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Zach, a self-proclaimed "Erist connoisseur," humorously dives into ranking performances from Taylor Swift's "Eris Tour" after attending six nights of the show. He dissects the setlist, suggesting cuts to accommodate the new "Tortured Poets" segment, and shares his evolving perspective on the tour's flow and content. Throughout the video, Zach offers candid opinions on individual songs, categorized from "LOF" (top-tier performances) to "delete" (ones that could be dropped). He highlights standout moments like the emotional impact of "Fearless" and the communal experience of "Cruel Summer," while critiquing others like "Champagne Problems" and "The Archer" for pacing issues. Zach also teases upcoming content, including a video on Camila Cabello's career, and promotes his upcoming "Evolution of a Snake" live performance in London.

Summary Notes


  • Zach, the host, introduces the video as a light-hearted ranking of "aist" tour performances.
  • The idea originated from attending six nights of the "ears" tour.
  • He considers himself an "ears T connoisseur."
  • Zach intends to suggest changes to the tour setlist in anticipation of the new "tortured poets" release.
  • He acknowledges the need to cut down the show duration for the audience's comfort.
  • The video will also explore where the setlist can be trimmed.

"today we're going to be ranking all of the erist Tor performances now this is actually an idea that came to me when I attended six nights of the ears tour."

The quote explains the premise of the video, which is to rank tour performances based on Zach's extensive experience attending the "ears" tour.

Tour Experience and Setlist Opinions

  • Zach's opinions on the setlist have evolved since his first "IRS" tour reaction video.
  • One year into the tour, he anticipates changes to accommodate "tortured poets."
  • He suggests that some songs may need to be removed to shorten the show.
  • Zach has adjusted his bathroom breaks during the tour to miss certain songs over others.
  • His opinions are influenced by his long-term engagement with the artist's music.

"certainly my opinions on what the set list is how it flows whether it should be amended or not has changed since my very first IRS tour reaction video."

Zach indicates that his perspective on the setlist has changed over time, highlighting the dynamic nature of his engagement with the tour.

Personal Background

  • Zach identifies as a "Swifty" and a pop culture content creator.
  • He had planned to discuss Camila Cabello but shifted to focus on "tortured poets" due to time constraints.
  • He hints at upcoming excitement in the pop culture sphere.

"I'm the Swift olist I make thoughtful weekly videos about pop culture and I am so excited because this upcoming month is about to go crazy."

This quote reveals Zach's identity as a content creator with a focus on pop culture and his excitement for future events.

Ranking Categories

  • Zach introduces the ranking categories: LOF, magnifi, well all right then, bathroom break, and delete.
  • Each category represents a different level of appreciation for the performances.
  • The categories are used to express his nuanced views on the tour's setlist.

"we have the LOF these are the Divas these are the performances that keep me up at night what I can watch over and over again they're burned on the back of my eyelid."

Zach explains the highest ranking category, LOF, which represents the most loved and memorable performances.

Tour Promotion

  • Zach promotes his upcoming live show "Evolution of a Snake" in London.
  • He encourages viewers to get tickets for the one-night performance.
  • The promotion is linked in the video description.

"you need to make sure that you are getting your tickets to evolution of a snake live in London."

This quote serves as a call to action for viewers to attend Zach's live show, demonstrating his engagement with his audience.

Setlist Analysis: "Miss Americana" and "Cruel Summer"

  • "Miss Americana" is described as exciting but short.
  • "Cruel Summer" is praised for its simple yet anthemic performance.
  • Zach ranks "Miss Americana" as "well all right then" and "Cruel Summer" as LOF.
  • He emphasizes the importance of "Cruel Summer" as an opening number.

"Cruel Summer was destined to be the opening of the Eros tour."

Zach highlights "Cruel Summer" as the perfect opening performance, underscoring its impact on the tour.

