Reputation, Debut, or TS11? Our Taylor Swift 2024 Predictions

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Hosts Lisa and Cameron of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast ring in the new year with a Taylor Swift-centric episode, predicting the pop icon's moves for 2024. They employ a bingo card to organize their forecasts, ranging from potential Grammy wins for "Anti-Hero" to the release of "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" and its speculated collaborations. They also touch on the ongoing Eras Tour, anticipating costume changes but no significant setlist alterations, special performances, and a possible tour live album. Additionally, they speculate on Taylor's 11th studio album, suggesting a second-half release with themes possibly related to astrology. The hosts conclude with expectations for no new Eras Tour dates and discuss fan engagement through their bingo card predictions.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Swiftly Spoken Podcast

  • Lisa and Cameron are the hosts of the Swiftly Spoken podcast, which delves into Taylor Swift's lyrics, album retrospectives, and future predictions.
  • They wish their listeners a Happy New Year and express excitement for the first episode of the year.
  • The focus of the episode is on predictions for Taylor Swift's activities in 2024.
  • They introduce a bingo card method to organize their predictions and express interest in revisiting these predictions at the end of the year during their awards recap.

"hello and welcome to swiftly spoken a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics Deep dive into full album retrospectives and theorize about what may be coming next we are your hosts Lisa and Cameron and in this episode that is what we're going to be doing we're going to be theorizing and talking about our predictions for what is coming next for Taylor in 2024 so to kick us off firstly we would both like to say happy New Year to everyone this is our first episode of this year and we wanted to start off with a bang by going over everything we think might happen in 2024 what Taylor's 2024 might look like and we're going to be setting up these predictions by going through a bingo card of ideas we've seen people do this on the Internet."

This quote sets the stage for the podcast episode, introducing the hosts and their intentions to make predictions about Taylor Swift's career in 2024 using a bingo card format.

Grammy Predictions for Taylor Swift

  • Lisa and Cameron predict that Taylor Swift may win a Grammy for Song of the Year for "Anti-Hero".
  • They discuss the disappointment from the previous year when "All Too Well" did not win.
  • They acknowledge the tough competition at the Grammys and speculate that while "Midnights" may be deserving, it might not win Album of the Year.
  • They express hope for a win in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.
  • The hosts note Taylor Swift's record nominations and the quality of "Anti-Hero".

"so kicking us off we have something that we will be seeing very very soon if this comes true or not and that is Taylor Windsor Grammy the first one for the song of the year for anti-hero oh fingers crossed we've been banging on about this for a while this time last year we l had an episode about hoping that all to well would win song of the year. and it I do think it was just it was wrongfully robbed like given I just I. yeah robbed it."

The quote highlights the hosts' prediction for Taylor Swift potentially winning a Grammy for "Anti-Hero" and their past disappointment with "All Too Well" not winning.

Reputation Taylor's Version Predictions

  • They predict that "Reputation Taylor's Version" will be announced and possibly released in February.
  • They theorize that the album could be tied to Taylor Swift's tour in Tokyo, where the original "Reputation" era concluded.
  • The hosts speculate on potential collaborations on "Reputation Taylor's Version".
  • They discuss the possibility of "I Did Something Bad" being performed specially during the tour.
  • They anticipate a music video for one of the songs from "Reputation Taylor's Version".

"so we have as our bingo card entry reputation Taylor version February meaning I really honestly think announcement and release in February I think we get the whole shebang to be honest with you me too I think so and and obviously around that time she is in uh Japan in Tokyo and obviously the reputation stadium tour did finish there that's where technically the reputation era such a nice little way to title together."

This quote reflects the prediction that "Reputation Taylor's Version" will be announced and released in February, possibly in conjunction with Taylor Swift's tour in Tokyo.

Conclusion and Audience Engagement

  • Lisa and Cameron invite listeners to share their own predictions and create their own bingo cards.
  • They express their commitment to discussing theories and reacting to new information as it becomes available.
  • The hosts emphasize their role as fans and their enthusiasm for any new content from Taylor Swift.

"so anyway let us know in the comments as we go through this which ones you think are the most plausible are the most realistic other ones which you disagree with and if you like as well you can make your own bingo card and tag us and show us what you think 2024 holds in store for us."

The quote encourages listener interaction by asking them to comment on the predictions and to engage with the hosts by creating their own predictions for Taylor Swift's 2024 activities.

Music Video Predictions for Previously Released Albums

  • Fans have been eager for a "Getaway Car" music video, which hasn't been released before.
  • There is an expectation of a music video for songs from the "Vault," possibly with special treatment.
  • Speculation that the focus on "1989" during the "crux of the ears tour" was due to a lack of a music video, and now might be an appropriate time for one.

"Obviously everyone's always begged for getaway car music video. And I wouldn't put it past her."

This quote reflects the anticipation and hope among fans for a music video for "Getaway Car," a song that has not previously had one.

"We didn't get music video for 1989 it makes sense there was so much going on at that point."

The quote indicates that during the height of the "1989" era, there was no music video due to the busy schedule, implying that there might be an opportunity for one now.

