Taylor Swift's new album: The Tortured Poets Department ūü§ć reaction, easter eggs and predictions!

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In a spontaneous and exhilarating video, Ally, a dedicated pop culture content creator with a special focus on Taylor Swift, unpacks the shock announcement of Swift's 11th album, "The Tortured Poets Department," set to release on April 19th. Ally shares her immediate reactions, including her disbelief and excitement, as well as her Grammy's watch party experience where Swift clinched her 13th Grammy. She delves into the album's potential themes, the significance of its title, Swift's clever use of Easter eggs, and the staggering pre-order records the album has already broken. Ally hypothesizes about the album's content, suggesting it may offer a more vulnerable, poetic side of Swift and speculates on possible collaborations, drawing parallels with Swift's previous eras and teasing a transformative moment in Swift's career.

Summary Notes

Introduction to a New Taylor Swift Era

  • Ally expresses excitement and a sense of overwhelm at the announcement of a new Taylor Swift era.
  • The video is impromptu and less structured than Ally's usual content.
  • Ally introduces herself and her channel, which focuses on pop culture, especially Taylor Swift.

"welcome to a brand new Taylor Swift era 1 2 3 Let's Go welcome back to class this syllabus is very different to what I thought I would be teaching today this is the most halfhazard unexpected disheveled video you will ever get from me."

This quote sets the stage for the video, indicating a departure from Ally's typical content due to the surprise announcement of Taylor Swift's new era.

Ally's Swiftie Credentials

  • Ally identifies as a Swiftie, a fan of Taylor Swift, and mentions that Swift is a significant influence in her life.
  • She plans to discuss her thoughts, responses, Easter eggs, and theories about the new album.

"hi I'm Ally I make pop culture content a lot of that is about Taylor Swift because she's the woman that raised me."

The quote highlights Ally's personal connection to Taylor Swift and her content's focus on the artist.

Grammy's Watch Party and Swift's Announcement

  • Ally was watching the Grammy Awards with her mother when Taylor Swift announced her new album.
  • She captured her reaction to the announcement, which was one of shock and disbelief.
  • Ally initially thought she was hallucinating the announcement due to its unexpected nature.

"I was having a little Grammy's watch party with my mom and Taylor won her. 13th. Grammy and I was explaining to her the significance of this you know what the 13s mean and all of a sudden my Swifty senses started tingling and words started coming out of her mouth that none of us were prepared for."

The quote describes the context in which Ally heard the album announcement, emphasizing the significance of the number 13 in Swift's career.

The Tortured Poet's Department Era

  • Swift's new album is titled "The Tortured Poet's Department," which Ally finds to be a mouthful.
  • Ally experienced a range of emotions from shock to disbelief regarding the new album announcement.
  • She discusses the album title's uniqueness and length compared to Swift's previous titles.

"welcome to the tortured poets Department era that is such a mouthful."

The quote conveys Ally's reaction to the album's title and marks the beginning of a new phase in Taylor Swift's music career.

Swift's Historic Fourth Album of the Year Win

  • Taylor Swift won her fourth Album of the Year Grammy, which Ally finds remarkable.
  • Ally captured her reaction to this win as well, expressing disbelief and excitement.

"oh my God four time album of the Year winner Taylor Swift."

This quote shows Ally's astonishment at Swift's historic fourth win for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Swift's Continuing Success

  • Ally reflects on the success of Swift's previous albums, including "1989" and "Midnights."
  • Swift's new album has already surpassed the pre-order records set by "Midnights."
  • Ally credits Swift as a significant force in the music industry.

"just a quick Vibe check on how the world is responding to Taylor Swift's 11th album after the massive insane success that was midnights the tortured poets Department vinyl has surpassed the entire first hour pre-order of midnights all formats in less than 25 minutes."

The quote summarizes the immediate commercial success of Swift's new album, indicating its impact compared to her previous work.

Ally's Predictions and Theories

  • Ally claims credit for predicting that something was amiss with the error message on Swift's website.
  • She interpreted the "red herring" clue and changes to Swift's profile picture as indicators of an upcoming announcement.
  • Ally's predictions and attention to detail illustrate her engagement with Swift's promotional strategies.

