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Zach, the self-proclaimed swiftologist, delves into Taylor Swift's album "Red," sharing his personal connection and the album's impact during his formative years. He critiques the album's tracklist for being bloated and disjointed, while appreciating its raw, chaotic, and vulnerable nature. Zach discusses his process of reordering the album tracks to create a more coherent listening experience, occasionally cutting songs or relegating them to bonus tracks. He ranks the album's songs, including Taylor's versions and Vault tracks, based on his current preferences and historical significance, while also offering insights into the quality of re-recordings. Zach concludes by sharing his curated playlist, reflecting on "Red" as a transitional album that showcases Swift's bravery and willingness to experiment with bombastic pop sounds.

Summary Notes

Personal Connection to "Red" Album

  • Zach identifies as a swiftologist and has a deep personal connection to Taylor Swift's "Red" album.
  • At 16 years old, the album resonated with Zach's own inner turmoil and emotions.
  • Zach appreciates the vulnerability and rawness of the album, as well as its complexity.
  • The album is described as chaotic, frantic, all over the place, yet deeply meaningful.

"Red is my favorite Taylor Swift album of all time... I was about 16 years old when this came out... the chaoticness, the franticness, the all over the placeness but also the vulnerability and the rawness of red really spoke to me."

The quote explains Zach's profound emotional connection to the "Red" album, highlighting its impact during a formative period of his life.

Critique of "Red" Album's Cohesion

  • "Red" is criticized for being bloated and lacking cohesion.
  • The transitions between songs are described as jarring.
  • Zach aims to reorder the tracklist to create a more coherent listening experience.

"A critique that is often lobbed at Red however is that it's a little bloated, it's a little overwhelming and it's kind of all over the place."

Zach acknowledges common criticisms of the "Red" album's structure and his intent to address them through reordering.

Reordering and Curating Albums

  • Zach has a series where he reorders Taylor Swift album tracks to enhance the listening experience.
  • Some songs may be cut or shifted to bonus tracks in his reordered versions.
  • The reordered versions aim to reflect a chronological development in the album's narrative.

"I have created a series on my Channel... a video of me ranking a Taylor Swift album and then reorganizing the tracklist in a way that makes sense to me in a chronological development that makes for easy listening from start to finish."

Zach describes his process of reorganizing album tracks to create a curated, narrative-driven listening experience.

Taylor Swift's Evolution and Experimentation

  • "Red" is viewed as a transitional and experimental album for Taylor Swift.
  • The album features a mix of pop and country styles.
  • Zach sees the album as a brave effort due to its diverse content and experimentation.

"Red was a transitional album for Taylor she was really trying out something new especially with these bombastic pop experimentations."

The quote highlights "Red" as a pivotal album in Taylor Swift's career, showcasing her willingness to experiment with different musical styles.

Taylor's Versions and Personal Standards

  • Zach has a personal categorization system for Taylor Swift's re-recorded songs.
  • Categories include surpassing the original, note-for-note remakes, and flawed re-recordings.
  • Zach admits to preferring original recordings over flawed re-recordings.

"I kind of categorize them into three different standards for Taylor's versions re-recordings: one is so good that it surpasses the original, second is note for note no comments... and three is complete and total flaw that I will never listen to."

Zach provides insight into his personal evaluation system for Taylor Swift's re-recorded tracks, which informs his listening choices.

Engagement with the Swifty Community

  • Zach invites viewers who are open to analytical discussions about Taylor Swift to engage with his content.
  • He promotes his podcast "Evolution of Snake" for more in-depth discussions.
  • Zach emphasizes the importance of a respectful community and warns against rude behavior.

"If you don't have a problem with that and you are interested in having thoughtful analytical discussions about Taylor Swift, then you are in exactly the right place."

The quote is an invitation to like-minded fans who wish to engage in thoughtful discourse about Taylor Swift's work, setting the tone for the community Zach is building.

Ranking and Reviewing "Red" Taylor's Version

  • Zach plans to rank the songs on "Red" based on his current feelings and historical perspective.
  • He acknowledges that his rankings are subject to change.
  • The ranking will include both his love for the songs and his thoughts on the re-recorded versions.

"Today I'm going to be ranking all of the Taylor's versions... I'm going to rank them based on how I love them and also talk a little bit about the re-recording."

