SwifTEA: TS11- The Tortured Poets Department- Announced During 13th Grammy Win!

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Summary Notes


In this emergency episode of the "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast," hosts Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G excitedly break down the recent whirlwind of Taylor Swift news. Swifties were sent into a frenzy as Taylor changed her social media profile pictures to black and white, fueling speculation about the announcement of "Reputation Taylor's Version." The hosts analyze every clue, from website error codes to cryptic anagrams, and the significance of the number 321. Despite theories of a "Reputation" release, the excitement culminated in Swift's surprise announcement of a brand new album, "The Tortured Poet's Department," at the Grammys, where she also made history with her 13th Grammy win. The hosts speculate on the album's themes, Swift's continuous impact on the music industry, and how it will integrate into her ongoing "Eras Tour."

Summary Notes

Lucky Number 13 and Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

  • Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G are the hosts of the Taylor Swift fan podcast.
  • They discuss Taylor Swift's music, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • 13 is considered a lucky number by the hosts, particularly Nick Adams.

"Yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era in every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna Z Amy Nichols and. Lacy G."

The quote indicates that the number 13 is significant to the podcast hosts and sets the stage for their discussion on Taylor Swift's work and the podcast's focus.

Taylor Swift's New Developments

  • Taylor Swift has announced a new album.
  • She has won two new Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.
  • Her tour is resuming, and she is performing at the Super Bowl.

"We got a new album announcement we have two new Grammy wins we have an album of the Year win we have the the Super Bowl coming up her aist tour is starting up again there's a lot to get to."

The quote summarizes recent exciting developments in Taylor Swift's career, highlighting her achievements and upcoming events.

Profile Picture Change and Fan Theories

  • Taylor Swift changed her profile picture to a black and white version of the "Midnights" album cover.
  • Fans speculated that this indicated an announcement related to "Reputation Taylor's Version."

"Taylor Swift changed her profile picture to the like the picture she already had for midnights but it was black and white."

This quote describes the change in Taylor Swift's profile picture that sparked fan theories and speculation.

Graphic Design and Sepia Tone

  • Amy Nichols, as the graphic designer of the group, discusses the nuances of the profile picture's color tone.
  • The group debates whether the picture is truly black and white or has a sepia tone.

"Amy as our graphic designer does this just have a little bit of like a sepia tone like it's not actually black and white."

The quote captures the group's attention to detail and the significance of color changes in Taylor Swift's profile picture, leading to further analysis and discussion.

Website Errors and Fan Interpretations

  • Taylor Swift's website experienced errors, including a 321 error code, which fans interpreted as hints related to "Reputation Taylor's Version."
  • Fans connected the error code to past events, such as the full audio release of the Kim-Kanye phone call.

"Then her website went down and there were errors in the website um including there was was it 321 which people were like one 12 three let's go."

This quote describes the website errors and how fans interpreted them as intentional clues, pointing towards a possible connection to "Reputation Taylor's Version."

Red Herring Anagram

  • An anagram for "red herring" was found in the website's error message, leading to discussions about the song "Look What You Made Me Do" being a red herring for the "Reputation" album's theme.

"But they were like an anagram for red herring which basically means a distraction and when reputation came out originally look what you made me do was the lead single and there was an article from variety where a Critic had said look what you made me do is a red herring."

The quote reveals the group's discovery of an anagram on Taylor Swift's website and its potential meaning, tying it back to previous album releases and media interpretations.

Grammy Appearance and New Album Announcement

  • Taylor Swift appeared at the Grammys in a black and white outfit, fueling speculation about a new album.
  • She announced her new album, "The Tortured Poets Department," to be released on April 19th.

"Taylor Swift walks up on stage to accept her. 13th Grammy win and this is what she had to say I want to say thank you to the fans by telling you a secret that I've been keeping from you for the last 2 years."

The quote captures the moment Taylor Swift announced her new album at the Grammys, revealing a secret she had kept for two years.

The Tortured Poets Department and Dead Poet Society

  • The hosts discuss the title of Taylor Swift's new album and its possible connection to the film "Dead Poet Society."
  • They contemplate the themes and words that might be explored in the new album based on its title.

"It's called It's called The tortured poets Department I'm going to go and post the cover right now backstage."

This quote includes Taylor Swift's announcement of her new album's title, which prompts the hosts to explore its literary and cinematic connections.

Taylor Swift's New Album and Creative Process

  • Taylor Swift has been working on her new project for approximately two years.
  • The song "You're Losing Me" was written with Jack Antonoff in December of 2021, suggesting a longer creative process.
  • The album may include themes similar to previous works like "The Lakes," "The Archer," and "Renegade."
  • Fans speculate the album will be a comprehensive blend of Taylor's various styles.

