Suburban Legends (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)

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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G delve into the 1989 track "Suburban Legends." They discuss their initial impressions of the song title, with its unexpected use of "Suburban" and "Legend," and the confusion around the song's meaning due to its non-literal lyrics. The conversation humorously meanders through personal anecdotes about their first cars, highlighting how vehicles can become symbols of one's youth and the nostalgia that Taylor Swift often captures in her music. Despite the tangents, they touch on the song's themes of youthful dreams, the idea of a high school hero, and the notion of being "Suburban Legends" or "National Treasures," reflecting on the song's exploration of past love and the bittersweet passage of time.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13" Podcast

  • "13" is a Taylor Swift fan podcast hosted by four individuals: Nick Adams, Anna, Amy, and Lacy G.
  • The podcast focuses on breaking down Taylor Swift's songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.

yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna casier host Amy Nichols and Lacy G welcome to 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast my name's Nick Adams I'm Anna Amy and I'm lazyy G.

The quote introduces the podcast and its hosts, emphasizing their dedication to discussing Taylor Swift's work in depth.

Song Analysis: "Suburban Legends"

  • The hosts discuss their initial impressions of the song "Suburban Legends" based on its title.
  • They express surprise and curiosity at the use of the word "Suburban" in a song title.
  • The song did not meet their expectations, leading to a sense of confusion which they found intriguing.

I will say when we got the 1989 track list when we found out what the songs were going to be titled the title Suburban Legends just immediately stood out to me. I don't know why I I guess I just never thought I would see the word Suburban in a song title before. and I just really like the word. Legend.

This quote reflects the host's initial reaction to the song title "Suburban Legends" and their attraction to the unique choice of words.

Misunderstanding of "Suburban"

  • The hosts discuss the term "Suburban," initially confusing it with a minivan.
  • They clarify that a Suburban is actually a large SUV, differentiating it from a Tahoe by its length.
  • A humorous theory is proposed that Taylor Swift's "Getaway Car" might actually be a Suburban.

Suburban is that the UN sexiest vehicle like a a Suburban right I don't know a minivan isn't that just like a fancy minivan or another name for a minivan I think it can be like a bulletproof like super Sleek celebrity they get pretty expensive.

The quote captures the hosts' humorous debate over the connotations of the term "Suburban" and its association with vehicles.

Personal Car Stories

  • The hosts share stories about their first cars and their experiences with them.
  • They discuss the quirks and issues they faced with their first vehicles, from broken doors to accidents.
  • The conversation transitions into what cars they drive now and stereotypes associated with certain car models.

my first car was a Jeep um pilot I believe that's what it was um and it broke down all the time I spent so much money fixing it and then eventually I just got rid of it I'm sorry.

This quote is an example of the hosts sharing personal anecdotes about their first cars, reflecting on the challenges and memories associated with them.

Lacy G's Driving Anecdotes

  • Lacy G recounts a story of writing celebrity gossip while driving early in the morning, accompanied by loud heavy metal music.
  • She also shares a story of getting pulled over on the way to work and being late as a result.
  • The hosts laugh at their own driving habits and stories, highlighting a sense of camaraderie.

one of my favorite stories about Lacy driving was when she would go to work at the morning show early in the morning super super early. and she lived a long way from the studio and so did another person he also lived a long way from the studio this is Greg. so I think you know the story and Lacy would write celebrity gossip for the morning show and she would write it while she was driving no one else was on the road pretty much except for me and Greg Jake I think ands she would also listen to like blaringly loud heavy metal like slip knots and Greg was driving sees Lacy on the road at I don't know 3:45 in the morning gets like beside her is getting in front of her honking waving rolling her window down Lacy did not notice him at all I mean this guy is like cutting her off honking loud flashing his lights she's just working away you're like you're like the the mom character in Monsters University have you se you seen that it's like the mom the mom is like in the car driving like the big you know minivan type thing and all the little kids get out and as soon as they get out she rolls up the it starts blaring like hard metal music that's you.

The quote illustrates a humorous and vivid story about Lacy G's early morning routine, driving to work, and her obliviousness to her surroundings due to her focus on work and music.

