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Summary Notes


In this episode, billionaire Brian Johnson returns to discuss his ambitious project, Blueprint, aimed at extending human life through meticulous health and wellness management. Brian candidly shares his own experiences, revealing significant improvements in lifespan extension, muscle strength, sleep quality, and overall peak performance. He also delves into the psychological aspects of self-awareness and the biases that cloud human judgment. Furthermore, Kate Tolo, the first woman to adopt Brian's lifestyle, discusses the challenges and revelations she faced in her transformative journey. The conversation touches on the importance of air quality, the potential of gene therapy, and the societal shift from grind culture to prioritizing health. Brian and Kate emphasize the need to reconsider societal norms, like sugar consumption, and the importance of data-driven health decisions over traditional habits.

Summary Notes

Measuring Nighttime Erections and Health Improvement

  • Brian Johnson discusses his efforts to measure nighttime erections as a means to improve health and wellness.
  • He expresses that the method is unbelievable and suggests that it has significant health benefits.
  • Brian Johnson is back as a guest, known for his extravagant spending on anti-aging and life extension.

"That is how you can measure your nighttime erections. It's unbelievable. In ways it improves health and wellness."

This quote highlights Brian Johnson's belief in the health benefits of measuring nighttime erections, suggesting that it is an effective method for health improvement.

Brian Johnson's Anti-Aging Efforts

  • Brian Johnson, a billionaire, is investing heavily in anti-aging research to extend human life.
  • He describes his project as a humanitarian effort, seeking the best science to increase lifespan.
  • Brian is in peak performance, having extended his lifespan, reduced his age, increased muscle and strength, and achieved perfect sleep.

"The billionaire who's spending $2 million a year to stay young forever. Through algorithmic precision, this is the most impactful humanitarian project ever. Trying to find the very best science in the world for how you can extend your life."

Brian Johnson is investing in anti-aging research with the goal of staying young indefinitely, viewing it as a significant humanitarian endeavor to find the best scientific methods for life extension.

Peak Performance and Life Extension

  • Brian Johnson claims to be at the peak performance of his life due to his anti-aging protocol.
  • He mentions extending his lifespan by 30%, reducing his biological age, and achieving perfect sleep.
  • Brian sees his achievements as a demonstration that others can achieve similar results.

"Honestly, I'm in the absolute peak performance of my entire life. I've extended my lifespan over 30%, reduced my age by twelve years, increased muscle and strength, and now six months of perfect sleep. I've accomplished the best sleep score in history."

The quote details Brian Johnson's personal achievements in anti-aging, suggesting that his methods have significantly improved his quality of life and could be replicated by others.

The Importance of Sleep

  • Brian Johnson emphasizes the importance of sleep in daily performance and overall health.
  • He challenges the cultural norm of sleep deprivation in the entrepreneurial community.
  • Brian argues that prioritizing sleep leads to better cognitive and emotional performance.

"Sleep is the single most important thing any human does on any given day."

This quote underscores the significance Brian Johnson places on sleep, considering it the most crucial daily activity for human health and performance.

Psychological Biases and Self-Awareness

  • Brian Johnson discusses the challenge of understanding oneself and overcoming psychological biases.
  • He believes that people are often unaware of their own biases and blind spots.
  • Johnson advocates for using numerical data and objective measures to understand reality better.

"Dealing with oneself is the most challenging thing. This is from my experience, the most challenging thing in my existence is understanding my own self."

The quote reflects on the difficulty of self-awareness and the tendency for people to be unaware of their own biases and limitations.

Priming and Behavioral Influence

  • Brian Johnson is fascinated by how psychological priming can influence behavior.
  • He explains that simple priming with words related to old age can make people walk more slowly.
  • Johnson is interested in how stories and beliefs shape our behavior and actions.

"Oh, man, it's like my most favorite topic. Because we are fooled into thinking that we truly understand our situation, our reality."

This quote expresses Brian Johnson's interest in the concept of priming and how it reveals that people often do not fully understand their own behaviors and motivations.

