The Tortured Poets Department: What IS Taylor Swift's new album? 🪶☕️🐾 (playlists, pop & predictions)

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In her video, Ally delves into fan theories and personal predictions for Taylor Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poet's Department," set to release on April 19th. She discusses the album's potential themes, drawing parallels to Swift's previous work, particularly the "Red" era, and speculates on the sonic direction, lyrical content, and stylistic choices, including the significance of the all-caps title. Ally also addresses her own recent struggles with self-doubt, expressing gratitude to her viewers for their support. She invites fan participation, sharing predictions submitted via Instagram, and contemplates the album's impact on listeners' emotions, its commercial success, and the possible meanings behind cryptically titled tracks. Ally's excitement is palpable as she eagerly anticipates the release, expecting a blend of raw honesty and diverse musicality from Swift's latest work.

Summary Notes

Initial Reaction to "The Tortured Poet's Department" Album

  • Ally expresses enthusiasm and surprise over the all-capitalization of Taylor Swift's album title.
  • She speculates whether the choice is purely stylistic or has a deeper significance.
  • Ally invites viewers to share their opinions on the matter.

"Let's start off this department meeting by getting a show of hands of who did not realize until recently that the album title is in all capitals."

The quote reflects Ally's realization about the album title's capitalization, which she had not noticed before, and her curiosity about its intention.

Predictions and Manifestations

  • Ally recalls past successful predictions for Taylor Swift's projects, including features and tour details.
  • She emphasizes the importance of being responsible with their predictive discussions.
  • Ally shares her excitement for making new predictions about the upcoming album.

"The amount of wild predictions that have come true is slightly alarming at this point."

This quote highlights the track record of accurate predictions made on Ally's channel, which lends a sense of credibility and anticipation to their current predictions.

Personal Reflections and Imposter Syndrome

  • Ally admits to feeling self-conscious and experiencing imposter syndrome, which caused a temporary absence from her channel.
  • She thanks her viewers for their support and acknowledges the swift passage of time leading up to the album release.

"I just got really weirdly self-conscious and like I was going to say imposter syndrome. but I don't even believe that because I'm like no I am an imposter."

Ally candidly shares her struggles with self-doubt and the pressure of content creation, emphasizing the importance of overcoming these feelings to engage with her audience.

Album Discussion and Lifelong Fandom

  • Ally introduces herself to new viewers, expressing her love for pop culture and music, especially Taylor Swift.
  • She invites her audience to submit their predictions for the new album.
  • Ally contemplates her first full album reaction video and seeks support from her viewers.

"I love pop culture and music and have been a lifelong Taylor Swift fan so we tend to talk about her a lot here."

This quote serves as an introduction for new viewers and establishes Ally's expertise and passion for Taylor Swift's music.

Album Predictions and Sonic Landscape

  • Ally stands by her previous predictions, comparing the upcoming album's potential sound to Taylor Swift's "Red" and "Evermore."
  • She discusses the thematic connections between "Red" and "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • Ally explores Taylor Swift's philosophy on songwriting and personal experiences as inspiration.

"I still do think this would most closely resemble red with the lyricism of perhaps folklore and Evermore."

Ally predicts that the new album will draw sonic and thematic inspiration from Taylor Swift's previous works, combining their strengths into a powerful new offering.

Expectations for Emotional Range

  • Ally hopes for a variety of emotions to be represented on the album, mirroring the complexity of relationships.
  • She refers to the diverse emotional landscape of "Red" as a model for "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • Ally anticipates both playful and serious tracks, reflecting different aspects of love and life.

"I want Taylor to give us all of the different emotions, all of the different sides that there are to experience."

This quote captures Ally's desire for the album to encompass the full spectrum of feelings associated with love and heartbreak.

Viewer Interaction and Prediction Sharing

  • Ally thanks her viewers for submitting their predictions and theories.
  • She expresses her commitment to discussing fan theories and invites further participation.
  • Ally teases the possibility of revisiting the video after the album's release to evaluate the accuracy of their predictions.

