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In this episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nicholls, and Lacy G, the team enthusiastically discusses Taylor Swift's return to the stage in Mexico City, highlighting her first performance there since the Reputation tour. They delve into the excitement surrounding the live videos and the fashion showcased by Mexican Swifties. The hosts also play a prediction game about Swift's surprise songs for upcoming shows, debating the rules and the potential for earning points. They touch on the idea of adding stakes to their game, suggesting either rewards for the winner or amusing penalties for the loser. Furthermore, the conversation shifts to industry drama, specifically the mass exodus of high-profile clients from Scooter Braun's management, hinting at possible behind-the-scenes turmoil. The hosts speculate on the implications and the so-called "T Voodoo," suggesting a karmic element at play. Finally, they discuss Swift's strategic release of music and merchandise, teasing future episodes where they will continue to dissect Swift's work and impact.

Summary Notes

Introduction to the Podcast

  • "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast" is hosted by Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nicholls, and Lacy G.
  • The podcast is dedicated to discussing Taylor Swift's music, including songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • The hosts are self-proclaimed "biggest Swifties."

"Welcome to 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast. My name's Nick Adams, I'm Anna, Amy, and I'm Lacy G, and our girl is back on stage."

The quote introduces the podcast and the hosts while expressing excitement about Taylor Swift's return to performing live.

Taylor Swift's Return to Performing Live

  • Taylor Swift has not performed live for a significant period, with her last tour being the 'Reputation Stadium Tour.'
  • The hosts express a sense of emptiness during her absence from the stage.
  • They describe the joy of seeing content related to her performances on social media, particularly TikTok.

"Man, it's been a long time, like a long time since she's performed the Reputation Stadium Tour."

The quote emphasizes the length of time since Taylor Swift's last live performances and the anticipation for her return.

Social Media Engagement

  • The hosts enjoy scrolling through TikTok, seeing live performances from Taylor Swift's tour, and feeling connected to the events.
  • They mention how their social media algorithms have curated their feeds to show them content related to Taylor Swift's performances.
  • The hosts show particular interest in the outfits and transition videos posted by fans, especially those from Mexican Swifties.

"It was great that my algorithm, my feed, was perfectly curated again and seeing all the outfits."

This quote highlights the personalization of social media feeds and the hosts' engagement with Taylor Swift-related content.

Taylor Swift in Mexico

  • Taylor Swift's presence in Mexico is a significant event, as she has rarely performed there.
  • The hosts discuss her previous one-time performance in Mexico during a cruise stop.
  • The excitement around Taylor Swift's first official tour stop in Mexico is palpable among the hosts.

"Yes, this is her first time going through. She did perform once during a cruise. She stopped during a cruise and performed one time in Mexico, and then that's it."

The quote provides context for the rarity of Taylor Swift's performances in Mexico and the significance of her current tour stop there.

Predicting Surprise Songs Game

  • The hosts play a game where they predict Taylor Swift's surprise songs for her concerts.
  • They discuss the rules and whether previous night's guesses should count for upcoming shows.
  • There is a debate about whether or not to include "Sweet Nothing" as a guess for half a point since it has already been played.

"So, Anna, would you like to break down what happened on night one in Mexico City?"

The quote sets the stage for discussing the game and the specific events of the first night of the Mexico City concert.

Show Meeting and Game Rules

  • The hosts need to have a show meeting to clarify the rules of their prediction game.
  • They discuss whether the guesses from the previous night should be separate from the upcoming nights.
  • There is a conversation about the strategy of guessing songs for points and whether it is fair to choose songs that have already been played.

"So my question is, was Thursday night one going to be separate from the next three nights' guesses or is it just a continuation?"

The quote reflects the uncertainty about the rules of the game and how to handle the predictions across multiple nights of performances.

Game Strategy and Ethics

  • The hosts debate the ethics of "cheating the system" by choosing a song that has already been played for an easy half point.
  • They consider whether all hosts should agree not to guess "Sweet Nothing" to avoid everyone getting a half point by default.
  • The conversation becomes a humorous back-and-forth about decision-making and fairness in the game.

"I don't understand it's about cheating the system. Why are we making everything so complicated?"

This quote expresses frustration with the complexity of the game rules and the desire for a straightforward approach.

Prizes and Punishments for the Game

  • The hosts discuss adding stakes to their game by introducing prizes for the winner and punishments for the loser.
  • They consider listener suggestions, such as purchasing merchandise for the winner or the loser hosting a solo episode.
  • The hosts agree that the game will reset for each leg of Taylor Swift's tour, with separate stakes for the Latin America leg.

"Do we want the winner to get some sort of prize? Do we want the loser to have some sort of punishment?"

The quote indicates the hosts' intention to make the game more interesting by introducing rewards and consequences for their predictions.

