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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Z, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G delve into the song "Style," sharing their personal connections and dissecting its lyrics and themes. Nick reveals his deep emotional response to the song, citing it as his ultimate Swift favorite due to its nostalgic and comforting qualities. The discussion touches on Taylor Swift's songwriting process, the cleverness of Swifties, and the hidden messages within "Style." They speculate on the song's references to Harry Styles, drawing parallels between the lyrics and the stars' public relationship dynamics. The hosts also explore Taylor's evolution in acknowledging her own role in complex relationships, as seen in the mature perspective of "Style" compared to her earlier work. The episode concludes with anticipation for dissecting "Out of the Woods" in their next session.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast"

  • "13" is considered a lucky number and a sign of good things for the podcast team.
  • The podcast is dedicated to Taylor Swift, exploring her songs, Easter eggs, eras, and fan theories.
  • Hosted by Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.

yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna Z Amy Nichols and Lacy G

The quote introduces the podcast, its theme around the number 13, and the focus on Taylor Swift's work, signaling a deep dive into her music and associated elements.

Personal Connection to Taylor Swift’s Music

  • Nick Adams discusses his emotional, chemical, and physical reaction to Taylor Swift's song "Style."
  • "Style" is described as Nick's comfort song, evoking nostalgia and deep feelings similar to a comfort movie.
  • Nick's journey with Taylor Swift's music began with the "Red" album, but "1989" and specifically "Style" cemented his fandom.

I don't know what it is I hope that every Swifty has a song that they just love and that is style for me something about this song when I hear it something emotionally chemically physically happens to me when I hear this song

Nick expresses a profound emotional connection to the song "Style," highlighting its significance to him among Taylor Swift's discography.

"Style" Track Details and Songwriting

  • "Style" is the third track on "1989 Taylor's Version."
  • Written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, and Ali Payami, a new writer to the team.
  • Nick acknowledges not delving deep into the songwriters behind Taylor Swift's music before.

so this is the third track on 1989 Taylor's version it was written by Taylor Swift Max Martin shelc and a new writer Ali payami who I've never really heard of

Nick provides details about the song "Style," its placement on the album, and the songwriters involved, including a new collaborator, Ali Payami.

Fan Culture and Concert Experiences

  • Swifty fan culture is highlighted for its cleverness and humor, including chants at concerts.
  • A favorite chant during "Style" involves timing a shout of "What time is it?" to coincide with the song's opening line "Midnight."
  • Nick shares a personal concert experience of feeling a unique connection to Taylor Swift during a performance of "Style."

something that I do really like about swifties is we're very clever. we're very funny. we come up with fun things to chant during concerts and stuff and style has one of my favorite chants it almost goes with the one two three let's go it happens right before the song and you have to time

Nick appreciates the creativity and engagement of Taylor Swift's fan base, especially during live performances, and shares a memorable chant associated with "Style."

Anticipation and Disappointment at Concerts

  • The hosts discuss the excitement and anticipation of receiving a "Taylor Swift hat" at a concert.
  • Lacy G expresses her disappointment at not receiving the hat but acknowledges it was unlikely due to their seating position.
  • There is playful banter about the possibility of Anna receiving the hat at a future concert in Dublin.

and before then I was like are we gonna get the the Taylor Swift hat is it gonna happen are we collectively going to get the Taylor Swift hat. the 22 hat. yes. and then whenever we were walk to our seats and we're smack dab in the middle excuse me excuse me excuse me ex having to go past

Lacy G and the others discuss the hope and subsequent letdown of not receiving a special hat during a Taylor Swift concert, a coveted item among fans.

"Style" Hidden Message and Taylor Swift's Perspective

  • The hidden message in "Style" is revealed as "Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay."
  • Taylor Swift's own feelings about "Style" are shared, with her calling it a secret favorite and expressing a desire for it to become a single.
  • The songwriting process is discussed, including the title's origin and the alignment of sound with feeling.

her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay and back whenever um Taylor Swift was doing the original promo for this album um she did a Morning Show takeover on the Ryan SE Crush show and this was on it was posted on Halloween 2014. but no one was wearing um costumes in the video

The quote reveals the hidden message in "Style" and provides context for Taylor Swift's promotional activities for the album, including her appearance on a morning show.

Taylor Swift's Songwriting and Humor

  • Taylor Swift's humor and approach to songwriting are highlighted, with a focus on her ability to not give predictable answers in interviews.
  • The hosts discuss the cleverness of Taylor Swift's song titles and lyrics, drawing parallels between "Style" and her other songs.
  • The playful nature of the podcast hosts is evident in their interactions and shared laughter over misunderstandings.

I love her the humor I love that she's not falling for it. she's not giving seest what he wants out of this I love that so much because the hook is we are never going out of style and it's so funny because we are never getting back together I love her so much

The quote highlights Taylor Swift's wit and the clever wordplay in her songs, as well as the hosts' admiration for her songwriting skills and sense of humor.

