.
  • A brogue heel boot is described negatively, yet the highlight in her hair receives praise.

I did not like this I did not like this the Gucci monogram we don't do. Monograms Taylor Swift. no we don't do that please don't we don't want to see that anymore her hair looks really good the jeans are a little too wide-fitting it's starting to look like a maxi skirt.

Zach is not fond of the Gucci monogram on Swift's attire and advises against its use, while also commenting on the overly wide fit of the jeans and disapproving of the brogue heel boot.

Skater Skirt and High Boot Combo

  • The combination of a skater skirt with high boots is criticized for the lack of skin showing and the pleated skirt's messy appearance.
  • Zach suggests that the outfit could be improved by different choices in top, absence of a necklace, and a change in hairstyle.

my issue really though is the skater skirt with the high high boot combo. it's like there's not enough Skin showing between the boot and the skirt and the skirt is pleated it just looks a little messy.

Zach disapproves of the skater skirt paired with high boots, citing the lack of visible skin and the pleated design as contributing to a messy look.

Yearly Style Review

  • Zach reflects on Taylor Swift's style over the past year, noting a decrease in "fugly" items and less trend-following.
  • He appreciates her exploration of Gen Z and Y2K fashion trends combined with her unique "urban preppy" style.
  • Zach suggests specific designers for Swift to consider in the future, such as Ganni for its fun tailoring and SLANT for interesting suiting.
  • Tommy Hilfiger is recommended as a more playful alternative to Ralph Lauren, fitting Swift's "new preppy" vibe.

in general I'm pretty happy when do you ever hear me say that I'm happy I'm thrilled I'm chuffed what do you think was her best street style look of the year do you hate anything that I said do you want to argue with me in the comments feel free to do so down below and also let me know what you want to see Taylor wear in 2024.

Zach concludes the review on a positive note, expressing satisfaction with Swift's style evolution and inviting viewers to share their opinions and suggestions for future looks.

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