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In a detailed discussion about Taylor Swift's strategic use of color and fashion, the hosts analyze Swift's green gown at the Golden Globes, speculating on whether it hints at the release of "Reputation Taylor's Version" or "Debut Taylor's Version." They delve into Swift's history of dropping Easter eggs for her fans, noting the significance of colors associated with different album eras and the excitement it generates among her fanbase. Additionally, they explore the "112 Day Theory" and the potential clues embedded in Swift's jewelry, suggesting a possible announcement on January 12, 2024. The conversation also touches on the importance of Swift's trademark applications for her re-recorded albums and the implications of their renewal or extension, which could signal upcoming releases or further delays.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift's Marketing Genius

  • Taylor Swift is recognized for her strategic marketing skills.
  • Her appearance at the Golden Globes in a green gown is analyzed for potential hints about her future music releases.
  • Fans speculate whether the gown's color is a hint towards "debut Taylor's version" or "reputation Taylor's version."

"Taylor Swift is a marketing genius."

This quote establishes the topic of discussion, which is Taylor Swift's marketing acumen, particularly in how she engages her audience with subtle hints and Easter eggs.

"Taylor showed up to the Golden Globes tonight for her fifth nomination in this beautiful green gown..."

This quote introduces the specific event (Golden Globes) and the significant detail (green gown) that fans are interpreting as a potential hint for Taylor Swift's upcoming music.

Fan Engagement and Easter Eggs

  • Taylor Swift's choice of a green gown at the Golden Globes has sparked fan theories and engagement.
  • Fans look for Easter eggs in Swift's attire and public appearances to predict her next moves.
  • Swift's strategic use of color keeps fans engaged and excited about her future projects.

"to the Casual Observer it's a beautiful gown but to Taylor Swift fans who look for Easter eggs and everything that she does this makes us pay attention..."

This quote highlights the difference between general public perception and the engaged fanbase that looks for deeper meaning in Taylor Swift's choices.

Speculation on Upcoming Music Releases

  • There is a discussion on whether the gown's color indicates the release of "debut Taylor's version" or "reputation Taylor's version."
  • Fans use past patterns of Swift's marketing to predict her next release.
  • The guessing game surrounding her next album release is narrowed down to a few possibilities.

"Taylor has two re-records left that is reputation Taylor's version and debut Taylor's version..."

This quote specifies the two remaining albums that fans are anticipating in Taylor's re-record series, which are central to the speculation.

The Importance of Color in Taylor Swift's Branding

  • Taylor Swift uses specific colors to represent different music eras.
  • Fans interpret colors in Swift's wardrobe and media as signs for upcoming releases.
  • The discussion includes the significance of the particular shade of green worn by Swift at the Golden Globes.

"for each of these eras we have colors associated with them and we take cues from the things that she wears..."

This quote explains how fans associate specific colors with different eras of Taylor Swift's music, using these as cues for predicting future releases.

Analysis of the Green Gown and Its Potential Meaning

  • The speaker provides their analysis of the shade of green worn by Swift, comparing it to past uses of green in her branding.
  • The color is linked to the wristbands from Swift's "era tour" and the colors used during her "reputation" album era.
  • A photo comparison is made to support the theory that the green gown is a hint towards the "reputation Taylor's version."

"so I think she is hinting that there will be a green reputation outfit night that she played a song from reputation and I want to show you a photo that I took..."

This quote indicates the speaker's personal theory that the green gown is a hint about "reputation Taylor's version," backed by a personal anecdote and visual evidence from a concert.

Concluding Thoughts on Taylor Swift's Marketing Tactics

  • The speaker concludes with their thoughts on the marketing tactics of Taylor Swift.
  • The discussion underscores the meticulous attention Swift pays to her branding and fan engagement.

"I think that is it as I said on the era tour she uses color to indicate what era we're in..."

This quote summarizes the speaker's view on how Taylor Swift uses color as a marketing tool to indicate her music eras and engage with her fanbase.

