Taylor Swift - Midnights Album Reaction ✨ if reputation & 1989 had a baby...

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Summary Notes


In this reaction video, Zach, a self-proclaimed "swiftologist" with over a decade of dedication to Taylor Swift's work, delves into her latest album "Midnights" with a mix of analytical critique and fan enthusiasm. He shares his initial song rankings, with high expectations for tracks like "Midnight Rain" and "Snow on the Beach," featuring Lana Del Rey. Despite a slight disappointment from the lack of a prominent Lana feature, Zach finds himself emotionally connected to "You're on Your Own, Kid" and thoroughly impressed by "Anti-Hero" and "Karma," which he adds to his god-tier list. He also touches on his Twitter suspension, due to a pop star fan clash, and invites viewers to engage with his content, including his Taylor Swift podcast, "The Evolution of the Snake." Throughout the video, Zach's reactions range from excitement to critique as he experiences the album for the first time, ultimately reshaping his song tier list based on his visceral responses.

Summary Notes

Prayer and Intentions

  • Zach opens with a prayer, thanking for the meal and blessing Taylor Swift while wishing a bad day for Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta.
  • He expresses a strong emotional investment in Taylor Swift and her music.

"Dear Lord thank you so much for the meal that we are about to receive God bless your strongest Soldier Taylor Swift and I wish an extremely terrible day of Destruction and general irritation for Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta amen."

The quote is a mock prayer that highlights Zach's support for Taylor Swift and disdain for Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, setting the tone for his passionate and critical analysis of Swift's work.

Introduction to Zach and His Work

  • Zach introduces himself as a "swiftologist" and a veteran Swifty with over 10 years of experience.
  • He states that his approach is analytical and critical, rather than blindly praising.
  • Zach mentions his podcast, "the evolution of the snake," where he reviews Taylor Swift's albums in depth.

"If you don't know me my name is Zach I'm a swiftologist I'm a veteran Swifty 10 plus years of hanging around I like to examine Taylor Swift through an analytical and critical lens..."

This quote introduces Zach's background and his approach to reviewing Taylor Swift's music, emphasizing his analytical and critical perspective.

Zach's Social Media and Views

  • Zach was de-platformed from Twitter after Miley Cyrus fans reported him for favoring Selena Gomez.
  • He has now created a new, private Twitter account and mentions a "Vibe check" for followers.

"I was suspended empty platform from Twitter because the Miley Cyrus fans got mad because I said I thought Selena Gomez was a more successful artist and I'm Gonna Stand by that..."

Zach explains the reason for his Twitter suspension, which underscores his willingness to express controversial opinions and stand by them despite backlash.

Anticipation for "Midnights"

  • Zach is excited to listen to "Midnights" and has avoided all leaks and spoilers.
  • He acknowledges his past behavior of listening to leaks but has exercised self-control for this album.
  • He has high hopes for the album and expects it to be a departure from Swift's previous work.

"I'm so beyond excited for midnights I have been fastidiously avoiding any leaks or any kind of information and spoilers that could ruin my experience of listening to it for the very first time..."

This quote conveys Zach's excitement and the lengths he has gone to preserve the authenticity of his first listening experience of "Midnights."

Predictions and Pre-listening Ranking

  • Zach has made predictions in previous videos and ranked the songs of "Midnights" into tiers before listening.
  • He lists his top five songs in the "god tier" and explains his rationale for the mid-tier and bottom-tier rankings.

"I have a list of the songs that I made I ranked them before I heard them I have a god tier I have a mid-tier. and I have a bottom tier..."

The quote shows Zach's pre-listening expectations and the structured way he anticipates the album's tracks, which will be compared to his actual reaction post-listening.

Reaction to "Lavender Haze"

  • Zach is initially overwhelmed by the opening track "Lavender Haze."
  • He is surprised by the sonic landscape and struggles to absorb the content on the first listen.
  • Zach relates the song to the theme of resisting public pressure regarding personal life decisions.

"I feel as though I have no [ __ ] idea or context or clue. I was just so shaken by the Sonic landscape of that song that I like did not take in the content of it at all..."

This quote captures Zach's initial shock and difficulty in processing the song's content due to its impactful sound.

Analysis of "Lavender Haze" Lyrics

  • Zach examines the lyrics of "Lavender Haze" and connects them to Swift's personal experiences and relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • He interprets the song as a statement about maintaining love amidst external pressures and narratives.
  • Zach decides that the song belongs in the top of the mid-tier based on his initial reaction.

"I just want to stay in the lavender. Haze. I find it dizzying they're bringing up my history but you aren't even listening slay Joe Allman somehow has like maintained being a normal person even through all of this..."

