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In the TMZ Swifty podcast, hosts Melanie Miller and Nikki Henry discuss the financial windfall Joe Alwyn is experiencing from royalties related to Taylor Swift's music, despite Swift's reported frustration over the situation. They delve into Alwyn's pseudonymous songwriting contributions and speculate on Swift's feelings about her Grammy wins and the songs she performs live. The conversation shifts to Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce and how it differs from her past ones, particularly in terms of public visibility. Additionally, they touch on Sabrina Carpenter's past work predicting a Swift album title, fan reactions, and the dynamics of celebrity coverage. Throughout, the hosts maintain a playful banter, with Henry defending herself against claims of disliking Swift and emphasizing her respect for the artist's business acumen.

Summary Notes

Introduction to the Podcast

  • The TMZ Swifty podcast is hosted by Melanie Miller, joined by Nikki Henry.
  • Nikki Henry is characterized as an unknown Taylor disliker but clarifies her respect for Taylor Swift.

"I am your host Melanie Miller and the very lovely Nikki Henry is joining me today." "I'm not a tailored disliker. okay let me preface this by saying I think she's one of the smartest business women in the entire world."

The introduction sets the stage for the podcast, introducing the hosts and hinting at the nuanced opinions about Taylor Swift that will be discussed.

Joe Alwyn's Financial Gain from Taylor Swift's Work

  • Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift's ex, is reported to be financially secure due to royalties from Swift's music.
  • Alwyn, under the pseudonym William Bowery, co-wrote six songs with Swift.
  • Swift is allegedly furious about Alwyn profiting from her work.

"Joe Owen doesn't have to work anymore all thanks to Taylor Swift... Joe is making so much on royalties and returns from Taylor's aist tour that he doesn't need ever need to worry about money again." "Taylor Swift is furious that Allan is making a fortune off her work."

The discussion highlights the financial implications of songwriting credits and royalties, and the emotional response from the artist when an ex-partner profits from their work.

The Impact of Collaborations on Awards and Recognition

  • Questions are raised about whether Swift's Grammy awards are affected by Alwyn's contributions.
  • Swift's history of Grammy wins is recounted, emphasizing her independent success.

"The song that he wrote Exile and Betty from her 2020 album Fork lordo earned her a Grammy." "Taylor Swift has won four album of the years."

This part of the discussion considers the impact of collaborations on an artist's sense of achievement and recognition, especially in the context of prestigious awards.

Live Performances and Royalties

  • Alwyn earns money not only from streaming but also from Swift's live performances.
  • Swift performs 'Betty' and 'champagne problems' live, which are co-written by Alwyn.

"The only song she plays live on the ays tour is Betty... and champagne problems."

The conversation sheds light on how live performances contribute to royalty earnings and the dilemma faced by artists when performing popular songs co-written with ex-partners.

Taylor Swift's Autonomy and Financial Decisions

  • Speculation about Swift's ability to limit Alwyn's earnings by removing songs from streaming or live performances.
  • The difficulty of removing popular songs from her setlist is acknowledged.

"She could take those songs off streaming... she can't stop performing them live."

The hosts discuss the potential actions Swift could take to minimize Alwyn's financial benefit from her work and the practical limitations of such actions.

Joe Alwyn's Acting Career and Public Appearances

  • Alwyn's acting career is debated, with conflicting opinions on its current state.
  • Alwyn was recently seen in London and Los Angeles, indicating his ongoing presence in the public eye.

"His acting career is in the toilet... I've heard the opposite." "Joe Allen was just spotted in LA on Friday."

The conversation touches on Alwyn's career outside of his association with Swift, providing a broader context for his public image and activities.

The AAS Tour One-Year Anniversary

  • The one-year anniversary of the AAS tour is mentioned.
  • Speculation about how Taylor Swift might celebrate the anniversary.

"St Patrick's Day no sorry while didn't mean to stop you like that. no it wasn't St Patrick's Day was the Lesser holiday the Lesser uh uh known thing March 17th 2024 is the one-year anniversary of the start of the AAS tour."