Taylor Swift's Color Clues and Fan Theories

  • Fans analyze Taylor Swift's outfit colors to predict her next re-recorded album.
  • Debate over whether the green dress is a clue pointing to "Reputation" or "Debut" Taylor's version.
  • The color discrepancy is seen as either significant or just a lighting issue.
  • Fans are excited and attentive to every detail Taylor presents, trying to decode her next move.
  • The conversation about the green dress keeps fan engagement and speculation high.

"I don't think it's a very close match; a much cooler blue to me it was, it looked like it was mixed with teal versus this green which has a lot more yellow."

The speaker is expressing doubt about the color match of Taylor Swift's dress, suggesting it might not be a clue about her next album.

"People who want 'Reputation' Taylor's version to be the next re-record will be excited by this."

This quote reflects how fans interpret Taylor Swift's outfit choices as potential hints about her future projects.

The 112 Day Theory and Jewelry Easter Eggs

  • Fans scrutinize Taylor Swift's jewelry for hidden messages related to her music release schedule.
  • The "112 Day Theory" suggests Taylor uses a specific pattern in her release dates.
  • Taylor's earrings at a recent event are analyzed for potential clues.
  • Fans notice that Taylor modified her earrings, which could be significant.
  • The number of diamonds in Taylor's earrings may hint at a future date, 1/12/2024.

"Taylor has three piercings in her right ear; in the third piercing, she wore a single stud... in the second piercing, she wore a single Strand and in the first piercing, she wore a double strand."

This quote details the specific arrangement of Taylor Swift's earrings, which fans believe may hold clues to her music release strategy.

"If you count the diamonds you have one, 12, and 24, which just happens to be Friday's date 1/12/2024."

The speaker is connecting the number of diamonds in Taylor's earrings to a potential significant date, suggesting a planned event or release.

"If she continues that pattern, it's 1/12/24, which itself is a multiple of this because it's 112, 2024, and this would also be the 10th cycle of 112 days in this calendar."

The quote explains the "112 Day Theory" in detail, showing how fans calculate and predict Taylor Swift's album release dates based on past patterns.

Streaming Availability of Content

  • Discussion about the potential for a movie to become available on streaming platforms without rental fees.
  • Speculation on whether the movie will be available for free streaming or related to music.
  • The speaker expresses uncertainty about the significance of the date January 12th.

"Aros tour for streaming January 12th there we go people guess at that time that it would go to streaming we already know that it's available for rent on streaming."

The quote indicates that there was speculation about a movie going to streaming on January 12th, and it's already known that the movie can be rented on streaming platforms.

Modified Earrings

  • The speaker notes a change in the design of some earrings, with the number of diamonds being 11224.
  • The significance of this change is unclear, and the speaker invites the audience to interpret it as they wish.
  • The speaker personally doubts the modification of the earrings has any meaningful implication.

"I saw that she modified the standard earrings so that the number of diamonds was 11224 I had to point it out to y'all so do with this information what you will I don't know if it means anything."

This quote reflects the speaker's observation about a change in the number of diamonds on a pair of earrings and their decision to share this detail, despite uncertainty about its importance.

Upcoming Events and Speculation

  • Mention of a Chiefs playoff game happening in cold weather.
  • Discussion about the anticipation for the release of "reputation Taylor's version."
  • Expectation of online chaos related to trademark applications for Taylor Swift's music.

"There is a Chiefs playoff game the day after so that will be happening in very cold weather people interested in knowing when reputation Taylor's version will come out listen up."

The speaker is linking the timing of a sports event with the interest in the release of Taylor Swift's album, suggesting that both are events of public interest.

Trademark Applications and Online Reaction

  • Taylor Swift's trademark applications for phrases including "Taylor's version" have previously caused excitement on social media.
  • The trademark renewal process is lengthy and involves several steps, including a period for public comment.
  • The speaker plans to show screenshots from the government website to explain the process.

"Every time it happens it sets Swifty Twitter and Swifty Tik Tok a flame."

