Taylor Swift’s Fame Turned off Joe Alwyn

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On this episode of "Chicks in the Office," hosts Ria and Fran discuss the recent warm weather and the importance of filing taxes on time. Their weekend recaps include watching "Love is Blind," enjoying the Masters, and Fran's first sighting of the White House in DC. They dive into pop culture topics, including Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup, Ariana from "Vanderpump Rules" joining "Dancing With the Stars," and rumors of Kylie Jenner dating Timothy Chalamet. The episode also touches on Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's relationship status and features a game of trivia. The hosts conclude with a plug for Waze's scalp care products and a reminder to check out their tour tickets for Dallas and DC.

Summary Notes


  • Ria and Fran start the podcast with a cheerful greeting and mention the warm weather forecast.
  • They remind listeners about the upcoming tax deadline.
  • The hosts share how they spent their weekend, including watching movies and sports, visiting family, and sightseeing.

"what's up everyone it's chicks in the office with Ria and Fran giving you that Friday energy on a Monday hopefully everyone had an amazing weekend a beautiful holiday weekend if you celebrate Easter and ready to start this week off it's gonna be a hot one it is going to be a really warm hot week."

This quote sets the tone for the podcast, establishing a friendly and energetic atmosphere while acknowledging the holiday weekend and the weather.

Weekend Recap

  • Ria and Fran discuss their low-key weekends, with Fran mentioning watching "Love is Blind" and the Masters.
  • Noah shares his weekend activities, including visiting his dog and grandparents.
  • Ria talks about her trip to Maryland and DC, seeing the White House for the first time.

"how was everyone's weekend lovely.com not very exciting it was just a lovely weekend at home didn't really do anything good watched some movies watched some Love is Blind the weather was nice."

Fran summarizes her weekend experience, emphasizing its relaxing nature and the enjoyable activities she chose to engage in.

Sightseeing in DC

  • Ria describes her experience of seeing the White House from afar and compares it to the more impressive Washington Monuments.
  • Fran reveals that she was also in DC and they discuss the coincidence of almost meeting there.
  • Ria praises a restaurant called Barcelona for its Tapas and suggests visiting it in the future.

"I went to Maryland I went to DC. yeah saw the White House for the first time from a car from afar."

Ria recounts her sightseeing in DC, noting her first-time view of the White House, which was less impactful than expected.

Upcoming Events and Promotions

  • The hosts discuss the sale of tickets for their tour in Dallas and DC.
  • They express excitement about returning to DC and reminisce about past trips.

"the tickets are on sale for the tour for Dallas and DC so go check those out if they didn't sell out which I I'm excited to go to DC I'm excited to go back."

This quote is an announcement about the availability of tickets for their tour and their anticipation for the events.

Hair Care Product Promotion

  • Ria and Fran endorse hair care products from Way, detailing various products and their benefits.
  • They offer a promo code for a discount and share their personal positive experiences with the brand.

"the best way to give your hair the reset and needs this spring is scalp care healthy hair starts at the scalp and Waze got the scalp care to help you let your hair down this season and get it looking stronger, Fuller and healthier."

The quote is part of a promotional segment for Way hair care products, focusing on the importance of scalp care for healthy hair.

Celebrity Relationship News

  • The hosts discuss the breakup of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, expressing shock and sadness.
  • They analyze the privacy of the relationship and the potential impact of Swift's tour on the breakup.
  • There is speculation about the reasons behind the breakup, with a focus on Swift's career demands and Alwyn's preference for privacy.

"starting off with Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn breaking up this past weekend apparently they've been broken up for weeks the news came out on Saturday and everybody was shocked I'm still shocked."

Ria introduces the topic of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup, highlighting the surprise and confusion among fans and media.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Breakup

  • The hosts speculate on Swift's and Alwyn's desires for privacy and how it may have influenced their relationship.
  • They discuss the challenges Swift faces performing while dealing with a public breakup.
  • Fans' reactions and interpretations of Swift's recent performances are analyzed.

"it's crazy that she has to do an entire tour while going through a breakup I feel like that's the last the last thing anybody wants to do during a breakup is just like you know go go go."

Fran empathizes with the difficulty Taylor Swift must face while touring amid her recent breakup, noting the added stress of public scrutiny.

Speculation on the Breakup

  • The hosts ponder the timing of the breakup news and its strategic release.
  • They consider how Alwyn may have struggled with the increased public attention due to Swift's fame.
  • The conversation includes rumors and personal opinions about the couple's dynamic.

"I just I. it was shocking to me. I think there was also a lot of confusion too because jumod shared submissions of people like pretty adamant that they were married."

