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Hosts Cameron and Lisa of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast delve into the announcement and anticipation surrounding "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)." They share their excitement about the creative reveal during Taylor Swift's Nashville concert and discuss the significance of Nashville to Swift's career. With the success of previous "Taylor's Versions," they express high hopes for the sophistication and maturity captured in the new album's aesthetic, particularly praising the cover art. They speculate on potential Vault tracks, referencing known song titles and their eagerness to see how these unreleased songs will complement the original "Speak Now" album. Additionally, they touch on rumors of a music video set in Liverpool, potentially featuring Taylor Lautner and Joey King, and hint at the thematic connection to reclaiming ownership of Swift's music. Lastly, they consider the implications of the 2024 calendar featuring "Speak Now World Tour" images, reinforcing the likelihood that "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" is indeed next in line.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "Speak Now Taylor's Version"

  • "Swiftly Spoken" is a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast hosted by Cameron and Lisa.
  • The episode focuses on the announcement and details of "Speak Now Taylor's Version."
  • Cameron and Lisa discuss their reactions, theories, and all known information about the album.

hello and welcome to swiftly spoken a fan made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics Deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorize about what may be coming next as always we are your host Cameron and Lisa and in this episode we're going to be reacting recapping And discussing speak now Taylor's version after having tea speak now Taylor's version ever since the release of midnights with the Bejeweled music video during the Friday May the 5th concert in Nashville Taylor officially announced speak now Taylor's version.

The quote introduces the podcast and the specific episode's focus on Taylor Swift's "Speak Now Taylor's Version."

Announcement of "Speak Now Taylor's Version"

  • Taylor Swift announced "Speak Now Taylor's Version" creatively during a concert in Nashville.
  • The announcement was a surprise to many, including Lisa, who missed it live.
  • The announcement's setting in Nashville is significant due to Taylor's musical roots there.
  • Fans played a key role in the success of Taylor's versions.

so like you said this last weekend Taylor finally announced speak now Taylor's version. and she did it in such a creative and fun way how did you feel about the reaction did you watch it live did you watch it afterwards what are your thoughts.

This quote reflects on the moment Taylor Swift announced "Speak Now Taylor's Version" and the hosts' reactions.

Album Cover Discussion

  • The cover of "Speak Now Taylor's Version" is described as perfect, sophisticated, elegant, and mature.
  • The hosts feel the cover captures the essence of the original album while reflecting Taylor's growth.
  • The new cover is anticipated to align with the design of other Taylor's versions.

the cover which is gorgeous I couldn't imagine when I saw it I was like that is just so perfect and just it captures the essence of the original album but in such a sophisticated elegant mature way.

The quote expresses admiration for the cover art of "Speak Now Taylor's Version" and its representation of the album's essence.

Packaging and Merchandise Expectations

  • There is curiosity about the design of the album's physical components, like the CD, back cover, and booklet.
  • The hosts discuss the packaging variations of previous Taylor's versions and speculate on what "Speak Now Taylor's Version" will include.
  • They express excitement for the general merchandise associated with the album.

so I'm going to be intrigued to see if that will be carry over and speak now or whether it be all tour or all photo shoot.

This quote shows the hosts' interest in how the album's physical presentation will be executed, considering past releases.

Album Details and Vault Tracks

  • "Speak Now Taylor's Version" will contain a total of 22 songs, making it the shortest Taylor's version.
  • Six of the 22 songs are confirmed to be Vault tracks.
  • The inclusion of Deluxe songs and the exclusion of "If This Was a Movie" from the album are discussed.

we know that it includes a total of 22 songs which makes it the shortest Taylor's version. and we know that out of those 22 songs six will be Vault tracks.

The quote provides specific details about the number of songs on "Speak Now Taylor's Version" and the inclusion of Vault tracks.

Release Date and Anticipation

  • The release date for "Speak Now Taylor's Version" is set for July 7th.
  • The hosts express their eagerness to see more of the photo shoot and album design leading up to the release.
  • The vinyl version's aesthetics and the rapid response from fans to purchase it are highlighted.

even yeah I never ordered a vinyl so quick in my life I was like I have to have this what we know as of now about the CD itself and about what it will contain is not much we know that it is out on July the 7th which is not long to go less than two months at this point.

This quote conveys the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming release of "Speak Now Taylor's Version," as well as the quick fan response to the vinyl announcement.

Acceptance of Change

  • Cameron expresses initial resistance to change but eventually comes to terms with it.
  • The feeling of sadness is acknowledged due to the shift from the original platform.
  • There's a sense of resignation but also appreciation for what remains, such as "ours and Superman."