Zach sets the stage for his upcoming ranking of the "Red" Taylor's Version, indicating that it will be a mix of personal preference and critique of the re-recordings.

Personal Rankings and Opinions on "Red" Songs

  • Zach expresses personal preferences, ranking songs from Taylor Swift's album "Red."
  • "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "You Belong With Me" are criticized for lacking the care in re-recording.
  • "All Too Well" is praised for its songwriting and emotional depth.
  • "22" is referred to as a "Banger of the century" and noted for its ubiquity.
  • "I Almost Do" is admired for its imagery and metaphor.
  • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is criticized in its re-recorded form.
  • "Stay Stay Stay" is disliked for not driving the story of "Red" forward.
  • "The Last Time" is considered an underrated collaboration and emotionally impactful.
  • "Holy Ground" is Zach's favorite Taylor Swift song, but the re-recorded version is a letdown.
  • "Sad Beautiful Tragic" is noted for its simplicity and improved re-recorded version.
  • "The Lucky One" is considered unrelatable and a weaker track compared to "Nothing New."

"I knew you were trouble and something Taylor that I don't understand is that she keeps [ __ ] up the big songs and I wonder if it's because there's no Max Martin involved is she finding it more difficult to replicate that production when he's not got his magic Swedish touch on it."

Zach suggests that the re-recorded versions of Taylor Swift's big hits like "I Knew You Were Trouble" may lack quality due to the absence of producer Max Martin.

"All too well... yeah. I love it so much changed my life the re-record pretty good pretty good pretty faithful."

Zach holds "All Too Well" in high regard, noting that the re-recorded version is faithful to the original.

"22 changed my life I don't know about you. but I'm feeling 22... like what else what else can I say about this it's the Banger of the century."

The song "22" is praised for its lasting popularity and is referred to as the "Banger of the century" by Zach.

"I Almost Do Taylor's version now it did this change my life or is it the queen of my heart I think I almost do change my life listen."

Zach appreciates "I Almost Do," emphasizing its emotional imagery and metaphor.

"We are never ever getting back together... the re-recorded version is [ __ ]. garbage"

The re-recorded version of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is criticized for its quality.

"Stay Stay Stay... it's on my list it's not for the birds for the birds it's the worst possible tier it could be in."

Zach does not favor "Stay Stay Stay," finding it annoying and not contributing to the album's narrative.

"The last time featuring Gary light buddy the Taylor's version I honestly haven't listened to enough to tell you if it's better or worse."

Zach admits to not having listened enough to the re-recorded version of "The Last Time" to judge its quality.

"Holy Ground changed my life this is my favorite Taylor Swift song of all time... Taylor's version [ __ ] sucks."

"Holy Ground" is Zach's all-time favorite Taylor Swift song, but the re-recorded version is a disappointment.

"Sad beautiful tragic changed my life at the time but where is it now that is the question... Taylor's version is almost better than the original one."

Zach reflects on the impact of "Sad Beautiful Tragic" and suggests the re-recorded version might be better than the original.

"The lucky one for the birds this one is for the birds... kind of a flop to me nothing."

"The Lucky One" is described as unimpressive and a flop in Zach's view.

Re-recording Production Differences

  • Zach discusses the production differences between the original recordings and the re-recorded versions.
  • Re-recorded versions are noted to be very similar or identical to the originals in many cases.
  • Differences in the production of live instruments and mixing are highlighted.
  • The re-recorded version of "22" is specifically mentioned for its clarity and polish compared to the original's noisy band-like sound.

"I don't mind that the re-recorded version is pretty much exactly the same I think it's not better it's not worse."

Zach is indifferent to the re-recorded versions that closely mimic the originals, perceiving them as neither better nor worse.

"The way that they produce live instruments now is different they're more forward in the mix so you hear the instruments themselves more clearly especially if there's like a synth involved it sounds a little unnatural."

Zach notes a change in how live instruments are mixed in modern productions, leading to a different sound in the re-recorded tracks.

Emotional Connection and Impact

  • Zach shares an emotional connection with several songs from "Red."
  • Songs like "All Too Well" and "The Last Time" resonate due to their emotional storytelling.
  • The impact of songs on Zach's life is a recurring theme, with some songs being life-changing at one point.