The hosts reflect on the significance of tour anniversaries for artists and their fans, and the potential for celebratory releases or acknowledgments.

Taylor Swift's Explicit Lyrics

  • Taylor Swift has included explicit lyrics in her recent albums.
  • The hosts discuss the "tortured poets department" and Swift's explicit content.

"She released which songs have explicit uh words in them for the tortured poets Department."

The discussion focuses on Swift's evolution as an artist and her willingness to incorporate mature themes and language into her music.

Taylor Swift's Explicit Lyrics

  • Taylor Swift's fans, known as "Swifties," express excitement whenever she uses explicit language in her songs.
  • There are seven songs where Taylor Swift uses swear words, which is a notable shift from her previous image.
  • The songs with explicit content include "Champagne Problems," "The Tortured Poets Department," "Down Bad," "But Daddy I Love Him," "Florida L ml," "I Can Do It with a Broken Heart," and "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived."

"So the songs that she swears in there's seven of them."

This quote highlights the specific number of songs that contain explicit language, emphasizing the interest in this aspect of her music.

"Champagne problems has the song where she says um what's it how's it go what are what a shame. she's [ __ ] in the head."

The quote refers to a specific lyric from the song "Champagne Problems," illustrating an example of Swift's use of explicit language in her lyrics.

Taylor Swift's Audience and Influence

  • The discussion revolves around whether Taylor Swift's music caters to younger audiences, despite her use of explicit lyrics.
  • It is debated that Swift's demographic includes fans from ages 10 to 30s, indicating a wide age range.
  • Taylor Swift's music, including explicit content, is considered acceptable by some parents for their children, as long as it's within the context of her songs.
  • The influence of Taylor Swift is also evident in the allowance of swearing by children, as long as it's in her music.

"She's 34 she caters I grew up with her what do you think of me."

This quote reflects the personal connection fans have with Taylor Swift, growing up alongside her and her music.

"Most of her fans are between the ages of like 10 years old and up through 30s."

The quote indicates the broad age range of Taylor Swift's fan base, suggesting her music resonates with a wide demographic.

Taylor Swift's Concerts and Streaming Success

  • Taylor Swift's concerts are highlighted as events that do not censor her explicit lyrics, even with young fans present.
  • The commercial success of Taylor Swift is discussed, including a $75 million deal with Disney Plus for her concert movie.
  • The conversation touches on the anticipation of streaming numbers and subscriptions resulting from Taylor Swift's recent releases.

"She doesn't edit herself during concerts so there are a lot of young children that go to her concerts."

This quote emphasizes that Taylor Swift performs her songs as they are, without censoring explicit language during live performances.

"Disney plus paid her $75 million which is fantastic Taylor Swift is the gift that keeps on giving."

The quote discusses the financial success of Taylor Swift's partnership with Disney Plus, highlighting her significant influence and commercial appeal.

Speculation on Future Hits and Personal Connections

  • There is speculation on which of Taylor Swift's songs might become hit singles, with a focus on the song "But Daddy I Love Him."
  • The discussion includes the personal connection fans have with Taylor Swift's music, often looking for "Easter eggs" or hidden messages in her songs.
  • Taylor Swift's father, Scott Swift, is mentioned as a fan of her album "The Tortured Poets Department," adding a personal dimension to her music.

"I think that's going to be a banger or it's gonna be a ballad you know."

This quote speculates on the potential musical style and success of the song "But Daddy I Love Him," indicating excitement for its release.

"Scott Swift has said that the tortured poets department is his favorite album so far."

The quote reveals Scott Swift's personal opinion about his daughter's album, suggesting a family connection to the music.

Taylor Swift's Relationship Dynamics and Family Opinions

  • The conversation explores the dynamics between Taylor Swift, her relationships, and her family's opinions.
  • It is implied that Taylor Swift's album might address a past relationship, with her father possibly expressing approval of her candidness.
  • The mention of Scott Swift's potential physical altercation with paparazzi adds a layer of protectiveness and personal investment in his daughter's public image.

"He knows it he knows it he knows some stuff."

