Why Did Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn BREAKUP ?!? 💔

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In a pop culture tarot reading centered on Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's reported breakup, the reader delves into the energies and dynamics of their relationship. Taylor is represented by the Nine of Cups, suggesting she's achieving her dreams and enjoying high confidence, while Joe embodies the Empress, indicating a focus on personal growth and nurturing. The Four of Pentacles between them hints at issues with possessiveness and materialism. Taylor views the relationship as a soulmate connection, but there's a sense of imbalance, with her career possibly causing strain. Joe's cards, including the Death card, suggest transformation and letting go. The reader infers that both are moving on, with Taylor focusing on her career and Joe seeking personal definition outside of the relationship's shadow. Speculation about unrequited love, escapism, and potential for a rekindled connection is mentioned, but the reader ultimately suggests both parties are learning to be alone and grow individually.

Summary Notes


  • The podcast episode focuses on a pop culture reading about Taylor Swift and Joe's breakup.
  • The host addresses their audience, referred to as "besties" and "swifties," and asks for their favorite Taylor Swift song or album.
  • The host enjoys Taylor Swift's music and discusses her success and confidence.
  • The host uses tarot cards to analyze the current energy between Taylor and Joe.

hello besties good morning good afternoon good evening I hope you're doing fantastic. it's time for another pop culture reading this time on Taylor and Joe they broke up and hello swifties if you're over here don't crucify me in the comments I'm gonna read what's in the cards

The podcast host greets the audience and sets the stage for a pop culture tarot reading about Taylor Swift and Joe's breakup, inviting fans to engage with the topic.

Taylor's Current Energy

  • Taylor is characterized by high confidence, self-esteem, and optimism.
  • She is seen as successful in her career, being the highest-paid female tour artist in history.
  • Taylor's tarot card is the Nine of Cups, symbolizing wishes coming true and happiness.

Taylor is showing up as wishes coming true nine of Cups we'd love to see that Taylor this is definitely an energy of realizing your dreams finding that happiness going after it I mean isn't she the highest paid female tour right now like ever in history isn't it like a billion dollars but anyways her confidence is high. she's feeling the self-esteem she's looking. good. she's optimistic she's abundant and health wealth love and gratitude

The host interprets Taylor's tarot card as a reflection of her achieving her dreams and enjoying high self-esteem and optimism, highlighting her success as a touring artist.

Joe's Current Energy

  • Joe is associated with the Empress card, representing divine feminine energy.
  • He is focused on self-care, creativity, and finding harmony in his life.
  • The host suggests that Taylor may have been more dominant in the relationship.

Joe's energy Joe is showing up as the empress so divine feminine energy makes sense not energy is energy Taylor is a sag and Joe is a Pisces I believe so you don't have to resonate with the gender it's just basically Divine masculine think with her head or their head and divine feminine lead with more of that heart space are more open a little more emotional and this might be the case I don't want to say Taylor wore the pants in the relationship but he's really focused on you know Finding himself nurturing himself self-care finding that creativity and that Harmony in his life

Joe's tarot card suggests he is embracing his nurturing side and focusing on self-care and creativity, with a possible emotional openness in contrast to Taylor's more dominant energy.

Energy Between Taylor and Joe

  • The Four of Pentacles card suggests codependency and possessiveness in the relationship.
  • There may have been issues with materialism and control, potentially related to Taylor's career demands.
  • The host references a Taylor Swift song lyric that reflects the clingy nature of the relationship.

yeah we got the four of Pentacles this is kind of like the codependency card to some degree it's holding on to people's possessions and um things too tightly definitely you know a little possessive a little controlling you know definitely green materialism wealth it could be a situation yes it could involve um him there was something probably with the tour I'm not gonna lie that he wasn't all gung-ho about it or something along those lines where she was putting so much time energy effort into her career and he kind of took the back seat but she wanted to control him what's what's the one song that she said you'll get tired of me anyways or whatever that line is it's very much. I'm gonna keep pushing pushing pushing and holding on for dear life and being clingy and a little codependent to not let this person go

The tarot card reading for the couple's combined energy indicates a struggle with control and possessiveness, with potential conflict arising from Taylor's career and Joe's response to it.

