you're losing me is a REVEALING portrait of taylor swift & joe alwyn

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Zach, a self-proclaimed "no days offologist" and "breaking news reporter," dives into Taylor Swift's evolving album "Midnights," particularly focusing on the track "You're Losing Me." He analyzes the song's implications on Taylor's breakup with Joe Alwyn, offering insights into her desires for future relationships and how it complicates the album's timeline. Zach argues that "Midnights" represents Taylor's first dynamic album, continuously updated, contrasting the initial perception of its superficiality. He also touches on the commercial strategy behind the "Till the Dawn" edition, Taylor's capitalist tendencies, and the addition of new tracks like "Hits Different." Furthermore, Zach discusses Taylor's vulnerability and strategic song releases, pondering the autobiographical nature of "Midnights" and the breakdown of Taylor and Joe's relationship. He invites listeners to join his podcast, "The Evolution of Snake," and his Discord for deeper discussions on pop culture and Taylor Swift.

Summary Notes

Introduction of Zach

  • Zach introduces himself as a no days offologist and a breaking news reporter.
  • He mentions that he had to prioritize his grandmother's 90th birthday over reporting on Taylor Swift's recent activities.
  • Zach identifies himself as a pathologist and a content creator who discusses thoughtful pop culture.

"well well well I bet you thought you'd Seen the Last of Me. nope nope. I am the no days offologist apparently Taylor Swift is making me work around the clock you know and as the breaking news reporter that comes to you live from Ground Zero whenever disaster happens I have no choice but to pick up my mic set up my camera and keep going however I couldn't the other day because it was my grandmother's 90th birthday and like unfortunately Taylor Swift my grandmother takes precedence over you so that is why you haven't heard from me sooner."

Zach is emphasizing his dedication to covering breaking news, even when it concerns pop culture, and humorously suggests that his personal life can sometimes take precedence over his reporting duties.

Taylor Swift's "Till the Dawn" Edition of "Midnights"

  • Taylor Swift announced the "Till the Dawn" edition of "Midnights," and Zach has many thoughts on the release.
  • He is particularly interested in the song "You're Losing Me" for its insights into Taylor's past relationship and expectations for future partners.
  • Zach finds the evolving nature of "Midnights" as a "living, breathing, dynamic album" intriguing.

"but I'm here today to talk about all of the mess that has gone down since Taylor announced the till the dawn edition of midnights and I have a lot of thoughts about the various different things but the main thing that I want to like really dig into because I think it's the juiciest and the most interesting thing to talk about is you're losing me."

Zach is focusing on the new insights provided by the latest edition of Taylor Swift's album, particularly the song "You're Losing Me," and its implications for understanding her personal life.

Concept of a Living Album

  • Zach discusses the concept of a living album that is added to over time.
  • Initially perplexed by the idea, he has grown to appreciate the evergreen nature of an album that unfolds and becomes more complex.
  • He reflects on how his understanding of "Midnights" has evolved over time and how the album's timeline is intertwined with Taylor Swift's personal life.

"and that's what's so so interesting to me because midnights is Taylor Swift's first like living breathing Dynamic album it is being added to as time goes along we are kind of bastardizing the From the Vault format by applying it to a non-recording album and at first I was kind of confused and perplexed by that. but I do kind of love the idea of an album being Evergreen something that unfolds over time becomes more complex."

Zach is expressing his fascination with the concept of an album that continues to develop post-release, changing the traditional static nature of album releases.

Zach's Pop Culture Content

  • Zach explains that he usually covers a variety of pop culture topics, including Lana Del Rey, Lorde, and Prince Harry.
  • He humorously describes the frequency of Taylor Swift's releases as a series of "drive-by shootings."
  • Zach invites viewers to subscribe to his channel and join his Discord for thoughtful discussions on pop culture.

"and I talk about all things thoughtful pop culture I make weekly videos I usually Branch out and talk about other people I have a lot of videos on Lana Del Rey I have one on Lord. I have one on Prince Harry's stupid book but lately you know the the blonde has been occupying my time because she's just been doing these drive-by shootings every day I wake up shot in the face I go to the ER."

Zach is explaining his role as a content creator who delves into various pop culture topics, while also indicating that Taylor Swift's recent activities have been particularly demanding of his attention.

Critique of "Till the Dawn" Edition and Capitalism in Music

  • Zach expresses irritation with the multiple editions of "Midnights" and suggests that Taylor Swift is using these releases to break sales records.
  • He criticizes the strategy of reissuing music as a ploy to sell more copies and maintain chart positions.
  • Zach acknowledges the capitalist nature of the music industry and Swift's participation in it.