"okay. so number one if you guys follow me on Instagram you saw on my story that I saw that error message on Taylor's website and did a little scrambling and realized that it said red herring more like rep Herring."

The quote shows Ally's investigative approach to the clues left by Taylor Swift, leading to her predictions about the new album announcement.

Album Title Analysis

  • Ally compares "The Tortured Poet's Department" to a Lana Del Rey album title due to its length and style.
  • She notes the departure from Swift's usual album title conventions.
  • Ally anticipates that the album title will become more familiar over time.

"the tortured poet's department is unlike anything we've ever heard from Taylor if I'm being honest this sounds like a Lana Del re album title."

This quote reflects Ally's initial thoughts on the album title, comparing it to another artist's style and noting its distinctiveness within Swift's discography.

Artistic Struggle and Great Art

  • The notion that artists must suffer or struggle to create great art is discussed.
  • Taylor Swift is referred to as the poet of the current generation, compared to Shakespeare.
  • The title of Taylor Swift's new album suggests a theme of uncovering truths, much like a detective agency.

"Artists need to really suffer or struggle to make great art or in this case be tortured and this honestly makes a lot of sense because as we know Taylor is the poet of Our Generation."

This quote highlights the common belief that personal struggle is often a catalyst for profound artistic creation, and positions Taylor Swift as a significant artistic voice of her generation.

Album Title and Theme

  • The album title is described as deliberate, indicating a theme of investigation and discovery.
  • The use of "department" rather than a more poetic term suggests a structured approach to the album's theme.
  • The theme seems to involve a contrast between public perception and the truth.

"The fact that this is a department rather than something more poetic like a society or a club makes me think this is very deliberate and that the theme of these songs will will fall under that."

This quote analyzes the album title choice, suggesting that the word "department" indicates an organized and methodical exploration of themes within the album.

Cultural References and Easter Eggs

  • Taylor Swift's new album has Easter eggs, including a reference to a text group chat called the "Tortured Man Club."
  • The website's error page featured a backwards acronym "DPT," which ties into the album's theme.
  • The acronym invokes a comparison to "VFD" from Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

"Joe Alwyn along with his two friends Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott their text group chat was called the tortured man Club."

This quote reveals a potential Easter egg or inspiration for the album's theme, showing how personal aspects of Taylor Swift's life may influence her art.

Album Release and Promotion

  • Taylor Swift's tour schedule has a two-month gap, which was not previously seen as significant but now appears to be a planned album promotion period.
  • The album has been kept a secret for two years, indicating a high level of productivity and forward planning.
  • The release date of the album has historical significance and may be thematically relevant.

"Taylor said she's been keeping this a secret for 2 years."

This quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's strategic planning and her ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, which is both impressive and overwhelming to the speaker.

Style and Visuals

  • Taylor Swift's evolving style is discussed, with a focus on her 2023 style choices that resonate with the speaker.
  • The anticipation for new photo shoots and visuals that align with the album's theme is expressed.
  • Taylor Swift's ability to reinvent herself and adapt to new styles is seen as a key to her success.

"Taylor really stepped into a style that resonated so much with me and just that I loved so much and really suited her."

This quote reflects on Taylor Swift's recent style evolution and how it connects with the speaker personally, as well as how it may relate to the upcoming album's aesthetics.

Adaptation and Evolution in Music

  • Taylor Swift's continuous reinvention is discussed as both a sad necessity and a remarkable skill.
  • The diversity of her albums, as evidenced by her Grammy wins, showcases her versatility as an artist.
  • The speaker cautions against forming expectations based on limited visuals, referencing past experiences with Swift's album releases.

"You could not find four more different albums and that is truly part of what makes Taylor Swift so great her ability to continually adapt and evolve and make something brand new."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's diverse discography and her talent for reinvention, which the speaker admires as a hallmark of her artistic greatness.

Speculation on TS11's Genre

  • Fans anticipated a 70s rock album, but TS11 might be a country album.
  • Deep down, there was hope for Taylor Swift's return to country music.
  • It's believed that Taylor Swift will eventually return to her country roots.

"I kind of believed that it was going to be like a 70s rock album so this could literally be a country jamere who's to say."

This quote reflects the initial expectations for TS11's genre and the possibility of it being a country album, showing the uncertainty and speculation among fans.

