Taylor Swift’s Midnights Era Rumour Recap and Missed Easter Eggs

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Hosts Lisa and Cameron of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast delve into the intricate details surrounding Taylor Swift's upcoming album "Midnights," analyzing its lyrical themes and potential sound. They discuss the significance of explicit lyrics, as indicated by the clean version available on Taylor's website, and speculate on the album's length based on vinyl production constraints. Additionally, they ponder the possibility of a retro 70s vibe, inferred from the album's aesthetic and promotional materials. The hosts also address rumors and easter eggs, debunking some while considering others as plausible hints towards the album's content. They contemplate Taylor's recent glamorous public appearances, contrasting with the more subdued and troubled imagery of the album's photoshoots, suggesting a duality in the album's narrative. Lastly, they express their eagerness for a magazine interview that could provide deeper insights into Taylor's creative process and the album's direction.

Summary Notes

Podcast Introduction

  • Lisa and Cameron are the hosts of "Swiftly Spoken," a Taylor Swift-themed podcast.
  • The episode focuses on recapping details known about Taylor Swift's album "Midnights."
  • They discuss lyrical content, album length, track details, and theories about Easter eggs and rumors.

"Welcome to Swiftly Spoken, a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorize about what may be coming next."

This quote introduces the podcast's theme and the episode's focus on Taylor Swift's "Midnights" album.

Lyrical Content of "Midnights"

  • Taylor Swift's official website hints at explicit lyrics by offering a clean version of "Midnights."
  • Past albums have included explicit lyrics, and the clean version will have alternate lyrics.
  • The hosts express their excitement for the alternate lyrics, referencing the clean version of "Ivy" from a previous album.

"On Taylor's official site, there is an area where it allows us to access a clean version of the album."

This quote indicates the existence of a clean version of "Midnights," suggesting the standard album contains explicit content.

Album Length Speculation

  • Speculation about the album's length is based on the vinyl version being a single LP.
  • Standard vinyl usually runs up to 44 minutes, implying "Midnights" may be around that length.
  • The hosts discuss the implications of a one-LP album and compare it to Taylor's previous multi-LP albums.

"According to what we can read on her website, the album is only going to be including one LP which usually standard vinyl only runs to about 44 minutes."

This quote speculates on the potential length of "Midnights" based on the physical format offered on Taylor Swift's website.

Track List and Album Structure

  • The album will likely have 13 tracks, which is shorter compared to recent releases.
  • The hosts prefer a shorter, more condensed tracklist and appreciate the careful selection of songs.
  • They discuss the significance of going back to a 13-track list, reminiscent of earlier albums like "1989."

"It's interesting that... it is going to be 44 minutes that would probably be one of Taylor's shortest especially recently... it's quite nice to have something that feels a bit more just slightly shorter and it feels a bit more like the original Taylor albums."

This quote reflects the hosts' preference for a shorter album and their anticipation of a more focused selection of songs in "Midnights."

Track Names and Theories

  • The album cover suggests placeholder names for 13 tracks, but actual track names are expected.
  • The hosts theorize about the possibility of each track being named after specific midnights.
  • They discuss the pros and cons of such a concept, considering Taylor's past lyrical references and the practicality of radio play.

"It's basically confirmed-ish that those tracks are gonna have their own names to them... one theory that I had... is that each track had the date of the midnight it was speaking about as its name."

This quote discusses a theory about the track naming convention and the connection to specific dates or events in Taylor Swift's life.

Album Aesthetics and Era

  • Special editions and Taylor's appearances contribute to the album's retro aesthetic.
  • The use of Republic Records' old logo from the 90s on the album's physical formats suggests a retro sound.
  • The tracklist on the album cover is a design element reminiscent of the 50s to 70s.

"The special editions themselves have given us a lot of information as well because they really have added to the aesthetic of the era which has been built up upon through the appearances as well."

This quote highlights how the album's special editions and Taylor Swift's public appearances shape the aesthetic and thematic vibe of the "Midnights" era.

