THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT: Announcement Reaction + Theories and Tracklist Fathomings 🤍

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In their video, the hosts discuss the excitement surrounding Taylor Swift's upcoming album "The Tortured Poet's Department," set to release on April 19th. They delve into the album's tracklist, analyzing the potential meanings behind song titles like "Fortnite" and "Clara Bow," and speculate on the album's themes of heartbreak, liberation, and Swift's narrative storytelling style. The hosts theorize about the album's sound, possible collaborations, and how it might fit into Swift's current Eras Tour. They also touch on Swift's past relationships, particularly with Joe Alwyn, and how the album might serve as a cathartic release and a new chapter for Swift. The hosts express their anticipation for the album and its potential to be Swift's most revealing work to date.

Summary Notes

New Beginnings

  • Bonnie and her co-host are filming their first video in a new house, which coincides with the announcement of Taylor Swift's new album.
  • The timing of their move and the album announcement seems serendipitous and aligns with their connection to Taylor Swift's career milestones.
  • They have been busy moving and setting up new filming spaces, including one at the co-host's house and another at Bonnie's house.

"New Era new house new house I can't believe she did this R our first video in the new house in the new space is the day after H new actually too perfect like I don't know what it is the universal like correlation between us and Taylor Swift and how things just manifest and work out is wild."

The quote explains the exciting coincidence of moving into a new house and setting up a new filming space right around the time of a significant event—Taylor Swift's album announcement—which they feel is somehow cosmically aligned with their own milestones.

Taylor Swift's New Album: "The Tortured Poet's Department"

  • Taylor Swift's new album "The Tortured Poet's Department" is set to release on April 19th.
  • The announcement was unexpected, and the hosts reacted to it while filming for Patreon.
  • The album title and cover suggest themes of vulnerability, intimacy, and a potential full-circle moment regarding Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • The hosts speculate on the album's content, including its autobiographical nature and the potential exploration of Swift's recent experiences.
  • They discuss the black and white theme of the album cover, drawing parallels to the "Reputation" album cover and the possibility of it symbolizing the beginning and end of Swift's relationship with Alwyn.

"The era that is ts11 the era that is the tortured BS which is that my brand new album comes out. April 19th. It's called It's called The tortured poets Department I'm going to go and post the cover right now backstage."

This quote is the hosts' recounting of Taylor Swift's announcement of her new album, emphasizing the title and the anticipation of its release.

Album Theories and Expectations

  • The hosts express their theories and expectations for "The Tortured Poet's Department," discussing how it might relate to Swift's previous work.
  • They consider the poetic and autobiographical elements Swift is known for and how her life experiences over the past year could influence the album's content.
  • The hosts touch on the idea that Swift may address her relationship with Joe Alwyn, including its challenges and eventual breakdown.
  • They speculate on the album's potential themes and narrative, considering the possibility of it being a breakup album.

"I feel like when I first saw the album title I had two thoughts first one is obviously tortured poet's Department like she is a poet she is going to share her deepest darkest hurts with us because she's been tortured by the Heartbreak of this relationship and the downfall of it."

This quote reflects the hosts' interpretation of the album's title, suggesting that Swift will delve into her personal struggles and the emotional aftermath of her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Visual Aesthetics and Symbolism

  • The hosts analyze the album cover for "The Tortured Poet's Department," describing it as raw, vulnerable, and sensual.
  • They note the use of black and white and the inversion of colors compared to the "Reputation" album cover, theorizing about the symbolic significance.
  • The hosts also draw connections between the album cover and Swift's appearance at the Grammys, speculating on how it might inform the album's sound and aesthetic.

"So Superior the black and white that's why it's all black and white that's why not because of reputation I think that I speak for everyone when we were all prepared for reputation to be coming next and at the same time though we have talked a lot especially on patreon about how we do feel like she's due for another album in the sense that she's got so much to tell us."

The quote discusses the hosts' reaction to the album cover's visual elements and their anticipation for the new music, considering the context of Swift's career and previous works.

