Why Taylor Swift Possibly Cut The Vault Tracks From Speak Now

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In the latest episode of Swiftly Spoken, hosts Lisa and Cameron delve into Taylor Swift's "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" and its Vault tracks, offering their insights on the re-recorded album's faithful production and Swift's ability to recreate her teenage vocal nuances. They explore why certain Vault tracks were omitted from the original release, theorizing on reasons ranging from lyrical content to thematic fit. The duo praises Swift's reimagined version of "Better Than Revenge" for its updated lyric, reflecting her evolved perspective. They also discuss the emotional depth and thematic connections within the Vault songs, highlighting how tracks like "Foolish One" and "Castle's Crumbling" provide a more vulnerable look into Swift's anxieties and fears, akin to her later work in "Anti-Hero." Overall, they commend Swift's meticulous care in the re-recording process and the added layers the Vault tracks bring to the Speak Now era, despite ranking them behind the revelatory nature of the "Red (Taylor's Version)" Vault tracks.

Summary Notes

Initial Reactions to "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)"

  • The re-recorded album "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" and the new Vault tracks received positive initial reactions.
  • "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is described as a carbon copy of the original, with perfect production, lyrics, and vocals.
  • The hosts, Lisa and Cameron, noted that the re-recordings did not feel like hearing a weird cover but rather identical to the original tracks, especially the songs "Mine" and "Speak Now."
  • Taylor Swift's ability to recreate her teenage voice and higher pitches was praised.
  • A difference in production quality was noticed by some listeners on Spotify, which could be resolved by disabling audio normalization in the app's settings.
  • The hosts shared their listening platforms, with Lisa using Apple Music and Cameron using iTunes.

"Speak Now are literally like carbon copies of the original she did a good job I have to say she did a good job making her voice sound more teenaged she did a good job with those higher sounding you know voices."

This quote emphasizes the accuracy of the re-recordings to the original tracks and Taylor Swift's attention to detail in recreating her younger voice's sound.

Ranking of Re-Recorded Albums

  • "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is considered the best re-recorded album so far, surpassing "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" and "Red (Taylor's Version)" in terms of quality.
  • The hosts believe that "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" has taken the lead in the re-recordings, with the album being a direct and perfect recreation of the original.
  • "If This Was a Movie (Taylor's Version)" is mentioned as an indicator of the quality to expect from the "Speak Now" re-recordings.

"I generally think that speak now is up that like I think speak now is definitely taking the lead in terms of like okay re-recorded album like direct from the original to the new one."

This quote conveys the hosts' opinion that "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is the most successful re-recorded album in terms of replicating the original's quality.

Album Production and Promotion

  • The production and promotion of "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" are discussed, with the album receiving more investment than previous re-recordings.
  • New photo shoots and album packaging for "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" indicate a higher level of care and effort put into this re-release.
  • "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" has been successfully integrated into the Eras Tour, with Taylor Swift dedicating at least one surprise song to the "Speak Now" era during her performances.
  • The hosts discuss the iconic nature of the original "Speak Now World Tour" and how the re-recorded album and its promotion pay homage to that era.
  • The re-recorded album's live vocals are praised, especially during the Eras Tour, highlighting Taylor Swift's vocal control and performance quality.

"I think it's a great way to and pay homage to that definitely."

This quote reflects the hosts' appreciation for how the re-recorded "Speak Now" album and its promotion honor the original era and tour.

Lyric Changes in "Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)"

  • The lyric change in "Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)" from the original controversial line to a new one was leaked before the album's release.
  • The hosts discuss the necessity of the lyric change, aligning with Taylor Swift's current stance on songwriting and avoiding problematic messages.
  • The new lyric is seen as a creative change that maintains the essence of the song while updating its message to be more appropriate.
  • The hosts mention the background of the song's subject matter, tying it to Joe Jonas and the film "Love Bug."
  • The emotional delivery of "Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)" is noted, with the new gritty spoken word sections being particularly impactful.

"She was a moth to the flame she was holding the matches right which initially upon the first lesson I was like. oh and really it's not that deep. it's one lyrical like. and honestly I have to say we called it because we said better than revenge. yeah as a whole isn't that bad you know it's just teenage angst it is a bit you know you're blaming the woman when it's not really hurtful. it's also the other guy's fault as well."

This quote discusses the hosts' initial reaction to the lyric change in "Better Than Revenge (Taylor's Version)" and their subsequent acceptance of its significance and appropriateness.