Setlist Analysis: "The Man" and "You Need to Calm Down"

  • "The Man" has grown on Zach, who now ranks it as magnifi.
  • He criticizes the music video but enjoys the live performance and staging.
  • "You Need to Calm Down" is given a brief but appropriate treatment during the tour.
  • Zach initially places "You Need to Calm Down" in "well all right then" but considers moving it to magnifi.

"I'm going to put it in magnifi because I used to think that the man was kind of lumped in with me and you need to calm down and Only the Young as these kind of like maybe either like just nonsense moments or forced political moments."

Zach reassesses "The Man" and acknowledges his changing opinion, now viewing it as a highlight rather than a low point.

Setlist Analysis: "Lover" and "The Archer"

  • "Lover" is recognized as a well-written love song, ranked as "well all right then."
  • Zach does not often choose to listen to "Lover" but appreciates it live.
  • "The Archer" is criticized for its pacing and lack of visual interest, earning a "delete" ranking.

"Sorry Sorry I know everybody loves the Archer for some reason everybody loves Archer I don't get it."

Zach expresses his unpopular opinion on "The Archer," explaining his rationale for wanting to remove it from the setlist.

Setlist Analysis: "Fearless," "Love Story," and "You Belong with Me"

  • "Fearless" is an emotional performance that moves Zach to tears, placed in the LOF category.
  • "You Belong with Me" is seen as a unifying crowd favorite, also in the LOF category.
  • "Love Story" is ranked as magnifi, with a suggestion that it should follow "You Belong with Me" for momentum.

"Fearless is an emotional moment I think for any fan it's the first glimpse of an old tayor."

Zach describes the sentimental value of "Fearless," emphasizing its significance in the tour and for fans.

Interaction with Band

  • Zach appreciates how Taylor Swift interacts with her band on stage.
  • He notes that many pop artists don't engage with their band members as much as she does.
  • Zach enjoys seeing band members like Amos and Paul jamming out with Taylor Swift.
  • He mentions The Starlights as part of the longstanding characters in Taylor Swift's universe.

"She's interacting with her band the entire time you don't see a lot of Pop Divas like getting up on stage and really just rocking out with their band mates for years it's always very like nice to see Amos and Paul just jamming out with her and The Starlights too like these people that in my mind have been characters in the Taylor Swift Universe for so long."

The quote highlights the rarity and enjoyment Zach finds in Taylor Swift's consistent and interactive stage relationships with her band, which contrasts with other pop performances.

Artist's Relationship with Their Music

  • Zach observes Taylor Swift's enduring enthusiasm for performing her songs.
  • He notes that many artists grow bored of playing the same songs and may rush or alter them.
  • Taylor Swift did alter "You Belong With Me" on the Red Tour and "Love Story" for the 1989 rework, but Zach appreciates these as exceptions and enjoys reworked songs.

"She just never seems to get tired and get old of playing these songs which I think is rare and a lot of artists I think are quick to be like G I've played this so many times I'm bored."

Zach's quote emphasizes Taylor Swift's unique and lasting passion for her music, which he finds rare among artists who often tire of their older work.

Preservation of Original Music

  • Zach values the preservation of original music during live performances.
  • He compares the performance of songs on the ARs tour to carefully handling art in a museum.
  • Zach is pleased that the song "Fearless" received archival treatment and was performed true to its original form.

"We're going into the museum and we're taking the art pieces out we're putting our white gloves on we're showing everyone the art. and we're putting them back in the case we're not messing with them we're not tampering with evidence we're not going against the history we're really sticking true to what we know."

The quote conveys Zach's appreciation for the respectful and authentic live performance of songs, likening it to the careful preservation of art.

Performance of "Tis the Damn Season"

  • Zach laments the lack of a professional recording of "Tis the Damn Season."
  • He recalls the impactful live performance, particularly the first night in Chicago.
  • Zach feels that the live instrumental performance adds momentum and pace to the song.
  • He believes the song captures the essence of the Evermore and folklore eras.

"It is a crime that we don't have a professional recording of Tis the Damn Season."

