Taylor Swift is revealing THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT as we speak

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In a deep dive into Taylor Swift's album promotion, fans speculate about cryptic clues involving QR codes found in Sydney and Chicago, which reveal letters spelling out a potential single, possibly "fortnite," based on a pattern of tallies. A referenced 2021 interview with Steven Coler points enthusiasts to River North, Chicago, where a significant 1989 fire occurred, hinting at themes of destruction and rebirth in Swift's work. Theories also swirl around a mirrored photo of Swift and her cat Meredith, suggesting a release date for 'Reputation (Taylor's Version)' due to the alignment with Meredith's birthday. Further, fans dissect Swift's social media posts and promotional materials, noting recurring motifs of the number two, which could signify an important aspect of the upcoming 'Torture Poet's Department' release. The community eagerly anticipates the music video premiere on Record Store Day, with many details still shrouded in mystery.

Summary Notes

Album Promotion Theories

  • The discussion involves deciphering clues related to an album promotion.
  • Letters R and T obtained from QR codes in Sydney and Chicago, respectively.
  • A pattern of clicks precedes each letter, possibly hinting at a countdown or significant timing.
  • Speculation about the message spelling something related to Record Store Day.

"we just got two letters from our chairman literal letters with the QR code that we just got in Sydney Australia we got the letter R and the QR code that we already had in River North Chicago gave us a t"

The quote explains the reception of two letters, R and T, from QR codes in different locations, which are part of an album promotional campaign.

"there's six clicks before the r and then there are seven clicks before the te"

This quote highlights the presence of a specific number of clicks before the revelation of each letter, suggesting a pattern or significant meaning behind the sequence of clicks.

QR Codes and Potential Messages

  • A third QR code in Melbourne has been mentioned, potentially adding another letter to the sequence.
  • The current letters, combined with the number of tallies from a timetable, lead to speculation that the message might spell "Fortnite."
  • The QR codes are believed to be leading to the reveal of a single or other significant announcement.

"someone in the comments did say there has been apparently a third QR code spotted in Melbourne Australia um and that gives us another letter"

This quote indicates that there is community engagement and discussion about additional clues in the form of QR codes, contributing to the overall promotional puzzle.

References to Past Interviews and Locations

  • Taylor Nation has referenced a specific interview from April 13th, 2021.
  • The interview contains hints leading to the River North District in Chicago.
  • A particular Italian restaurant mentioned in the interview is linked to a billboard's location and a YouTube short with a message.

"Taylor nation has a reference this interview from Steven coar back on April 13th of 2021 multiple times specifically here they said hm we might have to do a little more searching"

This quote indicates that the interview from April 13th, 2021, contains important clues that fans are encouraged to explore further.

"in this weird interview with Steven Coler they say a lot of things one of the weird things she says in that interview is that Steven spent the summer of 1989 working at scoozi's an Italian restaurant in the River North District of Chicago"

The quote reveals that the interview contains specific details about a person's past, which are connected to a location that is part of the promotional campaign.

Symbolism and Historical References

  • The interview and promotional clues might be referencing a significant fire that occurred on April 15th, 1989.
  • The fire's date aligns with the release week of the "tortured poet's" project and the posting of a QR code.
  • The fire's details, such as the date and the five-alarm status, are symbolically linked to other elements in the campaign.

"this block was the site of a major fire on April 15th 1989 in the interview she said Steven worked here in the summer of 1989 April 15th of 1989 which is today April 15th this entire block burnt to the ground"

The quote connects the date of the fire to the current date and the promotional timeline, suggesting a deliberate choice in the timing of these promotions.

"here's photos from that fire it was a five alarm fire which a five alarm alarm fire is marked five 11 she also mentioned Steven kar's Height and said he was 5'11 that's another way to write five alarm fire which is the worst type of fire"

This quote ties together various elements such as the severity of the fire and personal details from the interview, indicating a pattern of symbolic references within the promotional campaign.

  • The art gallery fire is paralleled with a scene from Taylor's "Bad Blood" music video, where she burns down a house of art.
  • The destruction of art is seen as a metaphor for Taylor's reinvention and the rebirth of her work.
  • The interview and clues may be hinting at a theme of destruction and rebirth for the upcoming tour or project.

