The #1 Persuasion Hack That Can Make You Millions Ep 639

Summary Notes


In this insightful discussion on enhancing sales effectiveness, the host of "The Game" and Speaker A emphasize the critical role of genuine belief in a product for successful sales. Speaker A recounts an experience of consulting a mortgage lead sales team, highlighting the necessity for salespeople to have authentic conviction in what they sell to convincingly transfer that belief to potential customers. They suggest a systematic approach to bolster this conviction, including integrating customer success stories into sales training and fostering cross-departmental communication to reinforce the sales team's faith in the product. This approach, they argue, is more impactful than skill alone, as it fills the sales team with the passion needed to overcome prospects' doubts and drive sales through a deep-seated, shared belief in the value of the product or service offered.

Summary Notes

Trust and Conviction in Sales

  • Establishing trust is critical for successful sales recommendations.
  • Genuine belief in the product or service is necessary to convey trustworthiness.
  • Conviction in what one is selling translates to more effective and believable communication.

"The closer you can have the trust, so that when you make the recommendation, it's like having a referral, the person will believe you because the way you are saying it is believable. And the way to make it believable is to actually believe it."

This quote emphasizes the importance of trust and genuine belief in the product for making credible sales recommendations. If the salesperson truly believes in the product, their recommendations come across as more sincere and trustworthy, akin to a personal referral.

Building Businesses and Sharing the Journey

  • The speaker is building a billion-dollar business and wishes that other prominent entrepreneurs had documented their journeys.
  • The goal is to share experiences with others to help them learn and grow their own businesses.

"Welcome to the game where we talk about how to sell more stuff to more people in more ways and build businesses worth owning. I'm trying to build a billion dollar thing with I always wish Bezos, musk, and buff that had documented their journey. So I'm doing it for the rest of us. Please share and enjoy."

The speaker introduces the podcast's theme, which is about expanding sales and building valuable businesses. They express a desire to document their business-building process, providing insights that they wish had been available from other successful entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett.

Systematic Sales Process and Belief in the Product

  • The speaker was recruited for a sales consulting gig to improve a team's sales script and training.
  • Belief in the product is highlighted as the most crucial factor for closing sales.
  • Sales scripts are ineffective if the salesperson lacks conviction in the product's value.

"I'm going to tell you the number one way to increase the percentage of sales that get closed by you and your team through a systematic process. And so the reason I want to make this is years ago I was recruited to bring in or to be brought in and flown in for a sales consulting gig, which I don't do. And it was years ago, but the team was selling mortgage leads."

This quote introduces the topic of the speaker's past experience being brought in for a sales consulting job, setting the stage for a discussion about the importance of belief in the product for successful sales.

"But if you don't believe in the product, I was like, none of this is going to matter. I said, if you believed in the leads, I was like, you wouldn't even need the script."

The speaker emphasizes that the conviction in the product's value is fundamental to successful selling. Without belief, even the best sales script is pointless.

Sales as a Transference of Conviction

  • Sales is described as the transference of conviction from the salesperson to the customer.
  • Trust is the vehicle that completes this transfer of belief.
  • A salesperson's lack of belief in the product inhibits their ability to instill conviction in potential buyers.
  • Sales performance can decline not due to a lack of selling skills but due to a loss of conviction in the product.

"And so people will believe. Like, if you think about what sales really is, it's a transference of conviction. And so you've got some person who doesn't believe. One person who does believe and trust is what completes the transfer. And you have to duplicate the conviction in this person and this person. And so if a salesperson doesn't believe in the product, they have no way to transfer the conviction because they have no baseline of conviction to work off of."

This quote defines sales as the process of transferring one's conviction about a product or service to another person. It explains that trust is essential for this transfer to occur, and without personal conviction in the product, a salesperson cannot effectively sell.

"And a different version of this happens when people start hot, they do really well, and all of a sudden they start not selling as well. It's not because they don't know how to sell. And training is not the thing that's going to fix."

The speaker notes that a decline in sales performance might not be due to a lack of skills but rather a diminishing belief in the product. This implies that rekindling conviction, rather than additional sales training, could be the solution to improving sales outcomes.

Sales Conviction and Product Belief

  • Sales teams need to genuinely believe in the product to effectively sell it.
  • Conviction affects how sales scripts are delivered and can impact closing rates.
  • Regular meetings between customer success and sales teams can increase product belief.
  • Sharing customer success stories provides sales teams with evidence to bolster their conviction.
  • Cross-departmental knowledge prevents miscommunication and equips sales with accurate information.
  • Testimonials and client stories can be powerful tools to enhance sales team belief.
  • Direct experiences, such as witnessing customer satisfaction, can significantly boost sales team conviction.