"what I am mad at I suppose and Matt is a strong word. I I just think it's a little unnecessary to make a big event or make it seem like this is a reissue it clearly was you know a ploy to sell more coffees at midnights I believe that she was up for some record and if she had stayed in the top two for another couple of weeks she would have like broken something we all know the charts and you know uh tangible accomplishments like that sales numbers Taylor's a capitalist."

Zach is critiquing the marketing strategy behind the "Till the Dawn" edition, suggesting that it is more about maintaining commercial success than artistic expression.

Analysis of New and Remixed Songs

  • Zach is pleased with "Hits Different" being available on Spotify and comments on the song's bridge and its relation to the "Madi timeline."
  • He discusses the new version of "Snow on the Beach" featuring Lana Del Rey, praising Lana's vocal arrangement and the song's richer production.
  • Zach is critical of the "Karma" remix featuring I Spice, finding it uninteresting and not to his taste.

"I'm glad that hits different is finally on Spotify it means I can listen to it more than four times in three months because I really just haven't played it very much because I don't wherever I illegally download it from and listen to it there what I do have time to do is add it to my Spotify playlist and really give it a good go which is what I've been doing."

Zach is expressing his appreciation for the convenience of streaming platforms, which allows him to integrate new music into his listening routine more easily.

"Midnights" as a Reflection of Taylor Swift's Personal Life

  • Zach suggests that "Midnights" may be more autobiographical than initially perceived.
  • He theorizes that the album's concept of "turbulent stormy nights" was a distraction from the true theme of Swift's relationship troubles.
  • Zach believes that the "3am tracks" are more aligned with the original concept of the album, with songs like "Glitch" and "High Infidelity" fitting the narrative.

"so we had the 13 tracks that came out initially that told an interesting story I mean it told us a bigger story than we initially thought and a lot of the romance songs I think we can look at kind of like in hindsight as either not being about Joe or being about Joe in the relationship in hindsight things like Bejeweled that I think we thought were about Calvin Harris et cetera et cetera we now know who the real subjects of those photos were."

Zach is analyzing the deeper meanings behind the songs on "Midnights," suggesting that they may reveal more about Taylor Swift's personal life and past relationships than was originally understood.

Taylor Swift's Artistic Strategy

  • Taylor Swift utilizes strategic vulnerability in her music to create an authentic connection with her audience.
  • She selectively shares moments of vulnerability to gain sympathy and foster a deeper bond with her fans.
  • Swift's release of a "quietly devastating breakup track" is an example of this strategy, intended to resonate emotionally with listeners.

"Strategic vulnerability is something I've talked about before Taylor shows us specific moments and instances of her being vulnerable in order to gain sympathy create an authentic connection with the audience that is for sure at play and choosing to release this song and making such a big deal out of it as well."

This quote highlights the deliberate choice by Taylor Swift to share her vulnerability through her music, which is a calculated move to connect with her audience on a personal level.

Public Perception and Privacy

  • Swift has been known to obfuscate the true nature of her relationships in her songs, sometimes misleading listeners about the extent of her trials and tribulations.
  • There is a balance between her desire for privacy and the public's curiosity about her personal life, which she navigates through her music.

"She has like deliberately let us astray with songs like invisible string or Mastermind and kind of tried to obfuscate the fact that there have been more trials and tribulations than maybe we realized."

The quote suggests that Taylor Swift has intentionally misled listeners about her personal life through her music, using it as a tool to maintain a level of privacy while still engaging with her fans.

Taylor Swift's Music and Emotional Storytelling

  • Zach believes that Swift's music, particularly her album 'Midnights,' tells an emotional story that reflects her personal experiences.
  • He suggests that the tracklist of 'Midnights' could be rearranged to better represent the chronological and emotional journey of Swift's experiences.

"I have a series on my channel where I take Taylor Swift's often chaotic and nonsensical tracklists and rearrange them into something that tells an emotional story or makes sense Vibes Sonic wise to me so I did that for midnights and I've just gone and updated it."

Zach discusses his approach to reorganizing Taylor Swift's album 'Midnights' to create a narrative that he believes more accurately represents the emotional progression of the songs.

The Breakup of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

  • The song "Your Losing Me" is speculated to have been written after the Grammys, based on the timing of events and lyrics that hint at a pivotal moment in Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • Zach and his co-host Madeline have theorized about the timeline of Swift's relationship and its impact on her music.

"I think that it can be safe to say that your losing me was written we think after the Grammys and I don't really know why we have the vibe that that happened but Madeline it kind of explain it a little bit on the patreon and I've been mulling over the same thing."

