Taylor Swift Albums as Seasons and Our Podcast Two Year Anniversary

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In this laid-back episode of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast, hosts Lisa and Cameron celebrate their second anniversary by creatively categorizing Taylor Swift's albums into seasons, reflecting on the show's evolution, and expressing gratitude to their listeners. They explore the changing dynamics of Taylor's discography, from the "folklore" and "evermore" eras to the anticipation of "1989 (Taylor's Version)." The hosts discuss the impact of album release dates on their seasonal associations, with albums like "Red" and "Evermore" strongly tied to autumn and winter, respectively. Additionally, they touch on the challenges of keeping up with Taylor's surprise releases, which often disrupt their planned content, and share personal podcast highlights, including interviews and deep dives into specific songs and albums.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Swiftly Spoken Podcast

  • Lisa and Cameron are the hosts of a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast, Swiftly Spoken.
  • The podcast focuses on analyzing Taylor Swift's lyrics, album retrospectives, and speculating on future releases.
  • They are celebrating their second anniversary of the podcast.
  • There have been many Taylor Swift album releases since the podcast started.
  • The hosts have experienced the Folklore, Evermore, Red, Speak Now, Fearless, and Midnight eras, with 1989 Taylor's version anticipated.
  • The podcast has adapted to Taylor Swift's dynamic release schedule, causing them to change their episode plans frequently.

"hello and welcome to swiftly spoken a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics Deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorize about what may be coming next"

This quote introduces the podcast and its content focus, outlining the hosts' analytical and speculative approach to Taylor Swift's work.

Podcast Evolution and Growth

  • The podcast has been posting episodes for two years, which the hosts find astounding.
  • They started during the Folklore and Evermore eras and have since covered several album releases.
  • The show has evolved from casual conversations to a more structured format that includes predictions and excitement sharing with listeners.
  • The hosts have had to adapt to Taylor Swift's spontaneous announcements and releases, often changing their recording schedule.
  • They have a backlog of planned episodes and ideas that have yet to be released due to the need to cover new content.

"so many things have changed in those two years so many albums have come out in those two years."

This quote reflects on the podcast's journey and the numerous Taylor Swift album releases that have occurred during the podcast's lifespan, highlighting the dynamic nature of the content they cover.

Gratitude to Listeners

  • Lisa and Cameron express their gratitude to listeners for their interest and engagement with the podcast.
  • They aimed to be credible and responsible with their content, providing factual and informative discussions.
  • The podcast has provided them with a community to share their excitement for Taylor Swift's music.
  • They acknowledge the significance of reaching over 100,000 views on YouTube and appreciate the thoughtful comments from their audience.

"just thank you to everyone who listens everyone who is with us on YouTube and leaves comments we do read every single one we try and answer all of them as well"

This quote conveys the hosts' appreciation for their listeners' support and engagement, emphasizing the importance of community interaction in their podcasting experience.

Memorable Podcast Episodes and Moments

  • Cameron's favorite episodes include the Evermore retrospective and an interview with a fan who attended a secret session.
  • They also enjoyed episodes like the Sparks Fly analysis and episodes that recap recent releases.
  • Lisa and Cameron reflect on the growth of the podcast, including technical improvements and the evolution of their recording process.
  • They reminisce about early episodes, including their nervousness and the unexpected success of the "how Taylor avoided the fourth album curse" episode.
  • The hosts are grateful for the community that has formed around the podcast and the shared passion for Taylor Swift's music.

"I think to be fair it's my favorite episodes have been like I think one that still stands out for me is there's two that kind of stand out one is the Evermore retrospective"

This quote by Cameron highlights specific episodes that have been particularly memorable for them, showcasing the diversity of content and the personal impact of the podcast's journey.

Looking Ahead to Future Seasons

  • Swiftly Spoken is entering its third season, with plans to keep the current color theme.
  • The hosts joke about potentially clashing color themes with Taylor Swift's album eras.
  • They continue to plan episodes and look forward to engaging with their audience in future discussions.
  • The podcast has become a significant part of their lives, and they are excited to see where it will go next.

