Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) And the Debut Vault Tracks

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Hosts Cameron and Lisa of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast delve into the anticipation surrounding Taylor Swift's "Taylor's Version" re-recordings, focusing on her debut album. They speculate on the potential release order, with "reputation" likely preceding "debut," which could poetically conclude the re-recording project. The duo discusses the vast array of unreleased songs from Swift's early career that may appear as Vault tracks, the confirmed content of the re-release, and their hopes for collaborations with other artists. They also touch on the evolution of Taylor's re-recordings and how each release has added unique promotional elements. The conversation includes their eagerness to hear matured renditions of songs like "Tim McGraw" and "Tied Together with a Smile," and they ponder the inclusion of tracks like "Permanent Marker" and "I'd Lie," despite potential legal hurdles.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift "Taylor's Version" and Debut Vault Theories

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the potential release order of Taylor Swift's re-recordings, focusing on "Debut" and "Reputation."
  • There is a poetic aspect to ending the re-recordings with "Debut," mirroring the start of Taylor's album releases.
  • The hosts speculate that "Reputation" might be next due to recent Easter eggs hinting at it.
  • "Debut" hasn't had as many hints, and its placement as the last re-recording could be symbolic and nostalgic.
  • The hosts discuss how the re-recordings have evolved from "Fearless" to "1989," with increasing promotional activities and fan engagement.
  • They believe that the release of "Debut" will be significant, especially for long-time fans, and that it will be a full-circle moment.

"so debut is very interesting um but also very overwhelming to think about due to the just endless endless endless vast amount of unreleased songs from Taylor's early career that have leaked over the years and could all technically be contenders for the debut Vault."

This quote outlines the complexity and excitement surrounding the potential tracks for the "Debut" vault, given the numerous unreleased songs from Taylor Swift's early career.

Release Order Speculation

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the significance of the release order of Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums.
  • They note that "Reputation" and "Debut" are speculated to be the last, with "Reputation" potentially being next.
  • The hosts find it poetic to end the re-recordings with "Debut," where Taylor's career began.
  • They acknowledge that each album has had hints leading up to its release, except for "Debut."
  • The hosts express their personal excitement for "Debut" and its potential impact on newer fans.

"but we never knew which one could go where obviously right now presently a lot of people believe that reputation Taylor's version is next which would leave debut at the end."

This quote reflects the current speculation among fans regarding the release order of Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, with "Reputation" being predicted as the next release.

Potential for "Debut" Taylor's Version

  • The hosts discuss the potential for "Debut" Taylor's Version to resonate with fans both old and new.
  • They consider the possibility of Taylor Swift altering the sound to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Cameron and Lisa reflect on the nostalgic and emotional significance of "Debut" for long-time fans.
  • They speculate on how Taylor Swift might use the re-recording to create a symbolic end to the re-recording project.

"I am very intrigued at the potential of Debut because a lot of people like you said many newer fans don't go back that far into a catalog."

This quote highlights the intrigue surrounding "Debut" Taylor's Version and its potential to introduce newer fans to Taylor Swift's earliest work.

Confirmed Content for "Debut" Taylor's Version

  • The hosts confirm that "Debut" Taylor's Version will include the original 11 songs, plus 3 deluxe songs from the original album.
  • They express excitement for hearing mature vocals on tracks like "Tim McGraw" and "Cold As You."
  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the emotional depth that Taylor Swift's current experiences will bring to the re-recorded songs.

"so we know that the probably will have you know the 11 original songs and the three deluxe songs from the original album."

This quote confirms the expected content for "Debut" Taylor's Version, including the original tracks and deluxe songs.

Beautiful Eyes EP Content

  • The hosts discuss the "Beautiful Eyes" EP and its relation to "Debut."
  • They note that the EP was lowkey and didn't contain much new content, with only two new songs: "Beautiful Eyes" and "I Heart ?."
  • Cameron and Lisa speculate that these songs will be included in "Debut" Taylor's Version rather than having a separate re-recording for the EP.

"I would be very very surprised if these two don't make debut. Taylor's version."

This quote expresses the hosts' expectation that songs from the "Beautiful Eyes" EP will be included in "Debut" Taylor's Version.