"All Too Well" is just a master class in songwriting it has everything that you need to have in a Taylor Swift song it says everything that needs to be said about who she is and how broken she was at the time."

"All Too Well" is praised for encapsulating the essence of Taylor Swift's songwriting and emotional state during the album's creation.

"The last time... I just find this song so heartbreaking and the bridge oh my. God I love it some of her best vocals too."

Zach finds "The Last Time" heartbreaking and admires the vocal arrangement, especially in the bridge.

Critique of Specific Songs

  • Zach offers specific critiques of certain songs and their re-recorded versions.
  • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is criticized for its clarity in the re-recorded version.
  • "Holy Ground" and "The Lucky One" are both criticized for their re-recorded versions.

"We I don't think we needed to hear all the instruments and we are never that clearly it's the wee part that is so off to me."

Zach criticizes the clarity of instruments in the re-recorded version of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," finding it off-putting.

"Holy Ground... one of the biggest letdowns of all time I hated Taylor's version and I will never listen to it and I will never feel bad about not listening to it."

The re-recorded version of "Holy Ground" is described as a significant letdown, with Zach expressing a strong dislike for it.

Everything Has Changed featuring Ed Sheeran

  • "Everything Has Changed" is appreciated for its beat and its placement in the album.
  • The collaboration between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran was exciting due to their similar styles of songwriting.
  • The song is seen as a happy contrast to their usual heartbreak songs.
  • The bridge of the song is highlighted for its beautiful lyrics.
  • Despite being a successful collaboration, it is considered a bit dull and not frequently revisited.

"Everything Has Changed featuring Ed Sheeran I'm gonna put everything has changed and I like the beat I almost put it in queen of my heart because I was obsessed with it when it came out you have to understand this was when Ed Sheeran had just put out his first album and was still considered like a Tumblr like a real artist and the idea of him and Taylor collaborating was just so mind-blowing to all of us because they both did a very specific thing they wrote like heartbroken cry on your floor songs and um I thought that it was really sweet that both of the songs I wrote were pretty happy I love the bridge if everything has changed there are some beautiful lyrics in here dust off your highest hopes all I know is a newfound Grace gorgeous gorgeous throwaway lines here um very successful collaboration it is a little dull do I revisit all the time. no. but it's like a summer song I listen to it in summer. and I smile. and I drink my rose babe."

The quote explains the initial excitement for "Everything Has Changed" due to Ed Sheeran's fresh presence in the music scene and the synergy between his and Taylor Swift's songwriting. The speaker appreciates the happy tone of the song and its lyrics, despite acknowledging it's not a track they return to often.

Babe and Taylor's Version

  • "Babe" is preferred in the Sugarland arrangement over Taylor's version.
  • Taylor's version is seen as more of a demo, staying true to the original vault track.
  • The song is tied to other songs on the record and plays an important part in the album's story.

"Babe Taylor's version babe goes into queen of my heart I love babe. I much prefer the Sugarland arrangement I think the version that came out when sugar land took it and did their own version of it before Taylor's version came out is much better the Taylor's version sounds more like a demo. and I think that's because it's true to the original iteration of it which is that it was a vault track but the better man bulk track version is much different to the demo. so I'm kind of like why did we make that choice. I don't like the what about your promises promises babe refrain. but I love this song again. I think it's tied to a couple of other songs on this record that I love. and it's a very important part of the story very important part of the story."

The quote expresses a preference for the Sugarland arrangement of "Babe" over Taylor Swift's version, suggesting that the latter sounds more like a demo. The speaker questions the choice to release it in this form and notes its significance in the album's narrative.

Starlight and Begin Again

  • "Starlight" was anticipated to be similar to "Enchanted," but did not meet expectations.
  • The speaker had a strong emotional reaction to "Begin Again," seeing it as a song of hope and catharsis.
  • "Begin Again" is considered a perfect bookend to the album's story.