Emotional Connection to "Last Kiss (Taylor's Version)"

  • "Last Kiss (Taylor's Version)" is a favorite song of one of the hosts, Cameron, who has a deep emotional connection to it.
  • The hosts discuss the challenge of re-creating specific emotional moments from the original recording, such as the shaky breath in the bridge of "Last Kiss."
  • The absence of the shaky breath in the re-recorded version is acknowledged, but it is noted that the overall quality of the song remains high.
  • The emotional depth of certain songs on "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is compared to those on "Fearless (Taylor's Version)."

"And this is something we discussed for many many episodes which is what about the shaky little breath that she has in the bridge of the song in the original obviously when she was singing or recording she was very emotional and she breathes in and it's a shaky breath it's something very very difficult to recreate I understand that and in Last Kiss Taylor's version we don't get that moment she breathes and it's normal and everything is fine."

This quote highlights the emotional nuances in the original "Last Kiss" recording and the challenges faced in attempting to replicate such moments in the re-recorded version.

Emotional Connection to Music

  • Emotional resonance with music can change over time due to personal growth and changing circumstances.
  • Artists may feel a personal connection to their work, especially if they had full creative control.
  • Taylor Swift's song "Last Kiss" is considered one of her saddest songs, highlighting the emotional depth in her music.
  • The prologue of an album can provide valuable insight into the artist's perspective and intention.

"It does show that some emotions obviously are diluted and lost along the way because you're not in the same position anymore."

This quote emphasizes how the emotional impact of a song can diminish over time as the listener's personal circumstances evolve, affecting their connection to the music.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Artistic Control

  • Taylor Swift's songs are deeply personal, written without outside influence on narrative or perspective.
  • The prologue in her album book offers a glimpse into her thoughts and sets the context for the music.
  • Swift's authentic songwriting resonates with listeners, making her music feel personal and honest.

"These songs are just Taylor through and through like they were totally written by her like no one else other than herself has had any she knows that wants to change a narrative or perspective."

This quote highlights the authenticity of Taylor Swift's songwriting, as her songs are crafted solely by her, reflecting her personal experiences and emotions without external input.

Album Re-Recording and Reception

  • Re-recorded albums can reignite fans' love for the music, sometimes even more than the original release.
  • Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, specifically "Speak Now," have been well-received, with fans appreciating the refreshed sound and new nuances.
  • Some songs, like "Better Than Revenge," are considered better in their re-recorded versions due to added grit and emotion.

"It just shows her kind of incredible ability when you can make someone love an album that they've loved for like 10 years even more."

This quote speaks to Taylor Swift's ability to enhance her already beloved albums through re-recordings, deepening fans' appreciation for her music.

The Vault Tracks and Their Significance

  • The Vault tracks offer new insights into an album's era, revealing previously unreleased songs and different perspectives.
  • These tracks help fans understand the artist's creative process and decisions during the album's original production.
  • "Electric Touch" featuring Fall Out Boy is an example of a Vault track that showcases a different musical style and production by Aaron Dessner.

"The Vault tracks have supplied us with missing pieces of the puzzle."

This quote points out the importance of the Vault tracks in providing a more comprehensive understanding of an album's creation and the artist's musical journey.

Analysis of Specific Vault Tracks

  • "Electric Touch" featuring Fall Out Boy has a pop-rock sound and was a grower for some listeners, becoming more appreciated over time.
  • The song's bridge is particularly praised, and the collaboration with Fall Out Boy adds to the era's feel.
  • "When Emma Falls in Love" is speculated to be about Emma Stone or Emma Roberts and is characterized by its whimsical, songwriter-forward style.

"For me this song was more like a grower at the first listen I was like not sure it's good."

This quote reflects the initial uncertainty about "Electric Touch," which grew on listeners as they became more familiar with the song.

Reasons for Vault Tracks Being Previously Unreleased

  • Taylor Swift was very discerning with the tracklist for "Speak Now," aiming to prove herself after the success of "Fearless."
  • Some Vault tracks might have been too pop-rock for the album or were written too late to make the cut.
  • The decision to exclude certain tracks could have been strategic, considering the album's overall genre and the artist's future direction.

"I think that maybe this song was just a little too pop Rocky perhaps and maybe that's why especially when you've got things like haunted wanted and better than revenge that have kind of already taken up that moment."

This quote speculates on the reason "Electric Touch" was not included in the original album, suggesting its pop-rock sound may have been out of place among other tracks.

Taylor Swift's Song Covers

  • Taylor Swift is known for making covers her own, not just performing them.
  • She has a talent for transforming covers into something enjoyable, even if they are unexpected choices.
  • The cover of "Nashville" is highlighted as an example of Swift's ability to make a song her own.