Remixes vs. New Versions

  • Remixes are not considered new versions; they are simply alterations of existing songs.
  • Acoustic versions typically involve stripping back instrumentation to the essentials, like the guitar.
  • Pop versions of songs can change the feel of the original, sometimes negatively, as in the case of "Teardrops on My Guitar."

"Pitched to burm without the gay lyric and then like an then an acoustic version of tear drops of my guitar which again is just removing most of the instrumentation and just leaving the guitar so they're not really new versions they're just remixes."

The quote explains that an acoustic version of a song is not a new creation but a remix that focuses on a specific instrument, in this case, the guitar.

Unreleased Songs and Their Potential Release

  • Fans have expectations for the release of certain unreleased songs.
  • There is a distinction between remixes and completely different recordings with different vocals.
  • The anticipation is high for songs like "I'd Lie" and "Permanent Marker" to be released in some form.

"We'll we'll if we get anything which I I do expect we will I hope so anyway because I I really want I question mark."

The speaker expresses hope and anticipation for the release of particular songs they are fond of, highlighting the emotional attachment fans have to unreleased tracks.

Songs That Resonate with Fans

  • Personal connections to songs can be formed based on when and how one discovers the artist.
  • Songs from different eras can still be significant to fans even if they were not prominent during that time.

"It was one of my first ever songs that got me into tayor back in the back way back. when yeah I don't know why because I was further towards fear I was in the Fearless era when I was getting into Taylor."

The quote reflects on the personal history a fan has with an artist's music, illustrating how certain songs can be pivotal in becoming a fan.

The Impact of Taylor's Versions

  • Fans anticipate new releases of Taylor Swift's versions of her songs.
  • There is a desire for modern vocals on older tracks.
  • Discussion about where songs should be placed in re-releases is common among fans.

"I want to hear Taylor's modern vocals on crazier. and I want the Taylor's version of crazier."

The speaker's desire for updated versions of songs showcases the ongoing interest in an artist's evolving sound and the significance of re-recordings.

Challenges with Releasing Unreleased Songs

  • Legal and ownership issues can complicate the release of previously unreleased songs.
  • There is a difference between songs that were sold to other artists and those that were not released at all.
  • Fans maintain hope that these complications can be resolved so that beloved songs can be officially released.

"I don't understand why these were ever left off they're so fun they should have been on D."

The quote expresses confusion and disappointment about why certain songs were not included in previous albums, highlighting the emotional investment fans have in an artist's complete body of work.

Comparison with Other Artists' Songs

  • Concerns about similarities between unreleased songs and existing songs by other artists can hinder their release.
  • Options such as altering melodies or giving credit to other artists are discussed as potential solutions.

"It apparently sounds much like other songs I've heard a lot of people comparing it to various songs but especially the chorus being similar to a Saving Jane song."

The quote discusses the issue of a song's melody resembling that of another artist's work, which can lead to legal and ethical considerations in music production.

Vault Songs and Fan Theories

  • Fans theorize about the number of vault songs that may be included in re-releases.
  • Comparisons are made between the number of vault songs in different album re-releases.
  • The potential inclusion of vault songs is seen as a way to draw interest to an album.

"I think that debut potentially might be quite similar in his I agree. and that's where I was going with this I think. debut. I mean I hope debut has a big vult I do because I think that it could be one of the reasons to pull people into this album."

The speaker theorizes about the potential for a large number of vault songs in an upcoming album re-release, suggesting it could be a strategic move to attract listeners.

Reflecting on the Evolution of Albums

  • Fans reflect on how songs were originally planned for certain albums but ended up on others or were not released at all.
  • The process of an album's creation and the decisions made about track listings are of interest to fans.
  • There is a sense of closure when all songs from a particular era find their place in an artist's discography.

"So if we base ourselves out off of the other Taylor versions they've all been a little bit different fearless and speak now obviously have six Vault songs 1989 has the least amount of old songs it only has five and then red had a total of nine if we include all two uh 10-minute version."

The quote compares the varying number of vault songs included in different album re-releases, indicating the unique nature of each album's evolution and the subsequent fan experience.

Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the potential for unreleased Taylor Swift songs to be included in her re-recorded albums.
  • They note that some songs have leaked and are circulating among fans.
  • There is speculation about which songs might be included in the "Taylor's Version" albums.
  • The maximum number of additional tracks is six, to match the album length of "Red."

"so yeah like you said three positions have already been taken up but there is a potential to be another like who knows six is the maximum right to make up nine to be like in a similar length to Red even though red is longer than debut."

This quote highlights the possibility of having up to six additional tracks on the re-recorded albums to match the length of previous albums, specifically "Red."

Lover Diaries

  • The "Lover Diaries" is a source where Taylor Swift mentioned some of her unreleased songs.
  • These diaries contain lyrics and excerpts of songs from 2004 to 2006.
  • Cameron and Lisa express interest in songs mentioned in the "Lover Diaries," speculating on which ones might be released.

"so in the lover Diaries there's a lot of content to go through a lot of lyrics which we love and a lot of little mentions to songs that maybe I've just written this song or here's a little excerpt from this song from 2004 to 6 and nothing new was included like this."

The quote explains that the "Lover Diaries" contain a wealth of content, including lyrics and mentions of unreleased songs, which could potentially be included in future album releases.

Kid in the Crowd

  • "Kid in the Crowd" is an unreleased song that has been leaked.
  • It was originally on a demo CD bought on eBay and subsequently released to the public.
  • Cameron believes this song would be a nice addition to Taylor Swift's debut album re-release due to its thematic connection with a concert experience.

"I have a feeling about kid in the crowd I think it's going to make it really. I do. yeah it."

Cameron expresses a strong belief that "Kid in the Crowd" will be included in the re-release, indicating a personal connection to the song and its potential fit with the album's theme.

Collaborations with Robert Ellis Orrall

  • Robert Ellis Orrall was a significant collaborator with Taylor Swift during her debut era.
  • Cameron and Lisa discuss unreleased songs co-written with Orrall, including "Crazier," which is one of Lisa's favorites.
  • They talk about other unreleased tracks like "Just South of Knowing Why," "I Need You Now," and "What Do You Say."

"I think another group of songs that we have to mention here are the ones co-written by Robert Ellis oral who was a big collaborator of tayor back in the debut era."

This quote introduces the topic of Taylor Swift's collaboration with Robert Ellis Orrall and the potential for their unreleased songs to be included in her re-recorded albums.

Early Performances and Fan Favorites

  • Taylor Swift performed several unreleased songs during her early career at concerts and events.
  • Songs like "Songs About You," "Your Face," "You're Anything," and "Lucky You" are discussed.
  • Cameron and Lisa share their personal favorites and speculate on which might be re-released.

"then we have a group of songs that were very much performed by Taylor a lot during her first few years."

The quote sets the stage for discussing songs that Taylor Swift frequently performed in her early years, which have become fan favorites and are candidates for re-release.

Potential for Reworked Songs

  • Cameron and Lisa consider the possibility of Taylor Swift reworking some of her unreleased songs for the re-releases.
  • They reference "We Were Happy" and "Bye Bye Baby" as examples of songs that received minor changes in the "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" album.
  • The discussion includes personal preferences for whether certain songs should be reworked or left as they are.

"I feel I feel like I wouldn't be mad if she reworked some of the on debut because some of them are a bit clunky."

This quote reflects the openness to the idea of Taylor Swift reworking some of her older, unreleased songs to improve them for the re-releases.

Vault Tracks and Personal Favorites

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss their personal favorite unreleased tracks and the excitement of potentially hearing them re-recorded.
  • They mention songs like "By the Way," "RVG," "Better Off," and "Diary Of Me."
  • The conversation includes thoughts on songs that could be renamed or changed for the re-releases.

"so by the way I really really really want and r v g that song is so fun it's like better than revenge's little sister."

In this quote, Cameron expresses enthusiasm for specific unreleased songs and the fun aspect of their potential inclusion in the re-recorded albums.

Future of Unreleased Songs

  • There is anticipation for a mix of both previously leaked songs and completely unheard tracks from the vault.
  • Cameron and Lisa express a desire to have a balance between fan favorites and new unreleased songs in the re-recorded albums.
  • They acknowledge the possibility of an entire episode dedicated to discussing Taylor Swift's unreleased music.

