The #1 Persuasion Hack That Can Make You Millions Ep 418

Summary Notes


In this insightful discussion, Alex Hormozi, founder of, emphasizes the crucial role of genuine belief in successful sales. Hormozi shares his expertise on boosting sales team performance, not through skill alone but by fostering deep conviction in the product. He outlines a systematic approach to reinforce sales team belief by bridging the gap between customer success stories and sales tactics. By sharing client wins and testimonials, and creating a feedback loop between departments, sales teams can enhance their conviction, ultimately leading to higher closing rates. Hormozi's key message is that true belief in a product is infectious and can significantly impact a salesperson's effectiveness and the overall growth of a business.

Summary Notes

Trust and Believability in Sales

  • Establishing trust is crucial for successful recommendations and sales.
  • Believability comes from genuinely believing in the product or service being sold.

"The closer you can have the trust, so that when you make the recommendation, it's like having a referral, the person will believe you because the way you are saying it is believable. And the way to make it believable is to actually believe it."

This quote emphasizes the importance of trust in sales. If the salesperson believes in the product, it will come across as more genuine to the potential customer, similar to the trustworthiness of a personal referral.

Business as a Game

  • Wealthy individuals often view business as a strategic game.
  • The podcast aims to share lessons learned from building a successful business portfolio.

"The wealthiest people in the world see business as a game. This podcast, the game is my attempt at documenting the lessons I've learned on my way to building into a billion dollar portfolio."

Alex Hormozi speaks about the mindset of treating business as a game and the intent behind his podcast, which is to document and share the valuable lessons from his journey towards creating a successful business empire.

Intent to Educate and Partner

  • The goal is to educate listeners on business growth.
  • The speaker hopes listeners will eventually partner with his company.

"Lessons to grow your business and maybe someday soon, partner with us to get to $100 million and beyond. I hope you share and enjoy."

Alex Hormozi expresses his desire for listeners to not only learn from the podcast but also to consider future partnerships with his company to achieve significant business milestones.

Alex Hormozi's Background

  • Alex Hormozi introduces himself and his business credentials.
  • is a substantial portfolio of businesses he oversees.

"And if you don't know who I am, my name is Alex Ramosi. I have an It's a portfolio of service coaching, elearning info businesses that do about $85 million a year."

Alex Hormozi provides context about his professional background and the scale of his business operations, establishing his credibility as a source of business advice.

Sales Consulting Experience

  • Hormozi recounts a past experience with a sales consulting gig.
  • He was tasked with improving a sales script and training a sales team.

"And so the reason I want to make this is years ago I was recruited to bring in or to be brought in and flown in for a sales consulting gig, which I don't do. And it was years ago, but the team was selling mortgage leads."

This quote provides background on Alex Hormozi's experience in sales consulting, setting the stage for the insights he is about to share regarding sales effectiveness.

Importance of Product Belief in Sales

  • A salesperson's belief in the product is fundamental to their success.
  • Conviction in the product's value can eliminate the need for a script.

"I was like, dude, I can give you the best script in the world. I was like, but if you don't believe in the product, I was like, none of this is going to matter."

Alex Hormozi stresses that no matter how good a sales script is, it won't be effective if the salesperson does not genuinely believe in the product they are selling.

Conviction Transference

  • Sales is about transferring conviction from the salesperson to the potential buyer.
  • Trust is the key element that allows conviction to be transferred.

"And so if a salesperson doesn't believe in the product, they have no way to transfer the conviction because they have no baseline of conviction to work off of."

Hormozi explains that a salesperson's belief in a product is critical because it serves as the foundation for transferring their conviction to the customer, which is essential for completing a sale.

Importance of Conviction in Sales

  • Conviction in sales affects how salespeople deliver their script.
  • A change in closing rates might indicate that salespeople have lost conviction, often due to negative feedback from prospects.
  • Increasing conviction involves making the sales team believe in the product.
  • A good product is fundamental to instilling belief in the sales team.
  • Systematizing belief involves operational processes like regular meetings between customer success and sales teams.
  • Sharing client wins and creating cross-departmental knowledge helps prevent misunderstandings and boosts sales team conviction.