"so could that interview about scoozi's in the summer of 1989 have been referencing the burning of an art gallery in April of 1989 as a precursor for the erors tour when Taylor destroys all of her old work because like a phoenix she's born From the Ashes"

The quote suggests that the referenced events and interviews may symbolize the destruction of past work and the emergence of something new, mirroring the concept of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

References to Fire and Phoenix Imagery

  • The discussion includes references to a fire incident and its potential connection to the content of an AOS store.
  • The Phoenix Rising From the Ashes is mentioned as a symbol, which has been a recurring theme over the past few days.
  • The conversation leads to the discovery of a mural related to a new album, which coincides with the anniversary of an interview mentioning GES.

"She probably does have some reference and probably some knowledge of the fire that went down um and whether that directly relates to what she has in the AOS store with burning down that house."

The quote suggests that there is a belief that the person in question, possibly an artist, has knowledge of a past fire incident, which might be linked to their current work or products in the AOS store.

"These references to that over the last couple of days led us to a mural for her brand new album less than a mile away almost 3 years to the day from that interview where she referenced GES."

The quote explains that recent references to fire and rebirth led to the discovery of a new album's mural, which is related to an interview from three years prior where GES was mentioned.

Taylor Nation's Confirmation of the "I Theory"

  • Taylor Nation's response to a specific comment on Twitter is analyzed to confirm a fan theory.
  • A post from Taylor Nation 13 days before a release contained a typographical anomaly, replacing '1' with 'I.'
  • The theory is related to the character 'I' not being invented on a typewriter, suggesting intentional messaging.

"Did Taylor Nation just confirm the eye Theory because out of all the comments that they could have replied to on Twitter they chose this one that says I hear pie KCT this dot dot dot their response then being only Apple music will tell with the suspicious face."

The quote discusses the possibility that Taylor Nation intentionally chose to respond to a comment that hints at the "I Theory," suggesting that there is a hidden message to be revealed through Apple Music.

"The Taylor Nation posted on her story 13 days before the torture post Department release with an i instead of a one the reason for this being because the character I was not yet invented on a typ writer."

The quote provides evidence for the "I Theory," noting that Taylor Nation used 'I' instead of '1' in a post, which could be a deliberate clue due to the historical absence of 'I' on typewriters.

Deciphering Hidden Messages in Music Playlists

  • There is a discussion about hidden messages in song titles and lyrics.
  • The conversation suggests that the phrase "I hereby conduct this" may have additional words to be revealed, aligning with a playlist on Apple Music.
  • The playlist in question is associated with the five stages of heartbreak, and there is speculation about what the complete message will be.

"So after having the word this added today under better than revenge Taylor's version in apple music it leaves us with I hereby conduct this."

The quote points out that a new word has been added to a song title in Apple Music, contributing to a developing hidden message that reads "I hereby conduct this."

"Meaning we have old habits I screaming songs and I can do it with the broken heart songs what song do you think is going to be next and what do you think this message is going to say."

The quote invites speculation on what the next song title will be and what the final hidden message could reveal, based on the current pattern of song titles from the heartbreak playlist.

Analysis of the "Midnight's" Manifest and Theories

  • The analysis includes a detailed breakdown of a video related to the "Midnight's" album.
  • There is a focus on visual elements such as the clock time, lighting, and the presence of glitter gel pens.
  • The colors of the pens are speculated to represent different albums or themes.
  • The discussion includes observations about new photos, a sterile hallway, and tile patterns that may contain hidden meanings.

"Yet again we start at 2:00 on that clock we have left or are leaving midnights it's 2:00 I have a whole theory about that pinned at the top of my page if you want to know why I think it's 2:00 go look at that."

The quote details an observation about a clock set at 2:00 in a video, which is believed to have a significant meaning related to the "Midnight's" album, prompting further exploration of a theory posted elsewhere.

"All of her glitter gel pens are left on this table there were no Glitter gel pens at the popup today they're staying here as far as the colors it's dark."