This quote reflects Zach's interpretation of the lyrics, focusing on the theme of protecting a personal relationship from public scrutiny.

Expectations for "Maroon"

  • Zach predicts that "Maroon" will be introspective and possibly related to a significant emotional event in Swift's life.
  • He speculates on the meaning of the title and how it might connect to themes of isolation or a past experience of loss.

"My prediction was that this was going to be a introspective reflective song A lot of people thought it would be about the feeling of being marooned..."

The quote shows Zach's pre-listening thoughts on what "Maroon" could represent, indicating his expectation for a song with deep emotional resonance.

Battle for Life

  • The speaker expresses an intense emotional struggle, likening every moment to a battle for survival.
  • This sets a dramatic tone for the discussion of the songs and their emotional impact.

"Every every moment is a battle for my life."

  • The quote emphasizes the speaker's feeling of constant struggle and difficulty, which could be a metaphor for the emotional depth they find in the music they are discussing.

Song Analysis: Maroon

  • The speaker initially didn't connect with the song but later felt a strong emotional reaction to the chorus.
  • The song's lyrics invoke a sense of drama and mystery, possibly relating to Tom Hiddleston.
  • The speaker speculates about the meaning behind specific lyrics, associating them with Taylor Swift's past experiences and public moments.
  • The song is described as having a "feral" energy that resonates with the speaker's more instinctual side.

"I wasn't really feeling the vibe... but when that chorus kicked in, it spoke to the most feral part of me."

  • This quote reflects the speaker's change of heart towards the song, suggesting that the chorus resonated with a deeper, more primal part of their emotions.

Song Placement

  • The speaker decides to place "Maroon" in the mid but top mid of their personal ranking.
  • The song is compared to other tracks like "Lavender Haze," indicating a thoughtful consideration of where it fits within the album's overall structure.

"I'm also going to put it in mid but top mid. I'm gonna put this before lavender Haze."

  • The quote shows the speaker's decision-making process in ranking songs, placing "Maroon" above "Lavender Haze" but still not at the top tier.

Anticipation for Anti-Hero

  • The speaker is excited yet apprehensive about hearing "Anti-Hero," which is the lead single.
  • "Anti-Hero" is expected to explore Taylor Swift's relationship with fame and the public eye.
  • The speaker speculates on the song's theme, expecting a raw and candid exploration of Swift's experiences.

"This is just me having an absolute mental breakdown for however long this is going to take me next is anti-hero..."

  • The quote conveys the speaker's emotional investment and the anticipation they feel towards the upcoming song "Anti-Hero."

Reaction to Anti-Hero

  • The speaker is overwhelmed by the song's reflection of their own thoughts about Taylor Swift.
  • The lyrics resonate with the speaker, particularly the self-awareness and vulnerability expressed by Swift.
  • The song is immediately deemed a classic and is placed at the top of the speaker's ranking.

"I'm the problem. Oh my God it must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero."

  • This quote captures the speaker's reaction to a lyric that they find profoundly self-reflective and indicative of Swift's introspection about her own flaws and public perception.

Taylor Swift's Self-Reflection

  • Swift's candidness about her depression, ghosting people, and her reputation is highlighted as a significant moment in her discography.
  • The speaker reflects on Swift's evolution from the "1989" era and her willingness to confront her own narcissism.

"She's really being in conversation with herself here in a way that she hasn't been before."

  • The quote underscores the speaker's view that Swift is engaging in a deeper level of self-examination in "Anti-Hero" than in previous work, marking a notable shift in her artistic expression.

Expectations for Snow on Beach

  • The speaker has high expectations for "Snow on Beach," featuring Lana Del Rey, anticipating a song about a rare kind of love.
  • There is speculation about the unique nature of the song and its potential thematic content.

"Up next is the song that I have the highest expectations for which means it's either going to please me to a degree that I've never felt pleasure before or it's going to ruin my life."

  • This quote conveys the speaker's extreme anticipation for "Snow on Beach," highlighting their emotional investment and the potential impact of the song on their mood.

Disappointment with Snow on Beach

  • The speaker feels deceived by the lack of a significant contribution from Lana Del Rey in "Snow on Beach."
  • There is frustration over the marketing of the song and the unmet expectation of Del Rey's involvement.

"I was robbed of something that I didn't even know that I needed."

  • The speaker expresses a sense of loss and disappointment, feeling cheated out of a collaboration they were excited to experience.

Reevaluation of Snow on Beach

  • Despite initial anger, the speaker acknowledges the song's quality and considers placing it within their top five.
  • The lyrics of "Snow on Beach" are analyzed, with some lines resonating strongly with the speaker.