Album Content Speculation

  • The hosts speculate on the content of "The Tortured Poet's Department," considering how it might reveal more about Swift's past albums and personal life.
  • They discuss the potential for the album to provide insights into Swift's relationships, mental health, and creative process.
  • The hosts ponder whether the album will include songs written more recently or if it will be a collection of works spanning the past few years.
  • They also touch on the possibility of the album being part of a larger narrative, perhaps connected to "Midnights" or other future releases.

"I think that this album is going to reveal so many deeper details of specifically the last few albums since reputation came out. I think we're going to understand more about folklore Evermore midnights like I I don't see a way in which this album couldn't shed further light on some of the things that she's already told us."

This quote captures the hosts' anticipation for the depth and revelations that "The Tortured Poet's Department" might bring to Swift's body of work, enhancing the understanding of her previous albums and personal experiences.

Taylor Swift's New Album Themes

  • Taylor Swift's upcoming album may revolve around themes of heartbreak and personal struggles beyond relationships.
  • The concept of being a "tortured poet" might be central to the album's narrative, potentially reflecting on Taylor's experiences with love, fame, and public scrutiny.
  • The album could signify the end of a particular chapter in her life, possibly related to her relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • There is speculation about the sound of the album, with expectations of a darker, more sensual tone, possibly featuring orchestral and piano elements.
  • Anticipation for collaborations with artists like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey, who may contribute to the album's sound.
  • Fans are analyzing the significance of the album's release date and its connection to Taylor's personal life and broader historical events.

"it feels like she's maybe really needed to round off this chapter of this relationship and there's a theme here that's going to be along the lines of heartbreak."

This quote suggests that Taylor Swift's new album will address the closure of a significant relationship and will explore themes of heartbreak.

"Taylor Swift is obviously somebody throughout her entire career has written about heartbreak relationships and so in that way she you could call her tortured."

The speaker highlights Taylor Swift's history of writing about heartbreak, suggesting that her work aligns with the "tortured poet" archetype.

"all of those songs are in relation to the Joe and Rel that she was taking the blame for maybe she's done with that."

The speaker speculates that Taylor Swift's previous songs, which seemed to take personal responsibility for relationship issues, may have evolved into a new perspective where she recognizes the role of her partner.

"as somebody who is a very successful famous artist um tortured in the way of being abused."

This quote points to the possibility that the album will also touch on the challenges and negative aspects of fame that Taylor Swift has endured.

Speculation on Album Sound and Collaborations

  • There is an expectation of a shift from the acoustic style of "folklore" and "Evermore" to something less synth-pop than "1989."
  • The album may have an orchestral or piano-driven sound, influenced by Taylor's own artistic evolution and her collaborators.
  • Collaborations with artists like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey are anticipated, with fans excited about the potential musical synergy.
  • The involvement of Lana Del Rey and Post Malone, who have both expressed an interest in country music, raises questions about the album's genre influences.

"I just feel like they're going to sound so offensive together and whatever they make is going to be incredible."

The speaker is enthusiastic about the potential collaboration between Taylor Swift and Post Malone, expecting their combined sound to be impactful.

"I think that it might not be a true different genre like it might still be you know labeled pop or indie or whatever it is in the way that we've had previous albums be labeled in that way."

The speaker suggests that while the album may not be a departure in genre, it will likely offer a unique sound distinct from Taylor Swift's previous work.

"Florence and the Machine ties in well with this potential for a Lana Del re kind of orchestral piano kind of vibe as well."

The mention of Florence and the Machine implies an expectation for a rich, orchestral sound that complements the style of Lana Del Rey, potentially shaping the album's musical direction.

Album Release Date and Historical Context

  • Fans are drawing connections between the album's release date and significant events in Taylor Swift's personal life.
  • The release date also coincides with historical events like the beginning of the American Revolution, leading to speculation about its symbolic meaning.
  • References to British culture, such as the use of the term "fortnite," are noted for their potential significance in relation to Taylor Swift's past relationship with Joe Alwyn.

"April 19th was the night that she went out with Ryan and the gang and that's when they all unfollowed Joe."

