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In an emergency episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Anna and Amy delve into the surprise release of puzzles leading to the unlocking of Taylor Swift's "1989" Vault tracks. They discuss the frenzy among Swifties on social media as they collectively solved 33 million puzzles globally, and the technical issues that arose with Google's interactive Vault. The hosts also speculate on potential collaborations and hidden messages within the puzzles, and share their excitement for the four revealed Vault tracks: "Is It Over Now," "And Now That We Don't Talk," "Say Don't Go," and "Suburban Legends." The episode also touches on Swiftie gossip, including Taylor Swift's rumored relationship with Travis Kelce and her recent outing with Sophie Turner amidst Turner's divorce from Joe Jonas. The hosts express their anticipation for more reveals and the impact of Swift's re-recordings on her upcoming tour.

Summary Notes

Introduction to 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

  • The podcast is dedicated to Taylor Swift, covering her songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • Hosted by Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nicholls, and Lacy G.
  • Anna and Amy host the emergency episode.

"yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna casier host Amy Nicholls and Lacy G."

The quote introduces the podcast and its focus on Taylor Swift's music and the associated fandom activities.

The Emergency Episode

  • The episode was unplanned and is in response to a new Taylor Swift event.
  • Only Anna and Amy are present for this particular episode.

"I'm Anna and I'm Amy and it's just the two of us today because this is an emergency episode it was unplanned that the Vault would be unlocked so quickly."

Anna and Amy explain the reason for the emergency episode, indicating the unexpected nature of the event they are discussing.

The Blue Vault Discovery

  • Swifties on Twitter discovered a blue Vault when searching for Taylor Swift on Google.
  • The discovery began circulating on Monday, two days prior to the podcast recording.
  • There were inconsistencies in who could see the Vault, leading to speculation about the reasons.

"so yesterday not even yesterday the day before yesterday people started to notice that on Google if you searched Taylor Swift there was a little blue Vault."

Anna notes the initial discovery of the blue Vault by fans, which sparked curiosity and online discussion among Swifties.

Taylor Swift's Instagram Teaser

  • Taylor Swift posted about the blue Vault on her Instagram.
  • The post included a caption with lyrics from her song and hinted at a puzzle or game.
  • The Vault is similar to previous ones (Fearless, Red) but is blue and contains specific letters.

"um Taylor Swift posted the blue Vault on her Instagram the teaser and it's captioned you can tell me when the search is over if the high was worth the pain."

Amy describes Taylor Swift's Instagram post, which officially teased the blue Vault and its connection to her music.

Decoding the Vault's Clues

  • The Vault's letters "t s u and L" led to speculation among fans.
  • The exclamation point was debated, with jokes about it being an "I" or part of the word "lust."
  • The letters were capitalized, influencing the interpretation of the clues.

"and then it has letters that fly out and the letters were t s u and L and then an exclamation point and quotations and quotations so we were like okay exclamation point."

Anna discusses the letters that emerged from the blue Vault, which became a focal point for fan theories and decoding efforts.

The Google Vault Puzzle

  • The Vault was part of a partnership with Google, involving a series of puzzles.
  • The first puzzle was "1989 Taylor's Version," leading to subsequent puzzles.
  • Some fans experienced technical issues with the puzzles, while others progressed further.

"and so then that's when we all that's when from the W um that's when we all went to Google and if you typed in Taylor Swift. and you had a little blue Vault show up and if you click the Vault then you got a puzzle."

Amy explains the process of accessing the Google Vault puzzles, which required fans to search for Taylor Swift and interact with the Vault icon.

Global Effort and Technical Difficulties

  • The puzzles required a collective effort to solve 33 million times globally.
  • Google's blog mentioned 89 unique puzzles.
  • High traffic from Swifties led to Google experiencing technical issues.

"but then Google posted like a like on their blog post or whatever that they said that there was 89 unique puzzles. but I guess those 89 puzzles had to be solved 33 million times yes worldwide."