"Starlight Taylor's version listen I like the beat there was a time when I was younger and more immature and reactive that I would have put it in for the birds or on my list um I gagged when it came out actually when we found when the tracklist for red leaked I put Starlight as my number one because think about it if you don't know what starlight's about and you're thinking of Sunny eyed wide-eyed young Taylor Swift and you hear that she's a song called Starlight coming out it just sounds like Enchanted the sequel that's what I thought it was going to be um. Cricket. I was wrong this is fun though Starlight is fun um Taylor's version Cricket uh not terrible but nothing to write home about Begin Again changed my life it did I love Begin Again Begin Again is such a cathartic Song the book ends for this album are so perfect so perfectly suited to the story and the journey that we go on with this young tumultuous narrator and beginning on really does say to me like you know I'm not okay. right now. but I'm gonna be. and I I suddenly now after sobbing on the bathroom floor and feeling like my life was over for months on end I feel like there's hope at the end of the tunnel. and I love that about it so begin again goes to change my life."

The quote reflects the speaker's initial high expectations for "Starlight" based on its title and their previous image of Taylor Swift, which were not met. In contrast, "Begin Again" is praised for its emotional impact and seen as a fitting conclusion to the album's narrative, symbolizing hope and recovery.

The Moment I Knew and Come Back...Be Here

  • "The Moment I Knew" has a strong chorus but is considered too slow and not frequently listened to.
  • "Come Back...Be Here" does not elicit much commentary, indicating a neutral or indifferent attitude towards the song.

"The moment I knew I like the beat I don't have a lot to say about the moment I knew um interesting the lore of it all being you know connected with all too well 10 we really get another revisit of that moment uh this has a surprising chorus a surprisingly hard chorus it really kind of slaps. but. yeah the moment I knew is too slow to start with I don't listen to it a lot now. but when I was 15 16. oh God. I was turning that [ __ ] up come back be here I like the beat I don't really have that much to say about comeback be here."

The quote suggests that while "The Moment I Knew" has a memorable chorus, its slow start makes it less appealing for frequent listening. The speaker's lack of commentary on "Come Back...Be Here" implies it does not stand out to them.

Girl at Home and State of Grace Acoustic

  • "Girl at Home" is described as a fun, catchy song that is always on the speaker's mind.
  • The speaker expresses a strong dislike for Taylor's version of "Girl at Home."
  • The acoustic version of "State of Grace" is appreciated for its changed arrangement but is not often listened to due to a preference for the original production.

"Girl at home I know some of you are probably screaming at the screen right now I love girl at home. it's just a fun song it's like today was a fairy tale I just like it because I like it it's silly I think it's fun it's catchy to me I love to sing it. it's actually always playing in my brain all the time I'm walking around I'm at work don't look at me you got like it's just it's there I hate Taylor's version. [ __ ] hate that [ __ ] sucks uh I went on a rant about that in an unpopular opinions video. so I won't do it again but know that I hate it State of Grace acoustic Taylor's version how do we rank acoustic versions what's the point what's the power in ranking an acoustic version We like it's it's kind of the same I like the beat I never really listened to the acoustic version of State of Grace because part of what I love about it so much is the production. but I do like that the arrangement was switched up a little bit for the acoustic version and it wasn't just you know the same vocal track with the guitar added over like the lavender Haze acoustic version."

The quote indicates that "Girl at Home" is a personal favorite of the speaker for its fun and catchy nature, yet they have a strong aversion to Taylor's version of the song. The acoustic version of "State of Grace" is noted for its different arrangement, but the speaker prefers the full production of the original.

Better Man and Ronan

  • "Better Man" is a powerful song that tells a similar story to "All Too Well" but in a distinct style.
  • The speaker prefers the demo version of "Better Man" due to Taylor Swift's younger voice.
  • "Ronan" is not considered appropriate for ranking due to its sensitive subject matter.

"Better Man Taylor's version changed my life um you know top contender for track five it was so powerful and so strong and so was all too well did they literally canceled each other out in the selection process for creating this album and Taylor did say she was dithering between these two songs when she was making the original tracklist. so I love better man I loved it from the moment I heard the Little Big Town version I was so shocked by how great it was. and I just I love it it's amazing it really tells the same story as all too well. but in a very different more speak now way. and I love it so much I prefer the demo version actually to this the demo version is amazing because it has a young Taylor voice and that's irresistible to me Ronan Taylor's version um I don't think we can rank Ronan Taylor's version it's not appropriate to rank that."

