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Summary Notes


In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G anticipate the release of Swift's album "The Tortured Poet's Department." They embark on a speculative ranking of the unreleased songs based solely on their titles and potential emotional weight, with tracks like "So Long London" and "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" standing out. The group discusses the significance of track numbers, Swift's lyrical Easter eggs, and their personal connections to the songs. They also plan a live listening party for the album's debut and a Swiftie meetup event. Throughout, the hosts engage in playful banter, referencing Swift's past work, and even speculate on a possible Harry Potter-inspired track.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast"

  • The podcast is hosted by four Taylor Swift fans: Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • They discuss Taylor Swift's music, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • The episode focuses on predicting the ranking of songs from an upcoming album titled "The Tortured Poet's Department."

"Welcome to 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast. My name is Adams, I'm Anna, Amy, and I'm Lacy G, and today we're going to try something that uh could be great could be a total fail I don't know we'll see it."

The quote introduces the podcast and sets up the episode's theme of speculating about Taylor Swift's unreleased album.

Predicting Song Rankings

  • The hosts discuss their tradition of ranking songs from a new album upon its release.
  • They plan to predict their top five songs based solely on the titles and track numbers.
  • They reference past predictions and their accuracy.

"So we're going to do the same thing with the songs even though we haven't heard them yet we're just going on the title alone maybe some people are going on the track number."

This quote explains the hosts' method for predicting their favorite songs from an album they haven't heard yet, using only song titles and track numbers as a basis.

Listener Engagement

  • The idea for the episode's theme was suggested by a listener via Google voicemail.
  • The hosts acknowledge that other fans, including Swifties on Pinterest, are also engaging in similar activities.

"Nick, I do want to say um one of our sweet listeners did suggest that we do this on Google voicemail um I played it many episodes back."

This quote highlights the podcast's interactive nature and the hosts' willingness to incorporate listener suggestions into their content.

Album Tracklist Overview

  • The hosts share the tracklist for "The Tortured Poet's Department."
  • They discuss the significance of track titles, featured artists, and speculate on the themes of the songs.
  • The album features a variety of intriguing titles, including collaborations with other artists.

"All right so here here's the track list for the tortured poets Department track one fortnite featuring post Malone which is interesting to have a feature be the first track has she ever done that before I don't think so I don't know I have to go back and look."

The quote presents the tracklist for the speculated album and highlights the unique aspect of having a featured artist on the first track.

Personal Predictions and Justifications

  • Each host shares their personal top five predictions and the reasons behind their choices.
  • They express excitement and curiosity about the potential meanings and themes behind the song titles.
  • The discussion includes playful banter and personal anecdotes related to the songs.

"So that's my number five okay. that's track 11. okay all. right. oh yeah. we usually go this way yes. you. okay. no. no. no we go that way."

This quote demonstrates the hosts' process of sharing their predictions and the informal, conversational style of the podcast.

Speculation on Song Themes

  • The hosts speculate on the content of the songs, including potential references to historical figures, cultural phenomena, and personal experiences.
  • They discuss the emotional and thematic resonance they expect from the songs based on their titles.

"I think um we're going to learn a lot about clabo. and I'm also very interested in the fact that this is the last song on the standard edition that we know of so far um so I'm just. I I there has to be reason as to why it's the last track."

The quote reflects the hosts' curiosity about the storytelling and significance of the track order within the album.

Methodology and Ranking Process

  • The hosts outline their methodology for ranking songs, including the possibility of having runner-ups and honorable mentions.
  • They emphasize the subjective nature of their rankings and the playful approach they take toward the process.

"Okay all right so for me my fifth favorite song on the tortured poets department is going to be I can fix him. no really I can boy that's going to be in like the denial Apple music playlist the second. it's released right."

This quote shows one host's personal ranking choice and the emotional playlist it might fit into, showcasing the personal connection fans have with music.

Nikki King on TikTok

  • Nikki King frequently discusses the ties between music and personal experiences on TikTok.
  • There is a suggestion that these ties will be powerful in the context of the conversation.

"Nikki King talks about it a lot on Tik Tok so go check out what she's saying what a lot of people are saying."

The quote indicates that Nikki King is a relevant voice on TikTok, discussing themes that resonate with many people, possibly related to music or cultural commentary.

