Why Mr. Beast will be Worth $100 Billion Ep 577

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Alex Hormozi, the host of the show and owner of acquisition.com, discusses the immense potential of influencer marketing and the underappreciated value of personal brands in the business world. Hormozi predicts Mr. Beast, a top content creator, will reach a $100 billion net worth due to his strategic approach to content creation, audience engagement, and business ventures. Highlighting Mr. Beast's successful transition across platforms, Hormozi emphasizes his leverage in media, his innovative business model with Feastables, and his potential expansion into consumer packaged goods (CPG) and other large categories. Hormozi also touches on the significance of brand strength, as seen in successful partnerships like those of Logan Paul, KSI, and Jake Paul with their Prime drink, and how this can be amplified by influencers with large, engaged followings like Mr. Beast.

Summary Notes

Leverage for Media Creators

  • Media creators have significant leverage because their product and marketing are synonymous.
  • They can access massive distribution networks and different audiences.

There's a ton of leverage for media creators because what they sell and how they market themselves are one and the same.

This quote emphasizes the unique advantage media creators have in that their content serves both as their product and their marketing tool.

Building Businesses and Documenting the Journey

  • Alex Hormozi is focused on building a billion-dollar business with acquisition.com.
  • He values the documentation of the entrepreneurial journey and aims to provide that insight for others.

I'm trying to build a billion dollar thing with acquisition.com. I always wish Bezos, Musk, and Buffett had documented their journey. So I'm doing it for the rest of us.

Alex Hormozi expresses his desire to emulate the success of renowned entrepreneurs and his commitment to sharing his own business journey for educational purposes.

Mr. Beast's Growth and Potential

  • Mr. Beast's rapid growth on TikTok and YouTube is seen as indicative of his potential for immense wealth.
  • His adaptability and success on multiple platforms are highlighted as signs of his potential.

Mr. Beast is going to be worth over $100 billion, and it's going to happen faster than you think.

The quote is a bold prediction about Mr. Beast's future net worth based on his current trajectory and influence across social media platforms.

The Value of Influencer Traffic

  • Influencer traffic is considered underpriced and valuable.
  • Influencers like Logan Paul, KSI, and Jake Paul have leveraged their reach to generate significant revenue with minimal marketing costs.

Right now, I think the entire world is under indexed on how valuable influencer traffic is.

Alex Hormozi argues that the market has not yet fully recognized or capitalized on the true value of influencer traffic.

Business Models and Valuation

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies can achieve high valuations due to reduced marketing costs if backed by influencer traffic.
  • Alex Hormozi uses acquisition.com to invest in businesses rather than consumer products.

So a company that's fast growing, that has significantly better margins because they don't have nearly the marketing costs, because most times CPG.

This quote explains how companies can achieve better profit margins and valuations by minimizing marketing expenses, which is possible through influencer partnerships.

Mr. Beast's Diverse Ventures

  • Mr. Beast's ventures include gaming channels and ghost kitchens, but his future wealth is predicted to come from other sources.
  • The margins in ghost kitchens are typically low, affecting the valuation of such businesses.

And so despite the fact that Mr. Beast has Mrbeast gaming, he has the ghost kitchen, that he does with Beast Burger, in my opinion, where he will generate all of his wealth is actually not in gaming and not in the ghost kitchen.

Alex Hormozi shares his opinion that Mr. Beast's substantial wealth will not primarily come from his gaming or ghost kitchen ventures.

The Power of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

  • CPG brands, especially in the beverage industry, have immense potential when endorsed by influencers.
  • The frequency of beverage consumption compared to other products like chocolate can lead to higher sales volumes.

There are more people who eat chocolate than play video games. And just like what I think he's witnessed with what Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI have done with prime is that there's even more people who drink beverages.

The quote compares the market size for different consumer goods, suggesting that beverages have a broader appeal and market potential.

Brand Strength and Premium Pricing

  • The ability to charge a premium for a commoditized product is a measure of brand strength.
  • Personal brands can command significant pricing power when they have a strong following.

And you can measure the strength of a brand based on how much of a premium you can charge on a commoditized product.