Behavioral Change and Discipline

  • Brian Johnson discusses the importance of discipline and making lifestyle choices that prioritize health.
  • He acknowledges the social pressures that make it challenging to maintain healthy habits, such as sleep.
  • Johnson encourages bravery in setting personal health standards and influencing social norms.

"There's a difference between the acknowledgment that sleep may be good for you, and you say, yeah, I'm on board of good sleep. It's an entirely different situation when you prioritize your life around that."

The quote distinguishes between mere acknowledgment of the benefits of sleep and actively prioritizing sleep in one's lifestyle, highlighting the importance of discipline in making health-conscious decisions.

The Blueprint for Longevity

  • Brian Johnson describes "blueprint" as his anti-aging and life-extending protocol.
  • He has been following this blueprint for almost three years, aiming for the ultimate effort of not dying.
  • Johnson views his strict adherence to the blueprint as a demonstration of what is scientifically possible.

"I wanted to say, okay, if you really take don't die to the absolute extreme, I'm going to measure every biological process in my body and find out where every cell is aging, like basically where dying is happening."

Brian Johnson explains his blueprint's goal to meticulously measure and prevent the aging process at the cellular level, taking the concept of not dying to its extreme.

The Future of Human Existence and AI

  • Brian Johnson believes we are on the cusp of a new era where superintelligence may enable humans to engineer reality.
  • He suggests that AI's capabilities may soon allow us to program and manipulate our experiences and environment.
  • Johnson sees this potential future as an opportunity for an existence beyond our current imagination.

"Increasingly, that opens up an expanse of opportunity that is so far beyond our imagination, we can't even begin to pretend like we understand."

The quote conveys Brian Johnson's vision of a future where AI allows for unprecedented control over our reality, presenting possibilities that are currently unimaginable.

Concerns About Wealth Disparities and Longevity

  • Brian Johnson addresses concerns about increasing wealth disparities as people live longer.
  • He sees the potential for older generations to accumulate more wealth as a public policy issue to be solved.
  • Johnson does not believe these concerns should deter the pursuit of longevity and improved quality of life.

"That's just an engineering problem. It's public policy."

This quote from Brian Johnson minimizes the concern of wealth disparities associated with increased longevity, framing it as a solvable problem through policy and engineering rather than a fundamental obstacle to pursuing life extension.

Human Advancement through Engineering Biology

  • Brian Johnson discusses his work over the past ten years in engineering biology.
  • He emphasizes the need for programmability in the physical world, akin to software programming, to solve global issues like coral reef degradation.
  • Brian Johnson's goal is to develop foundational technology that allows for the programming of physical reality to improve health, environmental health, and create a global biological immune system.
  • Once we have the ability to program physical reality, it opens up possibilities for improving conscious states and overall wellness.

"When we started learning how to engineer biology. This is what I spent the past ten years doing is." "We need this foundational technology so that any problem in the physical world, whether it be our health, the health of the oceans, anything, building a global biological immune system, we need to have these physical abilities."

The quotes elaborate on the moment humans began to take control over the development of life through biological engineering, and Brian Johnson's vision for using this technology to address a wide range of physical world problems.

Kernel and Cognitive Existence

  • Kernel is a company that focuses on using science and data to optimize cognitive existence.
  • The technology allows for easy and accessible brain data acquisition, similar to weighing oneself on a scale.
  • Kernel's product is a helmet that provides important information about the brain's health and functioning.

"Kernel is a way for us to use science and data to build our best cognitive existence." "A kernel is to buy a helmet. You put it on your head, and you find out important information about your brain."

These quotes introduce Kernel as a tool for enhancing cognitive health and explain the practical application of the technology in providing brain data.

Brain Patterns and Psychedelics

  • Brian Johnson participated in a ketamine study to demonstrate the ability to measure brain patterns.
  • He describes the stability of his brain patterns before the ketamine experience and the disruption and reformation of these patterns afterward.
  • Brian Johnson's experience highlights the potential therapeutic window for creating new brain patterns following psychedelic use.
  • Psychedelics are seen as powerful tools for mental health, potentially helping break entrenched patterns of thinking and behavior.

