When It gets Easy Go Hard Fat Pitch Ep 284

Summary Notes


In a candid discussion about the power of mentorship and seizing opportunities, the host reflects on a transformative experience at the Pirates Cove mastermind. He recounts how, as a new entrepreneur in 2017, advice from successful mentors like Russell, Alex Charfin, and Jason Fladlien encouraged him to focus on scaling his burgeoning consulting business rather than diversifying prematurely. Emphasizing the importance of investing in mentorship, he shares the pivotal lesson that when business becomes easy, that's the moment to push harder. The host's personal growth and business success underscore the episode's theme: recognizing and capitalizing on one's "fat pitch" can lead to exponential progress and wealth. He encourages entrepreneurs to strike hard when their moment arrives, drawing on his own experience of rapid revenue growth from $350,000 to $1.5 million a month following the mastermind's guidance.

Summary Notes

Value of Mentorship

  • Paying for mentorships provides perspective that one might lack.
  • Mentors can instill belief and help capitalize on opportunities.
  • It's often the unseen beliefs or obstacles that prevent success.

"I think it's so valuable to pay for mentorships and pay for, you know, people who are ahead of you to. To give you perspective that you lack, because a lot of times it's beliefs, it's the things that you don't see that kill you. Right. And that, and that prevent you from succeeding."

The quote emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from those who have more experience, as they can offer insights and identify blind spots that can hinder success.

Impact of the Pirates Cove Mastermind

  • The Pirates Cove mastermind was a transformative experience for the speaker.
  • Layla and the speaker had shifted their business model to consulting and were experiencing rapid financial growth.
  • Despite feeling out of place, the speaker was encouraged by others at the mastermind, which helped them recognize their potential.

"And it was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. And it was because I had multiple mentors who made more than me, speak belief into me, and also made sure that I capitalized on the fat pitch."

This quote highlights the profound effect that the mastermind and the encouragement from mentors had on the speaker's confidence and business acumen.

Recognition of Potential by Russell

  • Russell was the first to speak belief into the speaker.
  • He predicted the speaker's future success, seeing potential that the speaker had not recognized.

"And so first person that spoken to me was Russell, which is why I'm always grateful for that. And so he saw something in me that I couldn't see for myself."

The quote illustrates how a mentor's foresight and belief can be instrumental in fostering an individual's self-belief and ambition.

Experience at the Eight Figure Mastermind

  • The speaker felt intimidated by the success of others at the eight-figure mastermind.
  • Despite this, they shared their business model and success, which led to significant validation from others.

"I'm super nervous to speak because all these guys are like titans, and they're all doing 10 million, 20 million, 30 million."

This quote conveys the speaker's initial apprehension to present their work among highly successful peers.

Validation from Jason Fladland and Alex Charfen

  • Jason Fladland and Alex Charfen recognized the potential in the speaker's business model.
  • Alex Charfen specifically pointed out the speaker's business could be worth $100 million, a realization that was both shocking and validating for the speaker.

"So Alex Charfin was in the room, and he's like, you have a hundred million dollar business right now and you don't even know it."

The quote captures the moment of realization for the speaker, where the potential of their business was acknowledged by an experienced entrepreneur, changing the speaker's perspective on their own success.

Strategic Business Advice

  • The speaker was advised by successful individuals to focus on scaling their current business rather than starting a new one.
  • The suggestion was to double the ad spend as they were not spending much on ads at that time.
  • The speaker acknowledges the value of surrounding oneself with more successful people for better business insights and growth.
  • Seeking advice from those with more experience can provide a fresh perspective and reveal blind spots in one's business.

"You've got a huge thing in front of you. You need to take advantage of this."

This quote emphasizes the importance of recognizing and seizing business opportunities that are already present.

"Just double your ad spend because you're not spending anything on ads right now."

This piece of advice highlights the potential for growth by increasing investment in advertising, which the speaker had not fully utilized.

"If you ever have the opportunity to spend more than you're probably comfortable with, to be surrounded by people who make a lot more money than you, you will almost always disproportionately, and every time in my life, I have always disproportionately moved up faster."

The speaker reflects on the personal experience that investing in relationships with more successful individuals has consistently accelerated their own success.

Leveraging Expertise

  • The speaker acknowledges the value of expert advice in quickly identifying problems within a business.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own strengths and seeking external insights to complement them.
  • Russell's advice to the speaker was to scale up rapidly to protect the business from competitors.

"I want them to speak into me, tell me what I cannot see, right? I'm like, tell me what I'm missing."

The speaker is seeking guidance from those with more experience to uncover blind spots and receive constructive feedback.

"When I look at a business now, I could be like, oh, this is the issue, right? It's immediate, but when you don't have the context, you just run your head into the wall wondering what's going on, right?"

The speaker is highlighting their own ability to quickly diagnose business issues due to their experience, while also acknowledging the difficulty of doing so without the necessary context or expertise.

The Importance of Aggressive Growth

  • Jason Fladland's advice to the speaker was to significantly scale up the business to avoid being overtaken by competitors.
  • The concept of "when it gets easy is when you go hard" was introduced as a strategy for growth, implying that one should double down on their efforts when things are going well.

"You need to ten x overnight."

Jason Fladland's advice to rapidly scale the business is a call to action for aggressive growth to secure market position.

"When it gets easy is when you go hard."

This quote from Jason Fladland serves as a mantra for pushing forward with even greater effort when the business is performing well, rather than becoming complacent.