Taylor Swift's Future in Country Music

  • Taylor Swift is expected to return to country music in the distant future.
  • Taylor Swift is currently enjoying mainstream success, which is less prevalent in country music.
  • Swift is recognized as a storyteller and poet, which aligns with country music's narrative style.

"I think Taylor will return to Country [...] she's the most famous successful person in the world [...] she is at her core a Storyteller a poet."

The quote suggests that despite her current mainstream success, Taylor Swift's foundational qualities as a storyteller and poet make a future return to country music likely.

Expectations for the New Album's Sound

  • The new album is anticipated to be like "folklore's sexy cousin," implying a soft, vulnerable, and confessional style.
  • Fans expect the album to be lyric-focused with a stripped-back production.
  • The album might not be included in the "Eras Tour" setlist but could appear in the acoustic surprise song section.

"This has Aaron Dessner written all over it which I'm so excited for [...] it feels like folklore's sexy cousin."

The quote expresses excitement for Aaron Dessner's involvement and sets expectations for the album's sound to be similar to "folklore" but with its own unique qualities.

Taylor Swift's Visual and Thematic Clues

  • Taylor Swift's Instagram story with Marilyn Monroe hints at an old Hollywood aesthetic.
  • The black and white visual theme may indicate a contrast to previous albums' themes of love.

"Are we finally getting an old Hollywood aesthetic from Taylor [...] reputation the entire Vibe of that was black and white."

This quote discusses the potential thematic direction of the new album based on visual clues, suggesting a possible old Hollywood influence and a thematic departure from "reputation."

The Concept of "The Department"

  • "The Department" suggests a collaborative project, given its connotation of a group with a shared goal.
  • Speculation about collaborations with other artists like Lana Del Rey, Jack Antonoff, and Phoebe Bridgers.
  • The album title's implications on the nature of the project are heavily discussed.

"A department is not just one person that is a collective of people with a shared goal and Taylor as she has written is the chairman."

The quote interprets the album title "The Department" as indicative of a collaborative effort, with Taylor Swift potentially leading a group of artists.

Fan Theories and Website Clues

  • Fans speculate about Taylor Swift releasing three albums in a year.
  • Decoding Taylor Swift's website error message led to discovery of words that may relate to new music.
  • There's debate over whether the words found are a tracklist or have different significance.

"Taylor's website homepage had an error message [...] within that source code [...] we had words in different languages which she's just reached a new level of like psychotic behavior."

This quote highlights the meticulousness of fans in decoding hidden messages on Taylor Swift's website, suggesting an intentional clue left by the artist regarding her new music.

Significance of Words in Taylor's Writing

  • Some words like "chairman," "evidence," "ink," "bruises," and "veins" from Taylor's writing segment are believed to be lyrics from upcoming songs.
  • The rest of the words are assumed to be part of the lyrics that will be heard in future releases.

"A couple of these words like chairman evidence ink bruises veins you know they're already in this writing segment that we've seen the rest I would assume to be lyrics lyrics in the songs that we will eventually hear."

The quote suggests that certain words highlighted by the speaker have already been observed in Taylor's writing, and there is an expectation that the remaining words will be part of her song lyrics.

Taylor's Communication with Fans

  • Taylor hinted at the release of her 11th album by capitalizing 11 T's, a method she used in the lyric booklets of her first five albums.
  • This style of communication was a clue that was in front of the fans all along.

"The letter from Taylor where she essentially told us that ts11 was coming by capital ing 11 T's the same way that she used to communicate with us in the lyric booklets of her first five albums and as usual it was in front of us all along."

This quote indicates that Taylor Swift has a history of using capital letters as a form of communication with her fans, which was used again to hint at her upcoming 11th album.

Album Cover and Tour Rehearsal Photo Similarity

  • A theory suggests that the outfit Taylor wears on the album cover resembles a tour rehearsal photo she previously shared.
  • The speaker agrees with the sentiment that the album is specifically for fans, referencing "you're on your own kid" and "this is me trying mirror Bor girlies."

"Someone has also theorized that the outfit she's wearing on the album cover looks very similar to this tour rehearsal photo she shared."