Fran expresses her surprise at the breakup news and the confusion caused by conflicting reports and fan theories regarding the couple's marital status.


  • The podcast moves on to other celebrity news and trivia games after discussing the breakup.
  • The hosts maintain a conversational and speculative tone throughout the segment.

"all right let's get into the rest of the topics um we're gonna be talking about Taylor Swift and Joe broken up that came out on Saturday."

Ria transitions to the next segment of the podcast, signaling the end of the discussion about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup.

Rapid Information Sharing

  • Ria and her colleagues were surprised by the speed of Devin's posting about a breakup.
  • They discussed the public's immediate reaction to celebrity news, especially questioning the sources.
  • People often refuse to believe celebrity breakups, despite evidence.
  • Ria highlighted that sometimes reports are premature or inaccurate, but widespread reports usually indicate truth.

"Devin had posted it so quick I was in the office and they were like what do you know. and I was like I don't know Devin's just on it."

This quote explains the context in which the conversation took place, emphasizing the promptness of Devin's reporting on a celebrity breakup and Ria's lack of additional information.

Celebrity Relationships and Public Perception

  • There is a public disbelief when long-term celebrity couples break up.
  • Ria finds it odd that people can't accept the natural end of relationships.
  • The lack of drama in a breakup can be as sad as one with a significant event.
  • Ria reflects on how relationships often end not with a bang, but with a gradual fizzle.

"It's just so she it says it says from Entertainment Tonight I think what is wild to me is the people that are like kind of delusional being like. no. no they're still together like they have to be still together it's like people break up like they they they can be broken up you know what I mean like just because they were together for six years doesn't mean they have to stay together. forever."

The quote discusses the unrealistic expectations of the public regarding celebrity relationships, particularly how some fans refuse to believe that a long-standing couple has broken up.

The Intricacies of Breakups

  • Ria and her friends consider how breakups are often the result of a build-up over time.
  • They note that external happiness does not always reflect the true state of a relationship.
  • The conversation touches on the complexity of breakups and the difficulty in accepting them.

"But you think they're happy but there's usually a build-up of things like when it's a fizzle out it's like a long but people I mean it's not you can't say that they weren't they weren't happy."

This quote underscores the point that while a couple may appear happy, underlying issues can lead to a gradual end of the relationship, which is not always immediately apparent.

Celebrity Gossip and Speculations

  • The group discusses the rumors of Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift, and Timothy Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.
  • They speculate on the likelihood of these relationships based on past behaviors and public personas.
  • Ria and her friends analyze the dynamics of celebrity dating and the public's interest in it.

"I don't find it that shocking that Timothy Chalamet would be into Kylie Jenner I find it more shocking that Kylie Jenner would be into Timothy."

The quote reflects on the surprising nature of rumored celebrity relationships and the public's reaction to unexpected pairings.

Therapy and Self-Discovery

  • The show mentions the benefits of therapy for self-awareness and understanding personal reactions.
  • Betterhelp is advertised as a convenient and flexible option for online therapy.
  • The importance of mental health and the comparison to physical fitness is emphasized.

"Therapy is all about deepening your self-awareness and understanding because sometimes we don't know what we want or why we react the way we do until we talk through things."

This quote highlights the purpose of therapy and its role in helping individuals gain deeper insight into their desires and behaviors.

Celebrity Dating Rumors

  • The conversation returns to celebrity dating rumors with a focus on Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet.
  • There is skepticism about the rumor, with a desire for photographic evidence.
  • The discussion touches on the potential impact of such a relationship on the public image and the celebrities involved.

"I'm gonna need to see Kylie and Timothy out somewhere I'm gonna need to see a Pap photo."

This quote expresses the need for tangible proof to substantiate the dating rumors between Kylie Jenner and Timothy Chalamet, reflecting the public's demand for visual confirmation of celebrity relationships.

Relationship Dynamics of Celebrities

  • The group talks about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's on-and-off relationship.
  • They speculate on the future of their relationship, considering it to be volatile.
  • The conversation also includes a humorous take on the changing landscape of celebrity relationships within the Kardashian family.

"They're gonna be a toxic push and pull for a long time."

This quote suggests that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's relationship may continue to be unstable, with frequent breakups and reconciliations.

Reality TV Stars' Career Moves

  • Ariana from "Vanderpump Rules" is set to appear on "Dancing with the Stars."
  • The group sees this as a positive development and a new opportunity following a personal setback.
  • They discuss the potential for growth and new experiences that come from changes in one's personal life.

"I think this is a great move I mean sometimes the cliche of one door closes another one opens and this situation it feels like the Tom door closed for Ariana and now like 80 doors are gonna open."

