Taylor Swift 2023 Wrapped Podcast: Artist of the Year, The Break Up, and Billionaire Status

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In the "Good for a Weekend" podcast, hosts Cressy Cornes and MK Ashford, joined by journalist Mary Croi from Consequence, delve into Taylor Swift's monumental year. They discuss Swift's unchallenged status as Artist of the Year, her impactful music, and the ease of selecting her for the title due to her influential presence. The conversation touches on Swift's Spotify Wrapped dominance, her billionaire status, and the cultural phenomenon of her AOS tour. They also explore Swift's personal growth, her re-emergence into the public eye post-breakup with Joe Alwyn, and her newfound openness to experiencing life. Throughout, the hosts share personal anecdotes, their Spotify Wrapped results, and insights into Swift's deep connection with fans, her ability to encapsulate the female experience, and her transition from a private figure to a mainstream icon.

Summary Notes

Taylor Swift's Impact in the Music World

  • Taylor Swift was unanimously chosen as the artist of the year by the team at Consequence.
  • There was no debate or conversation needed to select Taylor Swift as the artist of the year due to her significant impact.
  • Mary Siroky was working on a piece for Consequence focusing on Taylor Swift's year.
  • The challenge was to find a unique angle to summarize Taylor Swift's year differently from other pieces.

"Taylor is our artist of the year... there was truly no other choice this year she made it really easy for us." "In writing my piece I was kind of trying to figure out how to summarize this year in a different way from some of those other pieces out there which has been a fun challenge to take on."

The quotes emphasize Taylor Swift's dominance in the music industry this year and the effort to write a distinctive piece about her impact.

Spotify Wrapped Personal Insights

  • Mary Siroky's second most played song for two consecutive years on Spotify Wrapped is "Willow" by Taylor Swift.
  • Mary plays "Willow" frequently, interpreting it as a soundtrack to yearning.
  • The hosts and Mary discuss the Spotify Wrapped results and the potential reasons behind certain songs ranking highly.
  • There is a shared fascination with the Spotify Wrapped season and the insights it provides into listening habits.

"For the second year in a row Willow was my second most played song... I play it when I'm yearning." "I think the funniest detail that I would love to share with you guys is that for the second year in a row Willow was my second most played song."

Mary Siroky shares her Spotify Wrapped results, highlighting her connection to "Willow" and its significance in her listening habits.

Taylor Swift's Album "Evermore"

  • Mary Siroky expresses a strong affinity for Taylor Swift's album "Evermore."
  • She discusses her conspiracy theory that if "Evermore" had been released before "Folklore," it would have received the same level of acclaim.
  • Mary appreciates the witchy aesthetic of the "Willow" performance during Taylor Swift's show.
  • She also shares her personal connection to the album "Evermore" and the song "Willow."

"I love Evermore I love it so very much... I also have a special place in my heart for it because it was one of my first reviews that I did at consequence and Taylor liked it on Twitter."

Mary Siroky explains her deep appreciation for "Evermore" and the personal significance it holds for her, including recognition from Taylor Swift herself.

Taylor Swift's Live Album Speculation

  • The hosts and Mary speculate on the potential release of a Taylor Swift live album.
  • They discuss the financial implications for fans and Taylor Swift's business acumen.
  • There is a debate about whether a live album is necessary and the cost associated with Taylor Swift's recent ventures.
  • The possibility of multiple variants of a live album catering to different eras of Taylor Swift's career is considered.

"I am wondering if we need a live album... there have been a lot of very expensive experiences lately as a Taylor fan."

Mary Siroky expresses mixed feelings about the idea of a Taylor Swift live album, considering the financial burden on fans and the pattern of costly experiences associated with being a Taylor Swift fan.

Personal Spotify Wrapped Results and Insights

  • The hosts and Mary share their top songs and artists from Spotify Wrapped.
  • They discuss the surprising locations Spotify Wrapped associated with their musical tastes.
  • The conversation reveals the variety of music genres and artists they each enjoy.
  • They also touch on the notion of "basic" music tastes and how Spotify Wrapped reflects that.