Tracklist Rumors and Leaks

  • The hosts caution against believing rumored tracklists circulating on social media.
  • They emphasize that the tracklist is typically the last detail released to prevent leaks.
  • Past album cycles have had similar patterns of tracklist release and rumor dynamics.

"The last thing that we're going to get is the tracklist and purposefully so... it's the last thing you ever get."

This quote serves as a reminder that official tracklists are usually the final piece of information shared by artists to avoid premature song leaks.

Album Artwork and Design

  • Taylor Swift's approach to album artwork is unique and often changes trends.
  • The track list on the album cover is unusual, emulating vintage album designs.
  • Taylor Swift's previous albums like "folklore" and "evermore" did not include her name or album title on the cover, marking a departure from her usual style.
  • The return of her name and album title on the cover with the addition of a track list is a recent change.
  • The special edition album covers were quickly embraced by fans.

"Yeah the mirror martial's hero is the only one that I could think of from people I know, or I'm a fan of, that have put the track list on the cover because it is an unusual thing to do." "Oh this is what Taylor does. And then she flips and changes it all again." "Oh this hasn't got a uh a like album title or her name." "Now we've got it again it's just a bit. Like. Oh but we've got the tracklist as well as the name with the special editions."

The quotes discuss the rarity of including a track list on the album cover, Taylor Swift's tendency to change her album artwork style, and the return of her name and album title on the cover along with the track list. The notes reflect on the evolution of Taylor Swift's album artwork and how it contrasts with industry norms.

Internet Rumors and Misinformation

  • Fan edits can be mistaken for official content, leading to the spread of misinformation.
  • An edited image of Taylor Swift's album cover circulated online, causing confusion.
  • Fans speculated about what Taylor Swift is wearing in the album photoshoot.
  • The rapid spread of misinformation on the internet is a challenge for fans seeking accurate information.

"It's like a fan edit and but people are taking it as like legitimate." "It's interesting though because it's quite cool of what." "It's unfortunate how things on the internet kind of do get spread around very very quickly and then mislabeled."

These quotes discuss how fan-made content can be misconstrued as official, how quickly misinformation can spread online, and the difficulties in distinguishing between legitimate and edited content. The notes highlight the impact of internet rumors on fan perceptions.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Relationship

  • Taylor Swift's album artwork may contain Easter eggs related to her relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • Joe Alwyn's interest in vintage lighters could be referenced in the album's moonstone blue edition.
  • Fans speculate about potential collaborations between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn on the album.

"Joe Alwyn, Taylor's boyfriend, um in one of the interviews that he did uh for like promoting Conversation with Friends he said that he collects vintage lighters." "I would love more Taylor and Joe music and I could see that definitely being the case."

The quotes suggest that Taylor Swift's album may include personal nods to her relationship with Joe Alwyn, such as the inclusion of a vintage lighter on the album cover. The notes discuss the possibility of collaboration between the couple on new music.

Album Collaborations

  • Fans are curious about the collaborators on Taylor Swift's new album.
  • There is speculation about whether the album will feature heavy involvement from producers Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner.
  • Taylor Swift's past collaborators and the potential involvement of Christopher Rowe are discussed.
  • The sound of the album could influence the choice of producers and collaborators.

"I do think we'll get information about collaborators further along the line." "I'm thinking maybe we'll get like a couple of tracks with Aaron and Jack but maybe more of a branching out." "It's interesting whether he is just exclusively Taylor's version or whether she'll kind of bring him on for this now."

These quotes discuss the anticipation of learning more about the album's collaborators, the possible continuation of working with Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner, and the potential inclusion of Christopher Rowe. The notes consider how the album's sound may affect the choice of collaborators.

Speculation on Album Content and Release Dates

  • Fans analyze special edition album names for potential Easter eggs and release date clues.
  • There is speculation about the album's sound, track count, and the possibility of female collaborations.
  • The significance of the Blood Moon edition and its potential connection to an October release date is considered.
  • The Jade Green edition hints at a 70s aesthetic, which could influence the album's sound.