"One thing with Taylor is she when she covers a song she makes it her own; she doesn't just cover a song, she makes it, she'll make you enjoy it like even if it's the most random AF song ever."

This quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's unique approach to covering songs, where she adds her personal touch to make them distinctive and enjoyable.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Personal Connections

  • Taylor Swift's songwriting often includes personal elements that can be awkward, especially if they relate to the lives of friends or people she knows.
  • The example given is how it might have been awkward for Swift to release a song about a friend's love life.
  • Swift's earlier songs sometimes included direct references to people, which could have been controversial or uncomfortable.

"I'm just gonna release a song about your love life, is that okay?"

The quote illustrates the personal nature of Swift's songwriting and the potential awkwardness of releasing songs that are closely tied to the personal lives of her friends or acquaintances.

The Evolution of Taylor Swift's Music

  • Taylor Swift's music has evolved over time, with her style becoming more pop-oriented.
  • The song "I Can See You" is discussed as an example of a pop song that may not have fit the original album's style.
  • The speakers note that the song's lyrics and style were likely too mature for the "Fearless" era and Swift's image at the time.

"I was honestly like, oh my God, I was like I know exactly why this song was not included."

This quote reveals the speaker's realization that the song "I Can See You" was likely excluded from the original album due to its mature content and pop style, which did not align with Taylor Swift's image during the "Fearless" era.

Taylor Swift's Artistic Growth and Audience Reception

  • Swift's audience has grown with her, allowing her to express herself more freely in her music.
  • The song "I Can See You" is appreciated for its quality and the fact that it still sounds like it was sung by the "Speak Now" era Taylor Swift.
  • The speakers discuss the importance of perspective in understanding the inspirations behind Swift's songs.

"The groundwork has been laid perfectly for her audience and obviously she's a grown woman she can release whatever she wants, she can say what the hell she likes."

This quote highlights Swift's artistic freedom and the maturity of her audience, which supports her in expressing herself without restrictions.

The Significance of Taylor Swift's Vault Tracks

  • Vault tracks provide insight into Swift's songwriting process and the themes she explores.
  • The song "I Can See You" is praised as a standout track that should have been included on the original album.
  • The speakers discuss how the vault tracks maintain the essence of the "Speak Now" era while offering new content.

"This is the first song off of the Vault track that I love instantly."

The quote expresses the speaker's immediate love for the song "I Can See You," suggesting that it captures the essence of Swift's work during the "Speak Now" era and stands out among the vault tracks.

The Metaphorical Use of Imagery in Taylor Swift's Songs

  • Taylor Swift uses metaphors such as "castles crumbling" to represent the end of an era or the collapse of a fairy tale image.
  • The speakers discuss how these metaphors and themes are reflected in Swift's music and how they relate to her personal experiences and growth.
  • The song "Castle's Crumbling" is analyzed for its metaphorical content and its connection to Swift's feelings during the "Fearless" era.

"But I do think what's really interesting is the metaphor of the castles crumbling and the fact that it's almost like The Fearless era, it's the castle, and it's falling apart."

This quote delves into the metaphorical significance of the song "Castle's Crumbling," suggesting that it symbolizes the end of the "Fearless" era and the dismantling of the fairy tale image associated with Taylor Swift's early career.

The Emotional Depth of Taylor Swift's Vault Tracks

  • The speakers reflect on the emotional impact of Swift's vault tracks, particularly "Castle's Crumbling."
  • The song is described as devastating, with its themes of anxiety and fear of losing public favor.
  • The speakers note that the song may have been too dark to include on the original album and that it provides insight into Swift's concerns at the time.

"But definitely it's the most devastating of all of these added tracks although some have other connotations which makes them just as sad."

This quote acknowledges the emotional depth of "Castle's Crumbling" and its status as one of the most impactful of the vault tracks due to its exploration of deep anxieties and fears.

The Importance of Time and Perspective in Appreciating Music

  • The speakers discuss how time and perspective can change one's appreciation for a song.
  • They mention Lorde's statement about needing to live with a song to fully appreciate it.
  • The speakers suggest that some of Swift's songs may grow on listeners over time as they gain new meanings and relevance.

"But it's this song has been kind of a creation created with it over a three-year span you know that's had perspective and life and therefore future really appreciate a song you have to have perspective and life with that song and almost grow with it."

This quote reflects on the idea that a song's value can increase over time as listeners form deeper connections with it through their own experiences and the passage of time.

Emotional Connection to Music

  • Music can represent significant moments in life and evoke strong emotional connections.
  • Songs may grow on listeners over time, becoming favorites due to the memories they're associated with.