Ears Tour Anticipation

  • Both speakers attended the "ears tour," expressing excitement and making predictions about the event.
  • Expectations include costume changes, which are seen as an exciting and dynamic part of the performance.
  • Discussion about the possibility of new costumes, particularly for the "reputation" and "lover" eras, with a focus on pastel variants.
  • There is a consensus that while costume changes are anticipated, significant set list changes are not expected.
  • The set list is predicted to remain largely the same, with minor adjustments such as one song being swapped for another.

"This year we both attend the ears tour which is scary and exciting."

The quote captures the anticipation and mixed emotions about attending the "ears tour," suggesting it's a significant event for the speakers.

"Costume changes. Oh this would definitely... this Bingo Square will be 100% it's coming."

This quote highlights the certainty and excitement about costume changes during the tour, emphasizing their importance to the overall experience.

Set List Speculations

  • The conversation includes predictions about specific songs that may be performed or altered in the set list.
  • There is a mention of "Paris in Paris" and "London Boy" as likely performances due to their relevance to the location.
  • The speakers hope for special appearances, such as Aaron Dessner, and speculate on surprise announcements at London shows.
  • A sense of nostalgia and desire for continuity is expressed, with a wish that fan-favorites like "Long Live" and "Enchanted" remain untouched in the set list.

"Paris in Paris it just makes... we can take that off already."

This quote suggests confidence in the prediction that "Paris in Paris" will be performed, due to its thematic link to the location.

"London boy is literally like top two for me on lover. I want to hear it in London."

The quote emphasizes the personal significance of the song "London Boy" to the speaker and their desire to experience it live in London.

Tour Content and Streaming Predictions

  • There is speculation about the "AA Tour" being available on streaming platforms, and possibly a physical release.
  • Discussion about the potential for a live album from the "eras Tour," similar to the "Speak Now World Tour CD."
  • The speakers express a preference for physical media such as CDs and vinyl over DVDs, reflecting current trends in media consumption.

"AA Tour on streaming I do think it's gonna come oh 100 million percent."

The quote shows strong belief that the "AA Tour" will be released on streaming platforms, indicating the perceived inevitability of this happening.

"Eras Tour live album interesting thought could we actually get instead of a DVD something similar to the speak now World Tour CD which has a DVD 100%."

This quote discusses the possibility of a live album release for the "eras Tour," suggesting that it could be a more desirable format than a DVD for fans.

Physical Media and Streaming Releases

  • Taylor Swift is expected to release physical media with bonus content, similar to past releases where DVDs had extra content not found on CDs.
  • Streaming platforms are anticipated to have the new releases as well.
  • There is a trend towards making releases accessible and attractive to fans.

"Hopefully we'll get a couple like that where it's like we get a couple of surprise ones extra ones on the DVD if there was a DVD and an extra on the CD but fingers crossed I hope so I really hope. so I think it'll definitely be on streaming fingers fingers crossed Taylor's going to want to make more money blesser she loves it it is what it is you know."

The quote discusses the hope for bonus content on physical media and streaming, highlighting the financial aspect and fan expectations for Taylor Swift's releases.

Tour and Birthday Celebrations

  • Taylor Swift's tour dates are being closely watched for significant events or announcements.
  • Speculation about announcements or releases tied to her birthday, which she traditionally celebrates with special events or releases.
  • The tour's closing date is considered a possible moment for a significant announcement.

"And finally speaking about the tour we've also added a square in which we put the tour close date like the closing moment the final final closing moment maybe she's going to announce something that will be released on her birthday she likes to celebrate her birthday with like specific things specific something comes out like an album like a big announcement coming out you know."

This quote indicates that Taylor Swift's tour closing date might be strategically planned around her birthday for a potential announcement or release, as she has a history of celebrating her birthday with significant events.

Record Store Day Predictions

  • Record Store Day might feature releases from Taylor Swift, as she has participated in the past with exclusive vinyl releases.
  • The releases for Record Store Day typically include items already available on streaming platforms.
  • There is speculation about potential releases, such as a live version of a single, which would align with current trends and boost its popularity.

"I think that potentially you know like how she did the lover um life in Paris. but obviously we already had that on streaming so maybe potentially something like a 7even inch of the cool summer live or something like that I feel like that would be a good thing you know keep it ear as tall keep it very of the moment course summer is still doing well as a single so obviously would help towards that."

The quote suggests that for Record Store Day, a live version of a single such as "Cool Summer" might be released on vinyl, which would support the single's ongoing popularity and fit the event's trend of featuring content already available on streaming.

Taylor's Version Droplets

  • There is debate over whether Taylor Swift will release "Taylor's Version" of non-album singles (referred to as "droplets") like "Need" and "Sweet Than Fiction."
  • The timing and selection of past droplet releases are considered unpredictable.
  • Some fans speculate that unreleased droplets could appear on upcoming "Taylor's Version" albums.

"But then what then makes me think. oh maybe not because I'm thinking what is left over that is a droplet. but I suppose there is a couple because we have like um I don't want to live forever but that could probably be pulled on to rep."

This quote reflects the uncertainty and speculation regarding the release of "Taylor's Version" droplets, considering what has been released and what remains, such as "I Don't Want to Live Forever," which could be included on a future album.

