Now That We Don't Talk (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)

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In the latest episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Casier, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G delve into the Vault track "Now That We Don't Talk" from Swift's album "1989." They discuss the song's blend of upbeat music with poignant lyrics about post-breakup feelings and its place as the shortest song in Swift's discography. The hosts speculate on references to Harry Styles, touching on Swift's lyricism that captures the shift from shared intimacy to personal growth and the struggle to maintain a façade during a relationship. They also explore the relatability of Swift's experiences, from consulting with her mother to the changes in a partner post-breakup. The episode wraps up with a promotion for a Swift-themed giveaway exclusive to podcast listeners, emphasizing the importance of fan engagement and community.

Summary Notes

Introduction to "13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast"

  • The podcast is dedicated to Taylor Swift, her music, and her fans.
  • The hosts are Nick Adams, Anna, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • They discuss Taylor Swift's songs, Easter eggs, eras, and fan theories.

yay networks 13 has been my lucky number for a while like it's always a sign of good things to come for me this is 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song every Easter egg every era and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams Anna casier host Amy Nichols and Lacy G welcome to 13 a Taylor Swift fan podcast my name's Nick Adams I'm Anna Amy and I'm Lacy G

The quote introduces the podcast and its hosts, setting the stage for the detailed analysis of Taylor Swift's work they are about to undertake.

Discussion of "Now That We Don't Talk"

  • The hosts express their fondness for the song, a Vault track from the album "1989."
  • They highlight its popularity among themselves and within the fan community.
  • The song was one of the most streamed songs on Spotify for one of the hosts.
  • The track is noted for its blend of fun music and mixed feelings about a past relationship.
  • The hosts appreciate the song's sassiness and its status as the shortest song in Taylor Swift's discography.

we're going to be breaking down now that we don't talk I know you can't just say the title now that we don't talk so much so fan favorite this actually even though 199 Taylor version came out in October um this song was on my top five most stream songs of the year on my Spotify wrapped.

This quote emphasizes the song's significance to the hosts and its impact on their personal streaming habits.

Taylor Swift's Chart Achievements

  • The hosts discuss Taylor Swift's success on the Billboard charts.
  • "Now That We Don't Talk" ranked number two on the Billboard Hot 100 upon release.
  • Taylor Swift made history as the first living artist to chart five albums in the Billboard 200 top 10 simultaneously.
  • "Cruel Summer" is mentioned as a song that has remained popular.

when 1989 Taylor's version dropped the entire Vault made it to the Billboard Hot 100 now that we don't talk was at number two correct Amy another point for Amy Y and also as we record this um fun to share that a few days ago Taylor became the first living artist in history to simultaneously chart Five albums on the billboard uh 200 in the top 10 woohoo so the top in the top 10 albums she's half of that that's nuts that's insane.

This quote details Taylor Swift's impressive achievements on the Billboard charts, highlighting her widespread popularity and the success of her re-recorded album "1989."

Analysis of "Now That We Don't Talk" Lyrics

  • The hosts analyze the lyrics of "Now That We Don't Talk," discussing the narrative and emotional content.
  • They interpret the line about parting the crowd like the Red Sea and discuss its possible meanings.
  • Speculation arises about the song's references to Harry Styles, including the mention of his long hair and new icons.
  • The hosts consider how the lyrics might reflect changes in the subject's life, such as new tattoos or shifts in public image.

you went to a party I heard from everybody you part the crowd like the Red Sea don't even get me started I love that don't even get me started isn't it the worst when you hear from everybody about a party that you didn't go to I hate that.

This quote from the podcast delves into the emotional reaction triggered by hearing about an event one was not part of, and how it relates to the lyrics of the song being discussed.

Theories and Trivia

  • The hosts share trivia and theories about Taylor Swift's songs and their meanings.
  • They discuss the significance of certain lyrics and how fans interpret them as references to specific events in Taylor Swift's life.
  • The conversation includes speculation about the subject of the song and connections to other songs by Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

I do have um some tea on this um on that specific line fans say that this is likely alluding to Harry Styles flight home from the British Virgin Islands following their breakup this says at the start of 201 13 the pair had taken a New Year's holiday as a couple but an alleged argument kept the trip short it's understood that Taylor flew back to the us alone just 3 days after arriving Harry continued to stay on the British Virgin Islands for a while longer before news broke that they had called the time on their short-lived relationship.

The quote provides context and fan speculation about the inspiration behind specific lyrics in "Now That We Don't Talk," suggesting a link to Taylor Swift's past relationship with Harry Styles.

Personal Growth and Change

  • Individuals experience growth and change, which can occur independently of others.
  • Personal transformation can lead to shifts in relationships and social dynamics.
  • The significance of Harry Styles' actions post-breakup with Taylor Swift is discussed, hinting at personal change.

"Yeah, they are growing, they're changing and this person's growing and changing without Taylor."

The quote suggests that individuals, like Harry Styles, continue to evolve and change even when they are no longer in a relationship with someone, in this case, Taylor Swift.