"it's very interesting and also going back to the couple that you've just mentioned Taylor did like a a good lyric about clothes back in the day didn't she yes what to wear di means she liked a bit of blue jeans."

The quote reflects on Taylor Swift's past songwriting themes and the intrigue surrounding the potential release of her unreleased songs, highlighting the depth of her music vault.

Community of Country Music Fans

  • There is a dedicated community that deeply enjoys country music and has explored unreleased tracks extensively.
  • Over a hundred unreleased tracks by Taylor Swift are known within this community, with various editions and versions adding to the number.
  • Fans have discovered many unreleased song titles, but not all have been heard or released.

"There is a big community of just solely like people who really really enjoy only her country music and then really really have deep dived into the unreleased list that you know goes on and on."

This quote highlights the existence of a passionate fanbase specifically interested in Taylor Swift's country music and unreleased tracks, indicating their commitment to her work and the genre.

The Inner Circle and Unreleased Music

  • The Inner Circle is a group that historically had access to Taylor Swift's unreleased music, often exchanging money or trades for these songs.
  • They maintained a website where they described some of these songs, providing fans with information about tracks they had not heard.
  • The Inner Circle faced issues during the "folklore" era, leading to a decrease in their online presence and subsequent leaks of unreleased music.

"The Inner Circle supposedly do have it from there it hasn't been released yet although it's funny to see how all of these songs that the Inner Circle which for anyone who doesn't know or hasn't heard us speak about them before basically were a group of people that were very very care with the songs they received they obviously money must have been exchanged back in the day trades must have been made and they were able to acquire Taylor Swift's unreleased music that they then basically gay kept."

This quote explains who the Inner Circle is and their role in acquiring and gatekeeping Taylor Swift's unreleased music.

The Mythology of "Nashville"

  • "Nashville" is one of Taylor Swift's most mythologized songs within the fan community, with a reputation for being exceptional.
  • The song is not widely available, and its description on the Inner Circle's website contributed to its legendary status.
  • Speculation exists about the song's quality, with some fans questioning whether a song from 2005 could live up to the hype.

"It's one of the most mythologized and like you said intriguing songs of the fandom which is Nashville."

This quote introduces "Nashville" as a song that has gained a significant amount of intrigue and mythological status among fans.

Rumored Lyrics and Speculation

  • Rumored lyrics of "Nashville" suggest a poetic quality, but some fans remain skeptical about the song's purported life-changing impact.
  • The song was reportedly performed live once, but no recording has surfaced, adding to its mystique.
  • Fans express a desire to hear the song and have it released to determine if it meets the expectations set by its legendary status.

"Some of the rumored lyrics are what about the girl you left in Nashville the one who still loves you I hope you come to find you were all I had in mind you were everything I loved about Nashville."

This quote provides an example of the rumored lyrics for "Nashville," showcasing the song's poetic nature and contributing to the speculation about its content and quality.

Potential Collaborations on "Debut" Taylor's Version

  • Fans speculate about potential collaborators for the re-release of Taylor Swift's "Debut" album, with expectations for country artists.
  • The precedent set by previous album re-releases suggests collaborations with artists from the same era or genre.
  • Names like Tim McGraw, Kelsey Ballerini, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill are mentioned as potential collaborators who would fit the album's country theme.

"I think the ones for me that I would really love is Tim MRA Taylor lit you told to Tim MC Tim M was like an integral part of the debut era."

This quote discusses the significance of having Tim McGraw as a collaborator on "Debut" Taylor's Version, given his relevance to the era and his impact on Taylor Swift's early career.

Fan Engagement and Unreleased Music

  • The hosts encourage listeners to share their favorite unreleased songs and speculate on how many vault songs will be included in the re-release.
  • There is anticipation for the inclusion of well-known unreleased tracks and the possibility of completely new songs.
  • Fans look forward to the surprises that Taylor Swift may have in store for the "Debut" Taylor's Version album.

"So if you are a fan of these songs like Cameron said let us know which songs have we missed out maybe that you would like to see included in in Taylor Swift Taylor's version."

This quote invites fan participation and discussion about their most anticipated unreleased tracks and potential surprises on the upcoming album re-release.

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