"Initially I was very like stubborn about it I was like. no. no. no. I'm not accepting I'm not accepting it. but now I'm like I can accept it. but I'm still a bit sad because it would have been nice for it to stay on its original home and not going to be upended and shoved on to Fearless of like you know the back of feel it's like. yeah it's on there it's always been on there um. but oh well it is it is a shame. but yeah at least we've got ours and Superman."

Cameron initially did not want to accept the changes but has come to a point of reluctant acceptance, though still feeling a sense of loss for what could have been.

Taylor's Version Albums

  • The discussion revolves around Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, specifically "Fearless" and "Red."
  • "Fearless" Taylor's Version is noted for its emphasis on nostalgia and the connection with fans.
  • "Red" Taylor's Version is appreciated for providing the full story of the original album, including extended versions of songs.
  • The upcoming "Speak Now" Taylor's Version is highlighted for its self-written aspect.

"Each of these Taylor's version releases have really played on major factors of each album Fearless played around with Nostalgia and love story being the the single of The Fearless Taylor's version album as well as the original. but you know it the connection between her and the fans and how this was a project that was very much for herself but also very much for us as long as we wanted it and we came out. and we was like. yeah we want we want this as much as you do red obviously was based around the idea of finally getting the full story of red including obviously the Crown Jewel that is or too old 10 minute version and now we'd speak now she's definitely playing on the idea of you know this is this the self written album like it's the meme that we've always had. but she wants that to be completely true from start to finish it would seem so."

The speakers discuss how each of Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums has focused on key elements that define them, with "Fearless" playing on nostalgia, "Red" revealing the complete narrative, and "Speak Now" emphasizing the self-written nature of the album.

Vault Tracks

  • The conversation shifts to the unreleased tracks from the "Speak Now" era, known as the Vault tracks.
  • Only two of the known Vault tracks have been heard, with "Drama Queen" being controversial due to its potential original intention for another album and a recent leak.
  • "Let's Go" is discussed as a potential inclusion, with interest in how it would sound with modern production compared to the demo version.
  • There is a desire to see new songs among the six Vault tracks rather than just known demos.

"Now we know from the era of around 11 songs. but we don't really know much about them we've heard only two of them and one very very recently the other the others basically we know the names but nothing more than that. so just to mention the two that we do know of and have heard are drama queen which actually that's a bit controversial because as we discussed in our last episode drama queen has recently leaked and one of you guys one of our listeners kindly commented and we it led us to a deep dive on drama queen and it eventually led us to discover that this song may not really have been intended in the first place for speak now at all it more may have been intended for The Fearless Platinum Edition but it was left off of there it was left off of The Fearless vault with it leaking recently and having a co-writer. I don't see it making its way on to speak now Taylor's version."

Cameron and Lisa explore the known Vault tracks from the "Speak Now" era, discussing the controversy and background of "Drama Queen" and expressing curiosity about how "Let's Go" would sound with updated production.

Speculation on Unreleased Songs

  • The speakers list several rumored song titles from the "Speak Now" era, speculating on their potential themes and tones.
  • They express difficulty in predicting the nature of songs based solely on their titles.
  • There is excitement about the possibility of hearing these rumored songs and the potential for them to take on new life in the Taylor's Version album.
  • The conversation includes an acknowledgment of the prevalence of misinformation and the uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of song titles and details.

"Out of all of these names essentially that's all it is a list of names how are you feeling are there any that really scream out to you I think I think maybe things that bother me is kind of given me better than revenge Vibes castles crumbling quite like the idea of that foolish one makes me feel I know it makes you feel like lucky one kind of Vibes of like. oh maybe I'm the you know. maybe I didn't mean this or it could be again it could be better than revenge kind of feel so I'm not too sure I think I've always really struggled to get much of a feel from tracklist I think especially with the like midnights one some of those tracklists when we were being kind of teased them I was like some of these names I was like what on Earth like vigilante I was just like this is really weird. so I always find that it's really hard to kind of Judge what the song's going to be. and I'm really rubbish with that. but there's some really interesting ones in there and potentially we could even get them and it'd be a bit of a Bye Bye Baby situation where it might actually be one of these songs. but maybe it's not actually called that."

Cameron and Lisa discuss their thoughts and feelings about the rumored song titles for the "Speak Now" Taylor's Version, acknowledging the challenge of inferring song content from titles alone and the curiosity surrounding what the final tracklist will include.