Punishment vs. Reward

  • The group discusses preferring punishment over reward as a motivator.
  • They decide on a 13-minute solo podcast episode as a punishment for the loser of their game.
  • The episode can be about any topic, with a suggestion of Taylor Swift being made.

"I'm a fan of punishment over reward just because of that fear."

The quote reflects the group's belief that the fear of punishment, such as having to do a solo podcast episode, is a stronger motivator than the prospect of a reward.

Unreleased Lakes Video

  • The group mentions an unreleased video called "Lakes" that fans want to see.
  • They decide against releasing it, stating it is only for Nick and Anna and should remain private.
  • They joke about recreating the video if they ever buy the masters.

"I'm going to go ahead and say that is not going to be on the table because that is only for me and Nick."

Anna explains that the "Lakes" video is a private matter between her and Nick and not meant for public release, indicating its exclusivity.

Taylor Swift Song Predictions

  • The group recaps their predictions for Taylor Swift songs played at Mexico City night one.
  • They predict songs for the remaining nights in Mexico City, with a focus on surprise songs.
  • They discuss the potential emotional impact of Taylor Swift performing certain songs.

"Nick you had predicted I forgot that you existed and mad woman. Amy pred was I forgot that you existed and snow on the beach."

Nick Adams and Amy Nicholls discuss their previous predictions for Taylor Swift's concert setlist, indicating their engagement with her music and performances.

Surprise Song Guessing Game

  • The group guesses which songs Taylor Swift will play as surprise songs in her Mexico City concerts.
  • They consider various factors such as the day of the week, opening acts, and song connections to make their guesses.
  • They mention Sabrina Carpenter's influence on their predictions.

"So I'm going to guess that tonight Friday night Taylor is going to play That's when and sweet nothing."

Nick Adams shares his guess for Taylor Swift's surprise songs, demonstrating the group's interest in and knowledge of Swift's discography.

Song Connections and Predictions

  • They explore how songs might be connected to specific events or artists, such as Sabrina Carpenter.
  • The group uses these connections to inform their predictions for the concert setlists.
  • They also consider the emotional significance of certain songs being performed.

"Sabrina Carpenter covered happiness from Taylor Swift."

Amy Nicholls points out a connection between Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift's music, which influences her prediction for the concert's surprise songs.

Taylor Swift's Emotional Songs

  • The group speculates on the emotional impact of Taylor Swift performing songs with personal significance.
  • They discuss the idea that Swift might be delaying the performance of emotionally charged songs.
  • The possibility of a crowd receiving "Cornelia Street" is mentioned as a particularly emotional event.

"Eventually there's going to be a crowd that gets Cornelia Street and you're losing me and there's just no way to prepare for that emotionally."

Lacy G expresses her thoughts on the emotional preparation required for both the audience and Taylor Swift when performing deeply personal songs.

Mexico City and Taylor Swift Lyrics

  • The group discusses Mexico City's nickname "the city of palaces" and relates it to Taylor Swift's lyrics.
  • They make song predictions based on the connection between the city's nickname and Swift's lyrics.
  • They also consider the potential for collaborations with Sabrina Carpenter during the concert.

"Mexico City is also considered the city of palaces and the only lyric that I could find of hers that had Palace was from castles crumbling so I am guessing that and safe and sound because I think they sound great together."

Anna makes a prediction for the concert based on a thematic connection between Mexico City and a lyric from Taylor Swift's song, showing the thought process behind their guessing game.

Sabrina Carpenter's Appearance

  • Sabrina Carpenter performed a cover of "Picture To Burn" and the video was played on screens before her stage performance.
  • The discussion suggests a nostalgic appreciation for Carpenter's past work.

"She played the video like before she went on stage like on the screens. Yeah, like played on the screens it was like baby Sabrina Carpenter singing Picture To Burn so cute I love it um."

The quote reflects the guests' endearment towards Sabrina Carpenter's earlier work and how it was showcased during her performance.

Taylor Swift's Tour Break

  • Taylor Swift is taking a break after the Mexico City night 4 performance until November.
  • There is an anticipation for what will happen post-break, possibly related to "1989 Taylor's Version."

"So after this she's going to take a little bit of a break right until November."

This quote indicates the timeline of Taylor Swift's break from touring, setting expectations for her return in November.

Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo Drama

  • Discussion on the potential drama surrounding Taylor Swift's choice of Sabrina Carpenter as an opening act, considering her history with Olivia Rodrigo.
  • Speculation on the reasons behind the lack of public interaction between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo after their initial closeness.
  • The conversation touches on the negative online treatment of women in the music industry, with Sabrina Carpenter being a recent example.

"Is there some drama with like picking Sabrina Carpenter to be the opening act with like Olivia Rodrigo and everything because I've seen a lot of people on Tik Tok talking about it."