"I think it's because I do listen to a lot of international pop I was keeping up with all of the BTS solo releases this year."

Mary Siroky shares her Spotify Wrapped results, providing insight into her diverse music preferences, including international pop and K-pop.

Taylor Swift Fandom and Personal Connections

  • Mary Siroky considers herself a fan of Taylor Swift but not necessarily a "Swifty."
  • She reflects on her history with Taylor Swift's music and the emotional impact of the Taylor's Version releases.
  • Mary discusses her favorite Taylor Swift eras, highlighting "Evermore" and "Speak Now."
  • The hosts also share their favorite Taylor Swift eras, showcasing the range of preferences among fans.

"I listen to all the music she puts out and I have listened to it since I was a kid and every Taylor's version release leaves me in tears for some reason."

Mary Siroky discusses her emotional connection to Taylor Swift's music and differentiates between being a fan and being a dedicated "Swifty."

Taylor Swift's Mainstream Appeal and Cultural Shift

  • Mary Siroky addresses the shift in Taylor Swift's mainstream appeal in her piece for Consequence.
  • She explores how young women connect with Taylor Swift's music, finding validation and space to process their stories.
  • Mary notes the change in perception of being a Taylor Swift fan, from being uncool to now being sought after.
  • The cultural impact of Taylor Swift's music and its profitability in media is discussed.

"The thing that I felt was most important that I hadn't seen a lot of mainstream writers really address on a platform yet is this idea that a lot of the reason why young women are especially connected to her music is because it gives them the space to really process everything fully and that their stories matter."

Mary Siroky highlights the significance of Taylor Swift's music in empowering young women and the cultural shift in the perception of Taylor Swift's fandom.

Evolution of Public Perception

  • Taylor Swift's popularity has reached a point where it's questioned if people genuinely enjoy her music or if it's due to her mainstream status.
  • The speaker reflects on the desire to gatekeep Taylor Swift's music, especially from those who were not supportive during her "reputation" era.
  • There's a recognition that as the most famous woman in the world, it's natural for most people to like her.

"You weren't in the trenches during the reputation era like you did not have random people just talking about how she was a snake like you were not there."

This quote highlights the speaker's feelings of protectiveness over Taylor Swift's music, referencing a time when Swift was less popular and faced public scrutiny.

Artist of the Year Selection Process

  • The selection process for Artist of the Year sometimes involves debate, but Taylor Swift was a clear choice this year.
  • Past winners like Lorde, Janelle Monáe, and Harry Styles had significant cultural impact, which Taylor also achieved.
  • Taylor's work resonated on an "Earth-shaking level" and was a major part of the cultural conversation.

"This was a year where there really was no other choice like we really hardly had to have a conversation about it among our staff and um we were just confident that this was this was the artist of the year."

The quote explains why Taylor Swift was unanimously chosen as Artist of the Year without much debate due to her undeniable impact.

Impact of Social Media and Concert Culture

  • Taylor Swift's presence on TikTok and the live streams of the ARs tour contributed to her increased popularity.
  • Social media has influenced concert culture, with fans seeking interactions from artists.
  • The ARs tour invited fans of all eras, broadening Taylor Swift's appeal and tapping into nostalgia.

"It's interesting to see how social media has played into concert culture at large I think and just people really vying for interactions from their favorite artists rather than and I don't think this is like this at the Aros tour. really but rather than just kind of enjoying the moment."

This quote discusses the shift in concert culture due to social media, where fans are more focused on interactions than simply enjoying the performance.

Taylor Swift's Future Moves

  • Speculation surrounds Taylor Swift's next steps after being named Artist of the Year by various publications.
  • The speaker hopes for an experimental album from Swift and reflects on her history of taking risks during low points.
  • There's a pattern where Swift pivots and reinvents herself when she feels the need to, often after less successful projects.

"I think she is uniquely gifted at riding out different eras for lack of a better word she knows what it's like to be at the at her personal lowest she knows what it's like to be at the top of the world and."

The quote suggests that Taylor Swift's experience with highs and lows in her career gives her the ability to adapt and choose her next creative direction wisely.