This quote suggests that fans are associating the album's release date with a specific event in Taylor Swift's personal life, potentially marking the end of her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

"everybody's figured out that April 19 is the date that is given to the beginning of the American Revolution which ultimately led to American independence from Britain."

The speaker notes the historical significance of the album's release date, implying a metaphorical connection to Taylor Swift's personal independence or separation from a British partner.

"the word is not actually something that's used in America either... given that it's specifically not an American thing but it is a British thing."

The use of "fortnite" is highlighted as a potentially deliberate choice, reflecting the British influence in Taylor Swift's life and possibly her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Emotional Tone of "Track Five"

  • "Track Five" is described as singularly about a person named Joe Al, characterized by vulnerability and profound sadness.
  • The speakers anticipate that the song will be emotionally impactful and compare its energy to other songs known for their emotional depth.
  • They discuss the mournful and devastating nature of the track, expecting it to be one of the most emotionally stirring on the album.

"I think being a track five I'm definitely leaning more towards it being singularly about Joe Al right and being really hard really vulnerable and really sad like almost like I feel like there so long it's not goodbye London."

The explanation of this quote highlights the focus on the emotional intensity of "Track Five," suggesting it's about a deeply personal and sorrowful subject, possibly a farewell to someone named Joe Al.

Anticipation for the Album

  • The album is described as the most anticipated since "Reputation," with fans eager to learn about the stories behind the songs.
  • It is noted as Taylor's first breakup album since "Red," raising expectations for personal and revealing content.
  • The speakers discuss how previous albums post-"Reputation" felt safe due to the perceived stability in Taylor's personal life, but the upcoming album has an element of concern due to the breakup theme.

"This is the most anticipated album since reputation for that reason. Right like we there's so much we don't know that she needs to fill us in on. But also this is her first breakup album since red."

This quote conveys the high level of fan anticipation for the album, as it is expected to provide insight into Taylor's life post-breakup, which is a departure from the contentment depicted in her more recent work.

Song Theories and Interpretations

  • Fans speculate on the meaning of the song "But Daddy I Love Him," with theories ranging from familial relationships to references to sports teams.
  • The phrase "But Daddy I Love Him" is connected to a quote from "The Little Mermaid," suggesting themes of sacrifice and loss of voice.
  • Other songs like "Fresh Out The Slammer" and "Florida" featuring Florence and the Machine are expected to explore themes of freedom and liberation following a breakup.
  • The track "Guilty of Sin" prompts discussion about guilt, media portrayal, and possibly addressing controversies surrounding an individual named Maddie.

"But daddy I love him. And I have to [] tell you things about this yes please tell me things because I did not think about this people have been saying some []."

This quote shows the speakers engaging in deep analysis and interpretation of the song lyrics, drawing connections to personal experiences and broader themes within the album.

Album Themes and Progression

  • The album is theorized to follow a chronological progression, with songs capturing different stages of grief and healing after a breakup.
  • The speakers expect the album to include both celebratory and self-reflective tracks, potentially touching on themes of empowerment and self-loathing.
  • There is speculation about the sarcastic tone in the song "I Can Fix Him" and the potential for the song "LL" to play with abbreviations to convey different meanings.
  • "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" is anticipated to be an uplifting track, possibly reflecting the healing process during Taylor's tour.

"I can fix him no really I can this is the song that's going to ruin me and I will simply not survive it this is the one I think I'm most excited for after so long London."

The explanation of this quote indicates that the speakers expect "I Can Fix Him" to be a powerful and relatable song about the common experience of trying to "fix" a partner, which could resonate strongly with listeners.

Album Track Analysis

  • Bonnie and her co-host discuss the potential meanings behind the tracks in a new album.
  • They speculate that the track "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" implies a turning point in the album's narrative.
  • The song "Alchemy" is analyzed for its references to gold and transformation, suggesting a possible reevaluation of a past relationship.
  • They discuss the implications of the song "Clara," relating it to the actress Clara Bow and drawing parallels to Taylor Swift's life and career.

"The smallest man who ever lived help what the fact that this comes so towards the end of the album really makes me think it's going to be a massive dig because I feel like it would again if this is chronological this is the point at which she gives no [__] about you bro totally."