The quote introduces the topic of a possible controversy in the choice of Sabrina Carpenter as an opening act, given her and Olivia Rodrigo's known issues.

"And Sabrina Carpenter got shamed in the whole Olivia Rodrigo situation and as women we're not supposed to be shaming other women."

This quote discusses the scrutiny Sabrina Carpenter faced in the public eye and the broader issue of women shaming each other in the industry.

Taylor Swift's Influence and "T Voodoo"

  • The term "T Voodoo" is used to describe the perceived karma affecting Taylor Swift's adversaries.
  • The timing of events, such as the anniversary of Taylor Swift blacking out her social media and recent industry developments, is noted as potentially more than coincidental.
  • The discussion suggests a belief in a sort of cosmic justice benefiting Taylor Swift.

"It's like Taylor Swift like Karma like T Voodoo like you know it goes around comes around kind of thing."

The quote elaborates on the concept of "T Voodoo," likening it to karma that affects those who have been in conflict with Taylor Swift.

Scooter Braun's Client Departures

  • Several high-profile clients have parted ways with Scooter Braun, including Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and possibly Justin Bieber.
  • There is speculation about the reasons behind these departures and whether they indicate a larger issue within Braun's management.
  • The conversation includes mention of an FBI investigation and Braun's self-representation.

"Several of Scooter's high-profile clients have ditched him parted ways whatever you want to call it Ariana Grande Demi Lavado allegedly Justin Bieber but that hasn't been confirmed."

This quote summarizes the recent departures of major artists from Scooter Braun's management, highlighting the uncertainty and rumors surrounding the situation.

"And then um scooter braon because he's so funny he goes on Twitter and says uh I'd also like to say I'm not representing myself anymore that was dumb."

The quote captures Scooter Braun's reaction to the situation on social media, which contributes to the conversation about the unfolding events and their implications.

Talent Management Fallout

  • The language used around the separation of a talent manager from their clients suggests a significant event.
  • Speculation arises that the manager didn't leave willingly but is framing it as a choice.
  • There's a discrepancy between what the manager's camp is saying and what the artist's camp is saying, hinting at an undisclosed truth.
  • The fact that high-profile clients like Justin Bieber are leaving the manager is seen as a major indicator of issues.

"His Camp has been saying that it's because he just doesn't want to be a talent manager anymore...but to me that gives very much you didn't fire me I quit."

This quote suggests skepticism about the manager's stated reason for parting ways with clients, implying it might not be the whole truth.

"The biggest sign that something's up is when Justin Bieber leaves them."

The departure of Justin Bieber, a major client, is highlighted as a significant red flag indicating problems within the management relationship.

Financial Speculations

  • Rumors suggest the manager may have overspent on acquiring Taylor Swift's Masters and is struggling financially.
  • The situation is filled with speculation and unconfirmed financial details.

"There's also rumors that he overspent on Taylor's Masters and hasn't been able to recover."

The quote references unconfirmed gossip about the manager's financial decisions and the potential consequences.

Taylor Swift's Music in Media

  • Taylor Swift's songs from her "Reputation" album have been featured in shows on Amazon.
  • The timing of these song features is considered interesting given the recent fallout in the music industry.

"We are hearing little clips from reputation on an Amazon show...and then there was another for the summer I turned pretty."

This quote notes where Taylor Swift's music is currently being used, suggesting a link between her music's presence in media and industry events.

Ed Sheeran's New Music

  • Ed Sheeran has a new album with a song that might be about Taylor Swift.
  • There is speculation about a project called "Acorn" related to Taylor Swift.
  • The discussion involves trying to decipher the connections between the artists and their work.

"One of the songs is midnight...I think every song is about a friend."

The quote discusses the potential themes of Ed Sheeran's new album and the possibility of a song about Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's Release Strategy

  • Taylor Swift may be following a 112-day cycle for releasing music.
  • Her choice of songs performed recently could hint at this pattern.

"Taylor's been in this 112 day Loop where she's releasing music in 112 days."

This quote explains the theory that Taylor Swift has a deliberate timing strategy for her music releases.

Taylor Swift's Album Variants

  • Taylor Swift has released multiple variants of her albums, which some interpret as a strategy to increase sales.
  • A BuzzFeed article criticized Swift for this, but fans defend her by saying it's a common practice for her.

"Swifties are saying she's doing a money grab."

The quote reflects the criticism mentioned in a BuzzFeed article about Taylor Swift's marketing strategies, which is contested by fans.

"I did buy all of them because I panic but what I will be buying is all the concert tickets that I can."

This quote shows a fan's commitment to supporting Taylor Swift by purchasing albums and concert tickets, despite criticisms of commercialism.

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