we NEED to talk about matty healy AGAIN before tortured poets

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Zach, the self-proclaimed swiftologist, dissects the tumultuous period in Taylor Swift's love life, detailing her brief interlude with Matty Healy and the aftermath of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. He criticizes Healy's behavior and reiterates his interest in Taylor's romantic connections only when they influence her music. Zach's analysis includes speculation on Swift's songwriting during this period, potential collaborations, and the public's reaction to her dating life. He also thanks Skillshare for enhancing his content creation skills and hints at the anticipated release of Swift's album "Tortured Poets Department," which may shed light on the events he discusses.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift's Relationship Timeline and Speculations

  • The discussion opens with a focus on Taylor Swift's relationships, particularly the period between her relationships with Joe Alwyn and Travis.
  • The term "hot girl summer" is used to describe Taylor's phase of dating after Joe and before Travis.
  • The host suggests that Taylor Swift does not enjoy being single for extended periods.
  • The host predicts Taylor would date a "bad boy" to spice things up after her breakup with Joe.
  • The host claims to have chronicled Taylor Swift's dating life in real time through his videos.

"The intervening period between Jover and getting together with Travis, there was not a lot of singletom going on."

  • The quote indicates that Taylor Swift was not single for a long time after her breakup with Joe and before dating Travis.

"In one of my very first Joker videos, I talked about how Taylor would very likely, after this period of time, date someone truly rogue."

  • The quote reveals the host's prediction about Taylor Swift's dating choices post-Joe.

Host's Perspective on Taylor Swift's Relationships

  • The host clarifies his neutral stance on Taylor Swift's relationships while they are ongoing.
  • Interest in Taylor's partners grows when they become part of her music and art.
  • The host reserves judgment on Taylor's relationships until he has insights from her music.
  • The host's disapproval of Matty Healy is based on his personal behavior, not his relationship with Taylor.

"I don't care who she dates because I only care when they become characters on the page with words from Taylor herself to decipher their place in her art."

  • This quote emphasizes the host's focus on how Taylor Swift's relationships are reflected in her music rather than the relationships themselves.

"I tried to do that with Matty Healy, but his character, his person, the way that he behaved in Malaysia... was really not attractive to me."

  • The host expresses his personal opinion on Matty Healy's character based on his behavior in Malaysia.

Analysis of Taylor Swift's Lyrics and Music

  • The host anticipates that three tracks from an upcoming album might be about the Matty Healy interlude.
  • Speculation is made about the song "Bejeweled" and its possible reference to an encounter with Matty Healy.
  • The host connects the timeline of Taylor Swift's songs with her personal life events.

"I think it's very possible that a particular three-track stretch on this record... are gonna be about this brief interlude."

  • The quote suggests the host believes specific songs on an upcoming album will discuss Taylor Swift's time with Matty Healy.

"I am fairly certain that this lyric in Bejeweled is about an encounter with Matty Healy."

  • The host interprets a lyric from the song "Bejeweled" as a possible reference to Matty Healy.

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift's History

  • The host discusses the history between Matty Healy and Taylor Swift, dating back to the 1989 era.
  • There were rumors of a collaboration between Matty Healy and Taylor Swift on the album "Midnights."
  • Matty Healy allegedly confirmed a collaboration that did not make the final cut of the album.
  • The host reflects on the possibility of a romantic connection between Matty and Taylor during the 1989 era.

"They had been kind of in contact, in communication throughout that time."

  • This quote indicates that there was some level of interaction between Matty Healy and Taylor Swift during the 1989 era.

"Ratty Healy even saying that there was a collaboration that just didn't make the cut onto the eventual album."

  • The quote reveals that Matty Healy spoke about a potential collaboration with Taylor Swift that was not included in her album.

Host's Personal Brand and Content Creation

  • The host introduces himself as Zach, a swiftologist who creates weekly videos on pop culture.
  • He expresses excitement for the release of the "tortured poets department."
  • Zach thanks Skillshare, the sponsor of the video, and shares his experience using the platform.
  • He discusses the integration of AI into his content creation process.
  • Skillshare is recommended for its interactive classes and flexibility for creatives.