Taylor's Perspective on the Relationship

  • Taylor views the relationship as a soulmate connection with equal give and take.
  • She is seen as healing and moving forward, with mutual respect between her and Joe.
  • Taylor's career focus and healing from the breakup are emphasized.

but Taylor we got the two of Cups. so she does view this as a soulmate Connection in equal give and take maybe this is the first person that actually didn't really care and was what she needed you know. I'm very much the drama the main character she needed someone who was more calm chill go with the flow it's kind of like Opposites Attract energy and yeah things are moving into calmer water she's healing she's moving forward. she's progressing from this there's a lot of love there and mutual respect

Taylor's tarot card indicates that she saw the relationship as deeply connected and balanced, and despite the breakup, she is focused on healing and progressing.

Joe's Perspective on the Relationship

  • Joe is experiencing a spiritual transformation with the Death card, indicating letting go and welcoming change.
  • A major choice in love and balancing shared values are highlighted.
  • Joe's focus on work and career may have created stress and imbalance in the relationship.

as for Joe we got the death card the death card is a spiritual transformation letting go of the old welcoming and the new um it's definitely an unexpected upheaval or an unexpected change in release. yeah a release to love. yeah there was a death to this situation with the lovers card there was a major choice in love he had to make I really do think they were soul mates um. but it was definitely did they have the same shared values ideals things like that um there needed to be balanced so with the Two of Pentacles maybe Taylor's career was coming interfere with you know their relationship

Joe's tarot card suggests he is going through significant changes and facing decisions about love and shared values, with implications that Taylor's career demands may have contributed to challenges in their relationship.

Passion and Enthusiasm

  • Discusses an individual's talent and pursuit of their desires.
  • Suggests a positive outlook on the future and potential for new beginnings.

"He has the talent he's going after what he wants to do maybe he will travel but he's excited about the um future definitely between this this could spark a new energy."

The quote highlights the individual's capabilities and determination to follow their dreams, with an anticipation of positive change and excitement for what lies ahead.

Repetition and Boredom

  • Describes a situation characterized by monotony and lack of engagement.
  • Associates this with laziness and a sense of impending failure.
  • Mentions the proverbial definition of insanity.

"It was repetitive it was boring. you know it was laziness. it was feeling like you know um failures coming it's just like that thing where you just keep beating a dead horse and expecting a different outcome the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome."

This quote conveys the frustration and futility of persisting in unproductive behaviors, drawing on the well-known adage to emphasize the unreasonableness of expecting different results from the same actions.

Fate and Choice

  • Introduces the concept of leaving things to fate.
  • Mentions a burden and suggests that if something is meant to be, it will happen.
  • Presents the idea of a choice between two paths, which could involve reuniting or moving on to new experiences.

"Did I not say leave leave this to fate. yeah. this was definitely a burden and if it's if it's meant to be it'll be."

The speaker suggests adopting an attitude of acceptance towards the outcome of a situation, implying that some things are beyond personal control and should be left to destiny.

Imbalance and Perspective

  • Describes an imbalance in energy between two individuals.
  • Points out that one party is passionate and proactive, while the other may not share the same perspective.
  • Notes a lack of understanding and communication issues.

"The energy between them is still imbalanced Taylor is very passionate very you know bold go-getter um. but she's not getting the perspective he's seen it's like she only sees she sees what she wants to see and hears what she wants to hear."

The quote emphasizes the disparity between Taylor's drive and her inability to understand or acknowledge another person's viewpoint, highlighting a fundamental issue in their interaction.

Conflict and Power Struggle

  • Discusses feelings of being cornered and territorial disputes.
  • Suggests a power struggle and a decisive moment where one person takes a stand.
  • Indicates a clash of egos and a buildup of tension.

"I think he finally put his foot down and was like. no I'm not dealing with this this is a no-go or it was a conversation of this was long built up and it's a Clashing of the egos."

The quote captures a critical juncture where one individual asserts their boundaries, marking a turning point in a relationship characterized by conflict and a battle of wills.