"I had my brain measured for ten minutes a day, for five days before, during the ketamine experience, and then 14 days afterwards." "There was that one to three day therapeutic window where I was very open to new pattern creation."

The quotes describe the process of measuring brain activity before, during, and after a psychedelic experience, and the observed changes in brain patterns that suggest a therapeutic potential for psychedelics.

The Role of Psychedelics and Kernel in Mental Health

  • Brian Johnson believes psychedelics are powerful and hopes Kernel can accelerate their progress in mental health treatment.
  • He emphasizes the importance of objective data over subjective questionnaires in assessing the effects of psychedelics.
  • Kernel's data-tracking system could support broader adoption of psychedelics by providing reliable evidence of their impact.

"They're powerful. Yeah. And I hope that kernel accelerates their progress because most of the measurements are done through questionnaires." "Having a system that tracks the data removes some of that challenge."

Brian Johnson discusses the potential for Kernel to validate the efficacy of psychedelics in mental health, highlighting the superiority of data over subjective accounts.

Personal Psychedelic Experiences and Reality Perception

  • Both the host and Brian Johnson share their personal experiences with psychedelics.
  • The host describes a transformative experience with mushrooms, which led to insights about the fragility of reality perception.
  • Brian Johnson reflects on the profound change in reality that can occur from ingesting a psychedelic substance.

"Then, Jesus, I can't trust much, can I?" "What do we really know about anything? And like you said, this one little plant, and you eat it, you ingest it, and then somehow your reality is absolutely transformed into something that you never imagined was possible."

These quotes capture the profound impact of psychedelics on the perception of reality, as recounted by the host and Brian Johnson, and their implications for understanding consciousness and reality.

Superintelligence and the Future of Human Experience

  • Brian Johnson discusses the concept of superintelligence, referring to artificial intelligence that surpasses human intelligence.
  • He believes that computational intelligence will soon greatly exceed human intelligence, posing questions about the nature of future experiences and the evolution of our species.
  • The conversation touches on the potential for humans to acquire new capabilities of conscious experience creation.

"Computational intelligence on near future timelines are going to be far superior to our form of intelligence." "We're walking into the cradle of super intelligence."

These quotes outline Brian Johnson's perspective on the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of human experience and evolution.

The "Do Not Die" Argument and Life Extension

  • Brian Johnson is a proponent of life extension and does not find any argument against it compelling.
  • He uses a thought experiment projecting into the 25th century to argue that future generations will view the preservation of life as obvious and necessary.
  • He discusses the potential for living forever or reversing aging, drawing parallels to the limited perspective of Homo erectus on the future of Homo sapiens.

"I'm convinced by my thought experiment that they look back and be like, of course, in the early 21st century, Homo sapiens figured out that they had developed the technology to continually expand their life and that the homo sapien culture shifted to the preservation of life." "Why would we even begin to imagine that we can express an opinion that is meaningful?"

Brian Johnson expresses his conviction in the life extension movement and the inevitability of significant technological advances in this field, suggesting that current perspectives on the future may be too limited.

CRISPR Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy

  • CRISPR genetic engineering and gene therapy are discussed as means to extend human lifespan beyond the current ceiling.
  • Brian Johnson underwent gene therapy to increase the expression of folastatin, which could potentially impact muscle mass and overall health.
  • The host and Brian Johnson discuss the practical aspects of gene therapy and its potential to break through the lifespan ceiling.

"But to punch through 120 is very difficult through lifestyle and diet and exercise. And so to really punch through this ceiling, you need to start working at the genetic level." "This gene therapy didn't change my actual genes. It just increases the expression of full statin in my body."

These quotes explain the limitations of traditional methods for extending lifespan and introduce gene therapy as a method to significantly enhance human health and longevity.

Anti-Aging Therapies and Supplements

  • The conversation shifts to anti-aging therapies and supplements available to the general public, including NAD+ treatments and their efficacy.
  • Brian Johnson stresses the importance of measuring the effects of such treatments and supplements to verify their benefits.
  • He dismisses most anti-aging products as ineffective, except for certain evidence-based interventions.