This quote suggests that Scott Swift has insight into Taylor Swift's personal life and the content of her album, hinting at a deeper understanding of the songs' meanings.

"I want to hear Papa Swift talk [ __ ] at Joe Allen."

The quote conveys a desire to hear Scott Swift's unfiltered opinions, particularly regarding Taylor Swift's past relationship, indicating a level of intrigue and support from her family.

Taylor Swift's Tortured Poets Album Anticipation

  • Melanie and Nikki discuss the anticipation for Taylor Swift's upcoming album, referred to as the "tortured poets album."
  • Melanie is eager to hear Nikki's opinion on the album once it's released.
  • There is a playful exchange about letting Nikki listen to the album first.

Melanie Miller: "Papa Swift and I can't wait till you go off on Joe in the tortured poets album come on tay we're going to Relish in this." Nikki Henry: "oh yeah. I mean this one might be I mean. I'm going to let you listen to it first and you got to tell me if I need to listen to."

The quotes express excitement and interest in Taylor Swift's upcoming work, with an emphasis on the personal investment in the album's content, specifically the narrative surrounding "Joe."

Kylie and Jason Kelce's Dance Video

  • Kylie and Jason Kelce were seen at a Delaware County restaurant, engaging in an Irish kick dance with school dancers.
  • Their participation in the dance made it a memorable night for the dancers.
  • Melanie suggests that Kylie and Jason could be guest performers on a tour, highlighting their popularity and potential to entertain a crowd.

Melanie Miller: "Kylie and Jason Kelsey were out... she started doing the Irish kick dance... she was just she was good like it looked like the video it starts out like like she's like. oh god. oh no. and then bam she like starts kicking like a pro."

The quote describes a video of Kylie Kelce performing an Irish kick dance, showcasing her skills and the positive reception from onlookers.

The Kelseys as Philly's Royal Family

  • The conversation shifts to the idea of Kylie and Jason Kelce being regarded as the royal family of Philadelphia.
  • The hosts discuss the public's affection for both Kylie and Jason Kelce, suggesting their popularity in the area.

Melanie Miller: "people are saying that they should be dawned the royal family of Philly the Kelsey or the Kylie K and Jason."

This quote summarizes the public sentiment towards the Kelseys, suggesting their significant popularity and beloved status in Philadelphia.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Relationship

  • The hosts discuss the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, including their recent activities and public appearances.
  • Speculation about whether Taylor and Kylie are friends, following an interaction at a Buffalo game and subsequent social media engagement.

Nikki Henry: "do you think Kylie and uh Taylor are friends do you think they have a relationship. yeah. Kylie followed her on Instagram after they met at the Buffalo game."

The quote indicates a possible friendship between Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce, with Instagram interactions providing some evidence of their relationship.

Taylor and Travis's Private Club Outing

  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were rumored to have gone out to a private club called the Bird Streets.
  • The hosts speculate about the nature of their outing and its significance.

Melanie Miller: "apparently the rumor is that they went to dinner Sunday and ate together inside Sunday night."

The quote conveys a rumor about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's private dinner, suggesting a close and personal relationship between the two.

Taylor Swift's Privacy and Public Appearances

  • The hosts discuss Taylor Swift's privacy, particularly her efforts to avoid being photographed at airports and while traveling.
  • They theorize that her privacy concerns are related to avoiding unwanted attention from the public and stalkers.

Nikki Henry: "I have a theory on why she doesn't like to be photographed on um getting in and out of the planes because I think she really obviously with all the Celeb jet stuff she really hates um people knowing where her plane is and where she's going I think for for privacy and stalker reasons."

The quote provides an explanation for Taylor Swift's cautious approach to her privacy, especially concerning travel and the potential risks associated with public knowledge of her whereabouts.

Celebrity Privacy and Public Appearances

  • Celebrities often manage their public appearances to send specific messages.
  • They may choose to be seen in certain situations while avoiding others, like avoiding paparazzi at a private jet.
  • The discussion suggests that celebrities like Taylor Swift might want to be seen in public but not in association with excessive displays of wealth or privilege.

