SwifTea: The Eras Tour Movie and the Apology that meant Sweet Nothing

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In this episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nicholls, and Lacy G delve into the intricacies of Swift's music, tours, and fan theories. They discuss the controversy surrounding their point system for predicting Swift's setlists, with an apology issued by Amy over a debated half point. The hosts cover Swift's recent tour leg, noting her impactful economic contributions, charitable donations, and the seismic activity caused by fans at her Seattle show. They also speculate on Swift's future music releases and dissect her strategic use of Easter eggs, emphasizing her profound connection with fans. The episode touches on the surprise announcement of Swift's concert film, its implications for the movie industry, and the unique ticket pricing set by Swift's team. The hosts express their enthusiasm for the film and discuss the communal experience of watching it in theaters, debating whether to stand or sit during iconic moments. The episode concludes with a TikTok clip from Ali Bergman, summarizing the cultural phenomenon of Taylor Swift and the joy of being a Swiftie.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13" Podcast

  • "13" is a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nicholls, and Lacy G.
  • The podcast breaks down Taylor Swift songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • The hosts express that the number 13 has been lucky and signifies good things to come.

yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna casier host Amy Nicholls and Lacy G

The quote introduces the podcast and its focus on Taylor Swift, highlighting the significance of the number 13 to the hosts.

Recap of Taylor Swift's US Tour

  • Taylor Swift concluded the first leg of her US tour.
  • The hosts discuss the controversy over their point system for predicting Taylor Swift's concert setlists.

so Taylor since the last time we spoke Taylor wrapped up the first leg of the US tour

This quote summarizes the recent activity of Taylor Swift, setting the stage for the podcast's discussion on the tour and related topics.

Point System Controversy

  • The hosts have a point system for predicting songs Taylor Swift will play in her concerts.
  • A debate arose over whether to combine points from four consecutive shows in Mexico City.
  • The song "Sweet Nothing" was played on the first night, raising questions about its inclusion in the point system for the remaining shows.

so we were wondering how the point system was going to work for that Thursday show if we were going to combine them all together for the four nights which raised the question of the song sweet nothing because on Thursday night Taylor Swift played I forgot that you existed and sweet nothing

The quote details the specific issue with the point system regarding the song "Sweet Nothing" and its impact on the hosts' predictions.

Integrity of the Game and Listener Feedback

  • Hosts debated whether including "Sweet Nothing" for half a point would compromise the integrity of their prediction game.
  • Listener feedback suggested that some considered the inclusion of "Sweet Nothing" as cheating, while others saw it as a loophole.
  • Amy Nicholls issued an apology and forfeited her half point, prompting a discussion about the integrity of the game and the importance of listener perceptions.

some of our listeners were considering it cheating even though it was not cheating it was a loophole it was not cheating however I thought that if we kept going with this half point for the rest of the game people would not take our scores seriously

The quote reflects the hosts' concern about the perception of their game's integrity and the implications of using loopholes in their point system.

Apologies and Revoking Points

  • Amy Nicholls issued a formal apology and revoked her half point.
  • Lacy G prepared a statement, using Taylor Swift lyrics to express her stance on the controversy.
  • Nick Adams expressed frustration about caving to listener pressure but ultimately agreed to revoke his half point.

I hereby forfeit my half point for guessing Sweet Nothing post playay I shouldn't have done that I didn't think about how it would affect the game for that I am remorseful I promise to do better at hiding how much I want to win Amy

Amy's quote is her formal apology for the point system controversy, illustrating her willingness to maintain the game's integrity.

Taylor Swift's Mexico City Concerts

  • Taylor Swift played four nights in Mexico City, with various surprise songs.
  • The hosts discuss the surprise songs played, including "I Forgot That You Existed," "Snow on the Beach," "Cornelia Street," "Afterglow," "Maroon," and "You're on Your Own, Kid."
  • The hosts speculate that Taylor Swift chose fan favorites for her Mexico City performances due to her long absence from playing there.

so in Mexico City she played four nights the all the surprise songs that she played were I forgot that you existed Sweet Nothing which I will never be able to listen to the same way ever again tell me why snow on the beach cornelus Street you're on your own kid Afterglow and maroon

The quote lists the surprise songs played by Taylor Swift in Mexico City, indicating the significance of these performances to the hosts and fans.

Current Point Standings and Future Predictions

  • The hosts update the point standings after revoking points related to "Sweet Nothing."
  • They look forward to Taylor Swift's next show on November 9th and the start of the Latin America leg of her tour.
  • Discussion ensues about whether Taylor Swift will reset her secret songs for the Latin America tour.

going until November I guess until her next show. November 9th we have to wait until her next show so until November 9th uh starting our Latin America leg I have half a point Nick has one point Lacy has half a point and Amy has 1.5 points

This quote provides the updated point standings and sets expectations for the upcoming leg of Taylor Swift's tour.

Taylor Swift's Midnight Songs

  • Taylor Swift played "Midnight" songs during a special show, sparking speculation about her intentions.
  • Some believe she was just playing top hits for Mexico City, while others think it might hint at new music.
  • Taylor has been known to get creative and inspired while on tour, and has been seen going in and out of the studio.
  • There are rumors of an upcoming album, possibly TS11, and the focus on "Midnight" songs could be related to this.