This quote signifies Zach's strong feeling that the live performance of "Tis the Damn Season" deserved to be professionally recorded and shared widely.

Performance of "Willow"

  • Zach expresses mixed feelings about the song "Willow."
  • He finds the performance fun and appreciates the witchy element, but doesn't feel a strong personal connection to the song.
  • The performance of "Willow" leaves Zach anticipating what comes next in the set.

"I like Willow. it's fun. it's fine. but there's something about it that I just don't super connect with."

Zach's quote reflects his personal ambivalence towards "Willow," acknowledging its entertainment value while noting his lack of a deeper connection.

Performance of "Marjorie"

  • Zach's opinion on "Marjorie" changed after experiencing the performance in Singapore.
  • He shares a personal connection to the song through Marjorie's historical ties to Singapore.
  • Zach is moved by the emotional significance of the song and its live performance, especially in the context of Taylor Swift's personal connection to her grandmother.

"I remember when I first saw it in my ears short reaction like when I was seeing clips from the show and I was like why are we doing marjorie in a stadium setting but it really clicked for me in Singapore."

The quote shows Zach's initial skepticism about the song's suitability for a stadium setting, which later transformed into an appreciation for its emotional resonance in a specific geographical context.

Opinion on "Champagne Problems"

  • Zach is critical of "Champagne Problems," describing it as a boring song.
  • He expresses frustration with the audience's reaction, particularly the prolonged standing ovation.
  • Despite acknowledging others' love for the song, Zach does not find it musically or lyrically compelling compared to other tracks on Evermore.

"Champagne problems I mean I think it's a boring song I've talked about how I've talked about this many many many times and everybody loses their mind whenever I say it."

The quote captures Zach's candid opinion on "Champagne Problems," highlighting his disconnect with the widespread adoration for the song.

Integration of Evermore and Folklore into the Tour

  • Zach had doubts about how the albums Evermore and folklore would be received live.
  • He was surprised by the inclusion of most songs from these albums in the tour setlist.
  • Zach feels that the performance of "Tolerate It" was particularly successful in translating an intimate song to a stadium setting.

"I had my doubts when I saw that Evermore and folklore were worked in their almost entirety or like in a very kind of total sense into the tour I was like how are people going to respond to that."

Zach's quote reflects his initial uncertainty about the live adaptation of the Evermore and folklore albums, which were known for their intimate sound.

Performance of "Ready For It"

  • Zach praises the intro video for "Ready For It" and the excitement it generates in the crowd.
  • He appreciates the use of shifting platforms during the reputation set.
  • Zach criticizes some of the choreography for being corny but acknowledges the challenges faced by the dancers due to the stage setup.

"I mean that intro video is something else I thought that we wouldn't be able to get better than the reputation tour intro video but when you're in that crowd and that hissing snake comes on everybody goes nuts."

This quote highlights the impact of the "Ready For It" intro video on the audience and its effectiveness in energizing the crowd following slower songs.

Performance of "Delicate"

  • Zach finds the performance of "Delicate" less interesting, both on the ARs tour and the reputation tour.
  • He suggests that the song's staging lacks the dynamic elements that other performances have.
  • Zach enjoys the crowd participation during "Delicate" but feels the visual aspects are only fully appreciated from certain viewpoints.

"Delicate surprisingly each time I saw it not that interesting and it wasn't that interesting on the reputation tour either."

The quote reflects Zach's consistent opinion that "Delicate" falls short in terms of live performance interest compared to other songs in the setlist.

Performance of "Don't Blame Me"

  • Zach is not a big fan of "Don't Blame Me," but acknowledges the song's powerful vocals and iconic moments.
  • He is not fully satisfied with its placement in the setlist.
  • Zach suggests that the transition into the song could be improved.

"Don't blame me don't blame me. I don't like don't blame me that much I don't dislike it. but it's just not a particularly interesting song to me."