The quote highlights a fan theory that draws a connection between Taylor's album cover attire and a past rehearsal photo, implying a deliberate choice by Taylor that may have deeper significance.

Album's Depth and Poetry

  • The speaker expresses nervousness about the album's complexity and depth.
  • The album is anticipated to have a new level of depth and poetry that might be challenging to fully comprehend.
  • The speaker's interest in English and teaching is mentioned in relation to the album's expected literary qualities.

"I am a little bit nervous that she's just way too smart for me and this album will go way over my head."

The quote reflects the speaker's concern about the intellectual demands of Taylor's new album, suggesting it may contain sophisticated poetry and themes.

Connection Between Albums

  • There is a thematic connection between the ending of "midnights" with "dear reader" and the new album focusing on "tortured poets."
  • The speaker draws a parallel to how "lover" led into "midnights" and now "dear reader" is leading into the new album about poets.

"Also very interesting when we think about the ending of midnights being dear reader and then it leading into the tortured poets department."

This quote points out the narrative continuity between Taylor's albums, with the ending of one album setting the thematic stage for the next.

Analysis of Taylor's Album Announcement

  • The speaker analyzes the words used by Taylor in her album announcement, noting the unusual rhyming scheme and the play on words.
  • The phrase "my veins are Pitch Black Ink" is highlighted for its imagery and metaphorical significance.
  • "My tarnished coat of arms" is interpreted as a reference to Taylor's reputation or heart, with "code of arms" symbolizing protection.

"And so I enter into evidence my tarnished coat of arms my Muses acquired like bruises my talismans and charms the tick tick tick of Love bombs... my veins are Pitch Black Ink hold on that doesn't fit a normal rhyming scheme."

The quote is a direct excerpt from Taylor's album announcement, showcasing her poetic style and the speaker's analysis of its meaning and structure.

Taylor's Confessional and Unrestrained Approach

  • The speaker appreciates the confessional and almost threatening tone of Taylor's announcement, particularly the line "all's fair in love and poetry."
  • This line is seen as a declaration that Taylor is ready to abandon the rules and be more direct and honest in her storytelling.

"I also really love the confessional almost threatening ending of all's fair in love and poetry."

The quote reflects the speaker's admiration for Taylor's bold and unrestrained approach to her music and lyrics, as indicated by the phrase which suggests an abandonment of conventional rules in love and art.

Recommendation to Watch "Dead Poet Society"

  • The speaker suggests that their followers watch "Dead Poet Society," although they do not expect it to resemble Taylor's album.
  • The movie is recommended based on its personal significance to the speaker and its potential thematic relevance.

"I think the homework that I will set for you guys is just to go and watch Dead Poet Society."

This quote is an instruction from the speaker to their audience, recommending a film that may have thematic ties to Taylor's new album or simply because it is a favorite of the speaker.

Engagement with Fan Theories and Predictions

  • The speaker encourages fans to share their thoughts, theories, and predictions in the comments to facilitate discussion and revisit them in the future.
  • There is excitement about experiencing Taylor's album releases and announcements in real time.

"Please leave all of your thoughts and theories and conspiracies and ideas and predictions in the comments mostly so I can respond to it but also so we can come back to it in you know the following months and see who was right."

The speaker is inviting fans to engage in a collective speculation about Taylor's new album, emphasizing the joy of community discussion and anticipation.

Taylor's Engagement with Fans

  • Taylor is noted to have returned to Tumblr, which is seen as a return to her "old ways" of engaging with fans.
  • The speaker expresses excitement over Taylor's active engagement and the personal significance of upcoming events, including attending a Taylor Swift concert.

"I also saw that she's been on Tumblr again tonight. so like she's just going back to her old ways and I love that."

This quote observes Taylor Swift's renewed activity on Tumblr, suggesting she is revisiting previous methods of fan interaction, which excites the speaker.

Personal Reflections on Growth

  • The speaker contemplates the feeling of growing up and the challenges of navigating adulthood.
  • The closing statement reflects a sense of uncertainty and the desire for guidance or reassurance.

"Is this what it feels like to grow up not knowing how to do anything right."

The quote captures a moment of introspection from the speaker, questioning the experiences and emotions associated with growing up and the pursuit of personal development.

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