"I'm gonna put it the top of the mid tier actually because when I read the lyrics There are some compelling moments in there."

  • The quote shows the speaker's ability to reassess their opinion of the song after considering its lyrical content, despite their initial emotional reaction to the lack of Lana Del Rey's presence.

Artistic Collaboration

  • Zach discusses the artistic collaboration between Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.
  • He expresses confusion about the midpoint between their styles, indicating a preference for a song leaning more towards one artist's style over a blend.
  • Despite being "bamboozled," Zach likes the song.

"I said it in my predictions video that it would be very hard for them to meet somewhere in the middle Lana is really all about the craft Taylor is about the craft. but she's really about the hook and the melody and the theme Lana is about the story."

The quote explains Zach's view on the difficulty of merging the distinct artistic approaches of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift in a collaborative song.

Track Five Analysis

  • Zach delves into the significance of track five in Taylor Swift's discography, noting its reputation for emotional depth.
  • He predicts that "You're on Your Own, Kid" might reflect Taylor's move from Nashville or her journey in the music industry.

"historically if you're new to the Taylor Swift Universe I mean track five is the devastating and emotional point in the record usually something about like a very intense breakup."

This quote highlights the historical pattern of track five on Taylor Swift's albums being emotionally charged, often related to breakups.

Song Interpretation

  • Zach reacts to "You're on Your Own, Kid," feeling it captures a youthful Taylor Swift and relates to her early career.
  • He praises the song for its nostalgic and emotional resonance, likening it to a "hug from your older sister."

"it's a banger I didn't choose this town I dream of getting out this is giving me debut era young young Taylor."

Zach's reaction to the song indicates that it evokes the early stages of Taylor Swift's career and resonates with him on an emotional level.

Album Narrative

  • Discussion on the narrative journey of the album, with "Midnight Rain" concluding the first chapter.
  • Zach expects "Midnight Rain" to continue classic Taylor Swift themes and hopes it will be a sequel to "Fearless."

"so midnight rain is the final concluding piece to side a or this first chapter of midnight and because we've gone from like the beginning the more contemporary moments with lavender Haze maroon and anti-hero that seems all very current like reputation onwards you're on your own kid is a journey way back way back when 2006 when she was a honky tonk fake country girl stomping her boots and playing in parking lots that was the vibe."

The quote describes how "Midnight Rain" serves as a conclusion to the first part of the album and suggests a thematic return to Taylor Swift's early career.

Speculation on Song Subjects

  • Zach theorizes that "Midnight Rain" may be about Taylor Lautner or someone from that period in Taylor Swift's life.
  • He connects the song to past relationships and interprets the lyrics as reflecting a time of personal growth and ambition for Taylor Swift.

"this to me sounds like someone who had like reached a level of success they were comfortable with and didn't want to continue to grow in that way anymore. whereas Taylor and was ready to settle down and have kids and stuff and Taylor was like [ __ ]. no I'm going all the way to the top."

The quote reveals Zach's interpretation of the song's lyrics as a reflection on a past relationship where Taylor Swift's ambition contrasted with someone else's contentment with their current success.

Album Ranking

  • Zach discusses his initial skepticism about the song "Question" but changes his opinion after listening.
  • He believes that Harry Styles is a significant figure in Taylor Swift's past and relates the song to their relationship.

"I knew nothing about it and instantly I was like this is my least favorite song on the album so it is in the bottom of the bottom tier like I have it in trash position I have it in my daylight position in my New Year's Day position like the flop."

The quote captures Zach's initial negative bias towards the song "Question" before actually hearing it.

Personal Reflections and Anticipation

  • Zach shares his excitement for the song "Vigilante," expecting it to be impactful and possibly address personal grievances.
  • He reacts strongly to the song, interpreting it as a bold statement by Taylor Swift against Scooter Braun.

"this is about scooter bronze someone told the FBI was that you girl we need to send them to the Mars colony like far away from here I that was the shot heard around the world that was a moment in time that will change everything that happens afterwards there was before vigilante's [ __ ] and there was after vigilante."

Zach interprets the song "Vigilante" as a direct attack on Scooter Braun, suggesting it marks a significant moment in Taylor Swift's career.

Replay Value and Album Experience

  • Zach questions the replay value of "Vigilante" despite its initial impact and considers how this affects its ranking in the album.
  • He expresses his overall enjoyment of the album and the experience of listening to it.

"I had it in god tier now to me this song is kind of like an interlude it's not a song that I know I'm gonna come back and listen to like I heard it I was gagged I love petite closure does it have replay value this is a question I'm asking myself throughout this album."

This quote reflects Zach's contemplation on the lasting value of "Vigilante" beyond its initial shock value, considering its place in the album as a whole.

