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In this episode, the host shares his transformative experiences with masterminds, emphasizing the high ROI from investing in proximity and education. He recounts joining Russell Brunson's inner circle, which shifted his focus from running gyms to teaching others how to do so, leading to the creation of his gym launch service. The host highlights the concepts of clarity, conviction, and community gained from these gatherings, which fueled his rapid business growth. He advises listeners to invest in learning and to seek environments that challenge and inspire, underscoring that the knowledge and networks obtained from higher-level masterminds can dramatically accelerate success. The host's personal growth and business expansion serve as a testament to the power of strategic investment in self-education and surrounding oneself with achievers.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Speaker A's Journey

  • Speaker A reflects on their personal and professional growth journey.
  • They recount the impact of two in-person mastermind experiences on their life.
  • Speaker A emphasizes the high return on investment (ROI) from these decisions.

He pulled me aside after my presentation. It was like, if what you're saying is true, you've got a hundred million dollar company.

This quote highlights a significant moment of recognition and validation for Speaker A from an influential figure, suggesting that their ideas have substantial value.

The Importance of Mastermind Experiences

  • Speaker A discusses the transformative effect of joining Russell's inner circle.
  • They describe their background as a gym owner and their desire for change.
  • The decision to join the mastermind was based on an inspiring encounter at an event.

And both of them were in person mastermind experiences.

Speaker A attributes their most impactful life experiences to participating in mastermind groups, which provided a platform for personal and professional development.

Decision to Join Russell's Inner Circle

  • Speaker A was in a challenging phase of life, feeling disconnected despite business success.
  • They were impressed by Russell's presentation skills and sought to work with him.
  • Joining the mastermind required a significant financial investment for Speaker A.

I decided to join Russell's inner circle.

Speaker A made a conscious choice to be part of an exclusive group led by a mentor they admired, Russell, indicating a turning point in their career path.

The Impact of Recognition and Advice

  • Speaker A felt validated when Russell complimented their skills.
  • Russell suggested a pivot in Speaker A's career, from running gyms to teaching others to run gyms.
  • This advice led to a fundamental shift in Speaker A's business focus.

I think you have a level ten skill set and a level two opportunity.

Russell's observation that Speaker A's talent exceeded the opportunities they were pursuing, prompted a strategic reevaluation of their business model.

The Power of Community and Networking

  • Speaker A gained clarity, conviction, and community from the mastermind event.
  • Interacting with successful peers provided the confidence to pursue greater goals.
  • They actively networked within the group, offering help without expecting anything in return.

Clarity, conviction, and community.

These three C's encapsulate the benefits Speaker A received from the mastermind experience: a clear direction, belief in their ability to succeed, and a supportive network.

Early Entrepreneurial Experience

  • The speaker recounts a defining moment in their entrepreneurial journey during their initial involvement in a peer group.
  • They experienced goodwill and support from group members, which was instrumental in overcoming challenges.
  • This early experience laid the foundation for their entrepreneurial mindset.

"goodwill from everyone else in the group, and then later, as I would get stuck at different points, I knew what they were good at. And then I'd reach out and they were like, yeah, dude, for sure. And they'd hop on and they'd help me get on stuff."

The quote illustrates the importance of community support and leveraging the strengths of others to overcome obstacles in entrepreneurship. It highlights the speaker's proactive approach to problem-solving by reaching out for help.

Growth and Scaling of Business

  • The speaker describes a significant growth phase of their business, transitioning from a "done for you" to a "done with you" service model.
  • This change led to a rapid increase in revenue, with the business earning around $400,000 per month.
  • The speaker attributes part of this success to the pivot in their service delivery model.

"The next one is after we kind of executed some of the first things after being in that group. I think it was probably nine months later, we were doing probably 400,000 a month ish."

This quote indicates a milestone in the speaker's business journey, where they saw substantial financial success within a relatively short period after their initial entrepreneurial experiences.

Pirates Cove Mastermind Impact

  • The speaker was invited to an exclusive mastermind event, despite not meeting the typical financial criteria for attendees.
  • The event was a pivotal moment, providing exposure to high-level entrepreneurs and valuable insights.
  • The speaker presented their business and future plans, receiving positive feedback and an ambitious valuation from a successful entrepreneur.

"And when I got there, it was invite only. It was $10,000, and the only people invited were doing eight figures or more."

This quote emphasizes the exclusivity and high caliber of the mastermind event, which was a significant opportunity for the speaker to learn from and network with top entrepreneurs.

Pressure to Scale and Insecurity

  • After receiving feedback at the mastermind event, the speaker felt immense pressure to scale the business rapidly.
  • They experienced insecurity about the potential for competitors to overtake their business if they did not expand quickly.
  • This led to a focused effort on scaling, including attending multiple masterminds to gain knowledge in various business areas.