Anna shares information from Google's blog about the scale of the puzzle challenge, highlighting the massive engagement from Taylor Swift's fanbase.

Google's Swiftie-Inspired Messages

  • Google acknowledged the overwhelming response with Swift-themed messages.
  • The hosts speculate about the involvement of Swifties among Google's engineers.
  • The experience was seen as enjoyable and unifying for the fan community.

"I want to know if the people that code the engineers the software whoever was behind this at Google I want to know if they're swifties you know or like how this idea came about how like I want to know all the behind the scenes that'd be great to know of this Vault right."

Amy expresses curiosity about the creators of the Google Vault puzzle and whether they are fans of Taylor Swift, reflecting on the collaborative nature of the event.

Puzzle Solving and Unlocking the Vault

  • The speakers discuss the process of solving puzzles to unlock the Vault.
  • They mention the initial estimate of how long it would take to solve 33 million puzzles and the actual time it took.
  • The speakers note that the process could have been faster without the previous day's struggles.
  • They confirm that on the morning of Wednesday, September 20th, the Vault was unlocked, but only four out of five tracks were revealed.

"At first we were like okay 33 million puzzles how long is that going to take I kind of figured it would take like a day... and then it did."

This quote indicates the speaker's initial expectation of the time required to solve the puzzles and the realization that it matched their prediction.

"This morning we unlocked the Vault but here's the thing we got four out of the five Vault tracks."

The quote confirms the success of unlocking the Vault and reveals that one track remains undisclosed, which is a point of curiosity for the speakers.

Vault Tracks and Preferences

  • The speakers list the four Vault tracks that were revealed: "Is It Over Now," "Now That We Don’t Talk," "Say Don’t Go," and "Suburban Legends."
  • Amy expresses her interest in "Suburban Legends" as the most intriguing title.
  • Anna reflects on the appeal of the titles and her anticipation for the fifth track.

"So then this morning Wednesday September 20th this morning we unlocked the Vault but here's the thing we got four out of the five Vault tracks."

This quote reiterates the accomplishment of unlocking the Vault and the current status of the tracks revealed.

"Okay we got 'Is It Over Now,' 'Now That We Don’t Talk,' 'Say Don’t Go,' and 'Suburban Legends' I think 'Suburban Legends' is the most intriguing to me."

Amy shares her preference for the track "Suburban Legends," showing her personal interest in the titles revealed.

Glossy Letters and Fan Theories

  • The speakers discuss the observation by fans (swifties) that certain letters in the puzzles were glossy or shiny.
  • Fans have been collecting these glossy letters, which could potentially spell out the last title track.
  • The speakers speculate on the connection between the glossy letters and the unreleased fifth track.

"Swifties noticed that in the puzzles sometimes with certain puzzles not all 89 but in some of them some of the letters were like shiny... and so I saw online that swifties were kind of collecting the letters that were glossy."

This quote describes the fan engagement with the puzzles and their attention to detail, which leads to the collection of glossy letters.

"So I haven't seen anything as of right now as to what those letters could be some people are thinking you know maybe it spells out the last title track."

The quote summarizes the current speculation among fans regarding the purpose of the glossy letters and their possible connection to the unreleased track.

Vault Features and Collaborations

  • The speakers discuss the possibility of features on the 1989 Vault tracks based on past patterns and collaborations during the 1989 era.
  • They recall a past conversation where they speculated about potential guest artists, specifically mentioning Nicki Minaj.
  • The speakers reference social media interactions and hints that suggest a collaboration between Taylor and Nicki Minaj.

"I've always been under the impression that it would have you... the 1989 Vault has always had features and a few weeks ago we were talking about who we would want to see on there."

This quote reflects the speaker's expectation of guest features on the Vault tracks based on historical patterns from the 1989 era.