"I'm the swiftologist and I make thoughtful weekly videos about pop culture."

  • This quote introduces the host's expertise and the content of his channel.

"I learned about Merlin AI, which summarizes YouTube videos for you and also gives you timestamps for anything that you need to find."

  • The host shares how he uses AI tools, like Merlin AI, to improve his content creation workflow.

(Note: The transcript provided does not include further details or additional themes, hence the study notes are limited to the content presented.)

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Relationship Dynamics

  • Taylor Swift is speculated to have written "You're Losing Me, Cl" during a period away from Joe Alwyn.
  • The couple took a vacation after Alwyn finished filming in Panama at the end of 2021.
  • Swift released "Red Taylor's Version" to great fanfare, indicating a strong professional period despite personal relationship challenges.
  • Swift and Alwyn were living separately for much of 2022, with Swift attending the Toronto Film Festival and Alwyn at Cannes.
  • Swift delivered a mysterious speech at NYU, hinting at moving on and excitement for the future.
  • Swift announced a new record at the VMAs in September 2022, while Alwyn was absent from public appearances.
  • The couple was seen furniture shopping in October 2022, which may indicate an unexpected decision by Swift.

"This is in November, which is the same month when Taylor wrote, 'you're losing me, Cl.' Clearly being away from him for a long period of time had her thinking, 'stop, you're losing me. I can't find a pulse. My heart won't start anymore. Absence makes the heart grow weaker.'"

  • This quote suggests that time apart from Joe Alwyn may have inspired Taylor Swift to write a song expressing feelings of loss and disconnect.

"Taylor and Joe then go on a last ditch of the relationship vacation. When he wraps filming in Panama at the end of 2021, Taylor releases Red Taylor's Version and the crowd goes wild."

  • The vacation seems to be an effort to salvage the relationship, while Swift's professional life, specifically the release of "Red Taylor's Version," was thriving.

"Taylor and Joe were living rather separately in 2022. He's in Cannes for the premiere of his flop movie Taylor's at Toronto Film Festival to talk about the all too well short film which will well outperform anything Jo Alwyn ever stars in."

  • This quote highlights the physical and professional separation between Swift and Alwyn in 2022, with Swift's work receiving more acclaim.

"She's giving her very mysterious NYU graduation speech which is mostly about like moving on and being excited for the future."

  • Swift's NYU speech is interpreted as foreshadowing changes in her personal life and possibly her relationship with Alwyn.

"So I think again, internally she had made up her mind that it was over, but perhaps had not communicated or decided to pull the trigger on that."

  • The quote suggests Swift had internally concluded that the relationship was over before any public acknowledgment or action was taken.

Jack Antonoff's Role in the Music Industry

  • Jack Antonoff is described as a "ferocious gossip" and an "agent of chaos," potentially influencing relationships between artists.
  • He is credited with making artists comfortable, which may lead to him being privy to their secrets.
  • Antonoff's work with Taylor Swift on "Midnight's" and Maddie Healy on "Being Funny in a Foreign Language" might have facilitated interactions between Swift and Healy.

"Also around this time, while Taylor is working on Midnight's closely with Jack Antonoff, noted Messy Boots, Maddie Healy is also working with Jack Antonoff on being funny in a foreign language, the 1975 record."

  • This quote indicates that both Swift and Healy were working with Antonoff during the same period, which could have led to a crossover of personal or creative interactions.

"Jack is a ferocious gossip, we all know that. And I think that he's an agent of chaos too, especially if he was aware of their prior connection."

  • The quote suggests Antonoff's personality traits could have an impact on the dynamics within the music industry and among artists.

"I'm with Maddie Healy in the studio. Hee hee. We're having so much fun."

  • Antonoff's social media post implies a close and enjoyable working relationship with Maddie Healy, which is shared publicly.