Upcoming Projects and Speculation

  • The discussion concludes with anticipation for future Taylor Swift projects, including the 2024 calendar and potential music videos related to "Speak Now" Taylor's Version.
  • There is mention of a previous episode where they delve deeper into the Vault tracks and potential featured artists.
  • The speakers express excitement for the unknown and the possibility of being surprised by the final selection of songs.

"Finally now you'll be hearing us talk about some interesting re-recording information the 2024 calendar and a possible speak now Taylor's version or speak now Taylor's version related music video we recorded this section before the speak now Taylor's."

Cameron and Lisa tease their discussion on upcoming Taylor Swift re-recording projects, including the potential for new music videos and the intrigue surrounding the 2024 calendar, hinting at more detailed discussions in their previous episodes.

Music Video Rumors and Hype

  • There are rumors of a new Karma music video and speculation that it might tease content for the re-recorded Speak Now album.
  • Leaked photos from a video set have surfaced, showing Taylor in what appears to be an outfit from the Speak Now tour.
  • Leaked content creates hype but also spoils the surprise for fans.
  • The phenomenon of leaks and their impact on fan excitement and surprise is compared to past events and other projects like Wicked.

"There's been lots of Karma music video rumors recently so this means potential music video could also be for that or related to speak now somehow."

This quote highlights the speculation surrounding the subject of Taylor's potential new music video, suggesting it could be connected to either new material from Karma or the Speak Now album.

"On the other side it creates so much hype around it that in a way is it detrimental."

The quote discusses the dual nature of leaks, acknowledging that while they generate excitement, they may also detract from the intended surprise of official releases.

Speculation on Taylor's Outfit and Nostalgia

  • A grainy picture suggests Taylor is wearing the iconic Speak Now tour outfit.
  • Fans are excited about the nostalgia and the potential confirmation of a Speak Now-related project.
  • There is a desire for the return of certain elements from past eras, such as the number '13' on Taylor's hand and lyrics written down her arm.

"It does look like she is wearing the speak now tall clothes you know the Sparks Fly. iconic golden yes and the black boots."

The quote describes the outfit Taylor is seen wearing in the leaked photo, which closely resembles her Speak Now tour costume, sparking nostalgia and speculation.

"It looks like she has a 13 on her hand which is just it does."

This quote points out the possible presence of Taylor's trademark '13' on her hand in the leaked photo, further fueling the belief that the project is related to Speak Now.

The Golden Frame and Speak Now Imagery

  • The golden frame seen in the leaked photo is a strong visual motif associated with the Speak Now era.
  • There is confusion over the music video's theme due to the appearance of a heist, leading some to speculate it could be for the song "Vigilante Shit."
  • The outfit and golden frame suggest a strong connection to Speak Now rather than a crossover with other themes.

"The golden frame was such a motif in the speak now original album booklet merchandise uh the tour."

This quote emphasizes the importance of the golden frame as a recurring visual element from the Speak Now era, suggesting its significance in the current project.

"But I do think that it is a heist it looks like a heist. but I don't think it's vigilante because vigilante it may be in that world of crime and committing."

The speaker expresses their belief that while the music video may have a heist theme, it is not directly related to the song "Vigilante Shit," but rather to the Speak Now album.

Potential Appearances by Joey King and Taylor Lautner

  • Rumors suggest Joey King and Taylor Lautner might be featured in the music video.
  • Their involvement would tie into the Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe and bring a sense of continuity and nostalgia.
  • The presence of these actors could indicate a narrative connected to past relationships and songs.

"Joey King obviously was in the original mean video Taylor Lautner obviously is someone who Taylor has written songs about and has now become it would seem friend ends with."

The quote discusses the rumored involvement of Joey King and Taylor Lautner in the music video and their previous connections to Taylor Swift's work and personal life.

"It's very clearly they are protagonists in the world of the Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe of speak now."

This quote suggests that the potential appearance of Joey King and Taylor Lautner in the music video would firmly place it within the narrative world of the Speak Now era.

Filming Details and Theories on Music Video Theme

  • The music video was reportedly filmed in Liverpool at night.
  • There is a theory that the video's theme involves Taylor reclaiming ownership of her past work, symbolized by a heist.
  • Props from past tours, such as the Speak Now love story balcony and the Back to December piano, have been spotted on set.

"Taylor Lautner I believe was at the Comic-Con Comic-Con Liverpool. so. yeah he was definitely in Liverpool at that point."

The quote confirms Taylor Lautner's presence in Liverpool, supporting the rumors of his involvement in the music video shoot.

"The theme of the music video looks like it's about stealing back stuff that she owns you know."

This quote interprets the heist imagery in the leaked photos as a metaphor for Taylor Swift's efforts to regain control over her music by re-recording her past albums.