This quote conveys optimism about Ariana's career prospects following her breakup, suggesting that new opportunities can arise from difficult situations.

Vanderpump Updates

  • Sandoval watched the first episode of Vanderpump and texted Peter inquiring if he had slept with Raquel.
  • Sandoval's text included emojis and punctuation that seemed out of character for him.
  • Peter was confused and concerned about being portrayed negatively.
  • It is now speculated that Sandoval was fishing for information.
  • Upcoming Vanderpump episode teases a scene where Ariana mentions Raquel and Tom whispers something, leading to speculation.
  • The hosts comment on the openness of certain behaviors on the show.

"Sandoval watched the first episode of Vanderpump and texted Peter. like oh did you bang Raquel after that night at sir and like he sent like uh Emojis with it. yeah. and he did a question mark exclamation point and a laughing emoji."

This quote describes the unexpected and characteristically unusual text that Sandoval sent to Peter, which is a key point of speculation and interest in the Vanderpump updates.

Love is Blind Commentary

  • Bartise announced the birth of his baby on Instagram with a reference to being a villain on TV.
  • The hosts discuss the evolution of Love is Blind contestants from authentic to seeking fame.
  • The hosts express surprise at Bartise's sudden announcement and his reference to Love is Blind in the context of his baby's birth.

"this weekend bartise had a baby barties did have a baby. and he's not a baby. and he made the Instagram announcement about like being a villain on a TV show yeah."

The quote is a reference to Bartise's Instagram announcement, highlighting the unexpected nature of the news and his choice to reference his TV persona while announcing a personal milestone.

Love is Blind Reunion Anticipation

  • The hosts were disappointed to realize the Love is Blind live reunion was not airing when they expected.
  • They had anticipated a combined event of the weddings and reunion, which was not the case.

"speaking of Love is Blind I thought that the live reunion was last night uh and it was really a letdown when I realized that it's next Sunday."

This quote captures the hosts' anticipation and subsequent disappointment upon realizing the live reunion of Love is Blind was scheduled for a later date.

Penguini Giveaway

  • Penguini is hosting a springcation sweepstakes.
  • The grand prize is a trip to South Beach, Florida, for the winner and three friends.
  • Secondary prizes include home staycation packs.
  • Entry requires contact information, a photo, and a description of the ideal spring getaway.

"penguini has an awesome giveaway happening there's spring cation sweeps one lucky winner will receive an epic South Beach Florida springcation for them and three friends."

The quote details the grand prize of Penguini's giveaway, emphasizing the excitement and value of the sweepstakes.

Beatria and Fran Game

  • Lira and Elena join the game show, with Lira wearing a "chicks in the office" sweatshirt.
  • The hosts are on a two-game losing streak but feel confident about the current game.
  • The game consists of 15 rounds with questions that can be stolen by the opposing team if answered incorrectly.
  • The movie for the Critics Choice score guess is the original Charlie's Angels from 2000.
  • Questions cover various topics, including Grammy nominations, song lyrics, and movie trivia.

"and we are joined by the lovely Lira and Elena lira is rocking a chicks in the office sweatshirt which we love and appreciate so very much thank you guys for joining us."

This quote introduces the guests on the game show, Lira and Elena, and expresses appreciation for Lira's support by wearing themed apparel.

"very simple 15 rounds 15 questions you get the question wrong the other team can steal the point whoever's Whoever has the most points at the end wins."

The quote outlines the basic rules of the game show "Beatria and Fran," setting the stage for the competition between the teams.

Miley Cyrus's Memoir

  • Miley Cyrus's memoir that came out in 2009 is titled "Miles to Go."
  • Ria and Fran discuss the potential titles, mistakenly considering "Meet Destiny" before recalling the correct title.
  • The memoir includes personal reflections, possibly about Nick Jonas.

"She did have miles to go at that time I do believe she wrote about Nick Jonas on in that as well."

This quote confirms the title of Miley Cyrus's memoir and hints at its content, which includes details about her personal life and possibly her relationship with Nick Jonas.

Harry Potter Apparition Test

  • In the Harry Potter series, the age requirement to take the Apparition test at Hogwarts is 17.
  • Apparition allows one to transport themselves from one place to another instantaneously.
  • Fran correctly answers the question, showing her knowledge of the Harry Potter universe.

"I want to say 17.. but what is what what's Apparition 10 seconds transport yourself from one place to an ounce I'm gonna go with 17 final answer correct not nice."

This quote reveals Fran's thought process and eventual correct answer regarding the age requirement for the Apparition test in the Harry Potter series.