"She said that she's been working on it for two years and that makes me think that like that you're losing me is just the tip of the iceberg."

This quote indicates that the song "You're Losing Me" is part of a larger body of work that Taylor Swift has been crafting over an extended period.

Speculation on Album Themes and Influences

  • The album title may have a connection to Taylor Swift's ex, Joe Alwyn, and his group chat named "The Tortured Men Club."
  • The album's release date, April 19th, is symbolically linked to the American Revolution, hinting at themes of independence and possibly a reference to the end of Swift's relationship with Alwyn, who is British.
  • The release date also coincides with Poetry and the Creative Mind Day and National Cat Lady Day, which may reflect aspects of Swift's personal interests and identity.

"So fans noticed immediately something about the name of this album and that's the fact that her ex Joe Alwyn was a part of this group chat that had um the tortured men or something like that it was like the tortured men Club."

This quote highlights the possible personal significance behind the album's name, suggesting it might be influenced by Taylor Swift's past relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Reaction to Taylor Swift's Announcement

  • Fans are anticipating more insights into Taylor Swift's personal life and past relationships through her new music.
  • Speculation arises that the album will reveal the true nature of Swift's breakup with Joe Alwyn, challenging the narrative of an amicable split.
  • The album cover art and a preview of the lyrics have been released, suggesting thematic parallels with previous works.

"So I think we're going to know a little bit more about what happened between them because something catastrophic did happen."

This quote implies that the new album will provide deeper understanding and context about the end of Taylor Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Theories on Album Content

  • There is speculation that "Midnights" might have been a part of a breakup album series.
  • Fans theorize that the new album could be a collaboration, as suggested by the title "The Tortured Poets Department" and Swift's history of working with other artists.
  • The change in profile pictures to black and white by Taylor Swift's friends could indicate their involvement in the album or support for its themes.
  • Another theory posits that the album will feature artists who have had conflicts with music manager Scooter Braun.

"This I think is a collabs album because a chairman is somebody who a person especially a man or the man designated to preside over a meeting and a meeting would be theoretically people like multiple people."

This quote suggests that the album's title implies a collaborative effort, potentially involving various artists coming together, much like a meeting chaired by an individual.

Potential Broader Themes and Double Album Speculation

  • The album might address broader issues in the music industry, such as conflicts with management and the struggle for artistic freedom.
  • Fans are curious if this could be the long-speculated double album that Taylor Swift has hinted at in the past.

"What if this album explains why like maybe there's NDAs that have been signed that people can't say but Taylor Swift has been telling her story scooting around all of that."

This quote speculates that the album could be a way for Taylor Swift and other artists to indirectly share their experiences with industry conflicts, despite possible legal constraints like non-disclosure agreements.

Taylor Swift's Unpredictability

  • Taylor Swift is known for her unpredictable career moves.
  • Fans cannot anticipate her actions accurately, including surprise album releases.
  • Her ability to surprise fans is a testament to her innovative approach to music and marketing.

"I cannot predict Taylor Swift's moves so anything is possible."

This quote highlights the difficulty of predicting Taylor Swift's career choices and her knack for surprising fans with unexpected decisions.

Album Release During Tour

  • Taylor Swift released a new album while on tour.
  • This was unexpected as it complicates integrating new music into an ongoing tour.
  • Swift's capability to manage such complexities shows her versatility as an artist.

"There's no way she's going to drop a brand new album when she's on tour... but if anyone can do it it's Taylor."

The quote expresses initial skepticism about releasing new music during a tour, followed by an acknowledgment of Swift's ability to handle such challenges.

Tour Merchandise and Aesthetics

  • Fans speculate on how new album content will be integrated into existing tour merchandise and aesthetics.
  • The conversation includes humorous suggestions for adapting to the new album themes.
  • Swift's evolving music styles influence concert themes and fan experiences.

"How are we going to fit the new album into the aist tour poster?"

This quote reflects the practical considerations and fan excitement about incorporating new album themes into existing tour merchandise.

Tour Intro and Swifty Culture

  • The tour introduction has become an iconic part of the Swifty culture.
  • Fans express eagerness for the updated introduction to include the new album.
  • There is a sense of community and shared experience among Taylor Swift's fans.

"Isn't it wild how just the intro to the tour has only been around for less than a year but it feels like it's part of the entire Swifty culture?"