"And so the way to prevent this and to actively increase conviction, which is what's going to change the way they say the words on the script, is by actively having a process to make them believe."

This quote emphasizes the importance of having a process in place to ensure sales teams believe in the product they are selling, as this belief will alter the delivery of their sales pitches.

"This is me getting a little bit operational with you. But this is how it works. You meet weekly and you have both teams on."

The speaker is providing a practical solution to increase sales team conviction by suggesting operational meetings between customer success and sales teams.

Customer Success and Sales Synergy

  • Weekly meetings between customer success and sales teams create a feedback loop.
  • Success stories shared by customer success teams serve as motivational tools for sales teams.
  • Sales teams can avoid potential miscommunication by understanding customer feedback.
  • Customer success provides sales with 'ammunition' to reinforce the product's value proposition.

"And the people from customer success share the wins of the clients who are going through the program."

This quote highlights the role of customer success in sharing positive outcomes, which serves as a form of encouragement and evidence for the sales team.

"And you create cross departmental knowledge, which is really useful because the sales team knows not to say some things because people, we're misunderstanding them."

The quote points out the benefit of cross-departmental communication in clarifying and refining sales messages to avoid misunderstandings.

Leveraging Testimonials and Client Stories

  • Establishing a pipeline for collecting customer testimonials is crucial.
  • Having clients share their success stories directly with the sales team can be impactful.
  • Personal client experiences can greatly enhance the sales team's belief in the product.

"And what you do is in the best case scenario, you have that client hop on with the sales team and explain their story."

This quote suggests involving clients in the sales process by having them share their experiences, which can be a compelling sales tool.

Real-world Impacts on Sales Conviction

  • Observing customer satisfaction firsthand can dramatically increase sales team conviction.
  • Sales consultations are more effective when the sales team is freshly reminded of customer success.
  • Genuine belief in the product simplifies the sales process and alleviates prospect doubts.

"And it turned out that those days were the days that we would actually do the weigh-outs for our program... when someone walks in, it's like the sales took half as long because the belief and the conviction was so strong in the salesman, it overcame the fears and the doubts of the prospect, right?"

This quote demonstrates how direct observation of customer satisfaction events, like weigh-outs, can energize the sales team and make the sales process more efficient.

Trust and Referral in Sales

  • Personal recommendations are a natural and trusted form of marketing.
  • Sales teams need to emulate the trustworthiness of a personal referral.
  • Belief in the product is key to making sales pitches sound genuine and convincing.

"Because the way you are saying it is believable. And the way to make it believable is to actually believe it."

The quote encapsulates the core message that for sales pitches to be effective, the salesperson must truly believe in what they are selling.

Business Growth and Acquisition

  • The opening statement is an invitation to businesses aiming to scale significantly.
  • is presented as a resource for businesses seeking to grow from small to large enterprises.
  • Interested parties are encouraged to apply and consult with the team to facilitate their growth.

Would love to talk to you. And if you like that, or would like to hear more about it, go to You can apply anywhere on the page and talk to one of our team and see if we can help you get there.

This quote serves as an open call to action for business owners who are interested in expanding their business. is offered as a platform to assist in this process.

Sales Team Conviction and Customer Success

  • Structured processes can significantly enhance a sales team's closing rates, emphasizing conviction over skill.
  • Bridging the gap between customer success and sales is crucial, achievable through internal processes and external customer engagement.
  • Utilizing customer testimonials daily reinforces the sales team's purpose and motivation.

And so having a structured process of increasing the conviction of the sales team is a way to massively increase the closing percentages of your team, not based on skill, but based on heart.

This quote emphasizes the importance of a sales team's belief in their product or service, suggesting that conviction can be more influential than skill in closing sales.

The Importance of Daily Motivation

  • Daily reminders of customer transformations help salespeople remember their purpose.
  • Sales and customer support roles are challenging, often facing rejection and difficulties.
  • Salespeople are compared to an offensive line in sports, constantly advancing the company's interests.

And I like that because it sets the cadence for the day, because it reminds us why we do what we do on a regular basis.

This quote highlights the value of starting each day with a focus on the positive impact of the sales team's efforts, reinforcing their purpose and motivation.

