Steps to Gym Owner Freedom Ep 23

Summary Notes


In the Gymsugas podcast, host Alex outlines a strategic plan for gym owners to transition from hands-on management to a more liberated business model. He emphasizes the importance of hiring trainers for afternoon and morning sessions to free up time for sales, which is the most profitable use of an owner's time. Alex suggests the subsequent hiring of administrative assistants to handle day-to-day operations, followed by a sales manager to ultimately remove the owner from direct sales, allowing them to focus on business growth and client satisfaction. Additionally, Alex promotes his book "100 million dollar Offers" as a valuable resource and hints at potential future partnerships with successful listeners.

Summary Notes

Introduction to the Gymsugas Podcast

  • Alex welcomes listeners to the Gymsugas podcast, a resource for gym owners.
  • Alex mentions the website I don't for gym owners interested in making extra money.
  • The podcast is broadcasted from Puerto Rico.

What's up, everyone? Welcome to the Gymsugas podcast. My name is Alex and I am your host on this beautiful day in Puerto Rico. If you are a gym owner and you would like to make a couple extra dollars, then go to I don't and we'd love to chat with you.

The quote is Alex's introduction to the podcast, setting the tone and providing context for the target audience (gym owners) and the podcast's purpose (helping them make extra money).

Steps to Freedom for Gym Owners

  • Alex outlines the process of transitioning from an owner-operated gym to one with minimal owner involvement in operations.
  • The initial phase involves the owner handling all tasks, including training, administration, and billing.

Now, that being said, today we're going to talk about steps to freedom. That's what we call it. And it's basically, how do we get someone from owner operated with no employees to completely owner with zero operations or as little operations as I think is necessary for one location?

This quote introduces the episode's main topic, which is about guiding gym owners towards operational freedom by reducing their day-to-day involvement in the business.

First Hire for Gym Owners

  • The first hire should be a trainer for afternoon sessions.
  • This allows the owner to focus on sales appointments during that time.
  • Emphasizes the importance of selling mid to high ticket programs to maximize revenue.

First hire you have is someone to train and cover your afternoon sessions. Why? Because that is when sales appointments come in. And so the highest and best use of your time is to sell.

The quote explains the rationale behind hiring a trainer for afternoon sessions, highlighting that it frees up the owner's time to focus on sales, which is deemed the most valuable use of their time.

Financial Justification for Hiring

  • Alex breaks down the financials of hiring a trainer for afternoon sessions.
  • Hiring a trainer for 15 sessions a week at $20 each totals $300.
  • If the owner sells two $500 programs a week, they make $1000, resulting in a $700 profit after paying the trainer.

Because if you have three sessions a day, five days a week, in the afternoons, you can cover those for about $300. Right. So, I mean, it's 15 sessions. Whatever you pay, I'm saying $20 all in per session, that gets you to 300. Okay, so that means that you made 700 profit on that other guy's time.

This quote provides a detailed cost-benefit analysis of hiring a trainer for afternoon sessions, demonstrating the financial advantage of reallocating time towards sales.

Next Steps Towards Operational Freedom

  • Once a trainer is hired for afternoons, the owner should use the regained time to attract more clients.
  • The goal is for the owner to only train in the mornings and spend the rest of the day on business development.

But the question is, if the only thing you had to do was train in the morning and the rest of your day was dedicated toward getting more people in your door and signed.

The quote emphasizes the strategy of shifting the owner's focus from hands-on training to activities that grow the business, such as marketing and sales, thereby moving closer to operational freedom.

Valuing Time and Delegating Tasks

  • Alex emphasizes the importance of valuing one's time, especially for gym owners who could be engaging in more productive activities than tasks that could be delegated.
  • By conversing with people and potentially bringing one new person a day to the gym, Alex illustrates the potential of personal interaction in business growth.
  • The concept of opportunity cost is highlighted, suggesting that time could be better spent on tasks other than those worth $15-$20 an hour, which could be paid to someone else.

"Your time is better spent doing other things."

This quote stresses the importance of prioritizing tasks that are most beneficial for the business and delegating lesser tasks to others.

Steps to Freedom: Hiring for Morning Sessions

  • Alex outlines a step-by-step approach to achieving operational freedom for gym owners.
  • The second step involves hiring someone to take over morning sessions, which not only increases weekly revenue but also contributes to the owner's well-being.
  • The goal of this step is to alleviate the burden of early morning work, ensuring the owner's happiness and preventing burnout.

"Second step of step to freedom is hiring someone for morning sessions."

Alex is suggesting that by hiring someone to cover morning sessions, gym owners can begin to step back from the day-to-day training and focus on other aspects of their business.

Steps to Freedom: Hiring an Administrative Assistant

  • The third step to freedom involves hiring an administrative assistant to manage administrative tasks.
  • This hire would alleviate the business owner from tasks such as campaign management, phone calls, billing, and social media interactions.
  • The role of the assistant is to free up the gym owner's time so they can focus on generating leads and other high-value activities.

"This person is going to help you take some of the administrative burden from the business off of you."

This quote highlights the administrative assistant's role in reducing the workload on the business owner, allowing them to concentrate on growth and lead generation.

Strategic Hiring: The Flex Hire

  • The fourth hire, referred to as a "flex hire," is a versatile position that can adapt to various needs within the business.
  • Alex implies that this hire should be made based on the unique requirements of the business at the time of hiring.
  • The flex hire is a strategic decision to address specific operational needs that contribute to the owner's freedom and the business's efficiency.