Timing and Coincidence

  • The timing of events, such as Harry Styles shaving his head after the release of a song, can appear comical or coincidental.
  • Harry Styles' decision to shave his head is speculated to be related to a TV role, similar to a past instance for a film role.

"But it was very weird that this song came out, and then he shaved his head; the timing of it is comical."

This quote comments on the curious timing between the release of a song that may reference Harry Styles and his subsequent change in appearance, suggesting a possible though unconfirmed connection.

Sponsorship and Product Endorsement

  • The episode is sponsored by a travel bag company, Bass, which offers functional and fashionable luggage solutions.
  • The hosts discuss the practicality and aesthetic appeal of Bass travel bags, endorsing the product's features such as separate compartments and the ability to carry numerous items.

"Right now, Bass is offering our listeners 15% off your first purchase by visiting"

This quote serves as a direct promotion for the sponsor's product, offering listeners a discount and directing them to the company's website.

Nostalgia and Loss

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics express a longing for the past and the way things used to be in a relationship.
  • The emotional impact of change and the end of communication with a former partner is highlighted.

"I miss the old ways; you didn't have to change. But I guess I don't have a say now that we don't talk."

The quote reflects on the feelings of missing a past relationship and the changes that have occurred, emphasizing a sense of loss and lack of control over the situation.

Relationship Dynamics and Advice

  • The song lyrics discuss seeking advice from a mother during difficult times in a relationship.
  • The complexity of giving relationship advice is discussed, especially from a parent's perspective, considering the potential for reconciliation.

"As a mom, it is so tough to give advice when you don't want to say because there is a possibility if you say something trashy about the person that they just broke up with, they could get back together."

This quote captures the delicate balance a mother must maintain when offering advice to her child after a breakup, being mindful of the words chosen due to the uncertainty of the relationship's future.

Unspoken Relationship Rules

  • The song lyrics and discussion touch on the idea that showing too much interest in someone can make them less attracted to you.
  • The concept that people often desire what they cannot have is explored, particularly in the context of romantic relationships.

"Remind myself, the more I gave, you'd want me less."

The quote from the song lyrics suggests a dynamic where one partner feels that being too available or giving too much to the relationship may lead to a decrease in the other partner's interest.

Acceptance and Moving On

  • Taylor Swift's lyrics convey the process of coming to terms with a breakup and the realization that remaining friends may not be possible.
  • The importance of maintaining respect and civility post-breakup is acknowledged.

"So I guess that kind of insinuates that he was like attracted to her like mystery right at like at first... remind myself the more I gave you'd want me less."

This quote discusses the idea that mystery and unavailability might initially attract someone in a relationship, but over time, the allure can fade if one partner becomes too accessible.

Social Implications of Breakups

  • The song addresses the awkwardness of dealing with mutual friends after a breakup.
  • The difficulty in navigating social situations post-breakup, including what to tell friends about the relationship's end, is highlighted.

"What do you tell your friends we share din... it's platonic it just ended."

The quote from the song lyrics explores the challenge of explaining the end of a relationship to mutual friends, particularly when shared social experiences were involved.

Divorce and Social Encounters

  • Nick Adams discusses the awkwardness of encountering mutual friends post-divorce and being asked about his ex.
  • There is a curiosity about what narratives are shared with friends after a breakup.
  • The idea of being painted as the villain in the breakup story is brought up.

"I'm like girl we've been divorced for a long time now nice to see you. but you still have to answer those questions even if it's been a long time."

  • Nick Adams describes an awkward social situation where he has to explain his divorce to someone who is not up-to-date with his personal life.

"But what are you telling your friends how are you making me the villain in this situation because we both know you're the villain in the situation you know."

  • Nick Adams expresses concern over how he is being portrayed in the narrative his ex-partner may be sharing with friends.

Perception of Ex-Partners

  • The conversation touches on the tendency to label ex-partners with negative traits such as being "crazy."
  • The mention of "gaslighting" suggests manipulation and blame-shifting in relationships.

"It's like every time that a guy says that his ex is crazy it's like is she or I'm pretty sure that's more telling about you."

  • Anna points out that calling an ex "crazy" may reveal more about the person who uses the label than the ex-partner.

Breakup Dynamics

  • Amy Nichols discusses the dynamic where one partner fades away, forcing the other to initiate the breakup.
  • The emotional cost and consequences of the breakup are highlighted.

"Remind myself the way you faded till I left so that's giving me like uh the way you faded till I left almost like he's forcing her hand in this he's he's not giving but making her do the calling and do the breaking up because he's fading away."

  • Amy Nichols interprets the lyrics as one partner withdrawing, compelling the other to end the relationship.

Pretense in Relationships

  • Lacy G talks about the relief of no longer having to pretend to enjoy things post-breakup.
  • The conversation includes a specific reference to Taylor Swift's lyrics about not having to pretend to like "Acid Rock" and being on a yacht with important men.

"I don't have to pretend that I like Acid Rock or that I like to be on a mega yacht with important men who think important thoughts."

  • Lacy G quotes Taylor Swift's lyrics about the freedom of not having to pretend to enjoy certain things after a breakup.