Manuscript Speculations

  • The manuscript is a central theme in the context of the "tortured poets Department."
  • There is curiosity and speculation about the content of the manuscript.
  • A Reddit theory suggests the manuscript might be about relationships, their failures, and attempts at fixing them.

"I wonder what the manuscript is going to be about I have absolutely no idea I did read um someone called what's that cute thing on Reddit was theorizing the manuscript what if this is the man you script like just broken down since theorizing this is a lot about relationships failing a relationship I can fix them no really I can if this was the man you script."

This quote reflects the curiosity surrounding the content of the manuscript and presents a theory from Reddit that interprets the manuscript as a metaphor for personal guidance in relationships.

Song Title Interpretations

  • "My boy only breaks his favorite toys" suggests a theme of possession and potential emotional pain.
  • The song title "Guilty as Sin?" intrigues due to the question mark and its previous mention in "Carolina."
  • The use of abbreviated text language, like "LOML," is discussed, with speculation on its meaning in the context of the album.

"My boy only breaks his favorite toys. and I think what really is drawing me in on that is The Possession my boy not I don't know there's just something about us."

This quote conveys the speaker's interest in the song title and its implications of ownership and emotional depth.

"I have guilty as Sin question mark I'm intrigued by the question mark and we have heard her say guilty of sin before in um Carolina."

The quote reflects the speaker's curiosity about the song title "Guilty as Sin?" and its potential connection to previous work.

Abbreviations and Digital Communication

  • The conversation touches on the use of abbreviations in text messaging.
  • There is a humorous reference to Phil Dunphy from "Modern Family" and his confusion over text abbreviations.
  • The speakers discuss their personal preferences for using or avoiding abbreviations and emojis.

"LOL I'm thinking of Phil dumpy right now LOL laugh out loud WTF. why the face it makes me think um this conversation that maybe you don't use those so much ni."

This quote humorously references a TV character's misunderstanding of text abbreviations, highlighting the generational and personal differences in digital communication.

Alchemy as a Metaphor

  • "Alchemy" is anticipated to be a metaphor for transformation, possibly with tragic overtones.
  • The song is expected to tie into themes from previous albums, such as "Gold Rush" from "Evermore."
  • There is excitement about Taylor Swift's creative approach to reclaiming and transforming the concept of gold.

"Alchemy refers to the process of turning something into gold gold rush from evermor is about how everybody wants Joe people flock to Glimpse him and graze him as if he was precious gold."

The quote discusses the expectations for the song "Alchemy," relating it to the theme of transformation and previous works by Taylor Swift.

Emotional Significance of Track Numbers

  • "So Long London" is track five, which traditionally holds emotional significance in Taylor Swift's albums.
  • The title suggests a poignant farewell and has personal relevance for the speaker planning to visit London.

"It's track. five. yeah. do I dare say more."

This quote emphasizes the expectation that track five will be emotionally charged, based on Taylor Swift's history of album track listings.

Parental Relationships in Music

  • "But Daddy I Love Him" is anticipated to explore the complexity of father-daughter relationships.
  • The title evokes a sense of protective paternal advice and the pain of paternal understanding in romantic matters.
  • Connections are made to the song "All Too Well" and its portrayal of family dynamics.

"But. daddy I love him. and it's just like it hurts as a dad it's like I know I'm going to hear that at some point one day."

The quote conveys the speaker's emotional response to the song title, anticipating a song that will touch on the heartfelt dynamics between a father and daughter.

Resilience and Heartbreak

  • "Simple but Crushing" is expected to showcase resilience in the face of heartbreak.
  • The speaker admires Taylor Swift's ability to perform and handle public life while dealing with personal struggles.

"I can do it with a broken heart just knowing that she powered through that she was on the airs tour that she was doing things that we had no idea about and putting on this Brave face."

This quote expresses admiration for the strength displayed by Taylor Swift, as suggested by the song title "Simple but Crushing."

The Black Dog as a Metaphor

  • "The Black Dog" is a bonus track that is speculated to be a metaphor for depression.
  • The album cover associated with the song is particularly favored by the speaker.
  • There is an expectation of layered meanings, possibly including references to London.