Taylor Swift's First Car

  • The hosts speculate about Taylor Swift's first car and reveal it was a pink 2007 Chevy Silverado.
  • The conversation ties back to Taylor Swift, suggesting that her first car and the song "Suburban Legends" may have no direct connection.
  • The hosts use this opportunity to discuss the broader theme of Taylor Swift's music, away from the literal interpretation of the word "Suburban."

what was Taylor Swift's first car. ooh any guesses uh I'm not good at cars. okay uh give me the uh a Christmas tree tractor give me the like type of car do you think it was like a sports car a Ford incorrect Chevy it is a Chevy so are we thinking like Suburban sedan it was not a Suburban was a truck a pickup truck it was a pink 2007. Silverado it was given to her by big machine records it was pink it was given to her on her 18th birthday do you think that may be it obviously wasn't what if she was is talking to Big Machine record she's like I hate that stupid old pickup truck you never let me drive you been red neck heartbreak who's really been a lion I cannot wait to get debut Taylor's version and so she had a Chevy truck Chevy makes Suburbans Taylor is not talking about Suburban the vehicles at all talking about the suburbs can I say about the sub can I say one more thing about Vehicles

This quote reveals Taylor Swift's first car and sparks a discussion that ultimately concludes that "Suburban Legends" is likely not about vehicles but rather something else, possibly the suburbs.

Movie References and Humor

  • Nick Adams finds humor in the character name "Midsize Sedan" from the movie "Old" by M. Night Shyamalan.
  • The name is a play on car models, which Nick anticipated would be a continued topic of discussion.
  • They laugh about the unexpected nature of the name and the association with vehicles.

"In the movie there is a character he's a rapper and his name he's a truck no his name is midsize sedan. and I just thought that was so funny."

This quote captures Nick's amusement at the comedic and unconventional character name, highlighting the unexpected twist on typical rapper names with a vehicle-related term.

Suburban Legends Band

  • Anna discovers that "Suburban Legends" is not only a term but also the name of a band.
  • The band has covered popular songs like "Kiss the Girl" from "The Little Mermaid" and "You Got a Friend in Me" from "Toy Story".
  • Amy and the others find it interesting and express a liking for the band name.

"Whenever I did Google Suburban Legends Taylor Swift wasn't the first to come up it was actually a band."

Anna's quote indicates her surprise in finding out that "Suburban Legends" is a band, which was not her initial expectation when searching online.

Perception of "Suburban Legend"

  • Lacy G shares her interpretation of the phrase "Suburban Legend" as a high school hero who peaked in high school.
  • She associates it with a local football star who didn't progress beyond their hometown success.
  • The group discusses a real-life example of someone they know who fits a more positive version of the "Suburban Legend" archetype.

"When I hear the phrase Suburban Legend I think of not necessarily the best thing I think of like a high school hero the people that peaked in high school."

Lacy G's quote reflects her personal connotation of the term "Suburban Legend," which she views as somewhat negative or pitiable, tied to the idea of someone whose best days were in high school.

Chansy Stucky's Career

  • Amy went to school with Chansy Stucky, who was a successful football player and later became a coach.
  • There is confusion about the meaning of "W" in an article about Chansy, which they clarify stands for "wide receiver" rather than "Warner Robins."
  • They discuss Chansy's coaching career, including his recent firing from Notre Dame.

"Chansy Stucky. and he was a football player he went on to play for the Cleveland Browns."

Amy provides background on Chansy Stucky, emphasizing his success as a football player and his transition into coaching, which is relevant to the theme of real-life "Suburban Legends."

Taylor Swift's "Suburban Legends"

  • The group discusses Taylor Swift's song "Suburban Legends" and its debut on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • They note that the song is not literal but uses imagery and metaphors.
  • The song is related to Taylor's high school experiences, possibly around the time of her five-year reunion.

"Suburban Legends was one of the songs that debuted on the Billboard Hot 100."

This quote highlights the commercial success of Taylor Swift's song "Suburban Legends," which is part of the conversation about its lyrical content and the use of metaphors.

High School Reunions and Social Media

  • The group shares their experiences with high school reunions, noting how social media has changed the need for such events.
  • They reflect on how reunions were once a way to catch up, but now people are more informed about each other's lives.
  • Personal anecdotes are shared about reunion experiences and the impact of social media on maintaining connections.