Caution Against Over-Interpreting Leaked Content

  • Fans are cautioned to take leaked information with skepticism, as past rumors have often been inaccurate.
  • The discussion acknowledges the excitement but emphasizes the uncertainty surrounding leaked details.

"We have to take everything that we think we can see and what people have said with such a massive grain of salt."

The quote advises caution in interpreting leaked content and rumors, reminding fans that not all speculation turns out to be accurate.

"You can't really tell because the image is so grainy and in a way I don't want to know."

This quote reflects a fan's conflicted feelings about wanting to know the details of the music video while also wanting to preserve the surprise and experience the final product without spoilers.

Taylor Swift's Music Videos and Vault Tracks

  • The discussion revolves around Taylor Swift's potential music videos for her re-recorded albums and the significance of choosing Vault tracks for these videos.
  • Vault tracks are seen as more favorable for new music videos because they haven't been visualized before, unlike the hits that already have iconic videos.
  • Taylor Swift is not altering the narrative of her original songs, but rather reclaiming and enhancing them with her ownership.

"Vault tracks at the moment because really there's no point making a music video for something that's already got one like we're never ever getting back together it has a music video exactly it's never going to live up to that original because that Original's you know been out for so long."

This quote indicates that creating new music videos for songs that already have established videos is unnecessary and unlikely to surpass the original's impact. The focus is on Vault tracks, which are unreleased songs from past albums that now have the opportunity for visualization.

Marketing Strategy for Taylor's Versions

  • Taylor Swift's strategy in releasing and marketing her re-recorded albums is carefully planned.
  • The spacing between the original releases and the Taylor's Versions is intentional, helping to reintroduce older albums to the audience.
  • The discussion suggests that Swift is using her current career peak to promote her older work effectively.

"I do think that she's gearing up we know that Taylor's a mastermind like no pun intended she just she knows how to Market things she does."

The quote highlights Taylor Swift's expertise in marketing her music, suggesting that she has a strategic plan for reintroducing her older albums through the Taylor's Versions.

The Impact of Live Performances on Streaming

  • Live performances of Taylor Swift's songs are recognized as a means to increase their streaming numbers.
  • The idea is that the more she performs these songs, the more attention and streams they will receive.

"The more that she performs these songs the more that they're gonna be streamed like exactly realistically exactly."

This quote emphasizes the direct relationship between live performances and streaming success, suggesting that performances can boost the popularity and streaming figures of Taylor Swift's songs.

Use of Backing Tracks in Live Performances

  • The conversation touches upon the use of re-recorded backing tracks in live performances.
  • Taylor Swift might use these updated versions to complement her live shows, which could hint at the existence of re-recorded versions of her songs.

"Artists do record stuff backing tracks. Yeah with their emotions and vocals. Yeah exactly if you can do that why not you know."

The quote discusses the practice of artists recording new backing tracks for live performances, implying that Taylor Swift may also do this, potentially using updated vocal recordings that align with her Taylor's Versions.

Anticipation for Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

  • There is a significant level of excitement for the re-release of Speak Now.
  • The speakers express their curiosity about how Taylor Swift will market Speak Now in comparison to her other re-recorded albums.

"I've never been more hyped about speak now in my entire life like I've always loved speak now as an album but for a long time with so many newer albums and so much Spotlight being put on to Red I really thought I don't know how she's going to pull this off with yeah."

This quote captures the speaker's heightened anticipation for the Speak Now (Taylor's Version) and acknowledges the challenge of marketing it alongside Swift's other highly acclaimed albums.

Quality of Re-Recordings

  • There is a discussion about the improved quality of Taylor Swift's re-recordings, comparing them to high-definition versus older formats.
  • The speakers appreciate the maturity and enhanced vocals in the re-recorded tracks.

"It just feels like the other one was like a VHS and this is like streaming in HD 4K quality."

The quote metaphorically compares the audio quality of the original recordings to VHS and the Taylor's Versions to 4K HD, suggesting a significant enhancement in sound quality.

Official Taylor Swift Calendars and Future Releases

  • The official Taylor Swift calendars featuring Speak Now World Tour images for 2024 are seen as an indicator of the album's upcoming re-release.
  • The calendars are recognized as part of Swift's marketing strategy, often reflecting her current or future projects.

"The official Taylor Swift calendars have now been put up I think they were it was on Amazon and the 2024 calendar includes speak now World Tour images for the whole year."

This quote points out the presence of Speak Now World Tour images in the official Taylor Swift 2024 calendar, which is interpreted as a sign that Speak Now (Taylor's Version) will be the next re-recorded album released.

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