"Thank you to everyone that submitted your predictions for this video."

Ally appreciates her viewers' engagement and contributions to the discussion, highlighting the collaborative nature of her content creation.

Additional Personal Predictions

  • Ally speculates on unique song structures, such as a track where the title is not sung.
  • She predicts a song dedicated to fans, reflecting on Taylor Swift's recent experiences of love and support.
  • Ally muses on the possibility of the album reflecting the peak of Taylor Swift's career.

"I'm wondering if we might get a song where Taylor does not sing the song title."

Ally's prediction suggests the potential for unconventional songwriting choices in Taylor Swift's new album, adding an element of intrigue to the upcoming release.

Adrenaline and Neurotransmitters in Performance

  • Performing can provide a rush of adrenaline and neurotransmitters like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.
  • The energy from fans during a performance may help artists through challenging times.
  • Ally predicts the upcoming album will be highly successful and adored.

"Think about the adrenaline, so the dopamine and oxytocin and serotonin you get from performing and getting that energy from fans."

The quote highlights the physiological and psychological benefits performers experience from the energy exchange with their audience, which can be especially uplifting during difficult periods.

Visuals and Branding for the New Era

  • There are limited visuals available for the new era, causing anticipation.
  • Ally has created a mood board to predict the visual theme of the upcoming album.
  • There is uncertainty if the visuals will accurately represent the album's sound, as in past experiences.

"We have so few looks for this era so far... I have taken the liberty of creating a vision mood board myself for you guys of what I think the visuals may be."

Ally expresses the scarcity of visual content for the new album era and her proactive approach by creating a mood board to speculate on the album's aesthetic theme.

Public Appearances and Interviews

  • Ally wishes to see Taylor Swift in various public appearances, including SNL, talk shows, and interviews.
  • A particular interest is shown in an hour-long interview with Zane Lowe, trusted to ask meaningful questions.

"Most importantly, I need an hourlong interview with Zan Lowe; he is the only man I trust, period, to ask the questions that I want answered."

The quote conveys Ally's high regard for Zane Lowe as an interviewer and her desire for an in-depth conversation with Taylor Swift that addresses important questions.

Album Genre Predictions

  • Instagram polls were used to predict the album's genre, with pop being the majority guess.
  • The album is listed as various types of pop on some websites, but this information may not be accurate.
  • Some fans hope for a folk genre, while others speculate jazz or rock.
  • Ally doubts rock will be the album's genre but acknowledges the possibility of rock-influenced tracks.

"Our overwhelming majority with 59% was pop... I do think we will get rock Taylor before I die, but I don't think it's going to be in this album."

The quote summarizes the results of a poll on the expected genre of Taylor Swift's album and Ally's personal expectations regarding the presence of rock music in it.

Album Sound Comparisons

  • Fans speculate on which of Taylor's previous albums the new one will sound like, with a significant portion expecting something entirely new.
  • Taylor has previously transitioned between genres, suggesting she might introduce a new sound again.

"I think Taylor is pulling something totally new out of her bag of tricks. I don't know why I get that impression."

Ally suggests that based on Taylor Swift's history of genre experimentation, the new album might offer a fresh sound distinct from her previous work.

Bonus Track Predictions

  • Fans have varying opinions on which bonus track will be favored, with "The Black Dog" leading in speculation.
  • Ally observes that historically, the most hyped bonus track often becomes less favored upon release.

"The overwhelming majority, 34%, have said the black dog... historically the song that we hype up the most typically ends up being the one that's not the fan favorite."

The quote reflects the poll results regarding bonus tracks and Ally's insight into fan behavior, noting that the most anticipated tracks may not always become the favorites.

Fictional Storytelling in Songs

  • Fans are divided on whether the new album will contain songs about fictional characters, similar to "folklore" and "Evermore."
  • The album will include songs inspired by real people, but it is uncertain how much fictional storytelling will be involved.

"Will there be stories about fictional people like Taylor told us we had in folklore and Evermore? 32% of people said yes and 68% said no."