This quote captures how quickly new elements of Swift's music become integral parts of the fan experience and culture.

Expanding Vocabulary with New Album

  • Fans anticipate that the new album will introduce a richer vocabulary.
  • The humorous exchange suggests a blend of emotional and intellectual engagement with Swift's music.
  • The anticipation builds excitement for the album's lyrical content.

"Our vocabulary will be expanding with this."

The quote conveys the fans' expectations that Swift's new album will not only entertain but also intellectually stimulate them.

Speculation on Album Themes

  • Fans speculate on potential themes and connections between new and past albums.
  • The discussion involves predictions about song titles and album narratives.
  • Swift's storytelling through her music prompts fan theories and discussions.

"What if there's a song on the tortured poets department called wood Vil then what?"

This quote exemplifies the speculative conversations among fans about potential connections between new and previous works by Swift.

Impact of New Album on ARs Tour

  • The release of a new album raises questions about its impact on the ongoing ARs tour.
  • Fans theorize which songs might be removed from the setlist to make room for new material.
  • The discussion reflects the dynamic nature of live performances and fan engagement.

"What if the songs that she cut are the ones that will be cut from the set list when she makes room for her new era?"

The quote suggests a fan theory about how Swift might integrate new songs into her tour by replacing previously cut songs.

Therapy and Relationships

  • The podcast discusses the importance of therapy in dealing with relationship challenges.
  • BetterHelp is mentioned as a resource for those seeking therapy.
  • The conversation underscores the belief that personal growth and self-love are crucial for healthy relationships.

"Therapy can be a great place to work through the challenges that you face in all your relationships."

This quote emphasizes the role of therapy in navigating the complexities of various types of relationships.

Taylor Swift Keeping Fans on Their Toes

  • Swift's unpredictable nature keeps fans constantly guessing and excited.
  • The anticipation for new music and tour surprises creates a lively fan community.
  • Fans speculate about possible song previews during the tour and potential album release strategies.

"She keeps us on her toes."

The quote summarizes the overall sentiment of Swift's fans, who are accustomed to her surprising them with new content and experiences.

Re-Recordings and New Album Release Patterns

  • Fans discuss the implications of Swift releasing multiple albums in a single year.
  • The conversation includes speculation about the release of re-recorded albums alongside new material.
  • Swift's prolific output and strategic release patterns are points of discussion.

"Is she going to put out three albums in one year?"

This quote reflects the fans' amazement and curiosity about Swift's potential to release a significant amount of music within a short timeframe.

Grammy Wins and Reputation

  • Swift's Grammy success is celebrated, with her 13th win and fourth Album of the Year award highlighted.
  • The documentary "Miss Americana" is referenced, showcasing Swift's determination to improve after the "Reputation" album was not nominated.
  • Fans reflect on the significance of "Reputation" and its impact on Swift's career.

"Now she's at the Grammys getting her 13th win, her fourth album of the year."

The quote acknowledges Swift's achievements at the Grammys and her continued success in the music industry.

Grammy Expectations and Speculations

  • There was significant hype and anticipation surrounding the possibility of Taylor Swift announcing her album "Reputation" at the Grammys.
  • Celebrities on the red carpet, like Gracie Abrams, were asked about their thoughts on the potential announcement.
  • Fans and the media were heavily invested in the idea due to the activity on social media hashtags and streaming platforms.

"Celebrities were even being asked about it on like the red carpet like at the Grammys like the interviewers were like do you guys think that she's going to announce reputation tonight like they were asking Gracie Abrams."

This quote illustrates the level of anticipation and the widespread speculation about Taylor Swift's potential album announcement at the Grammy Awards, highlighting the engagement of both the media and celebrities in the discussion.

Taylor Swift's Impact on the Music Industry

  • Taylor Swift is seen as a transformative figure in the music industry, especially with her re-recordings challenging industry norms.
  • The act of announcing "Reputation" at the Grammys would have been a significant statement given the opposition from some music industry executives.
  • Swift's decision to re-record her albums is changing the landscape of music rights and artist control.

"There are so many music industry Executives and Big Time people in the music industry who are so against the re-recording and against like Taylor doing all of this because she's just changing the industry and changing all of it."

This quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's influence on the music industry and the resistance she faces from certain executives, highlighting the broader implications of her actions on industry standards and practices.

Swifties' Engagement and Merchandise Frenzy

  • Swifties, Taylor Swift's fan base, are known for their creativity and dedication.
  • The pre-order sales for Swift's new album matched the first-hour sales of her previous album "Midnights" within 25 minutes.
  • Fans faced a waitlist when trying to pre-order the album, indicating high demand.
  • Some fans expressed their intention to purchase multiple versions of the album, including vinyl and collector's edition CDs.