Unrequited Love and Boundaries

  • Mentions feelings of unrequited love, escapism, and deceit.
  • Suggests one individual has a fragile ego and struggles with personal boundaries.
  • Implies a people-pleasing tendency and a resolution to find oneself.

"There's unrequited love escapism lies definitely someone with a fragile ego and poor personal boundaries. so maybe Taylor has a hard time saying no to things being a people pleaser and he was like okay fine go find yourself I'm not dealing with it."

This quote speaks to the challenges faced by someone who may prioritize others' needs over their own to their detriment, and the eventual decision by another to step away from the situation.

Growth and Change

  • Highlights a sense of maturity and growth in one person, contrasted with another's stagnation.
  • Suggests a need for change within the relationship dynamic.

"It feels like he grew up and she didn't you know it's that energy of like I've been waiting for you what do you want what you need."

The speaker points out a disparity in personal development between two individuals, implying that one has evolved while the other has not kept pace, leading to a misalignment in their relationship.

Suspicion and Trust

  • Discusses delayed news, ideas, and planning.
  • Suggests calculated behavior and a lack of trust.
  • Mentions an invasive action driven by curiosity.

"This is definitely delayed news ideas planning someone who's very calculated maybe she was testing him and he finally was like she was searching for something that wasn't there."

The quote implies a situation where suspicion leads to behavior aimed at uncovering hidden truths, with an outcome that reveals a lack of foundation for the suspicions.

Betrayal and Indecisiveness

  • Talks about feelings of betrayal and reaching a low point.
  • Mentions indecisiveness, self-doubt, and unwillingness to learn from past mistakes.
  • Suggests a focus on career and success at the expense of personal relationships.

"Definitely there is this energy of the Ten of Swords feeling stabbed in the back you know a betrayal hitting rock bottom and really you know it's the final nail in the coffin."

The quote metaphorically describes the depth of hurt and disappointment experienced as a result of perceived betrayal, marking an endpoint to a series of issues.

Protection and Karmic Relationships

  • Describes Taylor as being protected by a higher power.
  • Labels Joe's perception of the relationship as karmic and toxic.
  • Suggests issues of greed, possessiveness, and codependency.

"Taylor is protected by God Universe Source whoever looks out for whoever you believe in she's definitely very protected by this."

The speaker suggests that Taylor is under the care or guardianship of a divine or universal force, providing her with a form of spiritual security.

Realization and Loss

  • Discusses the concept of realizing the value of something after it is gone.
  • References a popular song to illustrate this sentiment.

"I think she's gonna realize this is the one that got away like that Katy Perry song."

The quote draws a parallel between the situation and a well-known song, evoking the theme of regret over losing someone important.

Authenticity and Public Image

  • Taylor is expected to reveal her true feelings.
  • Anticipates that her work may reflect on personal experiences without being overly harsh.
  • Suggests that fame may have impacted the relationship negatively.

"Mask off she's gonna show her true feelings. and you know she likes to ride about her exes I don't think it's gonna be a Savage breakup or a song."

This quote predicts that Taylor will be forthcoming about her emotions, likely through her music, but without the intent to be malicious.

Secret Admirers and New Beginnings

  • Mentions the presence of secret admirers and the potential for new romantic interests.
  • Suggests a period of enjoyment and self-discovery.
  • Introduces the concept of spiritual ascension and moving beyond past limitations.

"She definitely has a secret admirer so people be in those DMs I mean she is Taylor Swift um as soon as they found out she was single will you be mine I'm afraid to tell you how I feel."

The speaker indicates that Taylor has attracted attention from admirers, hinting at the possibility of new romantic pursuits and the courage to express feelings.

Signs and Synchronicities

  • Taylor Swift senses that there might be someone better for her, suggesting uncertainty in the relationship.
  • She considers the possibility that her relationship with Joe wasn't meant to be.

"All these signs and synchronicities maybe there's someone better out there for her and maybe this wasn't meant to be."

The quote indicates Taylor Swift's contemplation of the relationship's fate and her openness to the idea that they might not be right for each other.