The quote presents the poll results on the expectation of fictional narratives in the album, indicating a majority believe the album will focus more on autobiographical content.

Acronym Interpretation and Song Theories

  • Fans speculate on the meaning of the acronym "LML," considering it might change throughout the song or have multiple meanings.
  • There are creative guesses on the acronym, such as "love or my life" and "lumps on my lungs."

"My interpretation is that if it was simply just love of my life, why not just write that... something's going on there."

Ally shares her thoughts on the acronym "LML," suggesting that its use as an acronym and lowercase letters imply a deeper or alternative meaning.

Song Genre and Emotional Impact

  • Fans predict a mix of upbeat and emotionally impactful songs.
  • Ally enjoys songs that combine sad lyrics with an upbeat sound, indicating a preference for complex emotional experiences in music.

"Songs like hits different, upbeat and gut-wrenching... I just really love a depressive sad lyric with the most upbeat sound."

The quote reveals Ally's anticipation for songs that deliver a powerful emotional punch paired with an energetic beat, reflecting her personal taste in music.

Taylor Swift's New Album Release

  • Taylor Swift is releasing a new album, potentially titled "Midnights and Poets," which could win Album of the Year.
  • This will be Taylor's first-ever spring album release, only one year later in the Grammy cycle.
  • There is speculation about whether the Grammy Academy will award her again so soon after her last win.

"It scares me to be still; it's terrifying, yeah, how quickly we are getting a new album from her so soon after the Grammy's gone by where not only did Taylor win album with but like did so in a historical manner where she broke a record you know and now holds a record that no one else has ever done."

This quote expresses concern over the rapid succession of album releases by Taylor Swift and the impact it may have on the Grammy Academy's voting, given her recent historical win.

Taylor Swift's Use of Color in Lyrics

  • Taylor Swift often uses the color blue in her lyrics to represent mental illness, sadness, depression, and grief.
  • The speaker and their friend are creating a bingo sheet predicting references and phrases expected in the new album, including the color blue.
  • There is anticipation that the new album will continue to use the color blue to delve into mental health themes.

"Curious to see if she uses blue again in lyrics but Dives more into his depression or hers..."

This quote reflects anticipation for Taylor Swift's continued use of the color blue in her lyrics to explore deeper themes of mental health.

Taylor Swift's Reflection on Mental Health

  • Taylor Swift has previously reflected on mental health in her songs, touching on themes of depression, grief, and self-awareness.
  • The speaker expects the new album to include references or entire songs about Taylor's mental state, potentially more raw and honest than her previous albums, "folklore" and "Evermore."

"But I think we will get a very raw honest look into what her mental state has looked like more raw and honest than even folklore and Evermore."

This quote suggests that Taylor Swift's upcoming album may offer a more intimate and candid portrayal of her mental health journey.

Album Sales and Promotion

  • There is speculation about how the new album will perform in sales compared to "Midnights."
  • Despite a lack of promotion so far, it is expected that the album will break records, with the potential to sell over 1 million vinyl copies in its first week.

"I think we are truly witnessing an artist and pop star so much bigger than we initially understood."

This quote emphasizes the speaker's belief in Taylor Swift's growing influence and potential for record-breaking album sales.

Taylor Swift's Historical Impact and Consumption

  • Taylor Swift is now the second most consumed female artist in history, according to Chart Masters' methodology.
  • It is predicted that Taylor Swift will surpass Madonna in lifetime units by 2025.
  • Achieving and maintaining fame is considered more difficult in the current media landscape, making Swift's achievements even more notable.

"Taylor Swift is now the second most consumed female artist in history now she is only behind Madonna... Taylor Swift is going to surpass Madonna in lifetime units sometime in 2025."

This quote discusses Taylor Swift's significant place in music history and the likelihood of her surpassing Madonna in terms of music consumption.

Album's Lyrical and Thematic Expectations

  • The speaker predicts that the album will have a mix of raw honesty and satirical outlooks.
  • There is speculation about whether the album will contain love songs and how they might be presented.
  • The bonus tracks may tell a connected story, similar to the "Teenage Love Triangle" from previous albums.