"we're now kind of technically on our third season. yes um. yeah. I guess. yeah this is going to be our last episode of season. two."

This quote indicates the transition into a new season of the podcast, implying a sense of continuity and anticipation for what's to come.

Podcast Creation Process

  • Lisa and Cameron discussed their spontaneous decision to start a podcast.
  • Initial awkwardness was present due to unfamiliarity between the hosts.
  • They brainstormed names, logos, and images for the podcast.
  • The launch had issues, going live only on Spotify due to a lack of understanding of the release process.
  • They realized later that releasing a short intro episode helps with timely distribution of future episodes.

"we just were like I don't know we just kind of agreed. oh should we do a podcast. and then then we called um and it was initially a bit awkward."

The quote describes the initial agreement to start a podcast and the awkwardness that ensued due to the hosts' unfamiliarity with each other.

"trying to launch it all because I remember the launch was like um screwed up a bit because it only went live on Spotify."

This quote explains the difficulties they faced during the launch, particularly with the podcast only going live on Spotify.

Expanding to YouTube

  • Cameron suggested expanding to YouTube to reach a wider audience and engage more with listeners.
  • Both hosts agreed that launching on YouTube was beneficial for audience interaction and allowed for more creative content.
  • They express gratitude to their audience and excitement for future content.

"I think that was the best thing that we've done is um launched the YouTube as well because it doesn't mean that we just get to interact so much more and do more fun stuff."

The quote highlights the positive impact of expanding their podcast to YouTube, emphasizing increased interaction and fun activities with their audience.

Album Season Classification Discussion

  • The hosts plan to classify each of Taylor Swift's 10 studio albums into seasons based on the vibe they give off.
  • They note that their individual answers may differ and look forward to comparing and concluding their thoughts.
  • They discuss the potential influence of album release dates on their seasonal associations.
  • The conversation includes the idea that songs may speak about specific seasons, times, or weathers, which could sway their classifications.

"before we start it is very easy to have your opinion affected by when the album was released or when the re-releases were released."

This quote addresses the challenge of separating personal associations with an album's release date from the actual seasonal vibes of the music.

Album-by-Album Seasonal Analysis

  • They begin with Taylor Swift's debut album, agreeing it feels like spring transitioning into summer, with youthful and summery themes.
  • Fearless is placed in early spring by both hosts, with themes of innocence and a touch of coldness, despite mentions of rain that could suggest autumn.
  • Speak Now poses a challenge due to its varied themes, but both hosts ultimately place it in winter transitioning into spring.

"for debut I've put spring summer... it's kind of youthful like spring um in its kind of just general image and storytelling."

This quote explains Lisa's reasoning for placing Taylor Swift's debut album in the spring/summer category, associating it with youth and storytelling.

"Fearless... it doesn't have that big summer feel of like you know of a kind of release and like in terms of like summer normally is that feeling of like freedom."

Cameron reflects on the album Fearless, suggesting it lacks the quintessential summer feeling of freedom, leading to its placement in early spring.

"I play Speak now in Winter same here I placed it um that's interesting winter into spring."

Both hosts agree on placing Speak Now in the winter/spring category, despite finding it difficult to categorize due to the album's diverse themes.

Influence of Album Release Dates

  • The hosts acknowledge the influence of Taylor Swift's album release dates on their seasonal perceptions.
  • They recognize that their geographical location and the timing of album releases may affect their seasonal associations.
  • An upcoming Taylor Swift version release during summer challenges their winter association with Speak Now.

"I think I have also been very influenced by the re-released um album and the time that it was released because now always in my head I associate Fearless with spring."

Cameron admits that the re-release timing of Fearless has strongly influenced their association of the album with spring.

Seasonal Mentions in Taylor Swift's Albums

  • A Reddit post by user bluebell08, which maps out seasons mentioned in each Taylor Swift album, is used for comparison.
  • The hosts discuss how listeners from different climates might perceive the seasonal themes differently.

"so as for Seasons mentioned in Fearless we don't have any spring we have Summer and Autumn so again these are Seasons mentioned so not so much like months of the year or anything like that."