This quote explains that the value of a brand is reflected in its ability to charge more for products that are otherwise seen as commodities, highlighting the importance of brand strength.

Brand Value and Pricing Power

  • Bernard Arnaud, as the owner of Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands, exemplifies the value of branding and its impact on pricing power.
  • Pricing power allows businesses to generate high gross profits, which can be reinvested in innovation and marketing to strengthen the brand further.
  • A strong brand can command higher prices, leading to increased profits and enterprise value.
  • Enterprise value is based on the discounted future cash flows of a business, and pricing power is a significant factor affecting those cash flows.

"Well, right now, the richest man in the world owns this brand, so pretty damn valuable, right? So Bernard Arnaud owns Louis Vuitton and a zillion other luxury brands because he understands the pricing power of brand."

This quote highlights the significance of owning a powerful brand and how it can contribute to an individual's wealth, using Bernard Arnaud as an example.

"And if pricing power is the strongest lever on cash flows in a business, which it is, by the way."

This quote emphasizes the importance of pricing power in influencing a business's cash flows, which is a critical factor in determining its overall value.

"And what is the strongest lever on pricing? Brand."

This quote asserts that branding is the most influential factor on a product's pricing ability.

Mr. Beast's Potential Billionaire Status

  • Mr. Beast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) has already achieved a billionaire status in terms of equity value.
  • His company, Feastables, is projected to make significant sales, potentially reaching $400 million with substantial profit margins.
  • The argument for Mr. Beast's potential to increase his net worth significantly is based on his current success with limited distribution compared to competitors.
  • Mr. Beast's brand strength could allow him to diversify and dominate in various product categories beyond chocolate, like beverages and snacks.

"And for that reason, I think that Mr. Beast will be a sense of billionaire."

This quote suggests that Mr. Beast has the potential to become a centibillionaire due to his brand's strength and influence.

"Mr. Beast has already sold chunks of Beast industries at over a billion dollar valuation."

This quote confirms Mr. Beast's current billionaire status based on equity value from previous sales of his company shares.

"He might have five times the brand size, and he's got one 10th the distribution."

This quote indicates that despite having smaller distribution channels, Mr. Beast's brand is significantly larger than his competitors, which could lead to exponential growth in sales.

Brand Influence on Consumer Perception and Sales

  • Branding can influence consumer perception of a product's quality, as demonstrated by experiments where the same wine with different labels was perceived differently.
  • A strong brand affinity, like that which Mr. Beast has cultivated, can make consumers perceive identical products as superior.
  • Mr. Beast's current success with chocolate bars suggests potential for even greater success in larger markets with products that have higher consumption rates.

"So just like there's a famous wine experiment where they had expensive, medium and cheap wines, they had people taste test them, and people rank them expensive, medium, and cheap."

This quote illustrates how branding can manipulate consumer perception, even when the actual product quality is identical.

"If you have strong affinity for Mr. Beast, which millions of people do, he could even have an identical product, and people will perceive it as better."

This quote highlights the power of brand loyalty and its effect on consumer preferences, using Mr. Beast as an example.

Brand Expansion and Market Penetration

  • Mr. Beast's brand has achieved mass awareness, which is a difficult and costly goal for businesses.
  • By adding distribution channels to an already strong brand, Mr. Beast can quickly generate additional revenue.
  • Feastables' sales performance and the difficulty in finding its products in stores indicate a high demand and potential for growth in various product verticals.

"So right now, if Jim goes into a 711, person after person will walk in and take a picture with him, which means that he already has mass brand awareness."

This quote demonstrates Mr. Beast's widespread brand recognition, which is a valuable asset for market penetration and sales.

"And so with every added distribution he will just generate more revenue instantly."

This quote suggests that expanding distribution for a well-known brand like Mr. Beast's will likely result in immediate revenue increases.

Leveraging Content Creation and Business Acumen

  • Mr. Beast is not only a content creator but is also rapidly becoming a business expert.
  • His access to influential and knowledgeable individuals can accelerate his business growth and innovation.
  • The ecosystem of Beast Industries, including multiple YouTube channels and international presence, provides a vast platform for product marketing and sales.