This quote conveys Zach's lukewarm feelings toward "Don't Blame Me," despite recognizing some of its standout live performance elements.

Performance of "Look What You Made Me Do"

  • Zach highly rates "Look What You Made Me Do," placing it at the top of the reputation set.
  • He finds the song's performance compelling enough to carry the weight of the entire set.
  • Zach appreciates the song's theatrical elements and overall impact in the live setting.

"Interesting that I said reputation was the best set and yet only one song made it into the top. well it's just that good. it's just that good that it carries the whole d"

Zach's quote emphasizes the exceptional quality of "Look What You Made Me Do" within the reputation set, suggesting it stands out significantly from the rest.

Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" Performance

  • Zach is impressed by Taylor Swift's live performance of "Look What You Made Me Do" during her Reputation tour.
  • He appreciates the energy, command of the stage, and the emotional intensity Taylor brings to the performance.
  • Zach notes that Swift had initially appeared embarrassed by the "Old Taylor" lyric but grew into the persona.
  • He criticizes the choice of having Tiffany Haddish on screen during the tour, questioning her relevance to the album.
  • The staging of the performance, with Swift interacting with past versions of herself, is highlighted as powerful and transformative for Zach.

"Look what you made me do live I mean come on the way that she did it on the reputation tour to me was a not fair homage to the the absolute incredibleness of the song and the way that it just serves and gags and scares and intimidates the audience."

This quote conveys Zach's enthusiasm for the live rendition of "Look What You Made Me Do," praising it as a tribute to the song's impact.

Taylor Swift's Connection with Fans

  • Taylor Swift's tradition of giving her hat to a little girl at concerts is seen as a symbolic gesture connecting with her younger self.
  • Zach views this act as a canonical part of Swift's concerts, reflecting the previously more accessible fan experiences like Loft 89 or Rep Room.
  • He believes that these moments of fan interaction are crucial to Swifty culture and represent the possibility of dreams coming true for fans.

"Taylor giving her hat to a little girl every single night I think is so canonical and we don't have Loft 89 or you know rep room or the club red we don't have those moments where fans get to go backstage and meet Taylor anymore."

The quote emphasizes the significance of Taylor Swift's interaction with fans during her concerts, particularly the giving of her hat to a little girl, as a memorable and cherished tradition.

Choreography and Song Arrangements

  • Zach criticizes the choreography for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," describing it as clunky and out of sync.
  • He suggests a mashup of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble" to improve the set.
  • The use of smoke machines and interaction with dancers during "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is praised.
  • The instrumental arrangement of "Look What You Made Me Do" is described as improved, with a heavy metal guitar enhancing the live performance.

"We are never ever getting back together actually know it has to go into well right then for the choreography this is one of the worst choreography moments in the show this choreo whatever they're doing here it looks bad."

This quote reflects Zach's disappointment with the choreography during the performance of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," suggesting it negatively impacts the overall quality of the show.

Emotional Impact of "All Too Well 10"

  • "All Too Well 10" is described as an emotionally stirring performance that reflects on Taylor Swift's artistry and the meaning of her music to fans.
  • Zach shares that hearing the song live is a transformative experience, leading to a sense of unity among Swift's fans.
  • The performance is seen as a feat of endurance and emotional expression, with Swift delivering it flawlessly each night.

"Every single time I heard all too well 10 live it stopped me in my godamn tracks and it made me genuinely emotional."

Zach's quote captures the profound emotional response elicited by Taylor Swift's live performance of "All Too Well 10," highlighting its significance to both the artist and the audience.

"Folklore" Era Performances

  • The "Folklore" segment is noted as the longest part of the show, with high production value and attention to detail.
  • Zach appreciates the thematic continuity between songs like "August" and "Illicit Affairs."
  • The staging for "The Last Great American Dynasty" is described as cute but potentially excessive in length.
  • "August" is praised for its visuals and Taylor's engagement with the performance.
  • "Illicit Affairs" is highlighted as a standout moment, though brief, with a desire expressed for a full acoustic version.