"You need to see it working in your body. Otherwise, be careful when you're doing it." "They reliably maintain my IC NAd levels at an 18 year old level."

Brian Johnson emphasizes the need for empirical evidence when evaluating anti-aging therapies and shares his personal experience with maintaining youthful levels of NAD+ through specific supplements.

The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Brian Johnson discusses the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), including its potential to reduce the risk of various diseases and improve overall health.
  • He points out that most olive oils do not meet the quality standards necessary to provide these benefits.
  • Brian Johnson has created a supply chain to provide high-quality EVOO that meets these specifications.

"Extra virgin olive oil is very close to number one. You really." "It's better than ozempic."

These quotes highlight the significant health benefits associated with high-quality extra virgin olive oil and Brian Johnson's efforts to make such a product widely available.

Measuring Health and Aging

  • Brian Johnson introduces two tests: one to measure the speed of aging and another to measure the duration of nighttime erections.
  • He advocates for everyone to know these health metrics, along with their weight, to better understand and potentially improve their health.
  • The tests provide baseline data that can inform lifestyle changes to slow aging and improve overall health.

"So everybody should know three things. How much you weigh, how fast you're aging, and the duration of your nighttime erections." "You could potentially slow your speed of aging to 0.6, which means while all of your friends are aging at a normal rate, you would get September, October, November and December for free."

These quotes describe the importance of measuring specific health indicators to track and potentially improve one's health and longevity.

Nighttime Erections as a Health Indicator

  • Nighttime erections are a meaningful health indicator, representing psychological, sexual, and cardiovascular health.
  • The frequency and duration of nighttime erections can be measured and logged using a device.
  • The data collected from this device can provide insights into the quality and type of erections.

"And then this data, it's really important because it represents psychological health, sexual health, cardiovascular health."

This quote highlights the significance of tracking nighttime erections as they are not just a sexual function but also an indicator of overall health.

Personal Experience with Erection Measurement

  • Brian Johnson has been measuring his nighttime erections and found his average duration to be 2 hours and twelve minutes.
  • He compares his erection duration with that of an 18-year-old, aiming to reach 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • The goal is to determine if nighttime erections can be improved.

"So my current erection amount is equal to roughly my chronological age. For me to be equal to an 18 year old, I would need 3 hours and 30 minutes."

Brian Johnson explains his personal findings and sets a goal based on the average duration of an 18-year-old's nighttime erections.

Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erections

  • Focused shockwave therapy is used to rejuvenate the penis and potentially increase nighttime erections.
  • The therapy involves using a wand with acoustic technology to create micro-injuries, promoting rebuilding.
  • This technology is also used for treating other body parts like ACL injuries and is applied for erectile dysfunction.

"We're wondering if you take this therapy, this focus shockwave therapy, and if it will just basically rejuvenate the penis and increase nighttime erections."

Brian Johnson discusses the potential benefits of focused shockwave therapy in rejuvenating the penis and enhancing nighttime erections.

Personal Results from Shockwave Therapy

  • Brian Johnson reports subjective improvements after undergoing shockwave therapy, feeling as if his penis has become younger.
  • The therapy is described as painful, requiring pain management.
  • Benefits include improved erection strength and orgasm pleasurability.

"My subjective experience is, it's as if my Penis has gotten like 15 years younger."

This quote reflects Brian Johnson's personal experience with shockwave therapy, suggesting a subjective improvement in the condition of his penis.

Electromagnetic Technology for Muscle Growth

  • Electromagnetic technology, like the 20k sit-up machine, is used to stimulate muscle growth.
  • The effectiveness of the technology is verified through MRI, showing muscle breakdown and regeneration.
  • Brian Johnson has experienced muscle definition improvement from using this technology.

"We've increased cheating."

Brian Johnson mentions that using electromagnetic technology has led to muscle improvements, as observed in MRI scans.