"And he's like, you need to scale up extremely fast, or someone is going to take everything you have and claim it for themselves."

The quote captures the urgency and fear that the speaker felt regarding the need to scale their business to protect and capitalize on their success.

Exponential Business Growth

  • The speaker details the aggressive growth trajectory of their business following the mastermind event.
  • They describe a period of rapid revenue increase over six months, reaching milestones up to $1.5 million a month.
  • This growth was fueled by the application of knowledge acquired from various masterminds.

"Literally, that was the growth curve. I mean, that was all in a six month. It was nuts. It was insane."

The quote highlights the remarkable and swift growth of the speaker's business, emphasizing the extraordinary results achieved in a very short timeframe.

Value of Live Events and the Three C's

  • The speaker reflects on the importance of live events and the concept of the "three C's": Conviction, Clarity, and Community.
  • They believe that these elements are crucial for entrepreneurs to gain from events, as they provide motivation, direction, and support.
  • The speaker applies these principles to their own events, aiming to create a similar transformative experience for attendees.

"I try and try and think about those three c's, is how can I recreate, and if you're doing stuff for your clients, how can I recreate those three c's, how can I recreate conviction, clarity, and community?"

This quote shows the speaker's commitment to replicating the powerful impact of their own experiences by fostering conviction, clarity, and community in the events they organize.

High ROI from Investing in Information

  • The speaker asserts that the highest return on investment (ROI) they have achieved has been from spending money on information.
  • They continue to invest in courses and knowledge, which consistently yields valuable insights and benefits.
  • The speaker encourages other entrepreneurs to recognize the value of acquiring information as a key to business growth.

"The highest ROI has been buying information."

This succinct quote conveys the speaker's strong belief in the value of investing in knowledge and information as the most profitable investment for their business.

Podcast Monetization Philosophy

  • The host does not run ads or sell anything on the podcast.
  • The host's request to listeners is to help spread the word about the podcast.
  • The aim is to assist entrepreneurs in making more money and improving their businesses.

And I think part of that, it means you have to do stuff. We. Real quick, guys, you guys already know that I don't run any ads on this, and I don't sell anything.

This quote explains the host's approach to monetizing the podcast, which is non-traditional as they do not use ads or sell products. The focus is on action and spreading the message to support entrepreneurs.

Importance of Reviews and Sharing

  • Reviews and sharing the podcast can help reach more entrepreneurs.
  • The host believes that listeners' actions can significantly impact others.

So the single thing that I ask you to do is you can just leave a review. It'll take you 10 seconds or one type of the thumb. It would mean the absolute world to, and more importantly, it may change the world for someone else.

The quote emphasizes the importance and ease of leaving a review, highlighting the potential broader impact on the entrepreneurial community.

Entrepreneurial Challenges and Investments

  • A woman reached out to the host about spending $100,000 on masterminds and courses without breaking the $500,000 a year mark.
  • The host reflects on the nature of investing in education and the importance of understanding the cumulative value of these investments.

But beyond that, I had a woman who reached out to me recently, and she said, I've wasted $100,000 on masterminds and courses, and I can't get past $500,000 a month online.

This quote introduces a real-world scenario where an entrepreneur feels that their investment in self-education has not paid off, which sets the stage for a broader discussion on the value of such investments.

The Concept of the "Full Stack" in Business Education

  • The host tries to provide a comprehensive "full stack" approach to business education.
  • The full stack includes lead generation, nurture, sales, fulfillment, scaling, delivery, and more.
  • Not all pieces of education come from the same source.

Now we try and do the full stack as much as humanly possible. Like the full stack, end to end of lead generation, nurture, sales, fulfillment, scaling, delivery, everything.

This quote describes the host's attempt to offer a complete end-to-end education for entrepreneurs, covering all aspects of running a business.

Building Skills from Various Sources

  • Success involves bridging the gap from one's current position to their goals.
  • Education is like building a bridge with bricks, where each brick represents a skill or piece of knowledge.
  • Skills such as writing headlines, creating ads, building funnels, and improving products may come from different educators.

And there's this bridge, and the bridge is made of these bricks, and each of those bricks is necessary, but you don't always get the bricks from the same people.

The quote uses the metaphor of a bridge to illustrate the process of acquiring various skills from different sources to achieve success.

Investing in Proximity

  • Proximity to successful individuals can provide clarity, conviction, and community support.
  • The host advocates for investing in proximity to accelerate learning and success.
  • Education, especially self-education, is seen as critical to progress.

Invest in proximity. I think it is. The single most powerful thing you can do is always try and buy your way into the next level.