"But uh I do think we'll get information about collaborators further along the line." "It's interesting to note that there is a blood moon this year that is on October the 9th." "The piano in the Jade Green version is rumored to be a Wurlitzer 200 series piano which apparently is from like the 70s."

The quotes address the lack of information about album collaborators, the potential significance of the Blood Moon edition's name in relation to a release date, and the 70s aesthetic clues found in the Jade Green edition. The notes speculate on various aspects of the album's content and marketing strategy based on limited information.

Taylor Swift's Evolving Sound

  • Lisa appreciates Taylor Swift's diverse discography and her ability to change up her sound with each album.
  • She expresses a desire for Taylor to depart from the "folklore" and "evermore" sound to try something new.
  • Lisa highlights Taylor's track record of shifting musical styles, referencing songs like "Ready For It," "Shake It Off," "All Too Well," and "Tim McGraw," which all showcase different sounds.
  • She dismisses the criticism that Taylor only writes songs about her exes, arguing that her music varies greatly across albums.
  • Lisa notes that "folklore" and "evermore" are similar but purposefully distinct, with "evermore" having a more expansive sound.

"I always love it when Taylor changes up sound a little bit... I would just really like something a bit different just to see because it's just so interesting to hear Taylor trying out a new sound."

Lisa is expressing her enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's musical experimentation and her anticipation for future projects that showcase a new sound.

"No one can ever say oh she just puts out... because no one can ever say that because you listen to 'Red' that is totally different to '1989' which is totally different to 'Reputation'... they're just all very different."

Lisa is emphasizing the variety in Taylor Swift's music, countering the claim that Swift's songs are all the same or about the same subject matter.

Taylor Swift's Inspiration from Past Decades

  • Cameron discusses Taylor Swift's ability to draw inspiration from past musical eras without sounding outdated.
  • He mentions the "1989" album as an example of Taylor's modern take on 1980s music, incorporating the era's aesthetics without compromising the contemporary feel.
  • He recommends the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1" soundtrack for those interested in 70s music, suggesting that Taylor could similarly incorporate a 70s-inspired sound into her work.

"Taylor was inspired by just the sounds... and you know that the '1989' album doesn't sound like an outdated 80s song, it's on the total opposite, it sounds incredibly modern and fresh."

Cameron is acknowledging Taylor Swift's skill in taking inspiration from previous decades while creating music that feels current and innovative.

Taylor Swift's Easter Eggs and Album Teasers

  • Lisa and Cameron discuss Taylor Swift's use of easter eggs to tease upcoming projects, focusing on clues that hinted at the album "Midnights."
  • They reference the spaced-out caption "midnight" in an Instagram post as a potential hint.
  • They note that Taylor's easter eggs are usually obvious but can be cleverly disguised, leading to over-analysis by fans.
  • They mention changes in Taylor's Instagram feed's color palette and the possibility of it hinting at new music.
  • They talk about the track 10 covers from "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" and "Red (Taylor’s Version)" featuring a clock and a flame, respectively, and whether this was intentional.
  • They express skepticism about fans reading too much into details like the number of stars in a photo or the sprinkles on a cake.

"The first one is upon 'This Love's' Taylor's version's obvious release, the Instagram caption... said like 'out at midnight' and midnight itself was kind of spaced like double spaced out."

Lisa points out a specific Instagram caption as a clear easter egg hinting at the "Midnights" album, demonstrating Taylor Swift's method of dropping hints about her music.

"The track 10 cover for 'Fearless' is like a clock, and then the track 10 cover for 'Red Taylor's Version' is a flame... it's just an interesting note."

Lisa and Cameron are discussing whether the imagery used in Taylor Swift's album artwork for track 10 songs could be intentional hints or coincidental choices.