The quote discusses the speculated timing of the song "Your Losing Me" and its connection to the breakup between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, suggesting that the song was written after a significant event, possibly the Grammys.

Analysis of "Your Losing Me"

  • Zach expresses admiration for the sparseness of the production in "Your Losing Me" and explores the possible involvement of producer Jack Antonoff.
  • He analyzes the lyrics, noting their reflection of Swift's feelings of being misunderstood and neglected in her relationship with Alwyn.

"You say I don't understand. and I say I know you don't and that really just immediately reminded me of lavender Haze and that harbinger of bad things to come staring at the ceiling with you you don't ever say too much and you don't really read into my Melancholia."

The quote delves into the opening lyrics of "Your Losing Me," interpreting them as an indication of communication issues and emotional disconnect within Taylor Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn, setting the tone for the rest of the song's narrative.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Emotional Intelligence

  • Taylor Swift is described as emotionally intelligent and in need of a partner who can match her level of emotional understanding.
  • Zach suggests that Joe Alwyn may not have been equipped to meet Swift's emotional needs, which could have contributed to the end of their relationship.

"Taylor felt pretty insecure throughout the entire relationship and she does strike me as a person who needs a lot of validation so I think that you know to be with someone who is like a bit of a snob a bit of an elitist British just in general you know stiff upper lip that is just so not emotionally how she operates."

This quote reflects on Taylor Swift's emotional needs and how her partner's personality traits may have clashed with her own, potentially leading to feelings of insecurity and the eventual dissolution of their relationship.

Reflection on Taylor Swift's Discography

  • Zach reflects on the tumultuous nature of Swift's relationship with Alwyn as depicted in her discography, noting themes of anxiety, fear of loss, and a need for validation.
  • He appreciates Swift's ability to convey heartbreak through her music, which he considers one of her strongest songwriting skills.

"There's a lot of tumult in their relationship from the very beginning like the reputation was you know a time when Taylor was feeling really down and there was definitely kind of like a victim savior complex in which they you know ignited their relationship and developed the spark."

The quote provides an analysis of the recurring themes in Taylor Swift's music that relate to her relationship with Joe Alwyn, suggesting that the ups and downs they experienced were reflected in her songs from early on in their relationship.

Taylor Swift's Emotional Turmoil

  • Taylor Swift exhibits distressing behavior that indicates trouble in her life, such as pacing and wearing someone else's clothes.
  • The line "Do I throw out everything we built or keep it?" suggests a critical decision point in Taylor's relationship.
  • Taylor feels like she has put significant effort into the relationship, hinting at the sunk cost fallacy.
  • Despite her public image of happiness and love, she questions whether to continue the relationship.
  • The relationship dynamics seem to involve Taylor carrying the emotional workload without reciprocation.
  • Her struggle is between the desire to make the relationship work and the realization that effort alone may not be enough.

"Do I throw out everything we built or keep it?"

This quote reflects the dilemma Taylor faces about whether to continue investing in the relationship or to let it go, despite the time and emotional energy already spent.

"I'm getting tired even for a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes mending all her gashes you might have dealt the final blow."

Taylor likens herself to a phoenix, indicating her resilience and ability to recover from difficulties, but suggests that her partner may have caused irreparable harm.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy in Relationships

  • Taylor Swift's experience with the sunk cost fallacy is common in straight relationships, where time and effort invested make it hard to leave.
  • She feels that ending the relationship might waste the energy she has put into it.
  • Her public relationships add pressure to maintain a successful image, which complicates her decision-making.
  • The fallacy lies in the belief that further investment will lead to happiness, which is not always the case.

"The sunk cost fallacy is something that is so real in straight relationships."

The sunk cost fallacy is highlighted as a significant factor in Taylor's hesitation to end the relationship, as she has invested a lot of time and effort into making it work.

Emotional Compass and Intuition

  • Taylor Swift is guided by a strong moral compass and a desire to do the right thing.
  • She is highly intuitive and tries to follow her emotional compass, which sometimes conflicts with her sense of duty or practicality.
  • Her commitment and dedication to a relationship are strong until her feelings change, indicating a reliance on emotional guidance.
  • The song suggests that Taylor wants a partner who can intuitively understand and anticipate her emotional needs without explicit communication.

"She's very Guided by like doing the right thing."

Taylor's decision-making in relationships is influenced by her personal ethics and the pursuit of what she believes is morally correct.