"I didn't read into it like that I thought she just was playing you know top tier songs for Mexico City. but you never know it made me suspicious."

This quote reflects the uncertainty and speculation among fans regarding Taylor Swift's choice of songs during her show, suggesting that while some didn't see it as significant, others were suspicious it could hint at new music.

"we have heard and we know that Taylor's been recording stuff she's been in and out of the studio she gets so creative and inspired while she's on tour."

The quote highlights Taylor Swift's creative process during tours, indicating that her being in and out of the studio might be a sign of upcoming music, which fans are eagerly anticipating.

Ays Tour Recap

  • The first US leg of the Ays Tour concluded with significant highlights.
  • Ticketmaster experienced a crash due to high demand for tickets, leading to a class-action lawsuit.
  • Swift announced two albums during the tour: "Speak Now Taylor's Version" in Nashville and "1989 Taylor's Version" in Los Angeles.
  • The tour featured seismic activity in Seattle and guest appearances from celebrities.
  • The Ays Tour is projected to become the highest-grossing tour of all time, potentially earning $1.5 billion.
  • It has been credited with boosting the US economy and is expected to generate $5 billion for local economies.
  • Taylor Swift has been donating to food banks and giving bonuses to people involved in the tour.
  • There were rumors about Swift being asked to perform at the Super Bowl, which she declined, and speculation about her potentially performing in 2025.

"the first US leg of the ays tour has just wrapped so here are some of the biggest moments from the record breaking tour"

This quote summarizes the major achievements and moments of the first US leg of Taylor Swift's Ays Tour, emphasizing its record-breaking status and impact.

"the era tour has proved so so popular that the Federal Reserve has credited Swift with boosting the country's economy"

The quote indicates the significant economic impact of Taylor Swift's tour, highlighting its contribution to the US economy as recognized by the Federal Reserve.

Theatrical Release of the Ays Tour

  • Taylor Swift is bringing the Ays Tour to theaters, following filming during her LA shows.
  • Fans speculated about the purpose of the filming, with guesses ranging from streaming service releases to a theatrical release.
  • The running time for the theatrical release is 2 hours and 45 minutes, with no songs cut but reductions in costume changes, crowd reactions, and speeches.
  • There is excitement over the possibility of different versions of the movie featuring various surprise songs, encouraging multiple viewings.

"Taylor Swift is bringing the ays tour to a theater near you yay when she was in LA we saw her filming something we didn't know what it was for."

This quote reveals the announcement that Taylor Swift's Ays Tour will have a theatrical release, which was previously hinted at by filming during her LA performances.

"the running time is 2 hours and 45 minutes even though her set is. 3 15 right. yeah. but I read that they're not cutting out any songs they're cutting out like costume change time uh crowd reaction time like things like like it's basically just going to be song song song song song"

The quote details the planned format of the theatrical release, explaining that while it will be shorter than the live set, no songs will be removed, and instead, other non-musical segments will be condensed.

Surprise Song Speculation

  • The podcast discusses the potential inclusion of specific songs in a Taylor Swift tour movie.
  • The songs mentioned for possible inclusion are "August," "I Can See You," "Maroon," "Our Song," "You Are In Love," "Death By A Thousand Cuts," and "You're On Your Own, Kid."
  • Speculation is based on what was performed on specific dates and filmed for the tour movie.
  • The trailer suggests that songs from all eras, including the self-titled album, may be featured.

"So let's name those songs August 3rd in La she's saying I can see you and maroon on August 4th. she sang Our Song and you are in love and August 5th she's saying Death By A Thousand Cuts and you're on your own kid."

This quote lists the songs performed on specific dates during the tour, which may hint at their inclusion in the tour movie.

Tour Movie Merchandise

  • The podcast touches on the availability of souvenir merchandise like a popcorn bucket and cup.
  • The hosts discuss their personal preferences and plans regarding the merchandise.
  • The merchandise is seen as collectible, with one host planning to display the popcorn bucket.

"Yeah souvenir popcorn bucket uh souvenir popcorn bucket and cup and I don't have the prices on me. but it's like $20 for the bucket and like $15 for the cup or something like that."

This quote reveals the existence of souvenir merchandise for the tour movie and provides approximate pricing.

Ticket Pricing and Marketing

  • The hosts discuss the pricing of tickets for the tour movie, with a nod to Taylor Swift's significant numbers.
  • They also talk about the trailer's ending, emphasizing the 'Reputation' era.
  • The hosts speculate on the potential vibe in the theater, whether audiences will stand or sit while singing along.

"The ticket is $19.89 that's right fabulous kids tickets are $13.13 that's right fabulous."

This quote mentions the strategic pricing of the tour movie tickets, which references Taylor Swift's album "1989" and her affinity for the number 13.

