When it gets EASY is when you need to go HARD...a turning point in my life & Gym Launch Ep 101

Summary Notes


In a candid recount of his entrepreneurial journey, the host shares how a mastermind with industry leaders, including the insightful Jason Fladlien, was a pivotal moment for both him and his partner, Layla. The couple, who had recently married and were experiencing success with their business Gym Launch, were advised to capitalize on their achievements rather than becoming complacent. Fladlien's stark warning that ease in business is a signal to "lean in" and intensify efforts resonated deeply, spurring them to scale their operations significantly. The host emphasizes the importance of continuous momentum, the danger of complacency, and the necessity to act with urgency, leveraging success to push boundaries and avoid being outpaced by competitors. He encourages entrepreneurs to confront and overcome limiting beliefs, and to aggressively pursue opportunities, especially when they seem to be thriving.

Summary Notes

Self-Labeling and Performance

  • Nicole Reyes observed that labeling oneself as "good under pressure" can lead to procrastination and then a rush to complete tasks.
  • Recognizing and overcoming this self-labeling can be crucial for personal and business growth.
  • The speaker acknowledges their own past mistakes and emphasizes the importance of learning from them.

"I saw a post by Nicole Reyes, and she said, you know, she's. She was saying how she has seen herself give herself the label of, like, I'm good under pressure, which basically, for her, in her business, was like she kind of coasted until she needed to, and then she would double down and get, you know, gsd, right, and get it done."

The quote highlights the tendency to self-label as being effective under pressure, which can lead to a habit of delaying work until the last minute and then scrambling to complete it.

Learning from Mistakes

  • The speaker has experienced numerous mistakes while running gym launch and shares these experiences with gym owners.
  • They stress the value of making mistakes only once and learning from them to avoid repetition.
  • The speaker's approach to mistakes is practical and rooted in personal experience rather than theoretical knowledge.

"I've literally made every one of these mistakes, and so I have the scars. None of these were like, I read it in a book, and I want to share it. I've messed up so many things, and so I just don't want. The only advantage that we've ever had is that I'll just try not to make the same mistake twice."

This quote explains that the speaker's knowledge comes from real-life experiences and mistakes, not just from reading or second-hand information. The focus is on not repeating the same mistakes.

The Beginning of Gym Launch

  • Layla and the speaker started Gym Launch and experienced explosive growth in the early months.
  • They achieved significant financial success with high profit margins while working from their kitchen table.
  • The success came shortly after getting married and overcoming previous financial challenges.

"So when Layla and I started out with gym lunch, obviously we had the gyms and sold them, and now we're doing gym lunch, and this is the very beginning. So we're talking three months, four months into gym lunch, Russell saw what we were doing and saw that we'd had this explosive growth."

This quote provides background on the early success of Gym Launch, highlighting the rapid growth and the attention it garnered from others in the industry.

Impactful Mastermind Experience

  • The speaker was invited to the piratescope mastermind, a gathering for successful entrepreneurs.
  • Despite feeling out of place due to a recent brush with bankruptcy, the mastermind proved to be a turning point for their business.
  • The impact came not from tactics shared but from a significant exchange that occurred during the event.

"And it wasn't because we got any tactics from three days of all these people sharing tactics. It was because of one exchange that happened, and it changed both Leila and I's life."

The quote emphasizes that the value of the mastermind was not in the specific strategies discussed but in a particular interaction that had a profound effect on the speaker and Layla's lives and business.

Interaction with Jason Fladland

  • Jason Fladland, a highly successful affiliate marketer, was taking detailed notes during the mastermind.
  • The speaker presented a plan for launching a supplement company, which was met with silence until Jason Fladland spoke up.
  • The anticipation built around Jason's response highlights his influence and the importance of his opinion to the group.

"And Jason Fladland, who had been taking vicious notes the whole time. And Jason was, I think, the most successful from a monetary standpoint in the room."