"The black dog I have learned is a metaphor for depression um and also the black dog I believe is like a pub in London or something."

The quote discusses the multifaceted symbolism of "The Black Dog," anticipating a song with deep emotional content and potential references to places in London.

Taylor Swift's Album Release

  • Nick Adams and Lacy G discuss the excitement around Taylor Swift's new album release.
  • They talk about collecting different versions of Taylor Swift's albums, including vinyl and CDs.
  • The conversation touches on the idea of being a collector and the appeal of collecting items even if they seem impractical, like cassette tapes.
  • There is anticipation over potential new songs and the lengths of tracks on the upcoming album.

"I will admit I do get every version of everything that she ever puts out."

This quote highlights Nick Adams's dedication as a fan, collecting every version of Taylor Swift's releases.

"I've never ordered the cassettes cuz it's... I'm realistic what's the point I don't know get... it's a collector thing I said."

Here, Nick Adams acknowledges the impracticality of collecting cassette tapes but also recognizes the collector's mindset behind it.

Harry Potter References

  • The group humorously speculates about a Taylor Swift song possibly being related to Harry Potter, mentioning the black dog as a nod to Sirius Black.
  • Amy Nichols shares that she is currently reading the Harry Potter series with her son, discussing the plot without revealing spoilers.
  • The conversation shifts to discussions about which Hogwarts houses they would belong to, with preferences and results from the sorting quiz mentioned.

"Hey guys maybe the black dog is Taylor finally having a Harry Potter song and she's singing about serious black maybe anybody."

Lacy G makes a playful connection between a potential Taylor Swift song and the Harry Potter character Sirius Black.

"I'm currently reading Harry Potter books with my son so like that's our nightly thing right now we're on the Chamber of Secrets."

Amy Nichols shares a personal anecdote about reading Harry Potter, showing the series' impact on family bonding and its cultural significance.

Song Speculations

  • The group discusses their favorite unreleased songs based on titles and vibes alone, expressing hope for themes of perseverance and self-belief.
  • They speculate on the length of the song "So Long London," discussing rumors and the significance of potential song durations.
  • The conversation includes thoughts on whether long tracks are meticulously planned or more spontaneous.
  • They express excitement for the new album and the opportunity to have new favorite songs.

"My favorite song without hearing the tortured poet's department is I can do it with a broken heart."

Anna expresses her anticipation for a song that she believes will be about perseverance, even though she hasn't heard it yet.

"I saw the same thing though the longest being who's afraid of little old M at 5 minutes and 34 seconds so my basis is also on that."

Lacy G discusses the rumored lengths of songs on the new album, indicating a shared source of information with others in the conversation.

Album Listening Party

  • The group plans to host a live listening party on their YouTube channel for Taylor Swift's album release.
  • They emphasize the importance of experiencing the album together and in the correct order.
  • The listening party is described as a special event where fans can come together to enjoy and discuss the music for the first time.

"We're going to have a live listening party online on our YouTube channel the night that this comes out."

Nick Adams announces the live listening party, inviting fans to join them for a communal listening experience.

"We did this with midnights and it was a blast it was so fun."

Amy Nichols reflects on a previous listening party, suggesting that it was a memorable and enjoyable event, setting the expectations for the upcoming one.

Swifties in the Park Event

  • The event is scheduled at Grandscape in The Colony, Texas.
  • It will take place from 2:00 to 5:00 PM on April 27th, which is a Saturday.
  • The event is designed for fans to come together, celebrate, and theorize about Taylor Swift's work.
  • Attendees can expect to play the new album on repeat and possibly win fun prizes.

"event at grandscape in the colony in Texas from 2: to 5: on April 27th that's a Saturday come hang out with us for swifties in the park all the info for tickets and things like that are in the description of our podcast as well we would love to hang out with you maybe you can win some fun prizes it's going to be blast we can definitely console each other after going through this heartbreak together of what's going to be the tortured poets Department it's going to be a good time it's always a good time to get together with swifties and celebrate and talk and theorize and it's just it playing this new album album on repeat it's going to be a super good time."

The quote describes the Swifties in the Park event, emphasizing the community aspect of Taylor Swift fans and the activities planned for the gathering, including playing Swift's new album.