The quote discusses the presence of glitter gel pens in the video, noting their absence at a recent pop-up event and speculating on the significance of their colors.

"We still have the crumpled up pieces of paper and you can see the Midnight's vinyl variant scattered on the floor."

The quote describes the scene in the video, mentioning crumpled paper and vinyl variants on the floor, which may be symbolic or part of the album's narrative.

"These photos back here are new they are photos that she shared on her Instagram from the making of midnights this is her and Jack sitting at Jack's kitchen table they're both singing."

The quote identifies new photos in the background of the video, which are from the making of the "Midnight's" album and feature the artist with collaborators, potentially offering insights into the creative process.

Lover House Imagery and Symbolism

  • The conversation opens with a description of a hallway with many doors, leading to a door labeled "tortured Police Department."
  • This imagery is linked to the entry hallway in the "lover house," suggesting a metaphor for endless opportunities or "additional rooms" as new albums are added.
  • The hallway is likened to a college, indicating a sense of growth, learning, and expansion.

"allway with lots of doors then we approach a door that is labeled with the tortured Police Department also back for this for a second this reminds me of the entry hallway in the lover house."

This quote establishes the setting and introduces the concept of the "lover house" as a metaphor for artistic expansion, with each door representing potential new works or albums.

Tortured Poet's Department Aesthetics

  • The keyhole view into the "tortured boats Department" suggests an academic or office setting.
  • The room is described as sterile, with typewriters, coffee cups, calendars, and possibly evidence bags or folders.
  • The aesthetic is intended to create a specific mood for the video.

"and inside this very sterile room which these windows match the windows and that pop up but these are bright they were very dark this very sterile room like the room behind me that I am trying to create this aesthetic for this video."

This quote describes the visual elements designed to evoke a particular atmosphere, emphasizing the clinical and academic vibe of the "tortured poet's" workspace.

Tortured Poet's Timetable and Clues

  • The timetable is partially obscured, but it reveals a music video release at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • There are 14 hash marks (initially mistaken for 13), possibly indicating the date or significance of the music video.
  • Notably, there are two stars before and after the release day and two exclamation points after the music video release, hinting at significance or excitement.

"and on the day the album is released at 8:00 p.m.. Eastern we are going to get a music video and there are 13 hash Mars here also something El also um in in a later video she corrects it is 14 tallies not 13."

This quote reveals the planned release schedule for a music video and corrects an earlier mistake regarding the number of hash marks, which may be a clue to the content or timing of the release.

Speculation on Record Store Day and Music Video Theories

  • The speakers discuss the significance of Record Store Day and what might happen on that day.
  • There is speculation about whether the 14 hash marks refer to a Fortnite music video or the track "the smallest man who ever lived."
  • The conversation includes corrections from a previous video and musings on the potential meaning of mirrored images and dates.

"it's also 420 you know a great day to to have fun um I need to correct a couple things from my last video Tucker is correct it is 14 hashmarks not 13. it was blurry when I initially watched it. I just thought 13 because Taylor."

This quote addresses the speculation surrounding the number of hash marks and their possible connection to a music video release, correcting an earlier error and hinting at the importance of specific dates in the artist's work.

Corrections and Additional Observations

  • The speaker corrects previous misinterpretations, such as the number of hash marks.
  • There is a discussion about why the photo of Taylor and Meredith was mirrored, with a potential connection to the release date of "reputation."
  • The speaker also corrects an earlier statement about the presence of a radiator in the "Midnight's" room.

"also shout out again to Swifty gabs this is the original photo of Taylor am Meredith from December 25th of 2018 they mirrored it for the court board in the tortured poce Department why is it mirrored her birthday she shares a birthday with reputation 1110 and 1011 is a Friday this year I don't know."

This quote provides a correction regarding the use of a mirrored image in promotional material, suggesting a deliberate choice by the artist to align with significant dates.

Taylor's Easter Egg Video Analysis

  • The video discusses Taylor Swift's use of Easter eggs in her announcements, hinting at her future music releases.
  • A specific Easter egg is mentioned: a photo of Taylor with her cat Meredith coinciding with the release date of her album "Reputation."
  • The significance of Meredith's birthday (November 10th) aligns with the release date of "Reputation," suggesting a mirrored date of October 11th for a potential new release.
  • Meredith's disappearance for a year parallels Taylor's absence from the public eye before "Reputation" was released.
  • A theory is discussed that Taylor releases albums 175 days apart and during breaks from touring.