Hair Loss and Treatment

  • Brian Johnson discusses his hair loss treatment protocol, which includes platelet-rich plasma injections, red light therapy, and a nightly concoction.
  • Hair loss is a significant psychological issue for men, and Brian Johnson hopes to break stigmas by discussing it publicly.
  • The treatment aims to improve follicle strength and prevent future damage.

"And it's improved the structure of my penis."

Here, Brian Johnson correlates the treatment he's been undergoing for hair loss with an improvement in the physical structure of his penis, suggesting a broader impact on his body's condition.

Air Quality and Health

  • Brian Johnson monitors air quality in his home and takes measures to ensure it is pristine.
  • Poor air quality can cause sustained damage to health, particularly through particles that get lodged in the lungs.
  • Avoiding outdoor activities on days with bad air quality is part of his health protocol.

"So there's a lot of sustained damage that's just hard to undo."

This quote emphasizes the importance of maintaining good air quality to prevent long-term health damage.

Kate Tolo's Involvement with Blueprint

  • Kate Tolo, a former fashion strategist, is the first woman to follow the blueprint way of living.
  • She decided to work with Brian Johnson due to a shared interest in merging with AI.
  • Kate Tolo's role with Brian Johnson is multifaceted, encompassing marketing, brand design, and other necessary tasks.

"I reached out to him and across every medium, so literally his medium, articles, email, social media, and I never heard back."

Kate Tolo describes her persistent efforts to connect with Brian Johnson, which eventually led to their collaboration.

Personal Transformation with Blueprint Protocol

  • Kate Tolo underwent a 30-day trial of the blueprint protocol, which involved significant lifestyle changes.
  • The protocol demands perfection in self-care, including sleep, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Kate Tolo faced existential crises and self-destructive tendencies during the initial phase of the protocol.

"My baseline fitness testing, for example, put me on an average of, like, age 60 or age 70, just based on my flexibility, my strength, my cardiovascular health, all those kinds of things."

Kate Tolo shares the surprising results of her initial fitness testing, which did not align with her external appearance of health.

Results and Impact of Following Blueprint Protocol

  • After 90 days on the blueprint protocol, Kate Tolo observed improvements in sleep, strength, fitness, and bloodwork.
  • The protocol requires a full-time commitment and can be challenging to integrate with existing lifestyles.
  • Kate Tolo's experience demonstrates the potential for significant health improvements through strict adherence to the blueprint protocol.

"My leg press one rep max went from 220 pounds to 360 pounds in 30 days."

Kate Tolo provides a specific example of her physical improvements after following the blueprint protocol for 30 days.

Grind Culture and Social Life

  • Kate Tolo has embraced grind culture, dedicating herself to her work and responsibilities.
  • Despite her busy schedule, she maintains social connections, adapting her social activities to fit her lifestyle.
  • Her friends are supportive and accommodating of her commitment to work.

"I'm a grind culture child. I really did throw myself into it."

This quote emphasizes Kate's identification with grind culture and her strong work ethic, which has significantly influenced her social life.

Sacrifices and Lifestyle Changes

  • Kate Tolo discusses the small joys of life that are tied to routine activities, such as enjoying oat milk lattes.
  • She had to remap her routines and find new sources of joy due to changes in her lifestyle.
  • Sacrifices and adjustments are part of committing to a new way of living.

"It's just so sad. But the first thing that comes to my mind is oat milk lattes."

Kate uses the example of missing oat milk lattes to illustrate the emotional impact of changing everyday habits and the sacrifices involved in adapting to a new lifestyle.

Pressure and Expectations

  • Kate Tolo feels pressure due to the expectations set by others, including Brian Johnson's faith in her.
  • She experiences a conflict between meeting external expectations and listening to her own body's needs.
  • Data-driven insights from her fitness tracker helped her realize when to prioritize her health over external pressures.

"You can't let those things drive you when you're on blueprint."

Kate acknowledges the tension between external pressures and the need to focus on personal health metrics, highlighting the importance of data in guiding her decisions.

Personal Choice and Empowerment

  • Brian Johnson emphasizes that Kate Tolo's participation in the blueprint program was her choice, free from pressure or obligation.
  • He believes that her unique perspective and understanding of the program's intricacies made her an ideal candidate.
  • The process revealed barriers that prevented Kate from prioritizing her health.

