Will The Tortured Poets Department Solve The Midnights Mystery? (Taylor Swift)

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In this analysis, the speaker delves into the enigmatic nature of Taylor Swift's album "Midnights," contrasting its ambiguous lyrics with the personal storytelling of her earlier work. They discuss Swift's evolution from confessional songwriting to a cryptic style that leaves fans speculating about the real-life inspirations behind her songs. While "Midnights" presents a dark synth-pop sound that defied some fans' folk-psychedelic expectations, it encapsulates themes of haunting thoughts and difficult memories. The speaker theorizes that the upcoming "Tortured Poet's Department" will provide clarity to "Midnights," suggesting it might offer insight into Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn and serve as a complementary piece, resolving the album's lingering mysteries.

Summary Notes

Evolution of Taylor Swift's Songwriting

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting has transitioned from brutally honest and diaristic to introspective and emotional.
  • Her lyrics now feel intimate yet vague enough for broad interpretation.
  • Swift's evolution showcases a balance between personal revelation and maintaining an aura of mystery.

Taylor Swift really captured what makes her so popular and mysterious on midnights describing herself as cryptic and mocky aelan though she initially gained Fame for her brutal honesty diaristic songwriting and being a complete open book she's since become known for her Aura of mystery her lyrics have evolved from being extremely detailed and personal to being introspective and emotional enough that they feel intimate while also being vague enough to leave room for interpretation.

The quote highlights the transformation in Taylor Swift's songwriting approach from explicit storytelling to a more enigmatic style that still retains an emotional connection with the audience.

Public Perception and Expectations of "Midnights"

  • Initial reviews of "Midnights" were mixed, partly due to unmet fan expectations.
  • Fans anticipated a psychedelic folk or blues influence but received a dark, mid-tempo synth-pop album.
  • The album was expected to continue the aesthetic of "Folklore" and "Evermore."

the initial reviews for midnights were pretty mixed and I've always felt like it's a much better album than people give it credit for. but I acknowledged that a lot of the reason for some people's disappointment was that it didn't meet expectations.

This quote reflects on the disparity between the album's reception and the artist's perspective, suggesting that "Midnights" is underrated due to it not aligning with preconceived notions.

Concept and Themes in "Midnights"

  • "Midnights" explores themes of terror, sweet dreams, flaws, demons, and sleepless nights.
  • The album is introspective, with lyrics that are intentionally vague and ambiguous.
  • Unlike "Folklore," "Midnights" is not part fictional, and unlike "Reputation," it is not blunt or devoid of speculation.

she described it as a collection of Music written in the middle of the night a journey through Terrors and sweet dreams the floors we PID and the demons we face and the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life.

The quote explains the thematic framework of "Midnights" as a musical exploration of nocturnal introspection and the emotional spectrum of human experience.

The Mystery of "Midnights"

  • "Midnights" maintains a mysterious quality with lyrics that resist definitive interpretation.
  • Fans speculate about the real-life events and relationships that inspired the songs.
  • The album's enigmatic nature has left many questions about the subjects of the songs unanswered.

the mystery of midnights is that unlike any other Taylor Swift album years later people still don't know who or what many of these songs are about.

This quote captures the enduring enigma of "Midnights," where the usual swift deciphering of Taylor Swift's lyrics has proven challenging, leaving the songs' true inspirations open to interpretation.

Taylor Swift's Personal Life and Its Influence on "Midnights"

  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's relationship struggles during the album's writing have influenced interpretations of the lyrics.
  • "You're Losing Me," recorded in December 2021, is identified as a breakup song about Joe Alwyn.
  • The album's harsh lyrics on relationships could pertain to Swift's own experiences, but this remains speculative.

we now know that Taylor finished midnights in the early months of 2022 and recorded you're losing me the only real breakup song about Joe we have so far in December 2021 so Taylor and Joe were clearly struggling and many of these harsh lyrics about Rel relationships on midnights could be about him but based on midnights alone we have no way of knowing.

The quote reveals the personal context behind "Midnights," suggesting that Taylor Swift's relationship difficulties at the time may have influenced the album's content, although the specifics are not explicitly confirmed within the lyrics themselves.

Future Clarity on "Midnights"

  • The speaker theorizes that future works may provide clarity on the album's ambiguous content.
  • The "tortured poet's department" is mentioned as a potential source of insight.

my theory is that the mystery of midnights will be solved with the clarity of the tortured poet's department and that it will in some ways act like

This quote posits that the obscurities of "Midnights" may eventually be elucidated through subsequent creative outputs, which could retrospectively illuminate the album's cryptic messages.

Taylor Swift's Writing Schedule and Creative Process

  • Taylor Swift began working on "The Tortured Poet's Department" almost immediately after completing "Midnights" in early 2020.
  • The exact completion date of the writing process for "The Tortured Poet's Department" is unknown.
  • Taylor was writing and recording "The Tortured Poet's Department" during the release of "Midnights."
  • Taylor's mindset on "The Tortured Poet's Department" may have influenced the rollout and thematic elements of "Midnights."