"Taylor has this picture of her with Meredith but just like the comments said it's also weird Merida's birthday just happens to be November 10th which is the exact same day when reputation original version was released but now if we mirror her birthday like these two pictures we'd get October 11th."

This quote highlights the analysis of Taylor Swift's use of Easter eggs and the significance of dates, suggesting a mirrored date for a potential release based on her cat's birthday and the release date of "Reputation."

"Meredith went missing for a year and there was like some Swifty things that said we want to see her where is she what's going on and Taylor Made Kind of a Funny post about it but put nobody physically saw me for a year talking about Meredith but alluding to reputation how Taylor was not seen or photographed for a year before she released reputation."

This quote draws a parallel between Meredith's disappearance and Taylor's absence from the public eye, indicating that Taylor uses personal experiences as Easter eggs related to her music.

"Going up the 175d theory I have linked below as well that there's 175 days between each of the last albums Taylor also will do a release during a break when she's not touring as she is done for the rest of them."

The quote introduces the "175d theory," which suggests a pattern in Taylor Swift's album release schedule, correlating with breaks from her touring.

National Days and Potential Release Date

  • October 11th is associated with several national days, including National Kim Day and World Egg Day.
  • The speaker speculates that these national days might be related to Taylor Swift's potential release date.
  • A theory is discussed where Taylor Swift uses hand signals in an interview to hint at the date "10124."

"October 11th also is National Kim day if you know you know it's my party day world egg day Easter eggs and also National sausage pizza day."

The quote lists several national days that fall on October 11th, suggesting that Taylor Swift might use these as clues for her release dates.

"I don't think the food holidays are probably related to this because those are those are just kind of random she Taps a one picks her finger for zero she then holds two fingers very broadly apart or an 11 has two fingers on the pizza followed by all four so putting together I feel like she gave us the date. 10124."

This quote addresses the skepticism around the significance of food holidays and proposes an interpretation of Taylor Swift's hand signals as a potential release date.

The Number Two and Taylor's Clues

  • Taylor Swift has repeatedly used the number two in various contexts, suggesting its importance.
  • The number two appears in her speeches, promotions, and even the design of logos and teasers.
  • The speaker analyzes the tortured poets Department timetable teaser, noting multiple instances of the number two.

"Taylor announced the tortured poets Department saying that she'd been working on it for 2 years looking down and suspiciously flashing a peace sign or a number two since then it's come up in multiple of her speeches on the Aros tour and a ton of the promotion for this album."

The quote notes Taylor Swift's repeated use of the number two, indicating its potential significance in her upcoming projects.

"Additionally the tortured poets Department logo itself also looks like a Roman numeral to and it Tailor's most recent teaser for the torture poets Department timetable the Midnight's clock is set to two as she leaves the Midnight's room."

This quote describes visual clues that Taylor Swift has incorporated into her promotional materials, further emphasizing the number two.

"Taylor would not have put that many twos in her release week announcement if she didn't want to affirm that we were right to be suspicious about the number two."

The speaker interprets the prevalence of the number two in Taylor Swift's announcements as intentional, affirming fans' suspicions about its importance.

Speculation on Taylor's Upcoming Releases

  • The speaker speculates about the significance of the number two in Taylor Swift's upcoming releases.
  • Doubt is expressed about the possibility of a double album.
  • The speaker contemplates what the "dud" could symbolize and how the number two will factor into the "torture poets" theme.

"The real question is what is the dud going to be obviously L the twos are very important and they are tuing but what is it going to symbolize what could it symbolize."

This quote expresses curiosity about the meaning behind the number two and its role in Taylor Swift's future projects.

"I really hope you all are enjoying the Tor of Po Department week promotion um it has been a truly truly wild wild past few days."

The speaker conveys enthusiasm for the ongoing promotions and hints at the excitement surrounding the buildup to Taylor Swift's announcements.

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