This quote introduces Jason Fladland as a key figure in the mastermind, noting his success and attentive note-taking, which sets the stage for the significance of his forthcoming interaction with the speaker.

Jason Fladland's Assessment of Business Potential

  • Jason Fladland recognized the significant potential in the business model presented.
  • He quantified the opportunity as a "$100 million dollar business" based on the results for gyms.
  • His assertion was based on the positive return on ad spend and customer retention.
  • Jason's character is described as unique and intellectually precocious, which adds weight to his business acumen.

if what you're saying is true, if you're actually getting these types of results for gyms, he's like, you have 100 million dollar business.

This quote highlights Jason's realization of the business's potential and his ability to quickly assess the value of the results being achieved.

Emotional Impact of Business Critique

  • The feedback from Jason and others induced feelings of insecurity and perceived failure in the entrepreneurs.
  • They felt overwhelmed by the gap between their current operations and the identified opportunity.
  • The intense reaction to the critique sparked a reassessment of their business focus.

Huge feelings of insecurity and failure, you know what I mean? I could feel my gut just feel, like rising to my throat.

This quote conveys the emotional response to the realization that there was a significant untapped business opportunity, which felt like a gut punch to the entrepreneurs.

Strategic Business Advice from Jason

  • Jason advised to "lean in" when things feel easy, indicating that it's the time to push harder.
  • He warned that complacency could lead to being outperformed by competitors.
  • His advice was to "ten x" the effort, emphasizing aggressive growth and scaling.

when it gets easy is when you need to lean in.

This quote encapsulates Jason's strategic advice, suggesting that ease is a signal to double down on efforts rather than become complacent.

Instilling a Sense of Urgency

  • Jason's confrontation was a pivotal moment, instilling a lasting sense of urgency in the entrepreneurs.
  • The warning about potential competition seizing their market share was a significant motivator.
  • The advice led to a permanent shift in mindset towards proactive growth and vigilance.

someone will come in who is much bigger and better than you and will take everything you have.

This quote serves as a stark warning about the competitive nature of business, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and proactive growth strategies.

Call to Action for Podcast Listeners

  • The host encourages listeners to rate and review the show, emphasizing its importance for growth.
  • A sense of community and mutual support among entrepreneurs is promoted.
  • The host uses humor to soften the plea for listener engagement.

You should feel absolutely terrible about yourself and everything else in the world. I'm kidding.

This quote is a humorous attempt to motivate listeners to engage with the podcast by rating and reviewing, which is critical for the show's growth.

Addressing Momentum in Business

  • The host touches on the challenge of maintaining momentum and the tendency to be productive under pressure.
  • A suggestion is made to take a "macro step back" to evaluate and address this issue.

This theme is introduced but not fully explored within the provided transcript excerpt, suggesting a discussion on business momentum and productivity strategies may follow in the podcast.

Pressure and Urgency in Business

  • Business owners often experience continuous pressure due to various factors such as financial obligations and market demands.
  • This pressure can be self-induced or stem from external market and customer-related problems.
  • The sense of urgency can lead to feelings of inadequacy and a constant questioning of progress and efficiency.

"But when it becomes market induced and problem induced based on the customers and the cause that you're serving, then you feel this tremendous sense of pressure at all times that you're not doing enough."

This quote highlights the shift from self-induced pressure to pressure that comes from external factors, emphasizing the relentless nature of the stress business owners face in satisfying market and customer demands.

Self-Perception and Limiting Beliefs

  • Business owners' beliefs about their personal worth can impose limits on their success and financial achievements.
  • Layla's saying, "success is deserved by no one. It's only earned," suggests that success is not a birthright but a result of one's efforts.
  • Past actions and perceived sins may subconsciously impact what individuals feel they deserve, leading to self-imposed limitations.

"And so a lot of us have these limiting beliefs around success and around money."

This quote reflects on the common psychological barriers that individuals create for themselves, which can prevent them from reaching their full potential in terms of success and financial growth.