"I'm still friends with a lot of people from Warner Robbins I love that place. but I kept up with everybody on social media."

Nick Adams expresses his continued connection with his hometown friends through social media, which has lessened the necessity of attending reunions to catch up, illustrating the changing dynamics of social interactions post-graduation.

Beverage Confusion

  • The group starts with a casual conversation about drinks, specifically mentioning flavors and alcohol content.
  • There is a humorous exchange about the presence of alcohol in their drinks.
  • The discussion about drinks leads to a misunderstanding of the time, with a mix-up between 1:00 a.m. and noon.

"I'm the only one that doesn't have one of these drinks." The speaker feels left out because they don't have a drink like the others.

"It's noon noon o'clock there is not alcohol in our drinks despite what Anna says." This quote clarifies the time of the recording and the non-alcoholic nature of their beverages, refuting Anna's previous implication.

"Yeah there's booze in this. No there's not no there's not I'm kidding." This quote shows the playful nature of the conversation, as one speaker jests about the alcohol content in their drinks.

Recording Time and Energy Levels

  • The group acknowledges they have been recording for an extended period without progressing as planned.
  • There is a realization that the time spent recording may be affecting their mood and energy, leading to a 'slap happy' state.

"We have not said one lyric and we have been recording for 18 plus minutes." The speaker points out that they have been recording for a significant amount of time without achieving their goal of discussing lyrics.

"Maybe she's just you know umap reach her limit." This quote suggests that one of the group members might be reaching their limit of patience or energy due to the long recording session.

High School Memories and Lyric Analysis

  • The conversation shifts to high school reunions and anecdotes involving their peers.
  • The group attempts to transition to analyzing song lyrics but gets sidetracked by personal stories and jokes.

"I threw my shoes at him in the gymnasium one time you're such a bully." This quote recalls a humorous high school memory that is shared among the group.

"Hey what year was the gymnasium built. 1950s." A question about the construction year of a gymnasium is asked, indicating a segue into discussing the past.

Trust Issues and Song Interpretation

  • The group begins to break down the song's lyrics, touching on themes of trust and infidelity.
  • They analyze the singer's response to her partner's behavior and the implications of trust within the relationship.

"So some side chicks are hitting up her guy and she knows this she can see it she knows something's up." This quote from the transcript shows the group's interpretation of the song's narrative, where the singer is aware of her partner's infidelity.

"But obviously there's some trust issues going on I would think at the beginning of this song." The speaker indicates that the song's lyrics suggest the presence of trust issues in the relationship being described.

Character Analysis and Song Themes

  • The group discusses the character traits of the person mentioned in the song, such as being magnetic and the life of the party.
  • They explore the concept of "the currency of cool" and its relevance to the song's character.

"You were so magnetic it was almost obnoxious." This quote describes the character in the song as having a strong, potentially overwhelming presence.

"Flush with the currency of cool." The phrase "currency of cool" is analyzed, suggesting that the character has an abundance of social capital or popularity.

Personal Anecdotes and Health Concerns

  • The group interjects personal anecdotes about eye health, dental care for pets, and financial constraints.
  • They humorously connect these personal stories to the themes of the song and their current situation.

"I'm on my last pair of contacts and I don't have insurance." A personal anecdote about eye care is shared, highlighting the speaker's current predicament.

"I let it slide like a horse on a slippery plastic summer slip and slide." This is a misstatement from the lyrics being discussed, leading to a humorous correction and further banter.

Reflection on the Podcast's Direction

  • The group reflects on the unexpected direction the episode has taken, including their tangents and the content of their discussion.
  • They express uncertainty about the impact of this episode on their audience.

"I did not think that this episode would go this way." The speaker acknowledges that the episode has not gone as planned.

"Do you think that this episode is going to make us lose subscribers or gain subscribers." This quote expresses concern about the audience's reception of the episode, given its unstructured and meandering nature.

Astrological Compatibility

  • Nick Adams discusses the perceived astrological compatibility between two celebrities, noting their sun and moon signs.
  • The conversation suggests that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are astrologically compatible, as their signs are aligned.
  • They mention a "sun moon conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius," which is believed to indicate an instant connection.

"Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have star signs that align with each other... she's a Sagittarius sun with a cancer Moon Travis who was born in October Travis is a Libra sun with a Sagittarius moon... Taylor and Travis have a sun moon conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius meaning they instantly click with one another."

This quote explains the astrological signs of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, suggesting that their sun and moon signs are in a conjunction, which in astrology is considered a favorable aspect for compatibility.

Imagined Future and Nostalgia

  • The group discusses a fantasy about a couple being together in the future, attending a class reunion.
  • They interpret a line from a song as a daydream or a fantasy of a long-lasting relationship.
  • The conversation touches on the theme of nostalgia, with references to old diaries and past memories.

"I ended up back at our class reunion walking in with you... she does love to write about writing she loves to write about her Diaries her journals she says you'd be more than a chapter in my old diaries with the pages ripped out."

This quote reflects on the nostalgic element of the song's lyrics, where the protagonist imagines a future where they are still with their partner, and this relationship is significant enough to be a chapter in her diaries.

Celebrity and High School Imagery

  • Lacy G interprets a song as potentially using high school imagery to represent celebrity events, such as the Grammys.
  • The conversation suggests that Taylor Swift's lyrics might be using the imagery of a 1950s gymnasium to allude to the Grammys, which started in 1959.
  • They also discuss the notion of celebrities being "flush with the currency of cool."

"So like um instead of classmates it's the celebrities that you're walking in on and... the gram started at 1959. so maybe that's the gymnasium that she's talking about if we're talking about imagery."

This quote indicates that the discussion is analyzing the lyrics of a song, interpreting the use of high school imagery as a metaphor for celebrity events such as the Grammys.

Legacy and Impact

  • The lyrics discussed suggest a desire to be remembered as "Suburban Legends" or "National Treasures."
  • The group reflects on the impact of relationships and the legacy they leave behind.
  • There is a humorous interjection regarding the line "National Treasures," which reminds one of the speakers of Nicholas Cage.

"Taylor sings I didn't come here to make friends we were born to be Suburban Legends when you hold me it holds me together and when you kiss me in a way that's going to screw me up forever I know that you still remember we were born to be National Treasures."

This quote captures the ambition and the desired legacy as expressed in the song's lyrics, where the protagonists want to be remembered as legends or treasures.

Pop Culture References and Outro Lyrics

  • The speakers discuss the use of the phrase "tick tock on the clock" in a song and its association with Kesha's hit song.
  • They note that even though the phrase is strongly associated with Kesha, it is used in a different context in the song they are discussing.
  • The outro of the song is praised for its dramatic nature, expressing the end of a relationship and the feeling of ruin.

"Tick tock on the clock I Pace down your block I broke my own heart cuz you were too polite to do it waves crash on the shore I Dash to the door you don't knock anymore."

This quote from the outro of the song conveys a sense of finality and heartbreak, as the speaker reflects on a relationship that has ended and the emotional impact it has had.

Urban Legend and Folklore

  • The conversation shifts to a Reddit user's comment about the song playing on the term "urban legend."
  • The term "urban legend" is defined and related to the song's theme of a story being circulated as if it's true.
  • The song is seen as retelling a narrative that may not be factual but is presented as such.

"The song is a play on urban legend it's defined as a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as if it's true and so um she's retelling this as if it were true."

This quote discusses the concept of an urban legend and how the song might be using this idea to tell a story that, while not necessarily true, is told with the conviction of truth.

Personal Anecdotes and Podcast Conclusion

  • The speakers share personal stories related to the themes of the song, such as driving by a crush's house.
  • They express appreciation for listeners who have stayed until the end of the podcast and encourage them to leave comments.
  • The conversation concludes with a light-hearted anecdote about car maintenance and visibility.

"So in my first car Amy's really excited about this um in my first car I was telling a friend that I couldn't really see very well it had nothing to do with my contacts and it was just because I needed to wash my windshield."

This quote is a personal anecdote shared by one of the speakers, illustrating a lighthearted moment that ties back to the theme of clarity and perception, both literal and metaphorical.

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