"The one the one the one the one I'm going to put the one in magnifi do you know what I think is so funny how everybody just goes absolutely crazy for you meet some woman on the internet and take her home."

This quote illustrates Zach's amusement at the audience's reaction to a specific line in "The One" and his overall approval of the song's placement in the setlist.

Reflections on "My Tears Ricochet"

  • Zach shares a personal anecdote of taking a bathroom break during "My Tears Ricochet" but acknowledges the song's emotional depth and significance.
  • "My Tears Ricochet" is seen as the heart of the "Eras Tour," symbolizing Swift's defiance against Scooter Braun.
  • The performance is described as heartfelt and impactful, resonating with both Zach and his father.

"My tears Ricochet is kind of the Beating Heart of the earos. Tor if you think about it because the eror is the ultimate Fu to scooter Brawn."

The quote connects the emotional weight of "My Tears Ricochet" to the broader narrative of Taylor Swift's career and her public disputes, emphasizing the song's importance within the tour.

Emotional Connection to Music

  • Taylor Swift's song "my tears ricochet" is deeply personal and vulnerable, reflecting on the theft of her life's work.
  • The emotional resonance of the song is amplified when performed live, particularly the line "I didn't have it in myself to go with grace."
  • Taylor's performance is described as dramatic, embodying anger and a sense of re-experiencing the pain.

"my tears ricochet is one of her most vulnerable songs because it's about this specific topic that is so close to her heart."

The quote emphasizes the personal significance of the song "my tears ricochet" to Taylor Swift, highlighting its vulnerability and connection to her personal struggles.

Performance and Staging

  • The choreography for "my tears ricochet" is understated but necessary for the song's lengthy performance.
  • The visual elements, such as water visuals, add to the performance's impact.
  • The energy during "cardigan" seems to dip, possibly due to its slower tempo and placement in the setlist.

"she's giving face the entire time she's giving angry. she's giving I'm feeling this all over again for the first time and that's the best kind of performance also the like water visuals behind it are really cool."

This quote describes Taylor Swift's intense emotional expression during the performance of "my tears ricochet," as well as the effective use of visuals that complement the song.

Song Analysis and Ranking

  • "style" is praised as the best pop song on the album "1989" but is criticized for not being performed in full.
  • "blank space" has a unique staging with bikes and neon, but its choreography is questioned.
  • "shake it off" is described as immensely fun, although the choreography does not meet expectations.
  • The surprise songs segment is highlighted as a pivotal experience for concert-goers.
  • "Wildest Dreams" is criticized for repetitive bridge and failure to perform the song fully.
  • "bad blood" is fun, with effective staging and choreography, but does not rank highest.
  • The "speak now" segment is emotionally significant and includes fan service with the song "Long Live."
  • The energy of the show fluctuates, with some songs causing a dip in excitement.
  • The song "vigilante" is considered a low point, while "Mastermind" is highly praised for its staging and choreography.

"so let's start with style um hello the LOF the only thing about style the only criticism that I have about style is that it is not given the full treatment that it deserves."

This quote criticizes the incomplete live performance of "style," suggesting that it deserves a more comprehensive rendition.

Personal Reflections and Concert Experience

  • The speaker shares their personal connection to the "speak now" era and the emotional impact of the songs performed from that album.
  • The speaker enjoys the element of surprise in the concerts and the special moments created for fans.
  • There is an acknowledgment of the physical and emotional fatigue that can come with attending a concert, especially after high-energy segments.
  • The speaker expresses preferences for certain songs and performances, revealing a subjective ranking that balances personal taste with perceived iconic moments.

"the speak now part of the set is so special to me because this is the part of my tenure as a Swifty where I remember being the most delusionally handart like she could do no wrong everything she did was perfect to me."

This quote conveys the speaker's deep emotional connection to the "speak now" era of Taylor Swift's music and how it resonates with their personal life experiences.

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