Music Preferences and Identity

  • A discussion on how people often pretend to like certain music or activities to please their partners.
  • The conversation shifts to personal experiences with pretending to like things in past relationships.

"Besides Taylor Swift I don't really listen to country music and that says a lot because Taylor's like was doing country like way back when but I was in a relationship once where I pretended to like country music like would go to country concerts and like everything as soon as we broke up I never listen to another country song ever again besides Swift of course."

  • Amy Nichols shares her personal experience of pretending to like country music to fit in with a past partner's preferences.

Honesty and Personal Interests

  • The importance of being honest about one's interests in a relationship is emphasized.
  • There is a consensus that it's not worth pretending to like something just to impress a date or partner.

"I'm not going to a Mavs game like great seats and everything no that's just that's not me. I do not enjoy that I will not be fun there."

  • Lacy G expresses her honesty about not enjoying sports, despite being offered to attend a game with good seats.

Relationship Closure

  • The conversation ends with a reflection on how relationships sometimes end without closure.
  • The idea of becoming a "shrouded mystery" after a breakup is mentioned.

"But I guess this is how it has to be now that we don't talk. and I do love how it just ends like because sometimes your relationship just ends. and you don't get the closure you know you just don't get that."

  • Lacy G acknowledges the reality that not all relationships end with clear closure, and sometimes one must accept the end as it is.

Songwriting and Production Process

  • Nick Adams discusses the challenges of songwriting and production, specifically regarding the song "Now That We Don't Talk."
  • Despite being a favorite, the song was initially left behind because the production was not satisfactory at the end of the process.
  • The team had ample time to perfect the production in a subsequent attempt, achieving the desired sound.
  • Nick believes the song is short but impactful, effectively conveying its message within a limited timeframe.

"Now that we don't talk is one of my favorite songs that was left behind; it was so hard to leave it behind. But I think we wrote it a little bit towards the end of the process, and we couldn't get the production right at the time, but we had tons of time to perfect the production this time and figure out what we wanted the song to sound like."

The quote explains that "Now That We Don't Talk" was a song that was initially not included in a project due to production issues. However, given more time, they were able to refine the production to match their vision for the song.

Curiosity about Artistic Evolution

  • Anna expresses curiosity about the original production of "Now That We Don't Talk" before it was perfected.
  • She wonders how different the initial version sounded compared to the final product.
  • Anna also shows interest in hearing voice memos from Taylor Swift's songwriting process, specifically mentioning "IO Places."

"I'm curious as to what the production was back then, like I obviously she said she perfected it. But I want to hear what it was like when she wasn't happy with it, was it similar, was it completely different?"

Anna's quote reflects a desire to understand the evolution of a song's production from its initial, possibly flawed state, to its polished final form.

Taylor Swift’s Re-Recordings

  • Amy Nichols and Lacy G discuss Taylor Swift's re-recordings, with a specific focus on whether Blake Lively's child will participate in the new version of "Gorgeous."
  • They speculate on the importance of maintaining the original's charm by potentially featuring the same child, James, despite her being older now.
  • The conversation touches on the sentimental value and authenticity that comes with keeping the original participants in a re-recording.

"A lot of people have wondered whenever she uh whenever she redoes reputation if she's still going to have Blake Lively's kid on gorgeous."

The quote brings up the topic of authenticity in re-recordings, questioning whether using the same individuals who contributed to the original recording is crucial for preserving the song's essence.

Supporting Women in the Industry

  • Lacy G appreciates Blake Lively's post about the importance of women supporting each other, which contrasts with past attitudes of competition.
  • The discussion highlights how influential figures like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have fostered a supportive environment for women.
  • Lacy G criticizes the notion that Blake Lively's sense of humor is attributed to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, asserting her independent comedic identity.

"Blake goes on to talk about how and I agree with this we weren't always raised to support other women that a lot of times we were pitted against other women and now there's been this change and this shift in the world."

Lacy G's quote emphasizes the positive cultural shift towards women supporting each other in the entertainment industry, rather than competing, as was often encouraged in the past.

Celebrity Friendships and Humor

  • The hosts express admiration for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, sharing their desire to be friends with the couple.
  • They discuss the couples' sense of humor, shared interests, and the warmth of their friendship with Taylor Swift.
  • A humorous Photoshop of a photo with Taylor and Blake is mentioned, showcasing the playful nature of their relationship.

"I mean that's someone I truly want to be friends with I want to be friends with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds."

This quote reveals the hosts' personal admiration for the friendship and dynamic between Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Swift, expressing a wish to be part of their social circle.

Exclusive Podcast Giveaway

  • The hosts announce a "Swift Miss" giveaway exclusive to podcast listeners, avoiding social media promotion.
  • They encourage listeners to share the podcast on social media with a specific hashtag to enter the giveaway.
  • The mystery prize is emphasized, and the hosts note the positive response and engagement from the audience.

"I want to remind you guys about our fun little Swift Miss giveaway that we're doing... so here's the catch with this giveaway we are not posting about it on social media."

The quote introduces an exclusive giveaway for podcast listeners, fostering a sense of community and rewarding loyal fans with a chance to win a special item related to Taylor Swift.

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