The quote conveys the speaker's emotional connection to "Better Man," especially due to the young Taylor Swift's voice on the demo version, and the song's significance in the context of the album's track selection. The speaker feels "Ronan" is beyond comparison due to its sensitive nature.

Nothing New featuring Phoebe Bridgers

  • "Nothing New" is placed in the "I like the beat" category but is not often revisited by the speaker.
  • The inclusion of Phoebe Bridgers is not favored by the speaker.
  • The song is seen as revealing of Taylor Swift's mindset at the time of its release.

"Nothing new featuring Phoebe Bridgers um queen of my heart or I like the beat I'm gonna put her. and I like the Beat. Just because I don't revisit it all that much I think because there's so much folklore Evermore stuff to get into when I'm in the mood for something slower I just forget that it's there but I will be turning that up soon because I just kind of I I've been thinking about it lately especially when I was doing my tracklist reshuffle I don't love the Phoebe Bridgers inclusion I could do without it but this was shocking to me when I heard it it was very revealing of the Taylor frame of mind at that moment."

The quote explains that while "Nothing New" is liked for its beat, it is not a track the speaker often returns to, possibly due to the abundance of similar songs from "folklore" and "Evermore." The speaker also reflects on the song's insight into Taylor Swift's thoughts during its creation.

Message in a Bottle, Forever Winter, and The Very First Night

  • "Message in a Bottle" is regarded as a terrible yet irresistibly fun song.
  • "Forever Winter" and "The Very First Night" are categorized as songs the speaker does not listen to.
  • The speaker acknowledges that their favorite album should have more standout tracks.

"Message in a Bottle I like the beat Message in a Bottle is a terrible song but it's so fun like it's irresistible. forever winter um I'm gonna put that in on my list too because I never ever listen to it and speaking of things I never listen to run is also going there the very first night I like the beat it's not quite queen of my heart. but I do like the beat."

The quote indicates that "Message in a Bottle" is enjoyed for its fun aspect despite being considered a bad song. "Forever Winter" and "The Very First Night" are mentioned as tracks that do not get much attention from the speaker.

Album Ranking and Tracklist Reshuffle

  • The speaker ranks songs from Taylor Swift's album based on personal connection and the story they tell.
  • The speaker aims for a consistent story and vibe when reshuffling the tracklist.
  • The speaker believes in the importance of track five in providing an emotional catharsis.
  • The speaker retains the original bookends of the album due to their perfection.

"so in change my life the real standout songs read for me are red Taylor's version. All. Too. Well 22 I Almost Do the last time Holy Ground begin again and better man I'm gonna shove State of Grace up there too. yeah. that looks right to me. okay that is my ranking now let's get into my reshuffle when I do my rankings I try to make a cogent consistent story and I like to make it an easy flow of listening. so I'm not necessarily trying to um carry a Sonic palette all the way through I'm trying to create a Vibe and do a theme. and I'm going I go more on the instinctive read I have the song based off of bass rather than what the song sounds like if that makes sense obviously cohesion is important especially when you're reorganizing a tracklist like red. but yeah I want to see if you guys can pick up on the story that I'm trying to tell here because there are multiple stories going on at Red. but I think at the heart of it all is is Taylor's incredible Candor and vulnerability and her willingness to be raw and be hurt and get up and get hurt again all for the sake of you know learning lessons and being a young person that doesn't really know what's going on with their lives and is still figuring it out you know happy free confused and lonely at the same time spoiler alert I did not change the book ends because the bookends were so perfect that they had to be kept exactly as they were so we of course begin this record with State of Grace because State of Grace is the thesis it's the mission statement it is really setting the agenda you know it's giving us the the lay of the land that we're going to be working with love is a ruthless game unless you play it good. and. right."

The quote details the speaker's approach to ranking and reshuffling the album's tracklist, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and emotional resonance. The speaker justifies their choices by highlighting Taylor Swift's emotional expression throughout the album and the need to maintain the narrative integrity of the original bookends.