Recurring Themes in Taylor Swift's Music

  • Lisa and Cameron explore the recurring themes of midnight and late-night moments in Taylor Swift's lyrics.
  • They list 12 songs with Spotify canvases that feature lyrics about midnight or sleepless nights, indicating a thematic connection to the album "Midnights."
  • They express curiosity about why there are 12 songs listed instead of 13, given Taylor's known affinity for the number 13.
  • They discuss how the theme of late nights is a consistent element throughout Taylor Swift's body of work.

"We have treacherous two headlights shine through the sleepless night... from 'Happiness' we have from the dress I wore at midnight leave it all behind 'All Too Well' gives us because there we are again in the middle of the night."

Lisa and Cameron are listing lyrics from various Taylor Swift songs that mention midnight or late-night themes, illustrating the consistency of these motifs in her music.

Lyrical Themes in Upcoming Music

  • References to the middle of the night in an artist's discography suggest varied lyrical content.
  • The middle of the night is not always associated with sadness; there can be good and bad midnights.
  • The artist is expected to provide a mix of emotions in their upcoming work.

"The middle of the night is something that is referenced... it just goes to show you don't always have to speak about something sad that is going on it's keeping you awake... we're gonna get a mix."

This quote indicates that the upcoming music will explore a range of emotions and experiences associated with the middle of the night, not just sadness.

Visual Aesthetics and Promotional Imagery

  • Promotional visuals for an album include night-themed imagery like cloudy skies, lightning, fireworks, stars, wet streets, glitter, trains, snow, sunsets, trees, burning lights, clouds, the moon, and sparklers.
  • These visuals are intentionally chosen to build up the aesthetic of the "midnight era."
  • The visuals may hint at the content of potential lyric videos and the overall theme of the songs.

"There's also visuals in the background... cloudy skies with lightning... wet streets with cars... glitter falling... the moon and finally sparklers... everything is very night timey..."

The quote describes the range of night-themed visuals used in the album's promotion, suggesting a cohesive "midnight" aesthetic that may be reflected in the music and videos.

Album Editions and Color Schemes

  • The artist's official website featured a countdown clock with numbers colored differently, corresponding to special edition colors of the album.
  • The number 12 at the top of the clock was white, possibly hinting at a deluxe edition or emphasizing the theme of midnight.

"The numbers were all colored in different colors... the 12 right at the top is completely white."

This quote discusses the color-coded countdown clock on the artist's website, speculating on the significance of the white number 12 and its relation to album editions.

Contrasting Aesthetics and Public Appearances

  • The artist's public appearances and outfits contrast with the album's visual aesthetics, suggesting different facets of the album's theme.
  • The appearances evoke Hollywood glamour, while promotional photoshoots depict a more troubled and sad aesthetic.
  • There may be two sides to the album, reflecting different types of "midnights" - the glamorous and the introspective.

"It's a big contrast... the photo shoot for this era and it's so like devastating... and then you look at her like in all of these appearances and she's glammed out..."

The quote highlights the stark contrast between the artist's glamorous public appearances and the more somber promotional imagery, suggesting a duality that may be present in the album's content.

Anticipation for New Content and Interviews

  • Fans eagerly await new content, including magazine photoshoots and in-depth interviews, which may reveal more about the artist's creative process and album themes.
  • The artist's previous interviews have been insightful, and there is a desire for a similar comprehensive profile for the upcoming album.

"I want to see a magazine photo shoot... I really want a profile... I want her to give just a really great... I want something like that that kind of interview."

This quote expresses the fans' desire for more substantial promotional content, such as a detailed magazine feature that could provide further insight into the artist's vision for the album.

Overall Album Rollout and Fan Engagement

  • Fans are excited about the rollout of the new era, enjoying the anticipation and speculation it brings.
  • The discussion of easter eggs and small details is part of the excitement, as fans look forward to new singles, performances, and the full album release.

"We haven't had a proper roll out for an era in such a long time so we're really reveling in it."

The quote conveys the enthusiasm of fans who are deeply engaged with the promotional campaign for the new album, appreciating the careful planning and teasing of content.

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