Relationship Secrecy

  • Nick Adams and Anna discuss the secretive nature of a celebrity relationship, possibly referring to Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.
  • The relationship's public scrutiny and need for privacy are highlighted.
  • The idea of secret meetings and avoiding the paparazzi is emphasized.
  • The use of "no headlights" symbolizes the secrecy and desire to stay out of the public eye.
  • The long drives mentioned could be a metaphor for the unpredictable journey of their relationship.

"So you come and pick me up no headlights it is like those secret moments right like not necessarily like they're dating in secret and nobody knows. but it's like they kind of have to move around in secret to avoid the paparazzi and the public eye."

This quote illustrates the need for discretion in the relationship due to the intense media scrutiny they face, highlighting how they have to conduct their relationship in secret to maintain privacy.

Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics

  • Amy and Lacy G discuss the unhealthy aspects of the relationship in question.
  • The lyrics suggest confusion and uncertainty about the relationship's direction.
  • The use of humor with the "One Direction" pun lightens the conversation.
  • The discussion of the lyric "Fade Into view" and its misinterpretation as "fake interview" reflects the complexity of their interactions and public personas.
  • The cycle of trying to fix the relationship, despite knowing the likely outcome, is acknowledged.

"So that was also a very commonly misheard lyric because a lot of Swifty thought she said fake interview not fade inter not fade interview fake interview."

This quote points out the common misinterpretation of a lyric and how it could relate to the narrative of the relationship being discussed, with interviews potentially being part of their public interaction.

Hollywood and James Dean References

  • The group analyzes the references to classic Hollywood and James Dean in the lyrics.
  • The "James Dean Daydream look" is connected to Harry Styles and his appearance during the era in question.
  • James Dean's legacy as an actor and his tragic early death are discussed.
  • The connection between the lyrics and James Dean's persona as a heartthrob and "bad boy" is explored.
  • The group discusses their knowledge of James Dean's films and his cultural impact.

"James Dean was known for driving fast cars and things like that. so them driving just in a car right now that is another connection to James Dean who the person she's singing about has that James Dean Daydream look in his eyes."

This quote explains the significance of the James Dean reference in the lyrics, linking it to the theme of driving as a metaphor for the relationship and Harry Styles' resemblance to the iconic actor.

Attraction and Style

  • The conversation touches on the attraction and style aspects of the relationship.
  • Taylor Swift's signature red lipstick is mentioned as a symbol of classic beauty.
  • The lyrics "we never go out of style" suggest a timeless connection between the two individuals.
  • The group discusses the practical aspects of Swift's makeup, including the specific lipstick brand and shade she wears.

"And when we go crashing down we come back every time CU we never go out of style we never go out of style so again she's just singing that they're attracted to each other they both have that something that they can't get away from the other person."

This quote captures the essence of the relationship's enduring attraction, despite its ups and downs, and the idea that their connection remains stylish or relevant over time.

Relationships That Never End

  • Taylor Swift's song is about the type of relationships that are never truly finished.
  • There is often someone in people's lives who reappears, affecting the ongoing narrative.
  • The song suggests a cyclical pattern of breaking up and rekindling the relationship.

"This song is about those relationships that are never really done. You always kind of have that person that person that you feel like might interrupt your wedding and be like don't do it cuz we're not over yet is it over now."

The quote describes the core theme of the song, which is about unresolved relationships that persist over time, akin to an ongoing cycle that's hard to break.

  • Taylor Swift compares recurring fashion and cultural trends to the recurring nature of certain feelings and relationships.
  • She notes how some people, like trends, come back into our lives repeatedly.

"This song is about observing fashion trends and cultural trends and seeing how certain things are always constant."

The quote explains how the song draws parallels between the cyclical nature of trends and the recurring patterns in relationships and emotions.

Playful and Sexy Imagery

  • Taylor Swift uses fashion references to create a playful and sexy image in her lyrics.
  • The juxtaposition of "good girl faith" with a "tight little skirt" suggests a mix of innocence and flirtation.

"You got that long hair slickback white T-shirt and I got that good girl faith in a tight little skirt."

This quote exemplifies the playful and sexy imagery used in the song, highlighting the duality of Taylor Swift's public persona.

The Inescapable Cycle of Attraction

  • The song describes a relationship where the couple keeps coming back to each other despite their issues.
  • It portrays a dynamic of danger and adventure, with a focus on the irresistible attraction between the two individuals.

"And when we go crashing down, we come back every time because we never go out of style."

The quote captures the essence of a tumultuous relationship that, despite its ups and downs, remains timeless and enduring.

References to Real-Life Connections

  • The song may contain references to real-life individuals, such as Harry Styles, given the contextual clues in the lyrics.
  • The connections are speculative but suggest a deeper layer of personal experience influencing the songwriting.

"Also, if this is about Harry Styles One Direction's 2012 album is rightfully titled Take Me Home."

This quote points out a potential real-life reference within the lyrics that fans and listeners might speculate about, adding depth to the song's narrative.

Confronting Infidelity and Acceptance

  • The song touches on the theme of infidelity and the complexity of relationships.
  • Both parties in the song have been with other people, indicating an attempt to move on or forget each other.
  • Taylor Swift's lyrics show a mature perspective on accepting one's own faults in a relationship.