One Tree Hill Witness

  • The girl who witnessed Dan kill Keith in season three of "One Tree Hill" is named Abby.
  • Ria and Fran initially struggle to remember her name but successfully recall it in the end.
  • The character Abby is also known for playing Mindy in "Drake & Josh."

"Is it Abby. yes. oh oh. yes is it yes. are you sure 100. okay. it's happy. all right Final Answer correct."

This quote captures the moment of realization and correct identification of the character Abby from "One Tree Hill," who witnessed a pivotal event in the series.

The Office Musical Play

  • In "The Office" episode titled "Andy's Play," the musical featured is "Sweeney Todd."
  • The characters contemplate various musicals before arriving at the correct answer.

"Sweeney Todd Final Answer correct."

This quote is the successful guess of the musical play "Sweeney Todd," which is the focus of an episode in "The Office."

Movie Clip Identification

  • The movie clip played is from "Life as We Know It," starring Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl.
  • Ria and Fran identify the movie based on the context provided in the clip.

"Okay Life. as We Know It Final Answer correct."

This quote is the correct identification of the movie "Life as We Know It" from a brief audio clip played during the trivia game.

Mean Girls Burn Book

  • The burn book in "Mean Girls" says about Damian, "Too gay to function."
  • Fran answers this question correctly without hesitation.

"What did the burn book say about Damien in Mean Girls to get a function final answer all right three two reinfront."

This quote is the swift correct response to a question about the content of the burn book in the film "Mean Girls," specifically concerning the character Damian.

Friends Letter Pages

  • During the "we were on a break" fight in "Friends," Rachel writes Ross a letter that is 18 pages front and back.
  • Ria and Fran debate the number of pages before incorrectly guessing 17.

"18.. oh front to back 18 would make sense because it's an even number."

This quote captures the realization of the correct answer (18 pages) after an incorrect guess regarding the length of Rachel's letter to Ross in "Friends."

Parks and Rec Couples Game Show

  • In "Parks and Recreation," the couples game show that Tom makes up is called "Know Ya Boo."
  • Ria and Fran initially struggle to remember the name but successfully recall it at the last second.

"Okay know your boo Final Answer. correct."

This quote is the correct identification of the couples game show "Know Ya Boo" from the series "Parks and Recreation."

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Coke Allegation

  • The question about who questioned who about doing coke in the bathroom on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is left unanswered by Ria and Fran.
  • They acknowledge this is not their area of expertise.

"Okay is it what two people. yeah who questioned who about doing coke in the bathroom."

This quote reflects the confusion and lack of knowledge regarding a specific incident on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," leading to an unanswered question in the trivia game.

Outer Banks Nickname

  • Barry's nickname for Rafe in the show "Outer Banks" is "Country Club."
  • Ria and Fran attempt to guess the nickname based on the character's wealthy background but do not arrive at the correct answer.

"It's Country Club he goes what's up Country Club you can hear him."

This quote reveals the correct nickname "Country Club" used by the character Barry for Rafe in the series "Outer Banks."

PowerPuff Girls and Their Colors

  • The three PowerPuff girls and their respective colors are: Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green).
  • Ria and Fran quickly and correctly identify the characters and their colors.

"Okay blossoms pink uh bubbles is blue and Buttercup is great. final Elena. yeah."

This quote is the prompt and correct response to a question about the PowerPuff girls and their associated colors.

The OC Beach Fight

  • Luke's line to Ryan after punching him on the beach in "The OC" is "Welcome to the OC, b*tch."
  • Fran answers this question correctly, demonstrating familiarity with the show.

"Welcome to the OC. [__] correct."

This quote is the accurate recollection of a well-known line from "The OC," showcasing a memorable moment from the series.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Song

  • Olivia Rodrigo's now Platinum song performed on "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" is not correctly identified by Ria and Fran.
  • The correct title of the song is not mentioned in the transcript.

"All I want sure close."

This quote is an incorrect guess at Olivia Rodrigo's Platinum song title from "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series."

Love Actually Quote

  • The complete quote from "Love Actually" is "There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus."
  • Ria and Fran struggle to recall the context and provide an incorrect answer.

"Incorrect it's Lobster remember the play."

This quote provides the correct answer to the incomplete quote from the movie "Love Actually," which refers to a humorous line about a school play.

Rappers' Home Cities

  • The home cities of the rappers Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Drake are Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Toronto, respectively.
  • Ria and Fran correctly identify the cities after a brief moment of uncertainty.

"So Meek Mill's Philly PA Jay-Z's Brooklyn New York and Drake is Toronto Ontario Canada."

This quote is the correct identification of the home cities of each rapper, showcasing Ria and Fran's knowledge of hip-hop artists' origins.

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