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Whitney delves into her predictions and excitement for Taylor Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poet Department," set to release on April 19th. She speculates about the themes and potential meanings behind the intriguing track titles, such as "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone, which could reference a two-week period in Swift's life, and "So Long London," hinting at a connection to Swift's ex-boyfriend Joe. Whitney anticipates the emotional depth of track five, known for being particularly impactful in Swift's albums, and discusses the possible narratives and collaborations in other tracks. Her enthusiasm is palpable as she rates her excitement for each song, eagerly anticipating the storytelling and emotional resonance that Swift's music consistently delivers.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "The Tortured Poet Department" Album

  • Whitney introduces the topic of Taylor Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poet Department" set to release on April 19th.
  • She expresses excitement about the album and mentions that the tracklist was revealed a few weeks prior.
  • Whitney highlights the significance of Taylor Swift's album announcement during the Grammys, which was unexpected as many thought the next release would be "Reputation Taylor Version."
  • Whitney encourages her audience to follow her on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

"Taylor Swift's brand new album I know and a couple weeks ago we got every single track name we didn't even have to wait that long today we are talking about the track list for the tortured poce Department my predictions and what I think it's going to be like if you don't know Taylor Swift is releasing an album on April 19th."

This quote explains that Whitney will be discussing the tracklist and her predictions for Taylor Swift's new album, "The Tortured Poet Department," which has a confirmed release date.

Track One: "Fortnite" featuring Post Malone

  • Whitney talks about the first track titled "Fortnite," which features Post Malone.
  • She clarifies the title refers to the British term for a two-week period, not the video game.
  • Whitney speculates that the song could relate to a two-week break or period in Taylor Swift's life, possibly hinting at her relationship with Joe.
  • She discusses the significance of track ones in Taylor Swift's albums, noting they set the tone and story for the rest of the album.
  • Whitney lists previous track ones from Taylor's albums to emphasize the importance of the opening track.
  • She predicts she will like "Fortnite" an 8 out of 10 and wonders if Post Malone will have a full verse or just provide background vocals.

"Track one of the torture post department is fortnite featuring post Malone this was an interesting one because obviously fortnite everyone's mind goes to the game. but it's literally fortnite like night like night time like fortnite truly I had no idea what fortnite meant hopefully I'm not the only one I literally was like what does that mean it's a British term for a period of two weeks also it's featuring Post Malone we've never had a feature for track one obviously all the track ones are the introduction to the album what it's going to sound like what it's going to feel like start of the story of the album so all the track ones we've had let's see if I can do this timra Fearless mine State of Grace Welcome to New York ready for it I forgot that you existed the one Willow and lavender ha pretty good."

Whitney's explanation of "Fortnite" provides insight into the potential meaning behind the song title and its placement as the first track on the album. She also notes that this is the first time a featured artist appears on the opening track of a Taylor Swift album.

Track Two: "The Tortured Poet Department"

  • Whitney briefly mentions the second track, which shares the title with the album, "The Tortured Poet Department."
  • She starts to share her thoughts but is cut off before she can finish.

"The iconic track two is the title of the album actually. the torted Poes Department."

This quote introduces the second track of the album, which is significant as it shares its name with the album title, hinting at its potential centrality to the album's theme.

Anticipation for Track Two

  • Whitney rates the anticipation for track two a 9 out of 10.
  • Predicts that the track will be amazing like previous track twos.
  • Unsure about the specific content, but anticipates it might be sad.

"I'm going to give this one a 9 out of 10 obviously all of the track twos every single one is amazing every single one."

Whitney expresses high expectations for track two, based on the historical quality of previous track twos.

Excitement for Track Three

  • The title "My boy only breaks his favorite toys" excites Whitney.
  • Speculates that the song could be about heartbreak.
  • Contemplates an alternative meaning, suggesting it could resemble songs like "Dress," "False God," or "So It Goes."
  • Predicts it will be one of the top songs on the album, giving it a 10 out of 10.

"I am so excited for this one the title first of all my boy only breaks his favorite toys listen to the title my boy only breaks his favorite toys this whole time I was thinking this whole time I've been thinking my boy only favorite toys is obviously going to be a heartbreak song which it very well could be."

Whitney is intrigued by the title and anticipates a deep emotional theme, possibly centered around heartbreak.

Speculations on Track Four "Down Bad"

  • Whitney interprets "Down Bad" as potentially being about falling for someone or unrequited love.
  • Considers other meanings, such as being in a poor state or condition.
  • Compares it to the song "Gold Rush" and rates it a 9.5 out of 10.

"I think like I'm falling for someone you know like I'm I'm down bad for that person."