This quote references the Reddit post by bluebell08, which indicates that Fearless predominantly mentions summer and autumn, not spring as the hosts had classified it.

Geographical Differences in Seasonal Perceptions

  • The hosts express curiosity about how listeners in different parts of the world, such as Australia, might contextualize the albums' seasonal themes.
  • They invite feedback from international listeners to understand diverse perspectives.

"how do you Recon textualize it because obviously we still have the Four Seasons. but you know very flipped around I've always felt it's so strange to think of of um uh Christmas at summertime."

The quote reveals the hosts' interest in how geographical differences can lead to alternative perceptions of an album's seasonal themes.

Diverse Sound in Music

  • Difficulty in classifying the album "Speak Now" due to its diverse sound.
  • The hosts invite listeners to share their opinions on the placement of "Speak Now".

"k now is the beginning of more of a diverse sound. so. yeah this one was a difficult one for me."

The quote reflects the host's challenge in categorizing the album "Speak Now" due to its diversity in sound, indicating the complexity of music classification.

Seasonal Association of "Red"

  • "Red" is seen as an autumnal album.
  • The album's initial release timing coincided with autumn, but it was not marketed as such.
  • Over time, "Red" grew in association with autumn, particularly through the song "All Too Well".
  • The re-recording of "Red" solidified its autumnal identity.

"Autumn obviously red is the autumnal album it is."

This quote emphasizes the host's view that "Red" aligns with the autumn season, both in timing and thematic content.

Evolution of "Red" and "All Too Well"

  • "All Too Well" grew in popularity during the "rep era".
  • Taylor Swift's performances and references during the "Lover" era linked "Red" to autumn.
  • The autumnal element of "Red" grew alongside the popularity of "All Too Well".

"I think what happened was all too well has always been like a fan favorite but over time it just started to grow."

The quote indicates the growing popularity of "All Too Well" and its influence on the perception of the "Red" album as an autumnal collection.

Seasonal References in "Red"

  • "Red" includes lyrical mentions of all seasons.
  • Despite this, "All Too Well" and other songs give it a strong autumnal feel.

"red also obviously the colors in Autumn so bright just before we lose them all you know like it does have other mentions but I definitely think all two of this is a big big big big influence on how yeah became more of an Autumn staple."

The quote discusses how the visual elements and lyrics of "Red" contribute to its association with the autumn season.

Seasonal Placement of "1989"

  • "1989" is considered a late summer album.
  • The re-release date of "1989" influenced the seasonal perception.
  • Despite its release in autumn, the album's vibe is summery.

"for me 1999 was a little bit difficult because I was being influenced by the re release and re-release date because obviously it's the same exact day."

The quote reflects the host's struggle with the seasonal classification of "1989" due to the influence of its re-release date, despite its summery feel.

Reputation as a Winter Album

  • "Reputation" is categorized as a winter album.
  • It represents the dark, cold nights in the city rather than a snowy winter.
  • The album follows the summer vibe of "1989" but transitions into the consequences of that summer.

"and it's quite secretive. yeah. yeah. and that's the kind of vibe and because of that Vibe obviously late nights and dark nights are in the winter and I feel like reputation is like a winter album."

The quote describes "Reputation" as embodying a winter atmosphere, with a focus on the secretive and dark aspects of the season.

"Lover" as a Summer Album

  • "Lover" is described as a summer album, capturing the essence of the 2019 summer.
  • The album's music videos and Taylor Swift's intended tour further emphasize the summer theme.

"lover is summer the date of it's really is perfect it is that moment in the summer."

The quote expresses the host's certainty that "Lover" epitomizes the summer season, both in its musical content and timing of release.

Seasonal Imagery in Taylor Swift's Discography

  • Taylor Swift's albums have become more distinct in their seasonal imagery.
  • Earlier albums like "Fearless" and "Speak Now" built off each other, while later albums established their own unique seasonal themes.
  • There are no direct seasonal references in "1989" or "Reputation", while "Lover" predominantly references summer.

"and now read 1989 rep it will be interesting though to see for example how debut is like reimagined and all that kind of cling on to a moment in time like Fearless did in our heads or will it be something different."