"And over the next decade he'll become a master of business because he has access to the best and smartest people in the world because of his brand."

This quote predicts Mr. Beast's future growth in business acumen, facilitated by his ability to network with influential experts due to his brand's success.

"So let me give you an idea of what Beast Industries is all about in terms of the ecosystem."

This quote introduces the concept of Beast Industries' extensive ecosystem, which includes a significant number of subscribers and international reach, forming a strong foundation for business ventures.

Mr. Beast's Social Media Influence and Engagement

  • Mr. Beast has over 300 million subscribers across various social media platforms.
  • His audience is highly engaged due to his journey from simple challenges to large-scale philanthropy.
  • He has built strong brand loyalty and goodwill through his content and charitable work.

"There's a difference between Mr. Beast and another mega influencer who just has 200 million Instagram followers versus him where people have been following and watching his videos, and they have seen him start from counting backwards or counting forwards to a million or whatever it was as a kid to seeing him become and live out his own vision in front of people of what he wanted to create."

This quote emphasizes the deep engagement and loyalty Mr. Beast's audience has due to his transparent growth and philanthropic efforts, differentiating him from other influencers.

Business Ventures: Beast Burger and Beast Gaming

  • Beast Burger is a ghost kitchen concept leveraging existing restaurant networks for national distribution.
  • Beast Gaming aims to create apps and video games for his substantial gaming audience.
  • Translation services were mentioned, but their future is uncertain due to rapid AI advancements.

"He's got Beast Burger, which is a ghost kitchen, which basically leverages the network of restaurants that already exist."

This quote explains the business model of Beast Burger, highlighting Mr. Beast's strategy of utilizing existing infrastructures for his ventures.

Feastables and Enterprise Value

  • Feastables is a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company that aligns with Mr. Beast's massive audience.
  • The focus is on reverse engineering maximum enterprise value through sales and lifetime gross profit.
  • Alex Hormozi suggests Mr. Beast could expand into banking, leveraging trust and the potential for high lifetime gross profit.

"And so what that means is what do the most amount of people in my audience want multiplied by what is the most gross profit I can make per customer, right?"

This quote explains the formula for maximizing enterprise value, which is central to Mr. Beast's business strategy with ventures like Feastables.

Potential Expansion into New Product Categories

  • Feastables could expand beyond chocolate into more profitable categories like sports beverages and water.
  • Mr. Beast's current distribution is limited compared to potential, indicating room for significant growth.
  • Alex Hormozi believes that Mr. Beast's brand could see substantial revenue increases by entering new verticals.

"And what I mean by that is, okay, how many chocolate bars does the average person buy a week now? How many sports, beverages or water do people consume per week and purchase per week significantly more."

This quote suggests that by entering markets with higher purchase frequency, Mr. Beast can greatly increase his revenue.

Mr. Beast's Commitment to Winning and Branding

  • Mr. Beast is dedicated to success and employs an all-in approach to his brand and business.
  • He indoctrinates his team into his philosophy, which is to win at all costs while maintaining ethical practices.

"Like, he will do whatever it takes to win. No matter what."

This quote highlights Mr. Beast's intense drive and commitment to success in his endeavors.

Leverage and Media Impact

  • Mr. Beast's videos have a global reach with impressions worth hundreds of millions, rivaling major events like the Super Bowl.
  • He can produce high-impact content consistently, unlike traditional media events.
  • His media serves as both product and marketing, creating unique leverage.

"So he may spend a million, 2 million, even $4 million on a video, but the amount of impressions that that one video gets across the world, because he also translates it, is worth hundreds of millions."

This quote demonstrates the vast reach and impact of Mr. Beast's content, which offers significant leverage in terms of investment versus return.

Cross-Promotion and Audience Monetization

  • Mr. Beast can access diverse audiences by appearing on various platforms like podcasts.
  • He can monetize his audience base through direct advertising and promoting his own products.

"And there's no other people who he's advertising against. It's just him."

This quote underscores Mr. Beast's unique position in the market, where his brand is so strong that he faces little to no competition in his advertising space.