Overcoming Limitations and Taking Control

  • Despite feelings of undeservingness, one can still achieve success by taking deliberate actions.
  • It is important to maintain momentum and not become complacent, even when experiencing success.
  • Doubling down on successful strategies can lead to sustained success, rather than settling for temporary comfort.

"But if you want it anyways, you just have to earn it. And the cool thing is that there's actions that you can take despite the fact that you don't deserve it, that will still result in you getting it right."

This quote suggests that regardless of personal feelings of worthiness, success can be attained through dedicated effort and action, reinforcing the idea that control over one's achievements lies within their actions, not their past.

The Importance of Persistence and Avoiding Complacency

  • Complacency can result from a false sense of security when business is going well.
  • Business owners should avoid stepping off the pedal and becoming distracted by self-narratives.
  • Continuous effort and focus are crucial, even during successful periods, to ensure long-term success.

"Double down, right? Double down. Don't finally think I'm covered for this month, right? I see it time and again."

The emphasis on doubling down during successful times serves as a warning against the ease with which one can become complacent. This quote drives home the point that success requires persistent effort, not just temporary measures.

Aggressive Growth Strategy

  • Jason Fladland's advice emphasizes aggressive investment during prosperous times.
  • The strategy involves reinvesting profits to scale up rapidly.
  • The narrative suggests a correlation between taking risks when conditions are favorable and achieving exponential growth.
  • Continuous evolution is necessary to adapt to changing market conditions.

When Jason Fladley and pulled us aside, and he said it so menacingly, he was like, everything you have is going to be taken from you by someone unless you ten x tomorrow.

This quote highlights the urgency and aggressive mindset suggested by Jason Fladland, implying that without significant growth, one's achievements are at risk of being surpassed by competitors.

The next month, we did 475. The next month, we did 750. The next month we did a million. The next month we did 1.3. The next month we did 1.5. And we just kept going.

This quote demonstrates the successful application of the aggressive growth strategy, showing a rapid and substantial increase in earnings over consecutive months.

Market Dynamics and Risk Management

  • Acknowledges the dynamic nature of market conditions and the inherent risks.
  • Stresses the importance of being prepared for future market changes.
  • Strategic changes are being planned to stay competitive and manage potential downturns.
  • The concept of never being complacent is key to avoiding being caught off guard.

We are making massive strategic changes on the gym launch side that are going to be rolled out in the next six months that we're talking about.

This quote indicates proactive measures being taken to adapt to anticipated market shifts, ensuring the business remains competitive.

I believe big things are coming that aren't going to be good. And I think that a lot of gyms are going to be caught flat footed.

This quote suggests a forewarning of challenging times ahead and highlights the importance of being prepared for adverse market conditions.

Maximizing Returns and Addressing Weaknesses

  • Emphasizes the need to identify areas of outsized returns and invest heavily in them.
  • Advises to correct any weaknesses, such as poor leadership or team, immediately.
  • Encourages challenging and changing limiting beliefs that hinder progress.

You need to see where you're getting outsized returns and go all in on those outsized returns because they're going to pay for things where you don't have leadership, where you don't have solid team members.

This quote suggests prioritizing areas with the highest returns to compensate for and improve weaker aspects of the business.

What limiting belief. Do you tell yourself why my team isn't good enough? Right? Like, why is that? Okay. And stop believing it.

This quote calls for introspection on self-imposed limitations and encourages a mindset shift to overcome them.

Importance of Non-Complacency

  • Stresses the danger of complacency, especially when business becomes less stressful.
  • Advocates for continuous effort and investment even during good times.
  • Highlights the impact on the wider community if businesses become complacent.

There's a huge community of people in your life, in your communities that are not being impacted because you decide to get complacent as soon as things get a little bit less stressful.

This quote emphasizes the broader consequences of complacency, affecting not just the business but the community it serves.

And that's when you need to go all in.

This quote reinforces the central theme of the transcript, which is to invest aggressively and avoid complacency to ensure continued success and growth.

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