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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G (with Anna Casier absent) engage with an anonymous Google employee named Inz. They delve into the recent internet frenzy caused by Taylor Swift's collaboration with Google on a word scramble game, which revealed the names of her Vault tracks from "1989 (Taylor's Version)." The hosts discuss the community's engagement with the puzzle, the challenges it presented, and the potential of a double album theory. Inz, a cybersecurity worker and Swift fan, offers insights into the excitement within Google's Swifty Community and the scramble's technical difficulties, suggesting the glitch was likely unintentional. The conversation touches on the strategic planning behind Swift's initiatives and speculates on future projects, reflecting the passionate, analytical nature of Swift's fanbase.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast"

  • "13" is a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by Nick Adams, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G, with Anna Casier as another host who is not present in the discussion.
  • The podcast breaks down Taylor Swift's songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • Inz, an anonymous Google employee, is introduced as a guest on the podcast.

"This is 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song, every Easter egg, every era, and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G."

The quote outlines the main focus of the podcast, which is dedicated to analyzing various aspects of Taylor Swift's music and public persona.

Taylor Swift's Partnership with Google

  • Taylor Swift partnered with Google for a Google Word Scramble event.
  • The event was related to the release of the Vault track songs from "1989 (Taylor's Version)."
  • It was a significant event that engaged fans in solving puzzles to discover the names of unreleased songs.

"Taylor Swift once again broke the internet... she partnered with Google to do the Google word scramble where we tried to unscramble a bunch of letters to figure out what the names of her Vault track songs are from 1989."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's innovative promotional strategy involving an interactive puzzle event in collaboration with Google, which created a buzz among fans and the internet.

Fan Engagement and Personal Anecdotes

  • The podcast hosts discuss their personal experiences with the Google Word Scramble.
  • Nick completed 13 puzzles, aligning with the podcast's theme.
  • Lacy reveals she prefers others to solve puzzles and admits to never making a friendship bracelet, a confession she deems unnecessary.
  • Lacy attended a Taylor Swift-themed comedy show and traded friendship bracelets, including a special one she received from a friend.

"I have a confession to make. I don't puzzle like I don't like figuring stuff out for myself I want other people just to do it for me."

Lacy's quote reveals her personal preference when it comes to fan activities, indicating that not all fans engage with the artist's promotional efforts in the same way.

Inz's Introduction and Background

  • Inz, an anonymous Google employee, is introduced to the podcast.
  • Inz is a Taylor Swift fan who became more involved during the "Reputation" era.
  • The podcast has influenced Inz's enjoyment of being a Swifty (Taylor Swift fan).

"I am a big Taylor Swift fan... I came in during the reputation era going through my own reputation era and ever since then been a big fan."

Inz shares her journey of becoming a Taylor Swift fan, which coincided with a personal period in her life that resonated with the themes of Swift's "Reputation" album.

Inz's Role at Google and Swifty Community

  • Inz works in cybersecurity at Google.
  • There is a Swifty community within Google, consisting of approximately 300-400 employees.
  • Inz mentions that the community has its own theories and discussions, separate from official Google statements.

"I work in cybersecurity which is a huge part... internally we have our own Swifty Community that's about 3 400 strong."

The quote provides insight into Inz's professional role at Google and reveals the existence of a sizable community of Taylor Swift fans within the company.

Collaboration Between Google and Taylor Swift's Team

  • Inz cannot reveal specific names but acknowledges the existence of a team at Google responsible for special projects.
  • This team worked with Taylor Swift's team on the Google Word Scramble event.
  • Inz suggests that the Google team may have gathered ideas from the internal Swifty chat.

"There is a small team that does do some special projects... they were sort of sleuthing in our chat for quite some time to get some of the ideas."

This quote suggests that Google's internal Swifty community may have indirectly contributed ideas that were utilized in the collaboration between Google and Taylor Swift's team for the Word Scramble event.