Questions to Future Self

  • The speakers propose asking questions to their future selves, to be answered after experiencing Taylor Swift's new album.
  • Questions include what the most shocking part of the album was, favorite unique words used, songs that grew on them after several listens, and reactions to specific lyrics.

"yes if we have any like pose a question right now that we can basically listen back and answer in just a few days like for example I want to know to our future selves what was the most shocking part of the tortured poets Department"

This quote introduces the idea of posing questions to their future selves, specifically asking about the most shocking part of the new album.

"what is your favorite unique word. yeah that Taylor threw into the tortured poets"

The speaker is curious about new and unique words Taylor Swift may have used in her lyrics, indicating an interest in her word choice and lyrical style.

"which one after a couple days really grew that maybe I didn't understand in the height of our excitement and listening for the very first time"

This question is about the songs that may not have been immediately appreciated but became favorites after multiple listens, acknowledging that music can have a growing impact.

"also how do we all feel now that we know she used Lobster in her lyrics"

The speaker is curious about the group's reaction to the unexpected use of the word "Lobster" in the lyrics, highlighting the surprise element in Swift's songwriting.

TikTok and Fan Creativity

  • Fans have created content and nicknames related to Taylor Swift's "Tortured Poet's Department."
  • A TikTok user's humorous take on the album title likens it to a crime drama series.
  • Another fan suggests the nickname "Topo Depot" for the album.
  • Fans are making friendship bracelets and engaging in other creative activities in anticipation of the album.

"I saw this from Tik Tok like as soon as tortured poet's Department was announced and I've never forgotten it this is from 20 cash regular I've never forgotten it. I've thought about it and respected it and just like random r l in my head came back and laughed at this moment ever since"

The quote reflects on a memorable TikTok video that humorously dramatizes the album title, showing the fan's engagement with other fans' creativity.

"sweet prince has anybody already come up with the idea of calling the the tortured poets Department the Topo Depot cuz that's what I'm calling it The Topo Depot I love that"

A fan's suggestion for an affectionate nickname for the album is shared, demonstrating the playful and creative nature of the fan community.

Humor and Misunderstanding

  • The group discusses humorous moments and misunderstandings related to the new album.
  • There is a playful exchange about the use of the word "Lobster" in the lyrics and other humorous references.
  • Nick's lack of understanding about a joke leads to a light-hearted admonishment about telling people to calm down.

"I saw someone make a friendship bracelet that says all too well butan. okay only me never mind I thought that was funny that depression is that a depression drug Nick happy look at Nick he didn't even know that's a depression."

The speaker shares a joke about a friendship bracelet that plays on the names of Taylor Swift's songs and antidepressant medication, which not everyone understands.

"don't ever tell anybody to calm down Nicholas."

A humorous rebuke is given after a misunderstanding about the humor in the group's conversation, emphasizing the social dynamic within the group.

Listener Engagement and Excitement

  • A listener named Sarah from Florida expresses her long-standing enthusiasm for the podcast and Taylor Swift.
  • Sarah shares her excitement for the "Tortured Poet's Department" and recounts her experience at a Taylor Swift concert.
  • The listener's anticipation for the new album and pride in being a Swifty are evident.

"hi 13 a Taylor spce fan podcast my name is Sarah. I'm a spookie that lives in Central Florida and I just wanted to tell you guys how much I love the podcast like literally I love listening every single week I've been listening since like 2021"

Sarah introduces herself, declares her love for the podcast, and indicates she has been a long-time listener, showing the podcast's impact on its audience.

"I'm so excited for the tortured poets Department I am very excited for the song Florida with three exclamation points because I went to Tampa night two"

The listener shares specific details about her excitement for the new album and her personal connection to the song "Florida," highlighting the personal significance of Taylor Swift's music to fans.

Conclusion and Invitation

  • The hosts conclude by inviting listeners to join them at the listening party for the "Tortured Poet's Department."
  • They encourage listeners to subscribe and leave positive reviews on various podcast platforms.

"thanks for listening the 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast subscribe for free and leave a positive review on Apple podcast Spotify or Google podcast."

The closing statement invites listeners to support the podcast through subscriptions and positive reviews, fostering community engagement.

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