And so the way to prevent this and to actively increase conviction, which is what's going to change the way they say the words on the script, is by actively having a process to make them believe.

This quote emphasizes the importance of belief in the sales process and suggests that conviction can be increased through a systematic approach.

Operational Strategies to Boost Sales Team Conviction

  • Holding weekly meetings between customer success and sales teams is essential.
  • During these meetings, customer success shares client wins, which helps the sales team stay informed and motivated.
  • Cross-departmental knowledge helps sales avoid miscommunication and equips them with success stories as sales tools.
  • Establishing a pipeline for collecting testimonials and reviews from customers can further support the sales team.
  • Real-life success stories shared directly with the sales team can significantly impact their conviction and effectiveness.

This is me getting a little bit operational with you. But this is how it works. You meet weekly and you have both teams on. And the people from customer success share the wins of the clients who are going through the program.

Alex Hormozi explains that operational tactics, like regular inter-departmental meetings, can foster a culture of shared success and belief in the product.

Real-World Impact of Conviction on Sales

  • Alex Hormozi noticed a pattern of higher closing rates on specific days at his facilities.
  • These were the days when clients completed their programs, and the celebration of their success was palpable.
  • The team's exposure to client success stories during these celebrations translated into stronger conviction during sales consultations.
  • A sales team's strong belief can effectively counteract the prospect's fears and doubts.
  • Conviction can reduce the need for extensive training and logical frameworks in sales and can make the sales process more efficient and genuine.

And I can tell you this because me, firsthand, one of the things that I realized when I looked at our stats was that on Saturdays, in particular Saturdays, we were closing like 100% of people who were walking in the door.

Alex Hormozi shares a personal observation that highlights the direct correlation between witnessing client success and increased sales team performance.

The Role of Organic Buying Process in Sales

  • People tend to buy based on recommendations from trusted sources.
  • Sales are more effective when the salesperson genuinely believes in the product, similar to giving a personal recommendation.
  • Conviction in the sales process can mimic the trust inherent in a referral, leading to higher sales success.
  • Belief is key to making a sales pitch believable to the prospect.

Because the way you are saying it is believable. And the way to make it believable is to actually believe it.

The quote underscores the idea that genuine belief in what one is selling is crucial for making a sales pitch convincing to potential buyers.

Structured Process to Increase Sales Team Conviction

  • Having a structured process to increase the sales team's conviction can significantly boost closing percentages.
  • Conviction is not solely based on skill but also on the sales team's belief in the product or service.
  • Bridging the gap between customer success and sales teams can be done internally through processes and externally by involving customers in calls.
  • Reading testimonials to the sales team can reinforce their purpose and set a positive tone for the day.

And so having a structured process of increasing the conviction of the sales team is a way to massively increase the closing percentages of your team, not based on skill, but based on heart.

This quote emphasizes the importance of a structured approach to bolstering the sales team's belief in what they're selling, which is crucial for improving their performance.

Bridging Customer Success and Sales

  • Connecting customer success stories with the sales team can motivate and remind them of the impact of their work.
  • Utilizing customer testimonials in daily meetings can serve as a powerful reminder of the company's mission and the transformational effect of its products or services.

But also you and the sales directors can read those testimonials every single day to them in the morning.

This quote suggests that regular exposure to customer success stories can inspire the sales team and remind them of the value they provide.

Sales and Customer Support Synergy

  • Sales and customer support roles are similar in that both face constant challenges and rejection.
  • Salespeople are likened to the offensive line in a football team, constantly pushing forward despite resistance.
  • The role of a sales director or founder is to continually reinforce the sales team's belief in the product.

And so customer support and sales, I feel like, are very similar in that they get beat up all day long, and salespeople especially.

This quote draws a parallel between sales and customer support, highlighting the resilience required in both roles.

Conviction Refilling

  • Salespeople's conviction can diminish over time and requires replenishment.
  • Doubts from prospects can dilute a salesperson's belief, necessitating a "refill" of conviction from leadership.
  • The decline in a salesperson's performance is often not due to a lack of skill but a loss of conviction or "mojo."