"Nikki had posted something about like how she's a fan of Taylor... and then at the VMAs whenever Nikki presented an award to Taylor Taylor goes that's my favorite Sagittarius right there."

The quote discusses the public interactions between Nicki Minaj and Taylor, which fans interpret as potential hints of a collaboration.

Timing and Scheduling Clues

  • The speakers discuss the timing of events and social media posts that fans interpret as clues related to the Vault and potential collaborations.
  • They mention a specific time, 1:38 am, referenced in a music video and scheduled for a Nicki Minaj live stream, which may be a deliberate hint.
  • The speakers express their excitement about these developments but also acknowledge the uncertainty of interpreting clues from social media.

"Nikki manage is scheduled cuz she goes live on her Instagram or Tik Tok or something like as of lately and she's been talking to her fans about her new album that's coming out and she's scheduled to go live tonight at 1:38 am interesting it is because 1:38 a.m. was the time in that I can see you music video."

This quote points out the coincidental timing between Nicki Minaj's scheduled live stream and a time mentioned in a music video, suggesting it may be a planned hint for fans.

"This sounds like totally planned."

The quote reflects the speaker's belief that the timing of events is not coincidental and may be part of a larger promotional strategy.

Speculation on Taylor Swift's Fifth Track

  • Fans are anticipating the reveal of Taylor Swift's fifth track, possibly as a lead single.
  • Speculation is fueled by patterns in past releases and fan theories.

"Maybe the fifth track will be revealed, you know, in the next day or two and then it'll come out on Friday; it'll be like the lead single or something."

The quote discusses the possibility of Taylor Swift's fifth track being released soon, highlighting fans' anticipation and predictions based on her usual release strategies.

Website Glitches or Easter Eggs

  • Taylor Swift's website experienced glitches, leading to fan speculation about Easter eggs hinting at new music.
  • The glitches are reminiscent of the "Reputation" album era, sparking discussion about intentional teasers.

"Her website was glitching, and it would go like go to black... Is that a glitch or is that an Easter egg?"

The quote describes an occurrence on Taylor Swift's website that fans are debating whether it is a mere technical issue or an intentional clue about upcoming projects.

Taylor Swift's Re-Record Release Strategy

  • Uncertainty surrounds the schedule for Taylor Swift's re-record releases.
  • Fans initially thought re-records would precede new music, but the release of "Midnights" challenged that theory.
  • Speculation now suggests re-records may be released during the "Eras" tour.

"When the re-recording era started, I was under the impression that she would knock out all of her re-recordings before even putting out new music."

The quote reflects the initial fan expectation that Taylor Swift would complete all her album re-records before releasing any new music, an expectation that was proven incorrect.

The 112 Days Theory

  • A fan theory suggests Taylor Swift spaces out her music announcements by 112 days.
  • The theory predicts the timing of re-record releases and has gained attention on social media.

"There's a very elaborate theory that has a lot of evidence behind Taylor spacing out her re-records and announcements by 112 days."

This quote introduces a fan theory that attempts to predict Taylor Swift's music release schedule based on a specific time pattern.

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Taylor Swift

  • Discussion on the drama involving Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner's divorce, and Taylor Swift.
  • Speculation on the nature of Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift's relationship after being seen together.
  • The public outing sends a message of solidarity amidst the divorce and past drama.

"Sophie Turner ended up going to hang out with Taylor Swift last night until like 2:00 in the morning which is like iconic."

The quote discusses the recent interaction between Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift, emphasizing the significance of their meeting given the history between Turner, Swift, and Joe Jonas.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Rumors

  • Rumors circulate about a potential relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.
  • The rumored relationship is based on discrete meetings and Kelce's attendance at a Swift concert.

"The rumors are that they're hanging out quietly... he attended one of the AA tours... he had made a friendship bracelet for her with his phone number on it."

The quote addresses rumors of a budding relationship or friendship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, including an anecdote about a friendship bracelet, highlighting the personal attention and interest from Kelce.