"The fourth hire is kind of a flex hire, right."

Alex introduces the concept of a flex hire, suggesting that this position is flexible and should be tailored to the current needs of the gym, further supporting the owner's journey to operational freedom.

Hiring Strategy for Business Scaling

  • Discusses the importance of hiring a sales manager and administrative assistants to free up the business owner's time.
  • Emphasizes that the sales manager may still need to handle some administrative tasks.
  • Highlights the concept of unlocking a business location with the right team structure.
  • Compares the staffing needs of a typical gym to the approach of hiring for specific roles to increase efficiency.
  • Outlines a three-phase hiring strategy: first hiring trainers, then administrative staff, and finally a sales manager.

a salesperson so they can start taking sales off your plate, but they should still probably have a certain amount of administrativeness to them.

This quote explains that the sales manager should be capable of handling some administrative tasks in addition to sales responsibilities.

So in a perfect world, I'd have two administrative assistant assistant managers and then one sales manager.

Alex envisions an ideal team structure that includes both administrative support and sales management to optimize operations.

But with two administrative assistants and a sales manager, that location is now unlocked.

The quote suggests that having two administrative assistants and a sales manager is the key to unlocking the potential of a business location.

The second thing you do is you stop doing another $20 an hour job or $15 an hour, $13 an hour or whatever administrative job.

Alex advises delegating lower-wage administrative tasks to appropriate staff to focus on higher-value activities.

I sold for my facilities for a long time.

This quote reflects Alex's personal experience with handling sales for his facilities before being able to delegate the task.

Business Growth and Personal Development

  • Alex shares information about his book, which is a resource for listeners aiming to grow their businesses.
  • He mentions the significant effort put into writing the book and its success on Amazon.
  • The book is positioned as a gift to the community with the long-term goal of building relationships and potential partnerships.

To the podcast, I have a book.

Alex introduces his book to podcast listeners as a valuable resource.

On Amazon, it's called 100 million dollar offers that over 8005 star reviews. It has almost a perfect score. You can get it for $0.99 on Kindle.

The quote provides details about the book's availability, its high rating, and the promotional price on Kindle.

The reason I bring it up is that I put over 1000 hours into writing that book and it's my biggest give to our community.

Alex explains the effort invested in the book and positions it as a significant contribution to the community.

So it's my very shameless way of trying to get you to like me more and ultimately make more dollars so that later on in your business career I can potentially partner with you.

The quote reveals Alex's strategic intent behind the book: to gain favor with the audience and foster future business partnerships.

Entrepreneurial Selling and Time Management

  • Selling is considered the highest and best use of an entrepreneur's time.
  • A common entrepreneurial goal is to trade money for time by hiring a salesperson.
  • The ideal scenario is to find a salesperson as good as or better than the entrepreneur.
  • Keeping a talented salesperson busy is crucial for business growth.

"I like selling and hopefully you do too, especially if you're entrepreneurial. They tend to like selling. It's the highest and best use of your time."

This quote emphasizes the value of selling in entrepreneurship and suggests that entrepreneurs generally enjoy and prioritize this activity.

"Now at a certain point you'll just say, I would rather trade some money to have time back. And the money that you're trading is the sales that salesman would make, that you would not make."

Here, the speaker is highlighting the trade-off between time and money, suggesting that hiring a salesperson allows the entrepreneur to reclaim time at the expense of some of the profits.

Steps to Entrepreneurial Freedom

  • The first step to freedom is the ability to make enough to cover hiring help for afternoons.
  • The next step is to earn additional income to cover hiring help for mornings.
  • Once both halves of the day are covered, the entrepreneur can focus on running the business.
  • Hiring administrative assistants to handle disliked tasks is a further step.
  • The entrepreneur should focus on meeting new clients, selling, and providing exceptional service.
  • Eventually, hiring someone to manage client service allows the entrepreneur to oversee the business.

"You need to be able to have the ability to make $300 a week to cover someone else for the afternoon."

This quote outlines the initial financial goal an entrepreneur should aim for in order to start delegating tasks and gaining more freedom.

"Then you hire someone to do administrative assistant number one. Administrative assistant number two. That gets all of the stuff that you hate doing off of your plate."

The speaker advises on the importance of hiring administrative help to eliminate tasks that the entrepreneur dislikes, further freeing up their time.

"So the only thing you do is you meet with new clients, sell them and then give exceptional service to your customers and get them happy."

This quote details the ideal focus areas for an entrepreneur once they have delegated other tasks: new client acquisition and customer service.

"And then once you're done that then you can hire someone else to handle that for you and then you can come in and check on the numbers every day and just make sure that sales are being done, leads are being called, people are getting serviced, declines are getting picked up and everyone is happy."

The final stage described involves hiring a manager to oversee daily operations, allowing the entrepreneur to monitor the business at a higher level.

Gym Owners and Business Growth

  • The speaker addresses gym owners directly, implying a special relevance for this group.
  • Gym owners are encouraged to seek help if they wish to grow their business.
  • A free case study is available for gym owners at a specific website.
  • The speaker offers further assistance through a quiz and an application process on the website.

"Gym owners rule and if you're a gym owner and you would like a hand or you just want to get to the next level and see how we get gyms to six figures a month, we would love to show you how."

This quote is a call-to-action specifically for gym owners, offering them resources to help grow their businesses.

"Download our free case quiz and if you're feeling totally crazy you can apply on the next page."

The speaker provides a direct resource (a case study) and an invitation to engage further with their services through a quiz and application process.

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