Taylor Swift's Professional Triumphs and Personal Struggles

  • Taylor Swift's album "Midnight's" was a roaring success upon release in November of 2022.
  • Swift's public support for the 1975's album raised questions due to her usually reserved public endorsements.
  • Alwyn's continued involvement in films that were not commercially successful is highlighted.
  • Swift performed at a 1975 concert in London, which was unexpected given her usual pattern of reserving major performances for high-profile events.

"Midnight's comes out and it's a roaring success. We all know exactly how that went down in November of 2022."

  • The quote underscores the successful launch of Swift's album "Midnight's" and its positive reception.

"Taylor is quoted on the record in a Pitchfork article at this time saying that the 1975 five's newest album, being funny in a foreign language, is so funny, which is fairly rare."

  • The quote points out Swift's unusual step of publicly praising another artist's work, which is not common for her.

"Why would she perform her hit lead single from her untoward and basically unpromoted album with tour anticipation building by the second at a 1975 concert in London?"

  • The quote questions Swift's decision to perform at a 1975 concert, suggesting it was out of character and may have personal implications.

Speculations on the Breakup of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

  • Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup was not announced until after key professional events to avoid overshadowing them.
  • Swift and Alwyn's breakup is suggested to have been premeditated by Swift, despite public appearances together.
  • The timing of their last public interactions and social media activity is noted as significant in the context of their breakup.

"The Jover breakup is that they were apparently like buying and designing a house together."

  • This quote indicates that Swift and Alwyn were making significant future plans together, which were later abandoned.

"I do believe that Taylor held off on formally ending the relationship in public so as not to eclipse both midnights and the eras tour."

  • The quote suggests Swift strategically delayed the public announcement of the breakup to avoid affecting her professional commitments.

"In March, Jack is still working with Maddy on his solo record. I don't know what the update is on that. I don't care. And Jo Alwyn likes the last Taylor Swift post he will ever like on her Instagram."

  • This quote provides a timeline of the final stages of Swift and Alwyn's public relationship as seen through social media interactions.

"She literally swapped out a sweet love song about, you know, being forever tied to the fate of her beautiful, gorgeous London turkey. For a song about being miserable with the person you're with and longing for a past love that you no longer have."

  • The quote interprets Swift's setlist changes as reflective of her personal feelings and the status of her relationship with Alwyn at the time.

Analysis of Adam Friedland Show Episode and #SpeakUpNow Movement

  • The podcast episode from April 6 featuring Raddie Healy was removed from Apple and Spotify after he made controversial remarks.
  • The removal coincided with the announcement of Taylor Swift's relationship with Maddie Healy.
  • Fans, known as "swifties," started the #SpeakUpNow movement to boycott Taylor Swift to make her stop dating Healy.

"Isn't that interesting that an incriminating podcast gets pulled off of the Internet two days before their relationship is announced?"

  • This quote questions the timing of the podcast's removal, suggesting it might be related to the announcement of Swift's relationship with Healy.

Maddie Healy's Social Media Activity

  • Maddie Healy ended his "asshole era" and deactivated his Instagram, following Taylor Swift right before deactivation.
  • The deactivation raised questions about who the message was intended for and whether it was a gesture towards Swift.

"Who are you subliminally messaging the end of your asshole era to, like, who's the target audience?"

  • The quote speculates about the intended audience of Healy's social media deactivation, hinting at a possible connection to Swift.

Joe's Public Appearance Post-Breakup

  • Joe was seen in public for the first time after the breakup with Swift, appearing disheveled.
  • The narrator expresses amusement at using a particular image of Joe post-breakup.

"Joe is pictured for the first time after their breakup, looking like a mess."

  • This quote describes Joe's appearance post-breakup, implying a contrast to his previous lifestyle with Swift.

The Sun's Article on Taylor and Maddy's Relationship

  • The Sun reported that Taylor and Maddy were "madly in love" and ready to go public with their relationship.
  • The article also mentioned that Taylor and Joe broke up in February, despite evidence to the contrary.