And it's a cup that has to be refilled, because it's that conviction that they're spreading to all the prospects.

The metaphor of a cup that needs refilling represents the necessity of maintaining a high level of conviction in salespeople to counteract the doubt they encounter.

Importance of Belief in Sales

  • Belief in the product is a critical factor in a salesperson's ability to close deals.
  • Sales training is less important than the genuine belief in what one is selling.
  • The depth and intensity of belief in a product are strong predictors of sales success.
  • Founders often excel in promoting their businesses due to their inherent deep belief in their products.

Like, people who believe in something automatically sell it.

This quote captures the essence of how belief can naturally lead to effective sales without the need for extensive training.

Conviction in Faith-Based Communities

  • Religious communities exemplify the power of conviction in spreading beliefs without formal sales training.
  • The extent of belief is a key factor in convincing others to join a faith, similar to how it affects sales performance.

And if you've ever been around someone who has absolute conviction, because conviction, and this is a key point, is not do you believe in the product, do you not believe in the product? But to what extent do you believe in the product?

This quote highlights that the strength of belief is more important than simply having belief, drawing a parallel to the conviction seen in faith-based evangelism.

Sales Training and Conviction

  • The effectiveness of a sales team hinges on their conviction in the product or service they are selling.
  • Training in specific sales techniques is important, but the underlying work ethic and genuine desire to help the customer is crucial.
  • Salespeople who believe in the transformative power of the product will fight harder to make a sale.
  • Conviction leads to persistence in sales because the salesperson wants the customer to benefit from the product.
  • The depth of a salesperson's conviction can influence the customer's beliefs and decisions.

"But the fundamental work ethic that someone will fight and their desire to actually help someone is the difference between them thinking about themselves so they can get their commission check, and then thinking about the prospect and how this person is missing out on something that's genuinely going to help them and really transform their life and really solve the problems that they have."

This quote highlights the importance of a salesperson's motivation being rooted in a genuine desire to help the customer, rather than focusing solely on earning a commission. This mindset leads to a more passionate and persistent approach to sales.

The Role of Belief in Sales

  • Deeply held beliefs by a salesperson can make them more persuasive.
  • Belief in a product can be as compelling as religious faith, and studying conversion can provide insights into effective sales strategies.
  • A salesperson must have a stronger conviction in what they are selling than any doubts the customer may have.
  • Sales skills are tools to articulate and transfer conviction through building trust.

"And so the person who typically does the converting can never believe less in the thing that they're trying to convert someone into than the person who's being converted."

This quote emphasizes the necessity for the salesperson to have a stronger belief in the product than the potential customer. The salesperson's conviction must outweigh the customer's skepticism to facilitate conversion.

Building a Conviction-Driven Sales Team

  • Sales training should focus on instilling deep conviction in the sales team.
  • Demonstrating proof and success stories can help in selling the sales team on the product.
  • Conviction in the product or service leads to outsized returns in sales effectiveness.
  • The depth of the sales team's belief can influence and potentially change the customer's worldview.

"And that is where having proof, where you're actively selling your sales team, that is where you will get the outsized returns, in my opinion, on increasing the effectiveness of the team is that they truly and deeply to their core belief."

This quote suggests that by providing evidence and success stories, a sales leader can strengthen the sales team's belief in what they are selling, which in turn increases their effectiveness and ability to convince customers.

Personal Motivation Behind Sharing Sales Insights

  • Alex Hormozi shares insights to help others avoid the struggles he faced in business.
  • He aims to ensure his past challenges were not in vain by helping others improve their sales techniques.
  • Hormozi has no intention of selling anything with his advice, emphasizing the authenticity of his message.

"And I have nothing to sell you. All right? And so I make these because I struggled a lot coming up. And if there's any lessons that I can share, I prefer that my pain not have been in vain."

This quote conveys Hormozi's altruistic motivations for sharing his sales knowledge. He wants to help others succeed by sharing the lessons he learned from his own struggles, without any ulterior motive to sell a product or service.

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