Advertising Arbitrage and Integrated Ads

  • Mr. Beast could potentially make more money by promoting his own products instead of others.
  • The concept of advertising arbitrage is where the value created by an ad exceeds the cost of the ad itself.

"So if someone gets ten to one or 20 to one by paying him $20 million a year to market their thing, then it means that he might be able to get 200 million or 400 million a year marketing his thing."

This quote explains the principle of advertising arbitrage, suggesting that Mr. Beast could earn more by using his platform to promote his own ventures rather than external ads.

Call to Action and Brand Trust

  • Mr. Beast's promotions are most effective when they are related to his own brand.
  • Trust is fully transferred when promoting his own products, leading to potentially higher returns on investment.
  • Promoting unrelated products, like Shopify, can dilute trust and reduce effectiveness.

"So if someone else can make ten x on his ads, then he might be able to make 100 x on his ads because it stays within the brand and it's congruent."

This quote emphasizes the advantage of promoting products that are congruent with one's brand, suggesting that Mr. Beast could see a tenfold increase in effectiveness when advertising his own brand compared to others.

Audience Reach and Product Alignment

  • Mr. Beast's content appeals to a broad audience through entertainment.
  • Products aligned with his brand can reach and resonate with this wide audience.
  • For Alex Hormozi, selling products like nasal strips aligns with his brand and audience's interests, unlike a chocolate bar.

"But everybody can watch Mr. Beast's content. And so his products, as a consequence, he gets to reach everyone with what he sells."

This quote explains how Mr. Beast's entertainment content allows him to reach a broad audience, which in turn benefits the sale of his branded products.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) vs. Software

  • CPGs are a simpler business model than software, which is highly competitive and complex.
  • Mr. Beast can leverage his brand for simple transactional business with CPGs.
  • Focusing on distribution with a superior brand is more advantageous than adding the risk of developing software.

"And so, like, manufacturing the chocolate bars or chips or water is not overwhelmingly complex compared to making a software or an app or something like that."

This quote highlights the relative simplicity of manufacturing consumer goods like chocolate bars compared to the complexity of developing software or apps.

Open-Mindedness and Willingness to Learn

  • Jim (Mr. Beast) is open to learning and taking advice, despite his success.
  • He seeks expertise from others and is open-minded about improving his business.
  • Jim values winning and improvement over being right.

"And having had many conversations with him, he's confident that he can kill it. But he's incredibly open minded to listening to people who he feels has expertise outside of what he has mastered."

This quote illustrates Jim's humility and willingness to learn from others to improve his business, despite his confidence in his abilities.

Talent Acquisition and the "God Squad"

  • Jim is aggressively building a top-tier team, referred to as the "God squad."
  • He attracts talent with the growth and success of his brand, even if it means they take a pay cut.
  • Working for Mr. Beast and Beast Industries is seen as valuable beyond monetary compensation.

"And so the access to talent that he has, the same way he has access to expertise, is second to none."

This quote underscores the unique advantage Jim has in attracting talent due to the allure and growth potential of his brand.

Collaborative Approach

  • Jim is collaborative and helps other creators, regardless of their size.
  • He sees the potential for mutual success rather than viewing the industry as zero-sum.
  • Early collaborations that led to success for all parties may have shaped his worldview on mutual growth.

"And I think that's actually been one of his low key secrets of success, is because early on, he was masterminding with all these guys who were all together trying to get millions of subscribers, and all of them did."

The quote suggests that Jim's early collaborative efforts with other creators were a key factor in their collective success and influenced his ongoing collaborative approach.

Playing the Infinite Game

  • Jim is focused on the long-term game, not just immediate gains.
  • His passion for content creation is independent of financial success.
  • His experience and approach provide him with the leverage of time, allowing for compounding growth.

"And so in terms of like, entrepreneur years, he's actually older than people give him credit for. But he still being old for what he's given credit for, still has 60, 70 years ahead of him where he can continue to compound that, meaning his audience compounds unto itself, his media compounds unto itself."

This quote reflects on Jim's extensive experience relative to his age and the potential for his brand and audience to grow significantly over time due to his long-term perspective.

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