"I went onto our website immediately to pre-order the album and I had I was on a wait list I had to wait 25 minutes."

This quote captures the intense demand and excitement among Swifties to purchase Taylor Swift's new album, reflecting the loyalty and eagerness of the fan base.

Celebrity Endorsements and Disappointments

  • Several celebrities have publicly supported Taylor Swift, including Flava Flav and Spencer Pratt.
  • Spencer Pratt expressed disappointment over the unmet expectations surrounding the Grammy announcements.
  • Fans experienced an emotional rollercoaster due to the speculation and rumors on social media.

"We were surprised um and honored about Flav of flave. oh yeah um another big one who's come out is Spencer Pratt and uh Spencer Pratt did admit that he was a little let down due to expectations last night."

This quote shows the involvement and emotional investment of both fans and celebrities in Taylor Swift's career moves, as well as the impact of unconfirmed rumors on their expectations.

Fan Conflict and Streaming Dilemma

  • Fans grapple with the moral dilemma of streaming albums that Taylor Swift does not fully own.
  • The swifties themselves contribute to the hype, leading to speculation and rumors.
  • Fans acknowledge the cyclical pattern of speculation and have considered adopting a more passive approach, following Swift's lead instead.

"Sometimes I do feel a little bad if I'm streaming an album that she doesn't fully own yet."

This quote reflects the internal conflict fans experience when supporting Taylor Swift's music, particularly regarding the ownership issues of her earlier albums.

The Swiftie Community and Concert Anticipation

  • Swifties are eager to attend more shows and feel the pressure to keep up with Taylor Swift's discography.
  • Fans also express regret for not giving enough attention to Swift's album "Evermore" due to the focus on other albums.
  • The swiftie community is excited and proud of Taylor Swift's achievements, especially her historic win of Album of the Year for the fourth time.

"But this also means that we need to go to another show that's right very soon and we have to kind of speed through 1989."

This quote captures the swiftie community's desire to fully engage with Taylor Swift's body of work and their anticipation for future concerts and events.

Taylor Swift's Historic Success and Legacy

  • Taylor Swift's career success and talent are undeniable, even to those who are not fans.
  • She is considered a living legend, making history and paving the way for other artists.
  • Swift's marketing strategies and discography are studied academically, indicating her significant cultural impact.
  • Awards given to Swift are voted on by her peers, further legitimizing her success.

"People are going to look back on Taylor Swift's career as one of the best of all time truly they already do you can take a class at Harvard about Taylor Swift like her her discography is studied her marketing is studied like everything about her career is just studied."

This quote underscores Taylor Swift's profound influence on the music industry and her recognition as an artist whose work will be remembered and studied for generations.

Future Album of the Year Records

  • Taylor Swift has set a record with her fourth Album of the Year win at the Grammys.
  • The likelihood of other artists breaking this record is discussed, with Adele and U2 being potential candidates.
  • The swiftie community believes that Taylor Swift will continue to create music and potentially win more awards in the future.

"Taylor Swift has won album of the year four times the most of any artist of any gender in Grammys history."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's unparalleled achievement at the Grammy Awards and speculates on the future of this record in the music industry.

Taylor Swift's Influence on Personal Judgments

  • Taylor Swift's influence extends beyond music, with fans using opinions on her as a gauge of character on dating apps.
  • The fan community debates the merits of being a fan versus acknowledging her success without necessarily enjoying her music.
  • Swift's pervasive presence in popular culture prompts diverse reactions from the public.

"I've seen people say on um dating apps that now they like to ask men their opinion on Taylor Swift because based on their reaction and what they have to say is kind of a good judge of character."

This quote reveals how Taylor Swift's cultural significance has permeated various aspects of social interaction, with her as a touchstone for assessing personal values and attitudes.

Podcast Milestones and Future Plans

  • The podcast hosts have been studying Taylor Swift's impact and marketing strategies in real time for nearly three years.
  • They express pride in their work and speculate on the future academic interest in their podcast content.
  • Anticipation builds for upcoming episodes, including an interview with the creator of the Swift alert app, as Taylor Swift's tour approaches.

"We have been essentially studying Taylor Swift's discography already but studying her like impact and marketing in real time like that's really cool."

This quote reflects the dedication and enthusiasm of the podcast hosts in analyzing Taylor Swift's career and their contribution to the broader conversation about her influence on the music industry and fan engagement.

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