Communication Breakdown

  • Taylor Swift's tendency to linger in relationships may stem from a desire to avoid failure or to prove her commitment.
  • The lack of communication and expression of emotional needs can lead to resentment and a shared responsibility for the relationship's breakdown.
  • Taylor's partner, Joe, is perceived as neglecting or ignoring her emotional needs and taking her for granted.
  • The relationship appears tumultuous, with signs of conflict and gaslighting from early on.

"Every morning I glared at you with storms in my eyes how can you say that you love someone you can't tell is dying."

This quote suggests deep emotional pain and a feeling of being unloved or unnoticed by her partner, which is a significant issue in their communication.

Relationship Dynamics and Future Uncertainty

  • Taylor Swift and Joe's relationship dynamics include aloofness and a perceived lack of effort from Joe's side.
  • Taylor contemplates the future of the relationship, considering whether to break up or commit for life.
  • She realizes that she does not want to get married, and Joe is not making moves toward commitment.
  • The song lyrics reflect a sense of loss, indecision, and the feeling that Taylor's concerns are minimized.

"The air is thick with loss and indecision I know my pain is such an imposition."

This quote encapsulates the heavy emotional atmosphere and the struggle between Taylor's pain and the perceived inconvenience it causes in the relationship.

False Sense of Security in Relationships During the Pandemic

  • The pandemic led to people entering relationships that felt secure due to isolation but often didn't last once circumstances changed.
  • Taylor Swift's "Lavender Haze" is referenced as an example of a love that felt impermanent.
  • Relationships may appear private but not necessarily peaceful or consistent.

"I know a lot of people have gone into relationships in the pandemic that ended up kind of having those things not work out because it just didn't feel right after the circumstances of the world changed."

This quote highlights the impact of the pandemic on relationships, pointing out that what seemed secure during isolation might not endure in the long term.

Taylor Swift's Public-Facing Relationship

  • Swift's past work hinted at the instability of her relationship despite its seemingly perfect facade.
  • Public perception of privacy in a relationship doesn't equate to its actual health or stability.
  • The discussion of Swift's music provides insight into her personal life and relationship dynamics.

"Just because a public-facing relationship seems to be private doesn't mean that it's peaceful or that it's consistent it just means that we're not shown the ins and outs of it."

This quote emphasizes the difference between public perception and the reality of a relationship's dynamics, using Taylor Swift's relationship as an example.

Emotional Neglect and Relationship Dynamics

  • The speaker speculates about emotional neglect in Taylor Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • Swift's desire for validation and acknowledgment is contrasted with Alwyn's assumed approach.
  • The importance of emotional validation in Swift's relationships is highlighted.

"I feel like Joe as I mentioned earlier was neglectful emotionally of her and that he felt like maybe... he didn't have to make her feel special in that way or to acknowledge her in public or to really celebrate or uplift her accomplishments."

The quote speculates on the emotional dynamics within Taylor Swift's relationship, suggesting a lack of emotional validation from her partner.

Taylor Swift's Self-Awareness and Conflict Style

  • The speaker discusses Swift's methodical approach to conflict resolution and decision-making.
  • Swift's astrological sign, Sagittarius, is mentioned in relation to her conflict style.
  • The quote indicates that Swift's seemingly sudden decisions are the result of careful consideration.

"Taylor said you know she's a Sagittarius and the sign for the Sagittarius is the Archer and she described her conflict style as someone who... takes the time to assess the scenario long before she pulls back the bow and releases the arrow."

This quote explains Taylor Swift's deliberate approach to conflict, likening it to an archer taking careful aim before shooting, which reflects her self-awareness.

The Complexity of Relationship Endings

  • The speaker reflects on common reasons why relationships end, excluding infidelity.
  • Compatibility and love are cited as factors that can change unpredictably.
  • Growth in a relationship is important, and partners should evolve in complementary ways.

"I think that like most relationships either end because two people stop being compatible or they just are like not in love anymore and those are things that you can't really control or predict or plan or account for it could happen to literally anyone at any time no matter how happy the relationship might seem."

This quote delves into the complexity of relationship endings, suggesting that falling out of love or becoming incompatible are common, uncontrollable reasons for breakups.

Taylor Swift's Creative Process and Future Projects

  • The speaker praises the quality and production of Swift's new song.
  • Swift is described as being in a "hyper generative space," sharing her work in real time.
  • Speculation about what Swift will do next in her career is encouraged.

"I think there's a lot of potential for Creative projects she's still in that hyper generative space where she's just kind of like being very free and letting content and material flow as it comes and sharing it with us as she releases it."

This quote discusses Taylor Swift's current creative phase, highlighting her openness and productivity in sharing new music with her audience.

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