Community Growth and Word of Mouth

  • The speaker does not use traditional advertising for their podcast and relies on word of mouth for growth.
  • They encourage listeners to share the podcast with others as the primary method of audience expansion.

"The only way this grows is through word of mouth."

The speaker emphasizes the reliance on their community to spread the word about the podcast, highlighting the organic growth strategy.

"My only ask is that you continue to pay it forward to whoever showed you or however you found out about this podcast that you do the exact same thing."

The speaker is requesting their audience to actively participate in the dissemination of the podcast, reinforcing the community-driven approach to growth.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Skills Development

  • Entrepreneurs have rare opportunities where skills and circumstances align.
  • Developing skills is crucial to capitalize on opportunities when they arise.
  • The analogy of waiting for the perfect pitch in baseball is used to describe seizing opportunities in entrepreneurship.

"There are only a handful of opportunities that present themselves in the course of entrepreneur's career where you have the opportunity, you have the skill, and basically the stars align, right?"

This quote emphasizes the rarity of perfect opportunities in an entrepreneur's career and the importance of being prepared with the necessary skills to take advantage of them when they do appear.

Investment Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Warren Buffett chooses investments carefully and commits fully when he decides to invest.
  • Wealth is often created by focusing on a single vehicle or business before diversifying.
  • The misconception of needing multiple revenue streams from the start is challenged.

"They made all of their wealth or the vast majority of their wealth with one vehicle. And then after they made their wealth, then they diversified."

The quote dispels the myth that successful entrepreneurs start with multiple revenue streams, clarifying that wealth is usually built through a single focused effort before diversifying into other areas.

The Misconception of Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Internet and Instagram culture promote the idea of having multiple revenue streams.
  • In reality, billionaires typically made their wealth through a singular focus and only diversified after achieving success.

"Yes, but they didn't have that to get there right now, I have lots of revenue streams, but I didn't have that building this, right?"

This quote addresses the false belief that one must start with several revenue streams to become successful, sharing personal experience to illustrate that a singular focus was key to building wealth initially.

Growth and Scaling in Business

  • The speaker shares personal growth experiences and the impact of advice from mentors.
  • Encouragement from successful individuals helped the speaker to focus and scale their business instead of getting distracted by new ventures.

"All we did is I followed what they said, I five x my ad spend. And then it just took off like a freaking rocket, you know what I mean."

This quote illustrates the power of mentorship and the results of taking bold actions, such as significantly increasing ad spend, to scale a business rapidly.

Mentorship and Encouragement

  • Mentors like Jason Fladland and Russell provided pivotal encouragement and insights.
  • Gary Vee's reflections on missed opportunities with Google Ads influenced the speaker's decisions.
  • Alex Charfen's belief in the potential of the speaker's company to reach significant milestones was a motivating factor.

"And I had Jason saying, hey, when it gets easy is when you need to go hard. All these guys are going to take all your stuff and then Sharpen saying, hey, you've got a hundred million dollar company and you don't even know it. And then Russell's like, you're going to blow past eight figures."

The quote highlights the importance of mentorship, with mentors providing both strategic advice and the motivation to push harder in business, contributing to the speaker's success.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

  • Recognizing and seizing "fat pitches" or significant opportunities is crucial for exponential growth.
  • There is a finite window for making disproportionate amounts of money, often referred to as generational wealth.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of dedicating time and effort when such an opportunity arises, instead of seeking work-life balance.
  • The analogy of the California gold rush is used to illustrate the urgency of exploiting a lucrative opportunity when it presents itself.
  • Wealth accumulation often comes from making the most of one big opportunity, after which diversification can occur.
  • The speaker shares a personal anecdote to inspire others to take action when their moment comes.

We went from 350 to 1.5 million in the next like five months, as in per month.

This quote demonstrates the rapid growth that can occur when seizing a significant opportunity.

And so my takeaway from this and me sharing this story is that I don't know what pitches you have in front of you. There are only a certain amount of times where we're going to get that fat pitch.

The speaker is emphasizing the rarity of significant opportunities and the importance of recognizing and acting upon them.

If it is easy for you right now, this is the time to step up.

The speaker suggests that when things are going well, it's an indicator to invest more effort, not less.

Like, you need to ride it hard. Strike when the iron is hot, right? When the fat pitch comes, you step up and you put everything you've got into it.

Urging to fully commit to an opportunity when it arises, to maximize potential gains.

This is not the time to try and figure out work life balance because you're going to have this finite window where you're going to make disproportionate amounts of money where you're going to make your generational wealth in this short gap.

The speaker advises against seeking balance during a crucial period of opportunity that could define one's financial future.

If you're going to California during the gold rush in 1849, and you start panning for gold and you start getting gold, that's not the time to say, you know what? I've made it. I'm going to stay home.

Using a historical example to illustrate the importance of capitalizing on an opportunity when it's present.

Most people who are very wealthy had one big pitch that they swung hard on, and then after they've made it, then they sprinkle their other investments.

The speaker describes a common pattern among wealthy individuals, where initial wealth is often created from a single, significant opportunity.

Just don't try and reverse engineer the wrong sequence.

Advising against misprioritizing actions, suggesting that one should focus on the big opportunity before considering diversification or other ventures.

So anyways, hope this is valuable for you. It was a huge moment in my life. I don't know where you're at. I don't know if your fat pitch is coming. I don't know if it already came, and you wish you'd swung harder or you're on the plate right now and the ball is right in front of you.

The speaker reflects on the personal impact of seizing opportunities and expresses hope that their experience can guide others in similar situations.

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