"The sun leaks that Taylor and Maddy are madly in love and ready to go public."

  • This quote summarizes the content of The Sun's article about Swift and Healy's relationship status.

Maddy Healy's Apology Tour and Stage Behavior

  • Maddy Healy apologized to Ice Spice on stage in New Zealand, leading to speculation about who influenced his actions.
  • Healy's stage behavior and song lyrics were analyzed for hints about his relationship with Swift.

"He starts doing an apology tour around the possession, saying sorry to ice spice on stage in New Zealand."

  • The quote refers to Healy's public apologies, suggesting they may be part of a broader strategy or influenced by external advice.

Taylor Swift's Stage Behavior and Song Dedication

  • Swift's behavior during a performance of "Cardigan" was seen as a message to someone specific.
  • The narrator questions the plausibility of Swift's rapid transition from ending a relationship to declaring love for someone else.

"During Cardigan, she mouths on the megatron for everyone to see, 'This song is about you. You know who you are. I love you.'"

  • This quote describes Swift's action during a performance, which the narrator interprets as a dedication to a specific individual.

Maddie Healy's Appearance at Taylor's Show and Subsequent Events

  • Healy attended Swift's show in Nashville, which caused a stir among fans and commentators.
  • Reports emerged of Healy spending the night at Swift's penthouse and being seen with her security the following day.

"The rat flies 20 hours from the Philippines to Nashville to attend eras looking very grateful and joyous."

  • This quote comments on Healy's attendance at Swift's show, emphasizing the effort he made to be there and the impact on fans.

Entertainment Tonight Source on Taylor and Maddy's Relationship

  • A source disclosed to Entertainment Tonight that Swift and Healy like each other and were reconnected by Jack Antonoff.
  • Antonoff was credited with both positive contributions to music and the controversial act of bringing Swift and Healy back together.

"A Taylor friendly source reveals to Entertainment Tonight that Taylor and Maddy like each other and that Jack Antonoff reconnected them."

  • This quote provides information from an insider about the relationship between Swift and Healy and the role of Jack Antonoff in their reconnection.

Taylor and Maddy's Public Displays of Affection and Interactions with Others

  • Taylor and Maddy were allegedly seen cuddling and kissing at a private club in New York City.
  • Maddie Healy performed with Phoebe Bridgers and interacted with Scott Swift, Taylor's father, in a social setting.

"Taylor and Maddy are allegedly cuddling and kissing at Casa Cipriani, a private member's club in New York City."

  • The quote reports on sightings of Swift and Healy displaying affection in a public venue, adding to the narrative of their relationship.

Introduction of Taylor Swift's Relationship

  • Taylor Swift's new relationship became public a week after it started, which was considered too soon.
  • The first paparazzi photos emerged on May 15, showing Swift and her new partner leaving a studio, with Swift looking disheveled.
  • The narrator criticizes Swift's outfit choice and encourages her to regain her diva status.

"On May 15, our first official pap pictures of the two of them leaving the electric lady's studio emerged. And, I mean, Taylor looks really disheveled, which is really on brand for who she was dating."

  • This quote indicates the date when the public first saw Swift with her new partner and the narrator's opinion on Swift's appearance and relationship.

Speak Up Now Movement

  • The "Speak Up Now" movement started on May 17 by Swift's fans, showing their lack of understanding of Swift's behavior when she is single.
  • The narrator finds the movement ludicrous and criticizes fans for trying to pressure celebrities into breaking up.

"On May 17, the funniest swiftie moment ever happens. The speak up now movement begins. And to me, this is one of the most ludicrous things that has ever taken place in the standom because it truly shows that the new swifties just do not fundamentally understand Taylor Swift."

  • The quote describes the narrator's perspective on the "Speak Up Now" movement and the misunderstanding of Swift's long-time fans regarding her behavior.