Collaboration Between Taylor Swift's Team and Google

  • The collaboration's origin is unclear, with the Swifty community unsure whether Taylor's team or Google initiated the partnership.
  • Taylor Swift is known for her meticulous planning, often thinking multiple steps ahead.
  • The collaboration between Taylor Swift's team and Google was effective, with both parties working well together.
  • Taylor Swift has a history of successful partnerships, including with the NFL and various iconic buildings like the Empire State Building.

"we honestly have no idea within our little Swifty Community we have been trying to get some answers about you know what came first the chicken or the egg."

The quote reflects the uncertainty within the Swifty community about who initiated the collaboration between Taylor Swift's team and Google.

"I'm gonna assume it was Taylor just because of how much she has her hands in everything."

Amy Nichols speculates that Taylor Swift likely initiated the collaboration due to her known involvement in various aspects of her career.

Discovery of Google's Collaboration with Taylor Swift

  • The Swifty community learned about the collaboration in real time.
  • Special projects like this are typically secretive, with details being closely guarded.
  • The community observed the unfolding of the event live, sharing updates and trying to solve puzzles together.

"this was a realtime operation special projects are usually pretty tight lipped even within each other."

Lacy G explains that the project was kept secret and that the community found out about it as it was happening.

"in real time we saw it it crashed we were freaking out within each other too."

Lacy G describes the immediate reaction of the Swifty community to the real-time unfolding of the Google collaboration.

Duration and Planning of the Project

  • The precise start date of the project is unknown, but such special projects require extensive planning and are not quick turnarounds.
  • Taylor Swift is known to plan years in advance, suggesting this project could have been in the works for a long time.
  • The Swifty community holds regular monthly meetings and retrospectively noticed hints in past events that may have been related to this collaboration.

"I do know that you know a lot of these Special Projects you know they worked so hard just like they had to work really hard to unbreak the Vault."

Amy Nichols acknowledges the extensive effort that goes into special projects like the Google collaboration.

"Taylor works three years ahead. so I mean did she did she have this in her planner three years ago or she just had everything scheduled out."

Amy Nichols highlights Taylor Swift's forward-thinking approach, suggesting that this collaboration may have been planned well in advance.

Feedback and Interaction with Taylor Swift's Team

  • There is no direct information about Taylor Swift's team's reaction to the execution of the project.
  • The community believes that any dissatisfaction from Taylor Swift's team would likely have been made public.
  • The level of detail and control Taylor Swift's team had over the project with Google is unknown.

"we have honestly no idea do you have any indication if they were easy to work with like were they tyrants."

Amy Nichols expresses a lack of knowledge regarding the interaction between Taylor Swift's team and Google during the collaboration.

"have we ever heard of anybody that's had a difficult time never she's the easiest person to work with in the world."

Nick Adams shares the general perception that Taylor Swift is known for being easy to work with.

The Vault Glitch and Community Response

  • The Swifty community experienced a glitch with "the Vault" during the event, leading to a frenzied reaction.
  • Stem swifties within the community attempted to troubleshoot the issue by examining the source code.
  • There is skepticism about whether the glitch was intentional to create buzz.
  • The cause of the glitch is speculated to be due to high traffic, but the exact details are uncertain.

"we were freaking out we all being stem swifties sort of looking into sort code and apparently everybody on on Tik Tok did too."

Lacy G describes the community's technical approach to solving the glitch, indicating their proactive involvement.

"what are the chances you think the glitch was a planned thing to get people talking and to just build up this Thing Once Again Taylor swi broke the internet what do you think the odds are that it was a planned glitch."

Inz questions the possibility that the glitch was a deliberate part of the marketing strategy.

"it's got to be that at the very least now internally into the code or you know whatever happened we may never know."

Amy Nichols suggests that overwhelming traffic was likely the cause of the glitch, acknowledging that the full details may remain unknown.

Internet Phenomenon

  • Taylor Swift's ability to captivate the internet is highlighted by the fast resolution of a technical issue and the engagement of her fan base.
  • 33 million puzzles were solved by fans in a short time frame, demonstrating the dedication and enthusiasm of the community.
  • The event was inclusive, providing a challenge for dedicated fans while remaining accessible to newer ones.