Visual Album and Song Tiers

  • Zach perceives the album as highly visual but finds some songs not to his sonic liking.
  • "Bejeweled" is considered mid-tier, close to god tier but still a mystery to Zach.
  • "Labyrinth" is seen as confusing, with falsetto and experimental production not favored by Zach.
  • "Karma" is at the top of Zach's mid-tier, with high expectations for energy and impact.
  • The song "Karma" impressively shifts from mid-tier to god tier for Zach.
  • "Sweet Nothing" is predicted to be a slow love song and is placed in the bottom tier.
  • "Mastermind" is also in the bottom tier, with Zach hoping for it to be a banger.

"This song is not gonna be in my god tier that's for sure it's mid-tier."

The quote reflects Zach's categorization of a song that, while respected, doesn't meet his highest level of appreciation.

"I'm gonna put Bejeweled in the low end of the mid tier maybe in the top end of the bottom tier not my favorite so far."

Zach expresses his mixed feelings about "Bejeweled," placing it at the lower end of his song preference spectrum.

"Karma is at the very top of my mid-tier. so it's very close to being in the god tier."

This quote shows Zach's high regard for "Karma," indicating it almost reaches his highest tier of song ratings.

"Karma is a cat in my lap purring because it loves me... that was unbelievable that is god tier is that number one."

Zach's reaction to "Karma" indicates a significant positive shift in his perception, elevating the song to his god tier.

"Sweet nothing comes first and sweet nothing I think it's going to be slow a snooze a love song."

Zach predicts "Sweet Nothing" will be a slower song, which leads him to preemptively place it in a lower tier due to his personal preferences.

"Mastermind was definitely in my bottom tier it was actually the second last one."

Zach's anticipation for "Mastermind" is low, as he places it near the end of his bottom tier before even listening to it.

Song Analysis and Expectations

  • Zach finds the last minute of "Bejeweled" boring and is curious about the song's meaning.
  • He struggles to see how "Bejeweled" fits into the album's midnight theme.
  • "Labyrinth" is deemed overwrought and surface-level by Zach.
  • Zach's expectations for "Karma" include high energy and a strong impact.
  • He expresses a deep connection with "Karma," describing it as self-referential and compelling.
  • "Sweet Nothing" is interpreted as addressing the pressure to speak out on issues.
  • "Mastermind" is hoped to be about a specific situation and desired to be a banger.

"I'm interested in the concept of this song and I like her. I'm a bad [ __ ] lyrics obviously but what does this song mean it means I'm that. [ __ ]."

Zach is intrigued by the concept of "Bejeweled" but seeks a deeper understanding of its message and relevance.

"Labyrinth... it is making a point that is simple in a really convoluted way."

Here, Zach criticizes "Labyrinth" for complicating a simple message, aligning with the song's title but not meeting his expectations for clarity.

"I need this song to give me everything especially because the last two tracks three tracks actually not things that I plan to revisit constantly."

Zach's anticipation for "Karma" is high, looking for a song that stands out after several less appealing tracks.

"Karma is my boyfriend the literary implications that that statement had on the publishing industry of not books were never sold anymore because we learned everything that we need to know from Karma that is poetry."

This enthusiastic response to "Karma" highlights Zach's admiration for the song's lyrical creativity and impact.

"Oh this is about I think the pressure of everybody wanting to her to speak out on important issues."

Zach interprets "Sweet Nothing" as a commentary on societal expectations for public figures to comment on important matters.

Tier Rankings and Final Thoughts

  • Zach finalizes his god tier, mid-tier, and bottom tier rankings based on his reactions to the songs.
  • "Midnight Rain," "Anti-Hero," "Karma," "Maroon," and "You're On Your Own Kid" make it into the god tier.
  • "Lavender Haze," "Snow on the Beach," and "Vigilante [ __ ]" are placed in the mid-tier.
  • "Sweet Nothing" and "Labyrinth" end up in Zach's bottom tier.
  • Zach looks forward to the visual components of the album, expecting them to add depth to the story.

"I'm going to take a moment to do my God chair my mid-tier and my bottom tier initially in the gold tier we had midnight rain snow on the beach Vigilantes shed anti-hero. and you're on your own kid."

Zach takes time to reassess and organize his song rankings into distinct tiers based on his preferences and reactions.

"But if you watched this thank you very much for watching it that was a journey that really was a journey I mean I feel different."

Zach concludes his review, acknowledging the transformative experience of listening to the album and expressing gratitude to his audience.

"I cannot wait to see the visual component of this because I think it's going to add another layer to the story."

Anticipation for the album's visual elements is high, with Zach expecting them to enhance the overall narrative and musical experience.

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