"and it's done this. and you've gone here with this song and there."

This quote emphasizes how personal experiences tied to music can enhance the emotional bond with certain songs.

Vault Tracks and Anticipation

  • Vault tracks from Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums generate excitement and fear due to unknown content.
  • There's a concern about potentially deep subject matters that were previously withheld.

"Vault tracks scare me like for two reasons firstly because of the things that she may have withheld that were just amazing songs...and secondly for things that you may have left out because the subject matter was just a little too deep..."

This quote highlights the dual nature of anticipation for unreleased music: excitement for undiscovered quality and apprehension about the intensity of the content.

Self-Criticism in Songwriting

  • Taylor Swift's song "Foolish One" is self-critical, showing an artist's self-reflection and personal growth.
  • The song provides insight into her journey towards creating tracks like "Anti-Hero."

"this song is very self-critical you know it's Taylor telling herself off saying the voices are saying but in the end it is her telling herself off like you know don't be silly don't fall for the same things that you have done before you're not the exception."

This quote describes the self-reflective and admonishing nature of the song "Foolish One," where Taylor Swift confronts her past mistakes and learns from them.

Evolution of Artistic Expression

  • Artists may initially hide certain emotions or thoughts from the public, fearing judgment or making their feelings too real.
  • Over time, artists like Taylor Swift have become more open and confident in sharing their vulnerabilities through their music.

"it's exploring things that perhaps you didn't want to show to the audience at that time because sometimes if you admit them out loud then it makes them real."

The quote captures the dilemma artists face when deciding whether to publicly express their innermost thoughts and emotions.

The Impact of Genre Transition

  • Taylor Swift's transition away from country music is likened to leaving behind a legacy or a "great hope for a dynasty."
  • Her Vault tracks explore emotions and self-doubt about this change in direction.

"I was once the great hope for a dynasty and it's almost like I think that's a reference to the country world that she was this hope that she was opening country music up to younger people and new audience and making it young and relevant and obviously now she is departing from it."

This quote reflects on Taylor Swift's impact on the country genre and her subsequent departure from it, highlighting the emotional complexity of such a transition.

Personal Resonance of "Foolish One"

  • "Foolish One" resonates with listeners who have followed Taylor Swift's career, particularly those who can relate to her earlier work.
  • The song's outro, where Taylor's voice deepens, symbolizes maturity and provides comfort.

"I do like this song because I know that the me from back in 2010 would have loved this song...and then we get to the outro of the song and we kind of she kind of like relaxes into more of her standard you know normal tailor voice..."

This quote reflects on the personal connection to "Foolish One" and the significance of the outro where Taylor's voice shifts, suggesting personal growth and reassurance.

Song Production and Engagement

  • Different producers contribute to the distinct sound of each Vault track.
  • Some songs may require time to grow on listeners, while others may not stand out immediately.

"I believe was produced by um Aaron whereas Castle's currently was Jack. but I feel like these two were both I don't know. I I just was a bit bored with foolish one it just didn't really stick out..."

This quote discusses the production aspects of the songs and the initial reception, indicating that some tracks might not immediately resonate with listeners.

The Whimsical Nature of "Timeless"

  • "Timeless" is characterized by its whimsical and romantic qualities, and its vivid, visual storytelling.
  • The song's descriptive nature allows listeners to visualize the scenarios being sung about.

"even upon first listen there was something just so Whimsical and romantic about like and so descriptive...and I think it's so hopeless romantic and."

The quote describes the immediate appeal of "Timeless" due to its descriptive and romantic elements, which engage the listener's imagination.

Vault Tracks in Context of Album Discography

  • The Vault tracks provide additional perspectives and enhance the original albums.
  • There's a distinction in how these tracks contribute to the narrative of each album, with some filling in gaps more significantly than others.

"I think that speaking speak now love them I think they're great but unlike with red that really felt like a serious like filling in the puzzles and those songs speak now doesn't feel the set quite the same as that..."

This quote contrasts the role of Vault tracks in "Speak Now" with those in "Red," suggesting that while both add value, "Red" tracks are more integral to completing the album's story.

Eros Tour and Fan Experience

  • Fans express excitement and gratitude for securing tickets to Taylor Swift's Eros Tour.
  • The shared enthusiasm for attending the tour and the stressful ticket acquisition process are highlighted.

"we will be going to Ira stores in our you know respective countries um and we're both just very feel very privileged excited and just very happy um and just I can't believe that we managed to get it."

This quote captures the joy and relief fans feel after successfully obtaining tickets to a highly anticipated concert tour.

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