The quote indicates that Taylor Swift's trademark applications have a history of causing a significant reaction among her fans on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

Trademark Renewal Process

  • Detailed explanation of the trademark application process, including the issuance of a notice of allowance and the requirement to show proof of use.
  • Taylor Swift has yet to use the trademarks for "reputation Taylor's version" and "Taylor S Taylor's version."
  • Speculation that updates to the trademark status might indicate an imminent album release.

"She applied for these trademarks and this process takes time so this process takes a long time once the application is received it has to be processed by the federal government and then there has to be a period where other people can weigh in if they think they should own the trademark to this title."

The speaker describes the complexity and duration of the trademark application process, including government processing and public input.

Trademark Application Status and Implications

  • Taylor Swift received her initial notice of allowance for the trademark on August 16th, 2022.
  • Since then, she has filed for an extension of the trademark twice.
  • The speaker aims to inform the audience about the current status of the trademark application and its potential implications for the release of "reputation Taylor's version."

"Taylor got her initial notice of allowance which means go ahead on August 16th of 2022 since then she has filed for an extension of that use two times."

This quote confirms that Taylor Swift has received approval for the initial stages of her trademark applications and has filed for extensions, indicating ongoing interest in preserving the trademarks.

Intellectual Property Renewal Process

  • Taylor Swift's application for "reputation TV" was approved and is due for renewal on February 16th.
  • She filed for the extension on July 19th, which was just under a month before the deadline to file an extension on August 16th of the previous year.
  • The renewal process involves either using the intellectual property on a product or filing for an extension.
  • Taylor Swift has the option to keep filing extensions, theoretically indefinitely.
  • The process of filing extensions is likened to the SEC extending their Bitcoin ETF deadline.

days before she needed to renew that was approved 2 days later on February 3rd she needed to renew this on August 16th of last year. and she filed for the extension July 19th.

This quote explains the specific timeline of Taylor Swift's previous renewal process, indicating the proximity of the filing date to the deadline.

I guess it doesn't really tell us anything because she can just keep filing extensions you know theoretically forever um you kick the can down the road some more.

This quote reflects the speaker's understanding that the option to file extensions provides a way to postpone the final decision on the use of the intellectual property.

Speculation on Taylor Swift's Next Moves

  • There is anticipation for Taylor Swift to either announce "reputation Taylor's version" or file another extension in the coming weeks.
  • The renewal deadline is 6 weeks away, and historically, Taylor Swift has filed for extensions a month or a few weeks ahead of time.
  • Fans are speculating based on a hint from a music video that there may be news related to "reputation TV" in February.
  • If Taylor Swift uses the intellectual property before the deadline, she won't need to file for an extension.
  • The decision to file an extension or announce "reputation TV" could indicate her plans before going back on tour.

we are currently 6 weeks from the deadline to renew the application so 2 weeks from now to a few weeks from now we expect either her to announce reputation Taylor's version or she will file an extension.

This quote conveys the expectation that Taylor Swift will soon make a decision regarding the renewal of her intellectual property, which will be indicative of her future actions.

so this could be a sign like I said in two to four weeks as to what her next move is if she plans to announce rep TV before she goes back on tour or as soon as she goes back on tour she won't need to file an extension.

This quote suggests that the timing of Taylor Swift's decision to file an extension or make an announcement may be strategically aligned with her touring schedule.

Intellectual Property and Ownership

  • The discussion highlights the importance of owning intellectual property, especially in the context of Taylor Swift's "Taylor versions."
  • Owning work is crucial for artists, and the federal government's process for intellectual property is a significant aspect of this ownership.
  • The renewal and extension process is part of how artists maintain control over their intellectual property.

I do think this is a really interesting um look at the IP and um intellectual property and uh the kind of process it goes through uh with the federal government and why um Taylor Swift um has to kind of own her intellectual property especially with the Taylor versions because she wants to own her work.

This quote emphasizes the significance of intellectual property ownership for artists and the process involved in maintaining that ownership through federal government procedures.

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