This quote highlights the importance of being close to successful individuals and learning from them as a strategic investment in one's growth.

The Value of High-Level Masterminds

  • The host shares excitement about attending a mastermind with highly successful individuals.
  • Joining high-level groups is seen as a leap of faith that can lead to greater affordability of such opportunities in the future.
  • The host believes that there is always something valuable to learn from those who are more successful.

And now everybody there is at 100 million and a billion, and there's two guys that are at 50. And so we're going to be like the smallest cats in the room.

This quote conveys the host's enthusiasm about being part of a mastermind with highly successful entrepreneurs, indicating the potential for learning and growth.

Learning from Successful Individuals

  • Successful people are doing something well, which can be learned from.
  • The host encourages listeners to adopt a perspective of continuous investment in learning from those more successful.

Almost everybody who makes more money than you is doing something very well.

The quote suggests that financial success is an indicator of doing something effectively, and there is a learning opportunity in understanding what that is.

The Impact of Education and Networking

  • The host credits their current position to the people they've surrounded themselves with.
  • Investing in information is seen as a way to accelerate success and save time.
  • The host encourages listeners to take advantage of educational opportunities.

Because for me, it's been the biggest contribution to where we're at right now has been the people that we've been able to find and surround ourselves with.

The quote attributes the host's success to the influence and knowledge gained from their network, reinforcing the value of investing in relationships and education.

Learning from Others' Experience

  • Leveraging the experience of others can accelerate personal and professional growth.
  • Observing and applying the lessons learned from others' mistakes can minimize one's own failures.
  • Proximity to those with more experience is crucial for learning and improvement.

"everage five other people's 20 years of experience and then just apply their learnings, at the end of the day, you can either earn the learnings or you can pay for the learnings, but you have to have the principle or the belief set one way or another."

This quote emphasizes the value of learning from the experience of others rather than solely through personal trial and error. It suggests that acquiring knowledge can be done by direct experience or through others, but the important part is having a set of principles or beliefs to guide that learning.

The Importance of Proximity to Achievers

  • Being in the presence of those more skilled or knowledgeable can lead to significant personal growth.
  • Feeling out of place among more accomplished individuals can be a sign of being in the right environment for learning.
  • Listening and absorbing information in such environments is more valuable than speaking.

"I think proximity and learning from people who are better than you is by far, bar none, the best thing I've ever done."

The speaker highlights the unparalleled benefit of being close to and learning from individuals who are more accomplished than oneself.

Contributing Value to Others

  • Sharing expertise and knowledge can establish one as a valuable member of a community.
  • Providing value to others can lead to reciprocal benefits and the building of goodwill.
  • Engaging with a community by actively helping can lead to unexpected opportunities and assistance in return.

"I literally gave everything I knew. And at the time, I knew way more about sales than I did about marketing... they all got a lot of value, and they'd applied our sales processes and our tactics and how we scripted things out, and they started making money."

This quote illustrates the speaker's approach to sharing his specialized knowledge on sales with his peers, which added significant value to the community and was recognized by being voted the most valuable member.

The Power of Goodwill and Networks

  • Building goodwill by helping others can lead to support when facing challenges.
  • Expanding one's network through genuine contributions can provide leverage and accelerate growth.
  • The principle of reciprocity is strong among successful individuals who tend to be givers.

"I got so much leverage so quickly that I think that was how we went from zero, I mean, like figuratively $0 online to doing 10 million in collected cash in our first ten months."

The speaker attributes his rapid success to the leverage gained through goodwill and the networks he built by being generous with his knowledge and assistance.

Investment in Growth and Community

  • Investing in oneself by joining high-level groups can yield greater returns than traditional investments.
  • Being part of a community of achievers can lead to exponential growth and learning.
  • Taking the initiative to join such groups, even when it's a stretch financially, can be a pivotal decision for success.

"Don't try and buy some $50,000 house in Ohio to try and get $500 a month passive cash flow when you could take 50 grand, invest in two high level groups, and I guarantee you, you will make more than $500 a month."

The speaker advises that the potential returns from investing in personal growth and joining elite groups far outweigh the benefits of more conventional, small-scale investments.

Encouragement and Action

  • The speaker hopes to inspire at least one person to take action on an opportunity they might have otherwise passed up.
  • Execution within a high-level group can lead to achieving similar success as the group's members.
  • The speaker concludes with a message of encouragement and hints at exciting developments ahead.

"So, hopefully, one person listens to this and says, you know what? I'm going to pull the trigger on something that I wasn't otherwise going to."

The speaker expresses a desire to motivate listeners to take decisive action that could change their lives, reinforcing the message that being part of a successful community is a valuable step towards growth.

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