Tension and Family Disapproval

  • Joe feels disliked by Taylor Swift's family and friends, causing him confusion and hurt.
  • There is tension from Taylor Swift's side, potentially influencing the relationship dynamics.

"Yeah they don't like you my family and friends don't want me with you. I'm confused and hurt so definitely there's some tension on that side."

This quote reflects the strain on the relationship due to the disapproval of Taylor Swift's close circle, contributing to Joe's emotional distress.

Time Pressure and Decision Making

  • Joe feels the pressure of time to make a decision about the relationship.
  • There is an implication that he has been delaying this decision for a while.

"Yeah time is a ticking time is running out it feels like you know he's been waiting to make this decision and it's like what is it going to be."

The quote suggests that Joe is aware of the urgency to resolve the uncertainty in the relationship and that he has been procrastinating on making a definitive choice.

Joe's Identity and Independence

  • Joe is described as protected and seen as a leader or "The Golden Child."
  • He wants to break away from Taylor Swift to define himself independently.
  • Joe desires to establish himself on his own, without Taylor Swift's help.

"He's definitely a leader he's the chosen one. And it's his time to break away from this. And I think he doesn't want to live in Taylor's Shadow he wants to Define himself."

The quote emphasizes Joe's desire for autonomy and to forge his own path separate from Taylor Swift's influence and recognition.

Relationship Dynamics and Personal Growth

  • There are underlying issues of control, immaturity, and unresolved personal problems.
  • Both individuals are dealing with anger and resentment towards each other.
  • They express their emotions through their work, with Taylor Swift likely channeling feelings into her songs.

"Yeah mental energy between them child distraction I don't think it's a child obviously but immaturity issues mommy daddy issues unresolved healing of the inner child out here there's a lot of anger between them a lot of resentment."

This quote captures the emotional turmoil within the relationship, hinting at deeper personal issues affecting their dynamic and the possible outlets for their frustrations.

Sexual Dynamics and Power Struggles

  • The sexual relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe may have been intense but problematic.
  • There is an implication of power dynamics at play during their intimacy.

"Energy vampire inner like maybe the sex was good but it was kind of like I don't want to say it was like he was like taking her power but like that's the only thing that seemed to keep this going."

The quote suggests that their sexual relationship might have had an imbalanced power dynamic, with the metaphor of an "energy vampire" indicating a potentially draining or one-sided aspect to their intimacy.

Deception and Growth

  • There are hints of deceit and hidden motives in the relationship.
  • The relationship may lead to personal growth and revelations, possibly involving external flirtations or infidelities.

"So we got some deception trickster red flags line to get by hidden motives energy this DNA Activation is definitely something that's going to come through that as you level up there's going to be a lot of growth between them."

The quote indicates that despite the challenges and potential deceit, the relationship could catalyze personal development and uncover hidden truths.

Negative Influences and Breakup

  • The relationship is affected by negative energies, possibly including spells or hexes.
  • Both Taylor Swift and Joe are surrounded by untrustworthy people, leading to feelings of betrayal.
  • They might be ready to end the relationship and explore new social opportunities.

"Yeah. Karmic family and friends doesn't have the best intentions I think they got enlightened by this you know maybe this wasn't what it was meant to be they we want something different we have different orals values ideals of what we want for our future."

This quote reflects the realization that external negative influences and differing values and ideals could be contributing factors to the potential end of the relationship.

Personal Power and Free Will

  • Both individuals must decide whether to assert their independence and make choices about the relationship.
  • There are references to overcoming addictions and bad habits that affect their lives.

"But it's really going to be up to the both of them if they want to come forward and have that free will to be able to say yes or no have that personal power have that backbone and move forward."

The quote underlines the importance of personal agency and the need for both parties to actively choose their paths in light of the relationship's challenges.

Reflection and Self-Love

  • Taylor Swift might struggle with expressing her feelings and dealing with abandonment.
  • Joe needs to communicate his grievances to resolve the tension.
  • Both are encouraged to spend quality time together and focus on their passions.