"Taylor began working on the tortured poet's Department almost immediately after turning in midnights in early 2020." This quote indicates the swift transition Taylor Swift made from one project to the next, suggesting a continuous flow of creativity and a deep dive into the themes she was exploring.

Influence of "The Tortured Poet's Department" on "Midnights"

  • The era of "Midnights" may have been influenced by Taylor's focus on "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • The disparity between the level of despair in "Midnights" photo shoots and the sadness on the album could be explained by the deeper exploration of relationship difficulties in "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • There is an expected overlap in subject matter between "Midnights" and "The Tortured Poet's Department."

"That means we can look back at everything from that era knowing that this version of Taylor had her mindset focused on the tortured poets department and that might have influenced the roll out of midnights." This quote suggests that Taylor's artistic direction and promotional materials for "Midnights" were possibly shaped by her simultaneous work on "The Tortured Poet's Department," affecting the interpretation of her work during that time.

Mystery and Interpretation of "Midnights" Tracks

  • The release of "Midnights" included 13 tracks, some of which had clear meanings while others were more ambiguous.
  • Fans have speculated about the subjects of certain songs, leading to various theories and interpretations.
  • "The Tortured Poet's Department" is anticipated to clarify some of the mysteries surrounding "Midnights."

"The tortured poets department will solve the mystery of midnights." This quote conveys the expectation that "The Tortured Poet's Department" will provide insight into the more enigmatic aspects of "Midnights," potentially revealing the true subjects and inspirations behind certain songs.

Song Analysis: "Bej" and Its Subject Matter

  • "Bej" describes a relationship where Taylor feels underappreciated and desires to shine again.
  • Initial reactions pointed to the song being about Calvin Harris and possible infidelity.
  • Recent consensus suggests "Bej" might be about Taylor's frustration with Joe Alwyn's preference for privacy.
  • Taylor's rise in popularity and her own reflections on seclusion are seen as supporting evidence for this interpretation.

"Bej is probably the most straightforward example of this the song discusses a relationship where Taylor feels unappreciated." This quote summarizes the core theme of "Bej," highlighting Taylor's feelings of being sidelined in a relationship, which is a central point of the song's narrative.

Speculations on the Inspirations Behind "Maroon," "Midnight Rain," and "Question"

  • "Maroon" has sparked rumors about its inspiration, with names like Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Heston, and even speculation about a female subject being mentioned.
  • A year and a half after the release of "Midnights," there is still no consensus on the inspirations behind songs like "Maroon," "Midnight Rain," and "Question."

"Maroon a song about a former lover who she wakes up thinking about was rumored to be about Harry Styles or Jake gyllenhal or Tom Heston or even a song anticipating her future after Jo and remembering him." This quote reflects the wide range of speculation among fans regarding the subject of "Maroon," indicating the level of intrigue and analysis Taylor Swift's music often generates.

Song Interpretation and Subject Speculation

  • Taylor Swift's songs "Midnight Rain," "Question...?" and others have sparked debates about their subjects.
  • Fans speculate whether the songs are about specific ex-boyfriends like Tom Heston, Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, or Matty Healey.
  • The ambiguity of the song subjects reflects the overall unclear message of the album "Midnights."

"Midnight Rain was rumored to be about either Tom Heston or Taylor Lautner or more recently about Joe." "Question was also rumored initially to be about Harry Styles... but others have more recently questioned whether it was about Matty Healey."

These quotes highlight the fan theories and rumors about the potential inspirations behind Taylor Swift's songs. The speculation underscores the uncertainty surrounding the true subjects of the songs.

Album Concept and Taylor Swift's Mindset

  • The album "Midnights" concept and Taylor Swift's mindset during its creation are open to interpretation.
  • If the songs are about Joe, the album may represent a relationship in decline.
  • If the songs are about various men, it suggests Taylor was influenced by past relationships.
  • The album's songs show contradictions, with themes of self-doubt, confidence, relationship stability, and decline.

"If all of these songs turn out to be inspired by Joe then the entire concept centers around being stuck in a relationship that seems to be headed towards its end." "If these songs are inspired by various men then that means Taylor was in a mindset where she was truly haunted by her previous relationships."

These quotes discuss the implications of the songs' inspirations on the album's overall theme and Taylor Swift's emotional state during its writing process. They suggest that the album could be a reflection on a single troubled relationship or a broader contemplation of past loves.

Contradictory Themes in "Midnights"

  • "Midnights" contains songs with conflicting messages, such as "Anti-Hero" and "Dear Reader" versus "Bejeweled."
  • "Lavender Haze" and "You're Losing Me" present opposing attitudes towards marriage and relationship control.
  • "Labyrinth" and "Glitch" offer contrasting views on the status of a relationship.
  • The song "Sweet Nothing" combines romantic and nihilistic elements, indicating complexity in the relationship.