"so I think she's trying to send a message like no please I'll be seen out in public but not not getting off the private jet not I want nothing public to do with my private jet."

This quote highlights the idea that the celebrity in question is conscious of the messages her public appearances send and actively tries to manage her image by avoiding certain situations that could be perceived negatively.

Speculations on Celebrity Lifestyle

  • The conversation reflects on the balance celebrities maintain between their public personas and private lives.
  • It is speculated that after a public event, a celebrity may choose privacy due to various reasons, such as being drunk or having a bad hair day.
  • The contrast between a celebrity's public exposure at an event and their desire for privacy afterward is noted.

"and then she comes out under an umbrella but she was just around she could have been drunk maybe her hair was bad in the back."

This quote captures the speculation about the reasons a celebrity might choose to shield themselves from the public eye immediately after being in a highly public situation, suggesting that personal discomfort or a desire for privacy might be factors.

Celebrity Relationships and Publicity

  • The nature of celebrity relationships and how they are publicly handled can vary significantly.
  • The hosts discuss how a celebrity's new relationship is more public compared to past ones, suggesting a strategic change in handling personal matters.
  • The presence of paparazzi in certain areas frequented by celebrities is acknowledged, but their absence in specific instances is noted, perhaps due to lack of tips.

"maybe she's trying to do it differently than she's done all of her other ones which we've already seen that when she was super in hiding with joelan and now she's out and about with Travis."

This quote suggests that the celebrity mentioned is intentionally altering the way she manages the publicity of her relationships, possibly as a response to past experiences or for a change in public perception.

Paparazzi Dynamics and Celebrity Interaction

  • Celebrities do not necessarily tip off paparazzi; instances where they are photographed are often at public events.
  • The hosts discuss the likelihood of other individuals tipping off paparazzi rather than the celebrities themselves.
  • The idea that celebrities set rules for privacy at certain events is considered.

"I don't think that she's actively calling the paparazzi on herself do you think she in the past year with all the spottings after the Jo Alan breakup ever called the paparazzi on herself in New York City. no cuz we got a ton of photos of her."

The quote reflects the belief that the celebrity in question is not the one alerting paparazzi to her whereabouts, despite frequent photographs, implying that others may be informing photographers of her location.

Pop Culture References and Predictions

  • The hosts discuss a coincidence where a pop culture reference in a TV show seemingly predicted a future event.
  • The concept of life imitating art is touched upon, with references to other shows like "The Simpsons" that have made eerily accurate predictions.
  • The discussion includes the idea of manifestation and whether individuals can bring about events through their intentions or desires.

"how did she know that it was portrait poets. tortur. yeah why can't I say that whole name I don't know tortured poets are you dyslexic."

This quote is part of a larger conversation about an unexpected coincidence where a TV show reference matched a future event related to a celebrity, leading to a discussion about the power of manifestation and prediction in pop culture.

Public Engagement and Community Feedback

  • The podcast hosts acknowledge the feedback from their audience, both positive and negative.
  • They encourage listeners to engage with the podcast through comments and to express their opinions.
  • The hosts also mention the personal attacks they receive on social media platforms like Instagram and discuss the challenges of their work schedule.

"if you have something to say positive or negative take it to the Instagram comments because they are tearing my ass up they want me fired."

This quote encourages listeners to actively participate in the conversation by sharing their thoughts on social media, highlighting the sometimes harsh reality of public scrutiny that comes with hosting a podcast.

Guest Appreciation and Show Wrap-Up

  • The hosts express gratitude towards their guest for contributing to the podcast.
  • They invite listeners to leave comments and subscribe to the podcast on various platforms.
  • The conversation ends on a light-hearted note, with the hosts promoting positivity and thanking their audience.

"thank you so much for hanging out with us if you like the show leave a comment leave a hate comment you can watch us on YouTube you can uh subscribe to us get us on Apple Spotify podcast wherever and tell us what you think."

This quote is part of the closing statements of the podcast, where the hosts thank their guest and the audience for their participation, while also inviting further engagement with the show across different platforms.

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