"Taylor's card is time for to get real get honest as so she might have like a hard time expressing how she feels maybe people walk away abandonment neglect allegedly trauma."

This quote suggests that for healing and progress, Taylor Swift needs to confront her difficulties in communication and past emotional wounds.

Financial Independence and Personal Growth

  • Individuals should manage their finances responsibly as part of personal growth.
  • Trusting others and sharing one's aspirations is important for personal development.
  • It's okay to seek help when needed, whether by asking or hiring assistance.

Trust share your crazy ass dreams wishes and passions.

This quote emphasizes the importance of being open and trusting others with one's personal ambitions and dreams.

we can't be all the things you're asking some help ask for it hire it make it happen

The relevance of this quote is in acknowledging that one cannot do everything alone and should seek help when necessary.

Vulnerability and Seeking Help

  • Taylor Swift is perceived as someone who gets things done but may struggle with asking for help.
  • There's an implication that she has felt taken advantage of in the past, particularly in business relationships.
  • Recognizing the need for help and self-care is crucial, especially after stressful events like a tour.

Taylor's a doer.

This quote describes Taylor Swift as a proactive and productive individual.

she needs to know when she can ask for help.

The quote underscores the importance of recognizing when to seek assistance.

Personal Time and Self-Care

  • It's essential to take time for oneself to relax and de-stress, such as through massage or leisure activities.
  • Knowing when to slow down and embrace a period of rest is crucial for well-being.

so she needs to calm down after this tour take time for herself

This quote suggests the necessity for Taylor Swift to prioritize self-care after a demanding period.

Rationality and Emotional Balance

  • Balancing emotions with logic is necessary for making sound decisions.
  • It's important to be present in relationships and to focus on mutual interests rather than being self-centered.

feelings you have you have logic for a reason use it.

The quote highlights the importance of using logic to balance one's emotions.

Relationship Dynamics and Communication

  • Relationships can be challenging, and partners may hide things from each other.
  • Forgiveness and healing are critical components of a relationship.
  • Couples should strive to be on the same team and protect their privacy from external influences.

maybe he just broke up with her over text or something.

This quote suggests a potential scenario in the relationship where communication may have been lacking.

forgive not for them do that for you.

The relevance of this quote lies in the idea that forgiveness is beneficial for one's own peace of mind, not just for the other person.

Mutual Support and Effort in Relationships

  • Partners should support each other and communicate effectively.
  • A relationship requires both parties to contribute time and effort.

they're still waiting do the they asked for forever ago

This quote implies that there has been a lack of effort or response to a partner's needs in the relationship.

Subconscious Messages and Hidden Truths

  • Both Taylor and Joe have unspoken thoughts and feelings that affect their relationship.
  • They need to acknowledge and express these hidden truths to each other to move forward.

let's jump to the hidden truth Oracle let's get some Hidden Truths from Taylor and from Joe

This quote introduces the idea of exploring the subconscious elements of their relationship.

Accountability and Personal Development

  • Recognizing one's mistakes and taking accountability is a sign of personal growth.
  • Understanding oneself and one's needs is an ongoing process that can improve relationships.

I know I messed everything up I'm gonna take accountability for that

This quote from Joe indicates a willingness to acknowledge mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Regret and Reflection

  • Both partners may have regrets about their actions or lack thereof in the relationship.
  • Reflecting on past mistakes is a step towards healing and possibly reconciling.

Taylor regrets lying to him

The quote suggests that Taylor Swift has remorse over dishonesty in the relationship.

Maturity and Timing in Relationships

  • The maturity level of partners and the timing of their relationship can significantly impact its success.
  • Partners may need to grow individually before they can be together successfully.

but you and I were too young an immaturity issue

This quote points to the idea that youth and immaturity may have played a role in the relationship's challenges.

Independence and Codependency

  • Learning to be comfortable alone is crucial for personal development and can prevent codependency in relationships.
  • Embracing independence can lead to healthier relationships in the future.

I think they need to learn to be okay with being alone and hanging out with themselves

The quote underscores the importance of being comfortable with oneself to avoid codependent relationships.

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