Tour Movie Strategy and Streaming

  • The hosts debate whether the tour movie was planned before or after the ticket sales controversy.
  • They speculate on the availability of the movie only in North America and potential changes in the international leg of the tour.
  • The likelihood of the movie eventually being available on a streaming service is discussed.

"But it makes me think that she is going to switch switch things up more than I had initially true that that is a good reason like I kind of at first I was like. oh maybe she'll switch up a song here or there for each era but maybe completely new costumes maybe completely new choreography maybe completely new set list or order of things."

This quote reflects on the possibility that Taylor Swift might make significant changes to the tour for the international shows, indicating a dynamic and adaptable approach to her performances.

Controversy in the Film Industry

  • The hosts address the film industry's reaction to the surprise announcement of the tour movie.
  • They discuss the exclusive knowledge of AMC theaters and Cinemark, leaving other major movie studios in the dark.
  • The hosts cover the controversy over ticket pricing and industry norms, with Taylor Swift's team allegedly setting fixed prices.

"The only people that knew about this concert film was AMC theaters in Cinemark that's it Major Movie Studios had no idea so now they are forced with saying okay this is probably going to be the number one movie in the country."

This quote highlights the surprise element of the tour movie release and the challenges it presents to other movie studios, emphasizing Taylor Swift's impact on the industry.

Timing of Taylor Swift's Break

  • Taylor Swift's break timing coincided with the release of a movie.
  • Speculation about whether the timing was planned or coincidental.
  • Taylor Swift was on a break until November.

"I mean they're just garbage movies anyways the horror movies for October. so like okay sorry about you that does make me wonder though if kind of like what you were saying earlier like if this was planned all along for this cuz at first I was like wow the timing's perfect because she's not. yeah. she's like on break until November."

This quote suggests that the speaker is questioning if the timing of Taylor Swift's break was intentionally planned to coincide with a specific event, noting that it seemed perfect as she was on break until November.

Ryan as an Easter Egg

  • Discussion about Ryan's influence on song choice.
  • Mistaken belief that Ryan picked a song that ended up being an Easter egg.
  • Clarification that the song choice was independent of Ryan.

"did you didn't Ryan pick out that song for you that weekend and you ended up getting a point what didn't you you choose If This Were A Movie on June 24th because of Ryan I picked that myself."

This quote clarifies that the speaker made their own song choice, countering the previous assumption that Ryan had influenced the selection.

112 Day Theory and Taylor Swift

  • The 112 Day Theory is a fan theory related to Taylor Swift's release dates.
  • The theory connects the performance of a song on June 24th to a release date in October.
  • Fans speculate on the significance of the number 112 in Taylor Swift's planning.

"going with the 112 Day Theory which you need to go check out Nikki King on Tik Tok if you're not following this theory of release dates and how Taylor Swift has decided to release stuff."

This quote introduces the 112 Day Theory and suggests that fans should look into the theory for insight into Taylor Swift's release date planning.

Taylor Swift's LA Show and Social Media Patterns

  • Taylor Swift's social media posts after shows typically include numbers and exclamation points.
  • After her LA shows, she did not post a thank you, leading to fan speculation.
  • Fans theorize a connection between the phrase "no LA" and "Nola," hinting at a possible announcement in New Orleans.

"Taylor Swift never did an LA post after she finished her LA shows so after every show Taylor and Taylor Nation would post on social media and have numbers and exclamation points and it was always leading to something else some wrap up at the end of the tour."

This quote discusses the unusual absence of a post-show social media pattern after Taylor Swift's LA shows, which fans have noticed and are theorizing about.

Taylor Swift's Appeal and Easter Eggs

  • Taylor Swift is known for her relatability, especially in portraying the experience of growing up as a girl.
  • She is recognized for articulating feelings that listeners connect with deeply.
  • Fans enjoy finding Easter eggs in her posts and music, enhancing the fan experience.

"I think Taylor Swift through her songs has accurately portrayed what it's like growing up to be a girl more than any other artist that I've ever seen do and even more so she will articulate feelings that you didn't know you had and you definitely didn't think anyone else felt that way."

This quote explains the speaker's view on why Taylor Swift's music resonates with fans, highlighting her ability to articulate relatable feelings and experiences.

Taylor Swift's Musical Genius

  • Taylor Swift's music contains intricate details and interconnected stories.
  • Her albums and songs often have hidden meanings and are released with precise timing.
  • The complexity of her songwriting is highlighted by the alignment of song lyrics and real-life events.

"she also released the album midnights on the day she turned 12,000 days old like what."

This quote exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail in Taylor Swift's music releases, with the release of "midnights" coinciding with her 12,000th day.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting

  • Taylor Swift's songs include detailed references to her personal experiences and relationships.
  • Her songwriting includes intentional elements, such as the number of times certain words are used or the length of musical intros.
  • Swift's ability to write broadly appealing songs is seen as a difficult and respected skill.

"the song Mr. perfectly fine is about Joe Jonas who broke up with her on the phone in a 27 second call and the song Mr. perfectly fine has 27 misters in it because of the 27 seconds."

This quote provides an example of the specific and intentional details in Taylor Swift's songwriting, linking the number of times a word is used in a song to a real-life event.

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