The quote contemplates how the reimagining of earlier albums will affect their seasonal associations, highlighting the distinct seasonal themes in Swift's later work.

"Folklore" as an Autumnal Album

  • "Folklore" was initially branded as a late summer album.
  • The hosts feel that "Folklore" has an autumnal feel to it.

"but for me folklore weirdly even though it does feel that way it kind of feels. slightly autumnal."

This quote captures the host's personal perception of "Folklore" as leaning towards an autumnal vibe, despite its late summer release.

Seasonal Association with Taylor Swift's "Folklore"

  • "Folklore" is associated with late summer transitioning into autumn.
  • The album evokes feelings of reflection and melancholy.
  • The weather during this season is described as sticky and humid, often following rain.
  • "Folklore" is characterized by a sense of the summer ending and unfulfilled hopes.
  • The album captures the mood of the end of the year being in sight.

"I don't really listen to Folklore I listen to it in like the Autumn September... it's kind of raining and you're in the car... The Summer's over and you're feeling a bit blue and a bit sad about things and you know a bit reflective and you could see the end of the year in sight."

This quote illustrates the speaker's personal connection with "Folklore" during the autumn season, highlighting the reflective and slightly melancholic mood that aligns with the end of summer.

"One lyric from folklore that I think makes me feel that way is 'I'll come in away just come and gone' which I feel like is the very end of summer kind of thing."

The quote references a specific "Folklore" lyric that encapsulates the feeling of summer's end, further reinforcing the album's association with the transition from summer to autumn.

Seasonal Association with Taylor Swift's "Evermore"

  • "Evermore" is considered a winter or Christmas album.
  • The album's themes include sadness, melancholy, excitement, and reflection.
  • It captures the essence of returning home for the holidays and the coldness of winter.
  • The production of "Evermore" includes elements like sleigh bells that evoke the Christmas season.
  • The release date of "Evermore" was strategically placed to fit the winter season.

"Evermore which is the one that we've been hinting towards throughout all of this time it is the winter slash Christmas album isn't it it really is."

The speaker identifies "Evermore" as a winter/Christmas album, suggesting it has a seasonal theme that resonates with the holidays and winter experiences.

"Evermore does have references like spring autumn winter it also has you know I've been down since July so we do have kind of Summer reference in there."

This quote acknowledges that while "Evermore" has a winter theme, it also includes references to other seasons, showing a range of seasonal imagery within the album.

Seasonal Association with Taylor Swift's "Midnights"

  • "Midnights" does not have a clear seasonal association.
  • The album's sound is described as reflective and melancholic pop.
  • Themes of darkness, self-reflection, and cold are present.
  • "Midnights" includes a variety of sounds and references that make it difficult to classify into one season.
  • There is an exploration of midnights throughout Taylor Swift's life, indicating a look back at her discography.

"I don't think it for me really has a season that I can tie it to... it is very pop but not in the way of like a bright hopeful pop it is quite a reflective um Melancholy pop."

The speaker struggles to associate "Midnights" with a specific season, noting the reflective and melancholic tone of the pop album.

"Midnights I literally didn't classify I cheated as ever."

This quote shows the speaker's difficulty in categorizing "Midnights" into a specific season, implying that the album transcends seasonal boundaries.

General Observations on Taylor Swift's Seasonal Album Themes

  • Taylor Swift's albums evoke distinct seasonal vibes.
  • Fans may have a general consensus on the seasonal associations of her albums.
  • The speakers' opinions on the seasons of the albums are very similar or identical.
  • There's an interest in seeing if other fans have the same or different associations with the seasons of Taylor Swift's albums.

"I think what's interesting as well is that... our guesses were all very like literally identical."

This quote reflects on the similarity of the speakers' opinions regarding the seasonal associations of Taylor Swift's albums, suggesting a potential consensus among fans.

"Please let us know because I would be intrigued if that is just we just share a similar opinion all that is very unanimous um opinion across all fans that that's the album that's this It season that's this album that's this season."

The speaker encourages listener engagement to determine if their seasonal associations are unique or widely shared among the Taylor Swift fan community.

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