Whitney associates the phrase "down bad" with a strong attraction towards someone.

Predictions for Track Five "So Long London"

  • Highly anticipates "So Long London," expecting it to be a standout track.
  • Associates the song with Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend, Joe Owen, and the song "London Boy."
  • Emphasizes the significance of track fives on Taylor Swift's albums, expecting an emotional impact.
  • Predicts the song will be one of the saddest and best on the album, rating it a 10 out of 10.

"This is the track five for the tortured coats Department this is T I think we all know what this one is going to be about Joe Owen ex-boyfriend of last year possibly longer we don't exactly know obviously the exact timeline but jwan ex-boyfriend British Taylor has a song called London boy which is on lover London boy and. then so long London and it's a track five which as we know the track fives are always the saddest most depressing best on the album or at least up there."

Whitney anticipates a deeply emotional song, drawing connections to Taylor Swift's past relationships and the tradition of track fives being emotionally charged.

Expectations for Track Six "But Daddy I Love Him"

  • Feels the title gives off Olivia Rodrigo vibes.
  • Predicts the song will not be sad, but rather have a sarcastic tone.
  • Mentions a personal connection to track sixes, specifically referencing "Mirrorball" from "Folklore."
  • Rates the track a 9 out of 10 and has high hopes for it.

"But daddy I love him this one is kind of giving me Olivia Rodrigo vibes. okay. but daddy I love him. I don't think this is going to be sad I think it's going to be more like a sarcastic I can change him kind of thing."

Whitney expects a more lighthearted, possibly sarcastic song, contrasting with the anticipated sadness of other tracks.

Fresh Out The Slammer

  • Whitney discusses the song title "Fresh Out The Slammer" and its potential meaning related to a breakup.
  • She looks up the slang term "slammer," which means prison, and expresses surprise upon learning this.
  • Whitney gives the song an 8.5 out of 10 in terms of her excitement to hear it.

"Fresh Out. The Slammer I think this one's going to be like right after the breakup like the breakup Fresh Out. The Slammer actually let's look it up what that means oh it's slang for getting out of prison."

Whitney speculates that the song's title could metaphorically refer to the feeling of freedom one might experience after ending a relationship, akin to being released from prison.


  • The song "Florida" elicits personal excitement from Whitney because she jokes about being from Florida.
  • She references Taylor's first performance after a breakup that took place in Florida.
  • Whitney points out the use of three exclamation marks in the song title and connects it to a lyric from the song "Lover."
  • She anticipates the song with a perfect score of 10 in terms of excitement.

"The first time we saw Taylor after we heard about the breakup was when she performed in Florida and it has three explanation marks which obviously you would think it means like Florida like happy but three explanation marks and song Lover. she says I've Lov do three Summers now honey. but I want them all."

Whitney interprets the title "Florida" and its punctuation as a significant clue to the song's emotional content, linking it to a sense of longing or desire expressed in Taylor's lyric from "Lover."

Guilty as Sin

  • Whitney expects "Guilty as Sin" to be similar to Taylor's previous songs "Dress" and "False God."
  • She expresses high anticipation for the song, rating it a 10 out of 10.
  • Whitney anticipates a strong emotional or thematic connection to Taylor's past work.

"Guilty as Sin this one I think is going to be dress 2.0 false god 2.0 guilty as Sin 10."

The quote shows Whitney's prediction that "Guilty as Sin" will echo the themes or style of Taylor's earlier songs, indicating a continuation or evolution of those musical ideas.

Who's Afraid of Little Old Me

  • Whitney speculates that the song could be about the issue of Taylor's masters being bought.
  • She admits uncertainty about the song's subject but is highly intrigued.
  • Whitney rates the song a 10 out of 10, emphasizing her channel's freedom to rate as she pleases.

"Who's afraid of little old me I feel like this one could be about. her master's getting bought."

The quote reveals Whitney's guess about the song's potential subject matter, highlighting a significant event in Taylor's career, which could be the inspiration for the song's narrative.

I Can Fix Him

  • Whitney draws parallels between "I Can Fix Him" and the song "Tolerate It" from Taylor's album "Evermore."
  • She expresses a deep affection for "Tolerate It" and hopes for a similar emotional impact from "I Can Fix Him."
  • The song receives a 9.5 out of 10 in anticipation.

"I can fix him. no really I can I said on Tik Tok that this one kind of is giving me tolerated by Vibes if it's all in my head tell me now tell me I've got it wrong. somehow I know my love to be celebrated. but you tolerate it."