"You have songs like Anti-Hero and Dear Reader filled with angst and self-doubt... but then you have songs like Bejeweled where Taylor is extremely confident." "There are songs like Labyrinth where Taylor says the plane representing their relationship is no longer going down... but then Glitch where she says their love is blacking out and breaking down."

These quotes illustrate the diverse emotional landscape of "Midnights," with songs that express different aspects of self-perception and relationship dynamics. They highlight the album's exploration of contradictory feelings and experiences.

Album Release and Chronology

  • The release of "Midnights" and its additional 3:00 a.m. tracks added more questions than answers.
  • "You're Losing Me" was the chronological last song of the album, describing a fading relationship with Joe.
  • The song was speculated to be written after a potential breakup but was confirmed to be written in December 2021 by Jack Antonoff.
  • Despite all 22 songs being available, the exact state of Taylor Swift's relationship and the album's message remain unclear.

"Even with all 22 songs from midnights the exact state of their relationship, Taylor's mindset, and the message of the album are all still confusing and unclear."

This quote conveys the continued uncertainty and complexity surrounding the narrative of "Midnights," despite the full release of the album. It reflects the ongoing speculation about the personal context behind the music and its thematic coherence.

The Tortured Poet's Department: Speculations and Expectations

  • Taylor Swift has not revealed much about her upcoming album "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • Fans anticipate a genuine breakup album with emotional lyrics.
  • There is speculation that the album will focus on Joe, with some theories about songs concerning Travis or Maddie.
  • The album is expected to have a different sound from "Midnights" and not return to the minimalistic folk of the quarantine albums.

"Taylor hasn't said much about the tortured poet's department and what we can expect from it."

This quote highlights the lack of information Taylor Swift has provided about her upcoming album, leading to fan speculation.

"I think we can expect a genuine breakup album with emotional lyrics and Taylor being as introspective as she is on midnights."

The speaker expects the album to be introspective and emotional, similar to Taylor's previous work on "Midnights."

Sound and Style Evolution

  • Taylor Swift's albums exhibit significant changes in sound from one to the next.
  • The upcoming album is predicted to be a major departure from the dark synth pop of "Midnights."
  • It is unlikely to return to the minimalistic folk style of her quarantine albums.

"Taylor changes her sound pretty significantly from album to album."

This quote reflects Taylor Swift's history of evolving her musical style with each new album release.

Five Stages of Grief Theory

  • A theory suggested that the album would relate to the five stages of grief.
  • The theory was debunked by Teen Vogue, which stated Taylor made playlists on Apple Music inspired by the theory after seeing it online.
  • The placement of older songs in the denial section of these playlists suggests potential issues in Taylor's relationship with Joe dating back further than previously thought.

"One of the really interesting theories floating around about it is the five stages of grief Theory."

This introduces a theory that fans had about the thematic elements of the upcoming album.

"However, this is basically a confirmation that the theory was false since Teen Vogue confirmed that Taylor Made these playlists to Hype up the album after seeing the Theory online."

This quote clarifies that the five stages of grief theory was not originally part of Taylor Swift's concept for the album but influenced her promotional playlists.

Album Content and Lyricism

  • The album is expected to be intense and dark, focusing on the demise of Taylor's relationship with Joe.
  • There is a hope for a slower-paced album, but the speaker acknowledges that upbeat music might overshadow the quality of the lyrics.
  • The album could provide answers to unresolved questions from "Midnights" and clarify the true message behind it.

"I think we can expect a pretty intense and dark album lyrically about Joe and the demise of their relationship."

The speaker predicts that the album's lyrics will delve into the emotional depth of Taylor's relationship with Joe.

"Some of the songs on midnights are folklore ever more level lyricism but people just don't acknowledge great lyrics unless they're in a ballad or slow paced song."

This quote suggests that the lyrical depth of Taylor's work might be underappreciated in faster-paced songs.

Addressing 'Midnights' Mysteries

  • The speaker believes that Taylor will not return to the diaristic songwriting of her early career.
  • Taylor values her privacy, which influences her current songwriting style.
  • Despite this, the speaker is optimistic that the new album will provide enough information to clarify the mysteries from "Midnights."

"I don't see Taylor spelling it out easily for us. I actually don't see her ever returning to the diaristic songwriting style she had early in her career because she really values her privacy now."

This quote reflects on Taylor Swift's evolution as a songwriter and her inclination towards maintaining privacy in her work.

"Yes actually I do I think we'll have a lot more clarity on what some of the midnight songs are about and what she means by certain lyrics."

The speaker expresses confidence that the upcoming album will shed light on the ambiguous aspects of "Midnights."

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