"It was Kate's call to do it. And even when she was doing it, it was entirely her decision whether she wanted to continue."

Brian's statement reinforces the idea that Kate had autonomy over her decision to engage with the blueprint program, highlighting the importance of personal choice in such commitments.

Perspective on Life and Death

  • The conversation explores the participants' views on life, death, and the desire to live fully.
  • They discuss the scarcity of life and how it contributes to the specialness of experiences.
  • The fear of death is seen as a rational fear, but the focus is on living each moment to the fullest.

"I don't mind the idea of death. If it happens, it happens. But I would love to be able to spend each minute living as much as possible."

Kate expresses her acceptance of death but emphasizes her desire to live life fully, reflecting on the value she places on the quality of life over the fear of death.

Evolution of Human Health and Practices

  • Brian Johnson talks about the evolution of human practices, particularly in health and wellness.
  • He mentions the advancements made in gene therapy and the publication of a book.
  • The blueprint program's dietary protocol, exercises, and supplements have been made available for free, aiming to contribute to the future evolution of humanity.

"What I hope is we've given a blueprint for the future evolution of being human, and we've made everything available for free for everyone all over the world."

Brian's quote highlights his ambition to share knowledge and resources for the betterment of human health and evolution, emphasizing the accessibility and openness of the blueprint program.

Self-Reflection and Improvement

  • Kate Tolo reflects on whether her current self is doing a better job of looking after her well-being compared to her past self.
  • She discusses the importance of self-care and acknowledges that her happiness is not within her control.
  • The blueprint program is being adapted to account for differences between men and women, including hormonal and physiological factors.

"Regardless of the data and how I feel and all these kinds of things, the thing that I always come back to on whether or not this is the right decision for me, as in blueprint is who's doing a better job of looking after Kate."

Kate's contemplation on self-improvement and care demonstrates her commitment to making choices that enhance her well-being, using the blueprint program as a tool for personal growth.

Financial Investment and Humanitarian Impact

  • Brian Johnson talks about the financial investment in the blueprint program, focusing on scientific research and measurement protocols.
  • He believes that the implementation of the blueprint program can be cost-effective and impactful on a humanitarian level.
  • The blueprint product stack is being developed to make the program more accessible and easy to follow.

"The majority of that has been on the measurement protocols. It's the scientific research."

Brian explains the significant investment in scientific research and measurement protocols for the blueprint program, emphasizing the thorough approach taken to ensure the program's effectiveness and accuracy.

Disagreements and Perspectives

  • Kate Tolo and Brian Johnson discuss their agreement on most topics but acknowledge they have different perspectives.
  • Kate sees herself as an operations manager for humanity, focusing on efficient systems to improve global health.
  • Brian is described as a visionary who pushes boundaries and challenges conventional thinking.

"I really see myself as an operations manager for humanity."

Kate's self-description as an operations manager for humanity reflects her focus on large-scale systems and her role in implementing efficient solutions for global challenges.

Communication and Community Engagement

  • Brian Johnson expresses gratitude for the positive community response to their previous podcast appearance.
  • He values the feedback from comments and strives to communicate complex ideas more clearly.
  • Both Brian and Kate engage with criticism and mean comments in a positive and thoughtful manner.

"I read all the comments. I find it to be a really informative source about what I'm doing well to communicate what I'm struggling on."

Brian's appreciation for community feedback shows his commitment to improving communication and his respect for the audience's perspective.

Reflections on Existence and Well-being

  • Brian Johnson reflects on the importance of health and wellness in shaping one's existence and the way people interact with the world.
  • He questions the clarity of human judgment when influenced by poor health habits and addiction.
  • The conversation touches on societal norms and the potential for change through awareness and education.

"How lucky are we to exist in this moment? And if we're really trying to figure out how we have the most fulfilling existence, prioritizing our health and wellness... changes your existence."

Brian's philosophical musings on existence and well-being underscore the transformative power of prioritizing health and the potential for a more fulfilling life as a result.

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