The Role of Sales Directors and Founders

  • Sales directors and founders must continually inspire their sales teams.
  • Conviction in the sales team can diminish and needs regular replenishment.
  • Salespeople face doubt from prospects, so it's crucial to maintain their belief in the product or service.

And so the biggest thing that a sales director, and if you are the sales director, because your business is smaller, is that you have to breathe conviction into them, because their conviction can wane over time.

This quote identifies the responsibility of sales directors and founders to consistently reinforce their sales team's belief in what they are selling.

Maintaining Sales Team Mojo

  • Sales performance issues often stem from a loss of belief, not a lack of skill.
  • Reminding salespeople of their belief in the product is more important than teaching them new skills.
  • The analogy of religious faith illustrates the power of genuine conviction in spreading a message.

And so this is fundamentally about fixing mojo within a sales team, which is just getting them to believe and reminding them to believe, which is why one of the biggest sayings I have in sales is we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.

This quote conveys the idea that maintaining a sales team's enthusiasm and belief in their work is crucial for their success, even more so than continual training or skill development.

Conviction in Sales

  • The level of belief in a product is a critical factor in sales success.
  • True conviction can be seen in those who are passionate about their faith, drawing a parallel to sales.
  • Conviction is not just about belief in a product but the depth and intensity of that belief.

Like, people who believe in something automatically sell it.

This quote suggests that genuine belief in a product or service naturally leads to more effective sales, as the salesperson's conviction is conveyed to potential customers.

Belief as a Sales Predictor

  • Belief in one's product or service is a massive predictor of sales success.
  • Founders often excel in sales due to their inherent belief in their business.
  • Replicating this belief in sales teams can be achieved through structured processes and training.
  • Genuine belief in the value of the product or service can lead to a more persistent sales effort.

Which is why so many founders are always some of the best promoters for their businesses, because they believe in it more than anyone else, and they should be.

This quote highlights the importance of genuine belief in one's product or service as a key factor in successful promotion and sales, especially for founders.

Sales Training and Tools

  • Sales training and scripts are important tools for salespeople.
  • These tools are part of the sales process but are not the sole determinants of success.
  • The underlying work ethic and desire to help the customer are what differentiate successful salespeople.

But the fundamental work ethic that someone will fight and their desire to actually help someone is the difference between them thinking about themselves so they can get their commission check and them thinking about the prospect and how this person is missing out on something that's genuinely going to help them.

The quote emphasizes that a salesperson's work ethic and genuine desire to help the customer are more impactful than a focus on personal gain, such as earning a commission.

Conviction in Sales Teams

  • Deeply held beliefs in the value of the product or service are crucial for sales effectiveness.
  • Sales leaders should aim to instill a strong conviction in their sales teams.
  • Proof and active selling to the sales team itself can lead to increased belief and sales performance.

And that is where having proof, where you're actively selling your sales team. That is where you will get the outsized returns, in my opinion, on increasing the effectiveness of the team is that they truly and deeply to their core belief.

This quote suggests that providing proof and actively selling to the sales team can significantly enhance their conviction and effectiveness.

The Power of Conviction

  • The depth of a person's conviction can influence others to question their own beliefs.
  • Deeply held beliefs, like those of religious leaders, can be studied to understand the process of converting others.
  • Conviction is necessary for successful persuasion and conversion in sales and other contexts.

And so if you study the process that people come to faith and how they convince others to come to faith in general, there's a lot of elements of selling that occur there, right, in helping people make decisions to help themselves.

This quote draws parallels between religious conversion and sales, suggesting that the process of convincing others is similar in both contexts and involves elements of selling.

Conviction and Trust in Sales

  • Conviction must be stronger in the seller than in the doubts of the potential buyer.
  • Sales skills are tools for clear communication and trust-building.
  • The ability to transfer conviction across a bridge of trust is critical in sales.

The person has to believe in your conviction more than they believe in their doubt, in the story that they have been telling themselves.

The quote underlines the necessity for the salesperson's conviction to be more compelling than the potential buyer's skepticism in order to facilitate a successful sale.

Gap in Sales Training

  • Many sales training programs lack focus on developing conviction.
  • Instilling conviction is a simple yet effective way to improve sales performance.
  • Conviction should be the starting point for trust-building and effective sales communication.

And so this is the number one thing that I see missing from sales trainings. And it's one of the easiest things that we can do to implement in a team or even in yourself to improve your numbers overall in your business.

This quote identifies the lack of emphasis on conviction in sales training as a significant oversight and suggests that fostering conviction is an easy and effective method to improve sales outcomes.

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