Critical Analysis of "Midnights" Album

  • The speaker critiques the album "Midnights," pointing out that some songs do not meet Taylor Swift's potential.
  • Songs like "Beed" are considered juvenile, while others like "Karma" and "Lavender Haze" are praised.
  • The speaker wishes for Swift to explore darker themes, as seen in popular songs like "Maroon."

"I think there were some moments where I'm like you can do better specifically Beed I guess is my that's the one where I'm like what are we doing here."

This quote conveys disappointment in certain tracks from "Midnights," suggesting that Taylor Swift is capable of producing more mature and complex music.

Collaborations and Features

  • The speaker expresses a desire for Taylor Swift to collaborate with more artists in the future.
  • Past collaborations with Haim and The National are highlighted as enjoyable.
  • A potential collaboration between Taylor Swift and BTS is mentioned as a groundbreaking possibility.

"I want to see her do more features with other artists this upcoming year I feel like those are always so fun like when she worked with Haim or."

The quote reflects the speaker's enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's collaborations and the hope for more in the coming year.

Taylor Swift's Economic Impact

  • Taylor Swift's tours have significantly contributed to state economies, with two nights in Denver adding $140 million to Colorado's GDP.
  • The "Taylor Swift effect" is noted for its substantial economic influence, including an estimated $5 billion added to U.S. state economies from the U.S. leg of her tour.

"Two nights of her tour in Denver added $140 million to Colorado's gross domestic product and the US Travel Association estimates that collectively the US leg of the ARs tour added more than five billion with be to State economies."

This quote illustrates the massive economic impact Taylor Swift's tours have on local economies, highlighting her power beyond the music industry.

Economic Impact of Celebrity Presence

  • Taylor Swift's presence in Colorado generated $140 million for the state's economy.
  • The concept of celebrity presence stimulating the economy and benefiting everyone is likened to a statement by Joe Biden.
  • The positive economic impact is contrasted with personal financial costs to fans.

"this is so much more than the money she makes you know like this is huge like $140 million to Colorado just from her showing up all I can think about is that video of Joe Biden that's like stimulates the economy hurts nobody benefits everybody."

The quote emphasizes the significant economic influence a single celebrity can have on a local economy, highlighting the broader benefits beyond personal earnings.

Taylor Swift as Time Magazine's Person of the Year

  • Taylor Swift named Time magazine's Person of the Year for the second time, a first for any woman since 1927.
  • The significance of Swift's age (33) and her perception of this moment as a breakthrough in her career.
  • Reflection on the societal pressures of fame and success at a young age, with a comparison to Britney Spears.

"it was announced on December 5th that Taylor is the Time magazine's person of the year she's the first woman to appear twice on a person of the year cover since the magazine began in 1927."

The quote highlights Taylor Swift's historic achievement as the first woman to be featured twice on Time magazine's Person of the Year cover, marking her significant cultural impact.

Taylor Swift's Career and Personal Growth

  • Discussion of Swift's career trajectory and mental toughness at the age of 33.
  • Comparison of Swift's current success to her past fears during the "Lover" era.
  • Recognition of Swift and Beyoncé as examples of successful women in pop music beyond the typical peak age.

"she considers this to be quote the Breakthrough moment of my career happening at 33 and for the first time in my life I was mentally tough enough to take what comes with that end quote."

The quote reflects on Taylor Swift's personal growth and her ability to handle the pressures that come with her level of success, particularly at a milestone age in her career.

Cultural Saturation of Taylor Swift

  • The ubiquity of Taylor Swift in conversations, media, and personal thoughts throughout the year.
  • The phenomenon of fans engaging with Swift's music and content in everyday life.
  • The impact of Swift's lyrics on consumer behavior, such as craft store sales.

"if you're skeptical consider it how many conversations did you have about Taylor Swift this year how many times did you see a photo of her while scrolling on your phone."

This quote illustrates the pervasive nature of Taylor Swift's influence in 2023, permeating various aspects of popular culture and daily life.