Relationship Progression and Emotional Journey

  • The track list curated by the speaker reflects a narrative arc of a relationship and the emotional journey that follows its dissolution.
  • Starting with "State of Grace" and "Everything Has Changed," the initial excitement and hope of a new relationship are highlighted.
  • "Treacherous" signals the first sign of potential trouble, acknowledging the risk of getting hurt.
  • "The Last Time" represents hope and the possibility of a second chance in the relationship.
  • "All Too Well" (5-minute version) is seen as a master class in songwriting and serves as the emotional turning point of the record.
  • "Babe" reflects the shock and the process of coming to terms with being wronged.
  • "I Almost Do" shows a sense of resignation and the realization that returning to the relationship will yield the same painful outcome.
  • "Better Man" is about recognizing that the partner is not right and the relationship cannot continue, despite strong emotional ties.
  • "Sad Beautiful Tragic" delves into the space of loss and rumination.
  • "Nothing New" explores self-reflection and the fear of losing one's identity outside of the relationship and success.
  • "Red" (Taylor's version) is described as a thesis statement for the record, indicating a tonal shift and a more zoomed-out perspective.
  • "The Moment I Knew" is about hindsight and recognizing the significant moments that signaled the end of the relationship.
  • "I Knew You Were Trouble" represents the shift from optimism to regret and a readiness to move on.
  • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" marks a definitive end to the relationship and a desire to move forward.
  • "I Bet You Think About Me" serves a narrative purpose, linking to the previous track and showing a sassy, evolved perspective.
  • "22" is recognized as a darker song with jubilant production, symbolizing the mix of misery and magic in life.
  • "Holy Ground" shows emotional growth and the ability to move on from past hurts.
  • "Begin Again" is the closing track, symbolizing openness to new beginnings after a period of heartbreak and healing.

"I have State of Grace into Everything Has Changed these are all tail versions and then from everything has changed I have treacherous because I think the treacherous is kind of the beginning the alarm."

This quote explains the initial excitement and hope at the beginning of the relationship and the progression to the first signs of potential trouble.

"Track four is the last time... there's still some hope and there's still some opportunity and there's still possibility."

The quote signifies the lingering hope for the relationship's survival and the chance for redemption.

"Track five is all too well... it is the five minute version we're doing easy listening we're doing tight concise songwriting."

The speaker emphasizes the importance of "All Too Well" as a pivotal moment in the narrative, highlighting the skillful songwriting involved in its creation.

"After all too well we have track six which is babe... she's reeling she's not really processed the fact that something has been done wrong to her."

The quote captures the immediate aftermath of the relationship's turning point, where the protagonist is still in shock and disbelief.

"Track seven which is I almost do... the outcome is going to be the same so she better just give up."

This quote shows the struggle between the desire to reconnect and the understanding that the relationship is ultimately doomed.

"Track eight is better man... and I know that there's a better man in there."

The speaker reflects on the realization that the relationship cannot continue, not due to a lack of love, but because the partner has failed to be the 'better man' they could be.

"After better man I think she fully... is nothing new because I think that that heartbreak."

The emotional journey is described as moving from a sense of loss to self-reflection and questioning one's worth and contributions outside of the relationship.

"This is the other turning point of red... it's miserable and it's magical so track 11 is red Taylor's version."

The speaker describes "Red" as a central theme of the album, encapsulating the duality of the emotional experience and indicating a shift in the narrative.

"After the moment I knew we get into I knew you were trouble... she's not licking her wounds she's ready to Scorch the Earth."

This quote illustrates the transition from reflection to action, with a change in attitude from optimistic to fatalistic and a desire to move forward.

"And then we end on the like most incredible book end of all time begin again... is a very beautiful Human Experience."

The concluding quote emphasizes the theme of resilience and the willingness to remain open to new experiences despite past pain, rounding out the emotional journey of the album.

Critical Song Selection and Album Flow

  • The speaker has curated a track list that is designed to create the best flow for the album "Red," focusing on the narrative and emotional progression.
  • Certain songs, referred to as "Vault songs," have been omitted in order to maintain the intended narrative and emotional clarity.
  • The speaker invites listeners to experience the curated track list and provide feedback on the sequencing and their personal listening preferences for the album "Red."
  • The speaker expresses curiosity about the listeners' opinions on the added value of the Vault tracks to the album as a whole.

"What did I cut I cut most of the Vault songs I cut stay. stay. I cut the lucky one I cut. Starlight we're being critical here we're trying to create the best flow possible."

The speaker explains the rationale behind omitting certain songs to create a cohesive and emotionally resonant album experience.

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