TS11 Predictions

  • Taylor Swift's 11th studio album (referred to as TS11) is predicted to be released in the second half of the year.
  • Fans speculate about the album's themes, aesthetic, and sonic qualities, with some predicting a connection to astrology or specific colors like silver and gold.
  • The album may be a counterpart to "Midnights" or have a unique aesthetic that continues Taylor Swift's tradition of distinct album themes.

"A lot of debate and a lot of theories have come up obviously over the last few months towards Taylor Swift's 11th studio album A lot of people leaning towards and this goes to another uh guess we have the theme of the album perhaps being something to do with astrology Stars."

The quote captures the fan theories and anticipation surrounding TS11, with speculation about the album's themes, aesthetics, and potential connection to astrology, reflecting the detailed attention fans pay to Taylor Swift's work and its thematic elements.

Taylor Swift's Upcoming Music

  • Speculation about Taylor Swift's next album (referred to as TS11) and its sonic direction.
  • Taylor Swift is currently working with Jack Antonoff.
  • The possibility of TS11 being a pop album with innovative elements.
  • Uncertainty about the release timeline, could be months or even a year away.

"I feel like we might have something again not obviously it's going to be Pop I would say." This quote suggests that the speaker expects Taylor Swift's upcoming album to be pop-oriented but is unsure about the specifics of its sound.

Taylor Swift's Album Release Strategy

  • Discussion on the potential for oversaturation with multiple album releases.
  • Taylor Swift has released multiple albums in recent years, leading to the idea that three albums in a year would be excessive.
  • The importance of allowing each album to have its moment and not releasing too frequently.

"I think three albums in a year is just extreme oversaturation especially when you're on tour and are literally the biggest person on the planet." The speaker expresses concern that releasing too many albums in a short period could overwhelm fans and the public.

Debut Album and Future Projects

  • Taylor Swift's debut album was not included in the discussion of 2023 releases.
  • The speaker speculates that the debut album might be celebrated in 2026 for its 20th anniversary.
  • Possibility of a documentary related to Taylor Swift's music.
  • Expectation of new music linked to the end of Taylor Swift's tour or her birthday.

"I would do like day uh sorry reputation this year. ts1. next and debut Taylor's version in 2026 to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Debut." The speaker shares their personal strategy on how they would handle releases if they were in Taylor Swift's position, suggesting a spaced-out release schedule.

Music Industry Predictions for 2024

  • Anticipation of 2024 being a big year for music with many releases from big names.
  • Mention of Ariana Grande's upcoming single.
  • The speaker believes Taylor Swift has things to say and may be strategizing her releases accordingly.

"I do think 2024 in general detaching away from Taylor and just you know in a more generalistic view I think it's going to be a big year for music." This quote predicts that 2024 will see significant activity in the music industry, with releases from various artists.

Artist's Relationship with Past Work

  • Discussion on the challenges artists face when performing older material that no longer reflects their current life.
  • Mention of artists like Kelsey and Miley Cyrus who have spoken about the difficulty of relating to past songs.

"It must be so hard singing about something that's like I'm so past this it's situation." The speaker empathizes with artists who find it difficult to perform songs that no longer resonate with their present circumstances.

Taylor Swift's Collaborations and Features

  • Expectation of Taylor Swift featuring in other artists' songs.
  • Taylor has previously collaborated with artists like The National and Aaron Dessner.
  • Speculation about potential collaborations with artists like Bon Iver and Marin Morris.

"Her featuring on a bonny ve song um I do hope." The speaker expresses hope for a future collaboration between Taylor Swift and Bon Iver, indicating a desire for her to continue working with other artists.

Taylor Swift's Tour and Performances

  • Prediction that Taylor Swift will sing every song from her discography on tour.
  • Exclusion of non-discography songs like Christmas tracks from this prediction.
  • Desire for Taylor Swift to perform all her songs acoustically by the end of the year.

"I do think she's going to perform like from her actual like CD discography 1 to 10 I do think we're going to get everything acoustically by the end of this year." The speaker predicts that Taylor Swift will perform her entire discography acoustically, providing a unique experience for fans.

Conclusion of the Eras Tour

  • Belief that the Eras tour will conclude in 2024 without additional dates.
  • Discussion on how Taylor Swift's debut album fits into the Eras tour.
  • The speakers go back and forth on whether debut will be linked to the tour or have its own separate moment.

"I'm still in two minds about debut because it does then again debut obviously is part of the It Tour because it is part of its promotion and the idea of it." The speaker is uncertain about how Taylor Swift's debut album will be featured in the Eras tour and whether it will have a distinct moment to shine.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

  • The speakers have created a bingo card with their predictions for Taylor Swift's musical activities.
  • They express confidence in some of their predictions and look forward to seeing which come true by the end of the year.
  • The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to engage with their predictions and follow their podcast for future discussions.

"Those are all of our predictions for this year you can watch us at the end of the year conclude how badly we did or how well we did I don't know." The speaker summarizes the discussion by acknowledging the speculative nature of their predictions and invites the audience to revisit them at the end of the year.

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