Criticism of Fan Behavior

  • The narrator criticizes fans for their extreme behavior and entitlement, such as trying to micromanage Swift's personal life and relationships.
  • A deleted letter from fans is mentioned, which urged Swift to reflect on her and her associates' behavior.
  • The narrator urges those who took the letter seriously to reflect on their own behavior.

"I urge everyone who took this letter seriously to reflect on their deranged, narcissistic, delusional impulse to try and micromanage the personal relationships of a pop star."

  • This quote is a direct criticism of fans who believe they have the right to control or influence Swift's personal decisions.

Joe's Reaction and Taylor's Happiness

  • On May 18, Joe (Swift's partner) is reported to feel slighted and distraught according to the Daily Mail.
  • On May 20, Swift expresses her happiness in life at a concert, contrasting Joe's reported feelings.
  • The narrator questions the timing of Swift's declaration of happiness and compares it to the advisable period of stability for recovering addicts.

"On May 20, Taylor again is on the mic acting insane. She's at the surprise section of the show, which soon becomes a source of terror for many of us, and she says that she's never been this happy in all aspects of her life."

  • This quote captures Swift's public statement about her happiness and the narrator's skepticism about its timing and sincerity.

Karma Remix Release and Backstage Behavior

  • The release of the "Karma Remix" featuring Ice Spice on May 24 is perceived by some as damage control for Swift's new relationship.
  • A source claims that Swift and Maddie share backstage kisses when Swift has time, which the narrator finds absurd.

"On May 25, a source close to Taylor says that when Maddie's backstage they'll kiss if she has time."

  • The quote discusses a claim about Swift's interactions with Maddie backstage, highlighting the narrator's disbelief at the importance given to such details.

Maddie's Music and Relationship with Taylor

  • Maddie addresses his relationship with Swift on stage and is shipping his music equipment to the States to work with her.
  • The narrator is apprehensive about the potential influence on Swift's next album and reflects on the possibility of a continued professional relationship despite personal differences.

"Meanwhile, apparently, he's shipping a bunch of his music stuff to the States to work with Taylor."

  • This quote suggests that Maddie is preparing to collaborate with Swift on her next album, indicating a professional connection between them.

Public Statements and Media Manipulation

  • On May 29, Maddie does not comment on his relationship with Swift in a New Yorker interview, but others send texts on their behalf, suggesting a real relationship.
  • The narrator observes that Swift often communicates indirectly through approved sources.

"However, the reporter is inundated by texts from people who know both Taylor and Maddie, saying, this time it's for real."

  • The quote reveals how Swift manages her public image and relationships through indirect communication, as perceived by the narrator.

Azalea Banks' Comment and Swift's Single Status

  • On May 30, Azalea Banks warns Swift about Maddie, and on June 5, Swift is reported to be single again.
  • Swift and Maddie realize they are not compatible shortly after appearing happy together.
  • Swift strategically announces the "Speaknow TV" tracklist before news of her single status breaks.

"And then on June 5, the girl who was happier than she has ever been in her life that finally makes sense, is now single."

  • This quote summarizes the sudden change in Swift's relationship status, contrasting with her previous public statements about happiness.

Anticipation for Tortured Poets Album

  • The narrator expresses curiosity about Swift's relationship and hopes for insights in the "Tortured Poets" album.
  • Swift's infrequent interviews mean that her music is the primary source of understanding her thoughts and feelings.

"So I'm hoping that that three track stretch on tortured poets is going to give us some of that insider juice and information that we so desperately long and yearn for."

  • The quote shows the narrator's anticipation for Swift's upcoming album, expecting it to reveal personal insights into her recent experiences.

Conclusion and Community Engagement

  • The narrator invites viewers to speculate on the songs about Maddie and reminisce about funny moments from the "ratty Healy era."
  • The narrator promotes the Taylor Swift podcast and encourages joining their Patreon and Discord server for further discussion.

"Leave me a comment and let me know which of those three songs that we think might be about Maddie are going to be the most juicy."

  • This quote encourages audience engagement by asking for their opinions on potential song meanings and their experiences with the fandom.

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