This quote suggests that the song "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" might represent a moment of empowerment or indifference towards someone from the past, marking a significant emotional shift in the album.

"Alchemy is trying to turn something that's not gold into gold and how many references do we have to Joe being gold throughout Taylor's discography."

Bonnie and her co-host theorize that the track "Alchemy" could be about the realization that the perceived value of a relationship was actually the result of one's own efforts rather than the inherent qualities of the other person.

Connections to Past Work

  • The hosts draw connections between the new album's themes and Taylor Swift's previous work.
  • They note the recurring use of war imagery and the concept of "alchemy" in her songs.
  • The discussion highlights the symbolism of gold and its association with a person named Joe in Swift's discography.

"Golden Tattoo there's so many lyrics in rep specifically and golden daylight that's probably the most important one I think that she might be like I thought it was real but it was like a trick."

The hosts reflect on past lyrics that used gold as a motif to represent something precious and speculate that the new album may reveal a different perspective on those sentiments.

Imagery and Symbolism

  • Bonnie and her co-host delve into the imagery and symbolism present in the album, such as the use of "witchy vibes," "dark academia," and war metaphors.
  • They discuss the significance of protective symbols like talismans and charms, suggesting a theme of self-protection.
  • The notion of "pitch black ink" is interpreted as a metaphor for being consumed by darkness or despair.

"My tarnished coat of arms. yeah. my muse is acquired like bruises my Talisman and charms what's talisman um I don't know let's have a look."

The hosts explore the lyrics mentioning a "tarnished coat of arms" and "talisman and charms," indicating a connection to protection and possibly hinting at a defense against past hurts or criticisms.

Clara Bow and Taylor Swift Parallels

  • The conversation includes a comparison between Taylor Swift and Clara Bow, the first "It Girl" and a silent film actress.
  • They discuss how Bow's transition from silent films to "talkies" mirrors Swift's own journey from being silent to finding her voice.
  • The hosts note the similarities in public scrutiny of their private lives and the impact it had on both women's mental health.

"So Not only was she an actress P like initially during the silent film era which again is that connection to being silent during their relationship she's also one of the very few actresses that successfully made the transition to talkies."

This quote highlights the parallel between Clara Bow's career and Taylor Swift's personal narrative, emphasizing the theme of overcoming silence and finding one's voice.

Album Narrative and Closure

  • The hosts theorize that the album will provide closure to a breakup narrative, with the character emerging as the "it girl" once again.
  • They discuss the potential for the bonus track "Manuscript" to offer an unfiltered look into Swift's thoughts and feelings.
  • The track "Clara" is anticipated to explore the connections between Swift and Clara Bow, serving as a technical album close-up.

"But I do think the culminating message makes sense to me to link back to being the it girl cuz that feels like an appropriate closure to this breakup situation it's like she's found herself again as the it girl and being a positive spin on it."

Bonnie and her co-host suggest that the album's narrative arc might conclude with a renewed sense of self-identity and empowerment following a breakup.

Album Release and Marketing Strategy

  • The hosts express surprise and excitement over the early release of the tracklist, speculating about whether it was leaked.
  • They discuss Taylor Swift's recent album release strategies, particularly the choice to release albums all at once without singles.
  • The conversation touches on the unique attachment fans develop to songs when there are no pre-released singles.

"I'm really am so shocked that we got a track list so soon and there is speculation that maybe it was leaked and that's why we have gotten it so soon."

This quote reflects the hosts' surprise at the early release of the album tracklist and their curiosity about the reasons behind the timing.

Anticipation for the New Album

  • The hosts share their anticipation for the upcoming album, predicting it to be Swift's best work yet.
  • They ponder the potential impact of the new album on the planned "Eras Tour" and how it might be integrated into the setlist.
  • Bonnie and her co-host express gratitude for the opportunity to experience and share their reactions to Taylor Swift's prolific output.

"I just know that this album is going to be the best album she's ever written. I I actually think it is."

Bonnie expresses her high expectations for the quality of the new album, suggesting it will surpass Swift's previous works in excellence.

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