Taylor Swift's Influence on Fan Behavior

  • The trend of friendship bracelets among fans, influenced by a line in one of Swift's songs.
  • The phenomenon's origin in BTS and EDM festival culture, and its adoption by Swift's fanbase.

"one line in a song caused as much as a 500% increase in sales at craft stores."

The quote demonstrates the power of Taylor Swift's lyrics to drive consumer behavior, showcasing the tangible impact of her influence on the economy.

Insights from Time Magazine's Cover Story

  • Swift's initial reluctance to re-record her music.
  • Her candid discussion of the Kim Kardashian phone call incident.
  • Swift's reflections on lost time and a newfound openness to experience and trust.

"life is short have Adventures me locking Myself Away in my house for a lot of years I'll never get that time back. I'm more trusting now than I was 6 years ago."

This quote reveals Taylor Swift's personal reflections on her past and her decision to embrace life more fully, indicating a shift in her mindset.

Taylor Swift's Reputation and Artistic Imagery

  • Speculation that Swift's next focus will be on the "Reputation" era.
  • Discussion of the styling choices for her Time magazine photoshoot.
  • The desire for a more vibrant and representative portrayal of Swift's personality.

"my favorite part of the article is how clear it was that reputation is next with the way she talks about it and honestly all the photos were very reputation coded."

The quote discusses fans' interpretations of the Time magazine article and photoshoot, suggesting a thematic connection to Swift's "Reputation" album.

Taylor Swift's Empowerment of Fans' Emotions

  • Taylor Swift's role in validating the emotions and experiences of her fans, especially women and girls.
  • The acknowledgment of societal dismissal and gaslighting of women's feelings.

"she gives people many of them women particularly girls who have been conditioned to accept dismissal gaslighting and mistreatment from a society that treats their emotions as inconsequential permission to believe that their interior lives matter."

The quote captures the essence of Taylor Swift's impact on her fans, recognizing her as a voice that empowers them to value their emotions and stories.

The Eras Tour's Record-Breaking Success

  • The Eras Tour's projection to become the biggest tour of all time, with unprecedented box office earnings.
  • The tour's influence on the concert film industry and its high ratings.
  • Fans' desire for more behind-the-scenes content from the tour.

"it's projected to become the biggest tour of all time all time not the year not not the decade all time and it's also the first tour to gross over a billion dollars."

This quote underscores the historic success of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, highlighting its potential to set new records in the music industry.

Taylor Swift's Billionaire Status

  • Taylor Swift's net worth reached $1.1 billion as of December 2023.
  • Breakdown of her earnings from royalties, touring, music catalog, and real estate.
  • The difficulty in comprehending the magnitude of a billion dollars.

"Taylor became a billionaire this year again with a B with Forbes reporting her net worth at 1.1 billion as of December 5th 2023."

The quote confirms Taylor Swift's financial milestone, placing her among the world's billionaires and emphasizing the scale of her wealth.

Ethical Discussion of Billionaire Status

  • The podcast hosts consider having an expert discuss the ethics of Taylor Swift's billionaire status.
  • Comparison to other billionaires and the moral implications of immense wealth.

"we've been toying with the idea of having an expert on the podcast to discuss how ethical it is that Taylor Swift is a billionaire."

This quote introduces the idea of exploring the ethical considerations surrounding Taylor Swift's wealth, suggesting a potential topic for future podcast discussions.

Public Perception of Wealth and Philanthropy

  • The speakers express skepticism about billionaires and their wealth.
  • They question why billionaires don't donate more to charity, given they won't miss the money.
  • The notion that much of a billionaire's wealth is "tied up" is mentioned, indicating a need for more understanding of how wealth works.
  • There's a specific mention of Rihanna and her Fenty beauty brand, including a controversy involving child slavery.

"I want an economist to explain this to me I want someone who knows about money to be like this is what it means this stuff is good this stuff is bad you know."

This quote expresses a desire for expert explanation on the nature of wealth, particularly in the context of billionaires, and a need for clarification on the moral implications of their financial activities.

"And I would be remiss if I didn't add that Fenty beauty uses child slavery no for sure she did get canceled a little bit."