"I think this will be her most honest album yet with zero love songs."

This quote predicts the album's emotional honesty and questions whether it will include traditional love songs.

Song Speculations

  • There is speculation about the themes and styles of specific songs, such as "Guilty as Sin" and "But Daddy I Love Him."
  • The speaker wonders about potential biblical references and self-referential lyrics.
  • There is excitement for the album's release, especially in the context of the Australian winter, which is seen as fitting for the album's mood.

"But daddy I love him will have country Vibes girl you are just as delusional as I am."

This quote humorously speculates on the genre of a specific song and reflects the excitement and personal engagement with the album's content.

Rediscovery of Songs

  • Ally discusses the phenomenon of hearing a familiar song as if for the first time and experiencing it in a new light.
  • This happened to Ally with Taylor Swift's "my tears ricochet" and "August".
  • The feeling is described as appreciating the song on a deeper level despite it already being a favorite.
  • Ally likens the experience to stained glass windows in the mind, suggesting a colorful and profound impact.

"it's just like you hear it again for the first time."

This quote captures the essence of rediscovering a song and the fresh emotional response it can elicit, akin to hearing it for the very first time.

Concept of Interludes in Albums

  • Ally expresses love for interludes or mini songs within albums.
  • "The Valley" by Betty Who is mentioned as a favorite interlude.
  • There is speculation about Taylor Swift including a short song or interlude in her album.
  • The role of an interlude in setting the tone for an album is discussed, often being the opening track.

"I love an interlude my favorite little mini song is probably the valley which opens Betty who's album The Valley."

This quote highlights Ally's appreciation for interludes in albums and points out a specific example that resonates with her.

Taylor Swift's Potential Collaboration and Artistic Direction

  • Speculation on Taylor Swift's collaboration with Post Malone, predicting a full production song rather than a short interlude.
  • Discussion on the structure of a typical Taylor Swift song featuring a guest artist.
  • Imagining Taylor Swift exploring different musical styles, including opera.
  • A humorous comparison is made to the film "The Greatest Showman" where expectations of opera are subverted by pop.

"I think that's going to be a full production song."

This quote predicts the nature of Taylor Swift's potential collaboration with Post Malone, expecting it to follow a full song structure rather than being a brief interlude.

Taylor Swift's Career Longevity and Album Creation

  • Ally argues against the idea that Taylor Swift's 13th album would be her last.
  • The joy and purpose Taylor Swift finds in creating music is highlighted.
  • Ally suggests Taylor will continue to create, whether it's songwriting for others or for movies.
  • The notion that age is a career limiter for female artists is challenged, with Ally believing Taylor will break this mold.

"I think anyone that knows Taylor knows she's the happiest when she is creating."

This quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's passion for creation and suggests that it is a fundamental part of her happiness and life purpose.

Merchandise Ideas for Taylor Swift's Album

  • Ally shares ideas for potential merchandise related to Taylor Swift's upcoming album.
  • Suggestions include cozy blankets, journals with nice pens, cardigans, and vintage-inspired tank tops.
  • A debate on pen color preferences is mentioned, with Ally preferring blue pens.
  • The idea of Taylor Swift releasing cliché poet-themed merchandise, such as a beret or a quill and ink pot, is entertained.
  • The potential for fan-made merchandise to fill any gaps is acknowledged.

"I want a big cozy blanket if the album is as depressing as the visuals so far are implying."

This quote conveys Ally's desire for merchandise that complements the emotional tone of Taylor Swift's album, suggesting a need for comfort items like blankets.

Engagement with Audience

  • Ally thanks viewers for their submissions and engagement with the discussion.
  • There is an anticipation for the release of Taylor Swift's album and the possibility of merchandise being revealed.
  • Ally encourages viewers to subscribe and stay tuned for future updates.

"Thank you for making my day thank you guys for sitting and chatting with me today for all of your submissions I truly appreciate it."

This quote expresses gratitude towards the audience for their participation and contributions to the conversation, highlighting the interactive nature of the discussion.

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