Whitney's quote reflects her emotional connection to "Tolerate It" and her expectation that "I Can Fix Him" will evoke a similar feeling, suggesting a continuation of the themes of love and recognition.

Love of My Life

  • Whitney analyzes the song title "Love of My Life," abbreviated as "LL," and its atypical lowercase presentation.
  • She contrasts the capitalization style with that of Taylor's previous albums "folklore" and "Evermore."
  • Whitney contemplates the meaning of "LL" and its potential abbreviation for "Love of My Life."

"Track 12 is love of my life technically not love my life it's LL but is it LL because here's the thing everything on this album is capitalized unlike folklore and Evermore everything was lowercase and every single song on the T poet department is capitalized except for this one if it's an L if it's an I then it's capitalized if it's an L then it's not."

The quote demonstrates Whitney's attention to detail in analyzing the stylization of the song title and its deviation from the norm, suggesting a possible hidden meaning or significance.

Track Analysis: "I can do it with a broken heart"

  • Speculation that the song will be sad, potentially one of the saddest on the album.
  • Comparison to a previous performance by the artist, suggesting an emotional connection.
  • High expectations for the song's emotional impact, with a rating of 11 or 13 out of 13.

"This one is called I can do it with a broken heart believe this one is going to be sad maybe the saddest on the album next to track five but just the song name that immediately makes me think of her performing lover in Florida it's going to be like that I'm so excited this one's actually going to get like an 11 maybe a 13 13 out of 13 okay."

The quote expresses anticipation for the emotional depth of the song "I can do it with a broken heart," drawing parallels to a past emotional performance and predicting a high emotional rating for the song.

Track Analysis: "The smallest man who ever lived"

  • The title is considered very intriguing and possibly indicative of the song's theme.
  • Speculation about the song's subject, with possible references to specific individuals.
  • The song is anticipated to contain significant commentary or 'tea'.
  • Expectation for the song's quality or impact, with a rating of 10 out of 10.

"The smallest man who ever lived would actually be really tea."

This quote suggests that the song "The smallest man who ever lived" is expected to contain revealing or dramatic content, potentially about a particular individual or situation.

Track Analysis: "The Alchemy"

  • The song title is linked to the concept of alchemy, suggesting themes of transformation or creation.
  • The definition of alchemy leads to speculation that the song could be a love song.
  • The song is rated highly based on the thematic implications of its title.

"The Alchemy which what does that mean with the town to convert base medals into gold and F. oh a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination why is it giving me your mightest touch on the Chevy door this one is going to get a n."

The quote reflects on the title "The Alchemy," contemplating the traditional meaning of alchemy and how it might relate to the song's theme, hinting at a possible love story and assigning a high rating based on these expectations.

Track Analysis: "Clara B"

  • Anticipation for the song "Clara B" due to its connection to a historical figure, actress Clara Bow.
  • Speculation about the narrative content of the song, whether it will be a biographical story about Clara Bow or a comparison to the artist's own life.
  • The song is given a rating of 8 out of 13, reflecting moderate to high expectations.

"Clara B I'm so excited for this one because I think it's going to be like the lucky one 2.0 Clara B was an actress born in the 20s if I remember right very famous actress in the early 1900s she was known like her nickname was the ick girl or she was known as the ick girl all eyes on her could either be a story about clbo kind of like the last grade American I to see how that's about Rebecca Harkness but like she's included in that you know the house and then it was B me Rhode Island house if you're not chronically online you probably don't know what I'm talking about clbo track 16 is going to get a eight."

The quote conveys excitement for the song "Clara B," suggesting it may have a narrative similar to another song by the artist. It references Clara Bow's history and fame, and the speaker's uncertainty about whether the song will be a direct narrative about Bow or a metaphorical connection to the artist's life.

Deluxe Track Analysis: "The Bolter"

  • "The Bolter" is identified as a deluxe track with multiple variants.
  • There is speculation about the deluxe tracks representing different stages of grief.
  • Curiosity and anticipation are expressed regarding the meaning and content of "The Bolter."

"The final track kind of final track is the Bolter which I do this because it's not really the final track we have three bonus tracks. okay. Bor is actually a deluxe track there's three different variants so far as I'm filming this. but I'm sure there's going to be five because people think that all of the bonus tracks are the different stages of grief the Deluxe Tracks are the manuscript the Bolter the Alber SM anger bargaining. and then we would still have depression and acceptance but very interesting."

This quote explains that "The Bolter" is a deluxe track with multiple versions and is part of a set of bonus tracks speculated to correspond with the stages of grief. The speaker expresses a hypothesis about the thematic content of the deluxe tracks and their potential connection to emotional processes.

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