This quote brings up an ethical controversy associated with Rihanna's brand, Fenty Beauty, which faced backlash over child labor accusations.

Taylor Swift's Personal Life

  • The discussion moves to Taylor Swift's personal life, focusing on her breakup with Joe Owen.
  • It's hinted that Taylor and Joe's relationship had been on and off over six years.
  • The breakup is seen as a turning point, leading to the release of her album "Midnights," which is interpreted as a breakup album.
  • The hosts debate the subjects of Swift's songs, dismissing the idea that any are about Calvin Harris and instead suggesting they're about her more recent relationships.
  • The conversation includes speculation about the inspirations for specific songs, suggesting that the emotions in her music may have been more genuine than previously thought.

"Obviously the most notable being that in April Taylor and Joe Owen officially broke up it has later been hinted at that they were possibly on again and off again throughout their six year relationship but this was definitely the final breakup."

This quote summarizes the hosts' understanding of Taylor Swift's breakup with Joe Owen, suggesting a complex, intermittent relationship over the years.

"She like they broke up a while I know it like none of these songs make sense we fought people on be jeweled too we fought people they're like. no. that's about Calvin she hasn't wrote a single song about Calvin Harris."

This quote reflects the hosts' opinions on the subjects of Taylor Swift's songs, emphasizing their belief that Calvin Harris is not the subject of her recent work.

Taylor Swift's Public Resurgence

  • The conversation shifts to Taylor Swift's increased public visibility following her breakup.
  • Taylor is seen socializing more, attending events, and being photographed with friends, which is a marked change from her previous years of relative seclusion.
  • The hosts list several of Taylor's friends and comment on how her lifestyle has become more vibrant and public.
  • There's a sense of celebration about Taylor's newfound freedom and happiness.

"Taylor's been spending a lot of time with Spina Carpenter Sophie Turner Blake and Ryan Selena Gomez Gigi Hadid the Heim sisters and Zoe Kravitz and we've gotten a lot more moments with Jack antinoff of course Jason sedus Mike Berbiglia Cara delvine and Lily alridge some new faces this year include ice spice and fellow Wags."

This quote details the various friends and celebrities Taylor Swift has been seen with, illustrating her reintegration into social circles and public life.

"She's just like happy to be back in New York City and like being a city girl again and just like her life living life like she's out of this trap really that she feels like she was in for six years in London and hiding and wherever and now she's back in New York City she's having fun she's going out to dinner she with her girls she's with her boys she's like she's just glowing."

This quote captures the hosts' perception of Taylor Swift's current state of mind, portraying her as liberated and joyful after a period of reclusion.

Taylor Swift's Career Success

  • The hosts reflect on Taylor Swift's successful year, noting her numerous awards and nominations.
  • They emphasize that Swift won "everything," indicating a highly successful period in her career.
  • The discussion acknowledges the impossibility of covering all of Swift's achievements due to their extensive nature.

"A lot of awards she won nominations all the things I cut all that out cut too much she won everything that's the synopsis she won it all."

This quote succinctly summarizes Taylor Swift's success in the year, highlighting the sheer volume of awards and accolades she received.

Personal Highlights in Pop Culture

  • The hosts introduce a segment called "Daydream of the Year," focusing on their personal pop culture highlights.
  • They discuss their favorite musical discoveries, with a particular emphasis on hyperpop and artists who have resonated with them.
  • The segment reflects on how certain music can evoke nostalgia and provide a sense of fun and escapism.

"My Daydream of the year is someone that I learned about this year um it could have been like towards the end of last year. but I really got into them this year they were big on Tik Tok and their music is just so hyper feminine."

This quote reveals one host's personal pop culture highlight, emphasizing the impact of discovering new music that resonates on a personal level.

"But like guts gave me the feeling of how I felt like when Taylor albums came out. mhm I thought it was interesting to dissect the lyrics think about who they're about um it made me feel angsty."

This quote shares another host's experience with an album that provided a similar emotional engagement as Taylor Swift's music, highlighting its significance in their year.

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