Celebrity Rumors and Public Engagement

  • The podcast discusses rumors about a celebrity relationship.
  • Public figures, including NFL announcers, are engaging with the rumors.
  • The celebrity's brother confirmed the relationship rumors on a Morning Show.

"And then this past weekend during the chief's game even the like NFL announcers were kind of playing into it dropping Easter eggs the things they were saying little references yes they were like. oh he found a blank space and scored the touchdown or like whatever."

This quote illustrates how public commentators are subtly referencing the rumored relationship, using phrases that hint at the celebrities involved without directly stating it.

"And he even like that CLI of the NFL announcer was on Tik Tok and he commented saying well played so he's kind of giving in he's kind of feeding into the rumors the NFL is feeding into the rumors and then as of this morning his brother uh I think his name is Jason he was on a Morning Show."

The celebrity in question is engaging with the rumors on social media, and his brother is confirming the rumors on a morning talk show, showing a family member's involvement in the public narrative.

"I think things are going great. and I think it's 100% true speaking on the rumors."

The brother of the celebrity directly confirms the relationship rumors, providing a clear statement on the status of the relationship.

Professional Demands and Personal Lives

  • The podcast touches on the challenges of balancing busy professional lives with personal relationships.
  • Both individuals in the rumored relationship have demanding careers.

"I mean being a professional football player that's got to be really demanding. and she's about to go back on tour. she's about to release her album like I feel like they're just both very busy."

This quote emphasizes the demanding nature of the careers of the two celebrities in the rumored relationship, questioning how they manage their time for personal matters.

Fan Engagement and Community

  • The podcast hosts discuss their engagement with their fan community and their excitement about celebrity news.
  • They mention the use of social media to interact with listeners and provide updates.

"And yesterday when the Vault dropped and we were texting in our group being like when are we going to record we need to like get into like record an episode."

This quote shows the hosts' excitement and urgency to discuss recent developments with their audience, highlighting the immediate nature of fan engagement.

"If anything does come up if you guys need to let us know about anything correct us on anything you can find us on social media at the 13 podcast."

The hosts invite their listeners to interact with them on social media, indicating openness to feedback and corrections, fostering a community dialogue.

Technical Issues and User Experience

  • The podcast hosts discuss technical issues they encountered with an online puzzle feature.
  • They share their personal experiences and strategies in dealing with the technical difficulties.

"I waited so long that it went away and gave me another puzzle."

One host describes how they handled a technical issue by waiting it out, suggesting patience as a strategy for dealing with technical problems.

"It like wasn't working for me for the longest time all day yesterday and then around like 9:30ish give or take it started working for me."

This quote shares a personal experience of technical difficulties with a feature, indicating that such issues can be resolved over time, possibly without user intervention.

Podcast Content and Future Episodes

  • The podcast hosts discuss their content schedule and tease future episodes.
  • They express their enthusiasm for upcoming content and reflect on past episodes.

"We're still in our speak now era we are we're like in our era's era we're going to quickly get through this."

The hosts mention their current focus on a specific "era" of content, suggesting a thematic approach to their podcast episodes.

"Sooner than later you're going to get to hear our episode on haunted I believe is the next one."

This quote teases the next episode topic, building anticipation for upcoming content among listeners.

"And I think it was one of my most favorite episodes we ever recorded I kind of blame myself for being chaotic I kind of was all over the place."

A host reflects on a past episode, sharing their personal feelings about it and acknowledging its chaotic nature, which they attribute to themselves.

Closing Remarks

  • The podcast concludes with the hosts thanking their listeners and providing information on how to subscribe and leave reviews.
  • They mention the name of their podcast and encourage positive engagement.

"Thanks for listening to the 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast subscribe for free and leave a positive review on Apple podcast Spotify or Google podcast."

The hosts close the podcast by expressing gratitude to their listeners and directing them to platforms where they can subscribe and support the podcast through positive reviews.

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