"I was very impressed that they got it. F you know fixed so fast and 33 million puzzles were answered in what less than 24 hours maybe and all was good."

This quote emphasizes the quick fix of a technical issue and the massive engagement from fans in solving puzzles, showcasing the power of Taylor Swift's online presence.

Community Engagement

  • Fans, including Amy Nichols, worked together in online communities to solve puzzles, creating a sense of camaraderie.
  • The activity was seen as fun and engaging, with many fans participating in the challenge.
  • The event served as a bonding experience for the Swift community.

"I thought it was great how it was challenging enough for the day one pay ones you know and not so hard that it would turn off like someone that decided to be a come out of the closet was withy yesterday it was still fun it still required you to sort of think."

Amy Nichols reflects on the balance of difficulty in the puzzles, which catered to both long-time and new fans, fostering a sense of inclusion and enjoyment within the fan community.

Technical Glitches

  • Participants experienced technical issues at different stages, with some glitches occurring when trying to enter "Tokyo."
  • Despite the glitches, fans remained engaged and continued to participate in the puzzle-solving activity.

"Yes I'm not sure when it broke for you guys but for me and a lot of us it it glitched at like Tokyo like I went to inter Tokyo. and then that's when it was just like jammed."

Lacy G discusses the technical difficulties encountered during the event, indicating a glitch that affected many participants' experiences.

Vault Tracks Discussion

  • The hosts revisit the Vault tracks from Taylor Swift's album and express excitement about specific songs.
  • The tracks discussed include "Is it Over Now," "Don't Talk," "Say Don't Go," "Suburban Legends," and a track represented by an expletive with an exclamation point.
  • Each host shares their personal anticipation for different tracks based on the titles alone.

"Okay let's go through what the Vault tracks actually were we did cover this on another episode. but we'll just go through them again right now is it over now a now that we don't talk say don't go Suburban Legends and [ __ ] with an exclamation point."

Nick Adams introduces the discussion about the Vault tracks, setting the stage for each host to share their thoughts on the songs they are most looking forward to.

Artist's Strategy and Narrative Control

  • A comedian named Mana, who went viral on TikTok, praises Taylor Swift for her strategy in controlling her narrative and reputation through her music releases.
  • The hosts admire Taylor Swift's ability to overshadow past tabloid stories and clickbait with her current achievements.
  • The discussion includes the significance of the song "Blank Space" and its impact on the narrative around Taylor Swift's personal life.

"She's burying the news stories from the original album release cycle all those dumb tabloids all that clickbait it is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen anyone do like that's what it is right as of today if you Google Taylor Swift. [ __ ] it's going to come up with her own song she's taking back her reputation I love it incredible way to go Taylor."

Mana's quote, as recounted by Nick Adams, highlights Taylor Swift's strategic move to reclaim her reputation and narrative by flooding the internet with searches related to her music, rather than past tabloid stories.

Personal Connections to Music

  • Amy Nichols and Lacy G share their personal connections to the Vault tracks, with Amy expressing interest in "Suburban Legends" and Lacy relating to the track represented by an expletive.
  • The hosts' personal experiences and backgrounds influence their anticipation for specific songs.

"I grew up in the suburbs I live in the suburbs I hope one day I can be a Suburban Legend."

Amy Nichols shares her personal connection to the suburbs, which heightens her interest in the track "Suburban Legends," demonstrating how fans relate to music through their own life experiences.

Double Album Theory

  • The hosts discuss the theory that Taylor Swift may release a double album, with one album featuring collaborations.
  • They speculate on potential features and the significance of Taylor Swift's fashion choices and website glitches as hints toward this theory.
  • The discussion reflects the excitement and speculation within the fan community regarding Taylor Swift's future releases.

"I have never been more convinced 1989 is going to be a double album than now she showed us the first album it has no features. but we know that she did Bad Blood with Kendrick Lamar look what she's wearing tonight she's carrying around the Kendrick cross emboss leather top handle bag the Kendrick bag she knew we were worried about that song song. but if it's not on 1989 Taylor's version where would it be the second album which is going to be full of features."