"But I can't stop thinking about you. And I said I've been there too a few times."

The quote reflects the mutual acknowledgment of infidelity and the complex emotions involved, suggesting a shared understanding between the two parties.

Growth and Maturity in Songwriting

  • Taylor Swift discusses the evolution of her songwriting, moving from a black-and-white perspective to acknowledging the blurred lines in relationships.
  • The song "Style" marks a departure from her previous work, showing a more mature approach to discussing relationship dynamics.

"So what she's what they're both referencing there was um that you've been out and about with some other girl. and he admits what you heard is true. but I can't stop thinking about you. and she says. oh yeah. I've been there a few times."

The quote signifies a change in Taylor Swift's songwriting, where she expresses a more nuanced understanding of relationships and admits to her own imperfections.

Self-Reflection and Accountability

  • Taylor Swift expresses a willingness to call herself out for her mistakes in relationships.
  • The song reveals an early indication of her taking responsibility for her actions.

"Yeah. and then in the later albums we you know hear it more and more. and um we do love when when she can do that be like. yeah. I. I was wrong. sorry."

This quote highlights Taylor Swift's capacity for self-reflection and accountability, traits that she continues to explore in her later work.

Taylor Swift's Song "Style"

  • "Style" is a song by Taylor Swift that captures a recurring cycle of breaking up and getting back together.
  • The song's lyrics suggest that despite issues in the relationship, there is a desire to return to each other, symbolizing an enduring connection.
  • Swift's performance of "Style" includes a dance move that both she and Harry Styles have been known to do, leading to fan speculation about whether it was intentional or coincidental.
  • The song is considered a classic by fans and is highly appreciated for its enduring appeal.

"You've got that long hair slick back white T-shirt. And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt and when we go crashing down, we come back every time cuz we never go out of style we never go out of style."

The quote describes the iconic and timeless fashion choices of the characters in the song, which metaphorically represent their personalities and the nature of their relationship.

Rumors and Speculations About Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

  • There were rumors that Harry Styles was seen with other women during the time he and Taylor Swift were linked, such as Emma Ostilly, Kendall Jenner, and Kimberly Stewart.
  • The media often speculates about celebrity relationships based on public appearances, but the actual nature of their relationships can be unclear.
  • Fans and the media tend to link celebrities romantically when they are seen together, regardless of the reality of their relationship.

"Rumor has it that um at one point Harry was spotted out kissing a model named Emma Ostilly and and um Paparazzi got pictures of them and Taylor got caught wind of it."

This quote discusses the rumors that surrounded Harry Styles and his alleged romantic connections with other women, which were part of the media narrative during his relationship with Taylor Swift.

The Evolution of "Style" in Taylor Swift's Music

  • "Style" is considered a classic Taylor Swift song that fans never tire of.
  • The song "Is It Over Now" is mentioned as a more mature version of "Style," providing more detail but sharing the same sentiment of an on-and-off relationship.
  • Fans have expressed a desire to hear a version of "Style" featuring Harry Styles, especially after the release of songs from "The Vault" that are assumed to be about him.

"I never get bored hearing this song; it never goes out of style."

This quote reflects the enduring popularity of "Style" among Taylor Swift's fans, highlighting its status as a beloved track in her discography.

Mutual Respect Between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

  • Both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have written songs inspired by their relationship.
  • Harry Styles has shown respect for Swift's songwriting about their past, acknowledging that they both write about personal experiences.
  • The relationship between Swift and Styles was marked by an unhealthy cycle when they were young and in the public eye, but they now appear to be on cordial terms.

"It's one thing to feel away whenever you're young because you don't you're just not all the way mature yet. And you don't have all the life experiences."

This quote discusses the maturity and growth that both artists have undergone since their relationship, noting that their youthful experiences have shaped their current respectful dynamic.

References and Symbolism in Music Videos

  • Taylor Swift's and Harry Styles' music videos contain references that fans believe are nods to each other, such as the paper airplane necklace.
  • The music video for "Style" is noted for its aesthetic beauty rather than a dramatic narrative.
  • Fans analyze the lyrics and visuals for connections between Swift and Styles, adding to the cultural context of their music.

"One of my favorite One Direction lyrics that connects Harry to Taylor is from 'Perfect' so at the beginning of 'Style' what are they doing at midnight they driving and then in 'Perfect' Harry sing and if you like midnight driving with the windows down."

This quote points out potential lyrical connections between Taylor Swift's and Harry Styles' music, suggesting that they may reference each other in their songs.

Audience Engagement and Podcast Promotion

  • The podcast hosts encourage listener engagement by inviting emails and comments about the song "Style" and Taylor Swift's music in general.
  • They promote their YouTube channel and social media, asking for subscriptions and positive reviews.
  • The hosts read a listener review that praises the podcast for providing deeper insights into Taylor Swift's discography.

"If you like it send us an email tell me how much you like this song or do it in the YouTube comments we would love that."

The quote is a call to action for listeners to engage with the podcast hosts by sharing their thoughts on Taylor Swift's song "Style" and contributing to the discussion through comments and emails.

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