Inz shares their conviction about the double album theory, citing Taylor Swift's fashion choices and the absence of features on the first album as evidence, reflecting the analytical and speculative nature of the fan community.

Album Release Format

  • There is speculation about whether Taylor Swift will release her album as one item or as two separate albums.
  • The release could potentially be a two-parter.
  • Uncertainty exists around whether both parts would be released simultaneously or at different times.

"I would imagine it's going to be two-parter I would think."

This quote indicates Nick Adams' expectation that Taylor Swift's album might be released in two parts, though it's not confirmed.

"Are they released at the same time are they released at a different time."

Amy Nichols is questioning the timing of the album parts' release, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding the launch strategy.

Album Chart Performance Strategy

  • The strategy for releasing albums separately could be influenced by the desire for each album to reach number one on the charts.
  • There is a belief that if released on the same day, one album would inevitably not debut at number one.
  • Taylor Swift's business acumen and record-breaking ambitions are considered in the decision-making process.

"Every album has to go number one so she can wait she can wait a month volume one and volume two and then they come together."

Nick Adams expresses the opinion that Taylor Swift might delay the release of one album to ensure each one has the opportunity to debut at number one.

"She has to make sure that every Taylor's version album is number one."

Lacy G emphasizes the importance for Taylor Swift to maintain her record of having every album debut at number one, which may affect her release strategy.

Surprise Releases and Pre-Order Strategy

  • The possibility of a surprise release, similar to the "midnights" album, is discussed.
  • The implications for fans who pre-order are considered.
  • The unpredictability of Taylor Swift's release tactics is acknowledged.

"It could be something the way midnights was released where it was like surprise 3 a.m. Edition surprise absolutely absolutely that that could be possibly something."

Amy Nichols suggests that Taylor Swift could use a surprise release strategy as she did with the "midnights" album.

"Well no cuz she didn't do that with midnights."

Lacy G points out that pre-order strategies have not always included surprise elements, referencing how "midnights" was handled.

Taylor Swift's Album Release Theories

  • Fans discuss various theories about Taylor Swift's album release patterns, including a 112-day cycle theory.
  • The significance of specific dates and their alignment with Taylor Swift's plans is debated.
  • Fans express their dedication and passion for following Taylor Swift's career moves.

"So Nikki King has this 112 day Cycle Theory about Taylor Swift releasing stuff announcing stuff this has been her plan since Evermore."

Inz introduces a fan theory by Nikki King, suggesting Taylor Swift has a strategic pattern for making announcements or releasing music.

"If we hear something from Taylor today then that could allude to the 112 Day Theory being correct 922 does equal 13."

Inz explains how today's date might confirm the 112-day cycle theory, as the numbers align in a way that is significant to Taylor Swift.

Favorite Taylor Swift Theories

  • Fans discuss their favorite theories regarding unreleased Taylor Swift albums.
  • The existence of a "lost album" is a popular theory among fans.
  • There is speculation about the titles and content of potential unreleased albums.

"I do still think that there is a lost album you know I feel like this song was not enough."

Inz shares a personal theory about the existence of an unreleased Taylor Swift album, indicating a belief that there is more music that hasn't been shared publicly.

"I was going to ask if you thought the Lost album was Karma or Woodville or both because I have believed both at some point."

Amy Nichols discusses the possibility of multiple unreleased albums, highlighting the names "Karma" and "Woodville" as potential titles.

Inside Information and Taylor Swift's Process

  • There is a discussion about the tight control Taylor Swift maintains over her music and announcements.
  • The process by which Taylor Swift's ideas are put into motion is considered.
  • The precision of Taylor Swift's planning and scheduling is noted.

"Taylor keeps such a hold on everything it really makes me wonder about her process because Google can't be told until x amount before certain people have to be told."

Nick Adams comments on the secretive and controlled nature of Taylor Swift's information dissemination process.

"How does she put it into motion or does she just have to go straight to her calendar and start scheduling stuff."

Amy Nichols speculates about the practical steps Taylor Swift takes when planning her music releases and announcements.

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