"My INSANE, Rich, Google Exec Ex-Girlfriend Still StaIks Me..." Sam Hyde & David Lucas

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In this podcast, Sam Hy engages in a nostalgic conversation with his guest, reminiscing about early internet humor, viral videos, and the wild days of platforms like eBaum's World and WorldStarHipHop. They touch on the untimely deaths of internet personalities and the lack of monetization for viral content creators back then. The discussion veers into the realm of hypothetical battles with dangerous animals, highlighting the guest's humorous bravado and unconventional strategies. They also explore the dynamics of wealth and relationships, with the guest recounting tales of a wealthy ex-girlfriend's extravagant gestures and her connections to high-profile individuals. The conversation takes a turn as they delve into personal growth, reflecting on past anger issues and the transformative impact of having children, concluding with a sobering reminder of the potential dangers of unchecked aggression in public settings.

Summary Notes

Introduction to Sam Hy's Podcast

  • Sam Hy's podcast has been watched by the guest since high school.
  • The guest was introduced to the podcast by his cousins.

"Sam Hy got me on his podcast I think I've been watching this since I was in high school it's awesome."

The guest expresses enthusiasm about being on Sam Hy's podcast, which he has followed since his high school days.

Influence of Early Internet Culture

  • The guest reminisces about early internet platforms like eBaum's World.
  • "Weird ass cousins" introduced the guest to various internet phenomena.
  • The guest reflects on the different types of content and creators from the past.

"My weird ass cousins put me on to him, all them that new eBaum's World and all that."

The guest's cousins played a significant role in exposing him to early internet culture and content.

Nostalgia for Viral Internet Videos

  • The guest and Sam Hy discuss viral videos from their youth.
  • They mention specific videos such as "I'm the Juggernaut" and "Unforgivable."
  • The guest notes the death of the "Unforgivable" video creator.

"I think it was middle school and high school, high school probably like 10th or 11th grade was that uh that black boy in the woods telling unforgivable."

The guest recalls a viral video that was popular during his middle and high school years.

Evolution of Online Video Content

  • The guest observes the changing nature of viral video content over the years.
  • They compare the current video landscape to that of 15 years ago.
  • The guest and Sam Hy express nostalgia for the "good old days of YouTube."

"These videos back then were different; this was a different era you, they don't have this anymore."

The guest comments on how viral video content has evolved and differs from what it used to be.

WorldStarHipHop and the Changing Digital Landscape

  • The guest discusses his history with WorldStarHipHop.
  • They reflect on the site's influence and how it served as a source of news during high school.
  • The guest mentions the untimely death of WorldStarHipHop's founder.

"That was my news, that was my High School News live."

The guest emphasizes the importance of WorldStarHipHop as a news source during his high school years.

Reflections on Celebrity Incidents

  • The guest humorously speculates on Puff Daddy's involvement in various events.
  • They discuss a strange encounter with someone who had to cut out a brown recluse spider bite.
  • The conversation touches on the fear and fascination surrounding spider bites.

"Puff Daddy. []. [] killed me my ass."

The guest makes a light-hearted comment about not believing he would die from a heart attack and jokingly implicates Puff Daddy.

Spider Bite Videos and Internet Oddities

  • The guest talks about a person who intentionally gets bitten by spiders to prove they're not deadly.
  • They discuss the eccentric nature of the content and the people who create it.
  • The conversation turns to a specific spider whose bite supposedly causes erections.

"There's a dude who gets bit by spiders on purpose. Yeah, to show that nobody dies from spider bites."

The guest describes an individual who creates content by getting bitten by spiders to demonstrate their non-lethality.

The Future of Shock Content Creators

  • The guest and Sam Hy speculate on the sustainability of content based on shock value.
  • They joke about content creators running out of ideas and having to recycle content.
  • The discussion includes absurd hypothetical scenarios for shock content.

"What do you do on YouTube once you run out of [__] to bite you?"

The guest questions the longevity of content creation that relies on shock value and what creators might do when they run out of ideas.

Hypothetical Battles and Stunts for Money

  • The guest ponders whether they would engage in dangerous stunts for large sums of money.
  • They specifically discuss battling a gorilla and the conditions under which they would consider it.

"Would you battle a gorilla for 20 mil?"

The guest considers the idea of fighting a gorilla as a hypothetical scenario for earning money.

Discussion on Surviving Animal Encounters

  • The conversation opens with a hypothetical scenario of fighting a gorilla with protective gear.
  • Participants humorously discuss the effectiveness of football gear against a gorilla.
  • They suggest that a gorilla might not know how to react to unfamiliar stimuli like football helmets or steel-toed boots.
  • The discussion shifts to comparing encounters with a gorilla versus a grizzly bear.
  • There's a consensus that a grizzly bear's claws would be more dangerous than a gorilla.
  • They joke about using football tactics to take on a gorilla.

"For 20 mil, give me some welder gloves, uh, that go all the way up to my elbows, and give me some football pads and a machete. And I'm Gucci."

  • This quote highlights the speaker's confidence in taking on a gorilla with the mentioned protective gear for a large sum of money.

"Do they do your hands, your balls, and then your eyes? That's why I said welder gloves. That's like chimpanzees, though, I think."

  • The speaker is discussing the attack patterns of primates and the necessity for protective gloves.

"You would need groin protection, though, just in case. Yeah, give me a cup."

  • This quote emphasizes the need for groin protection when hypothetically fighting a gorilla.

"The machete's going right through that sharp. A gorilla has never been hit by a helmet before."

  • The speaker is suggesting that a gorilla would be surprised by an attack with a machete and a helmet.

"Would you rather take your chance with a gorilla or a grizzly bear? Do I just have to survive?"

  • The discussion is about which animal would be preferable to face in a survival scenario.

"I think a grizzly bear would be slashing you, them claws, they going straight through that helmet."

  • The speaker believes that a grizzly bear's claws would easily penetrate a helmet, making it a more dangerous opponent than a gorilla.

"Give me some Ray-Bans, double brushed suit. Yeah. Hollywood glasses, some cowboy boots."

  • The speaker humorously adds to the list of gear they would want to wear in the hypothetical scenario.

"Has a gorilla ever had their foot stepped on? No, exactly. Y'all see what I'm talking about, like, they're not ready for that awkward pain."

  • The speaker is suggesting that stepping on a gorilla's foot with steel-toed boots might be an effective defense because it's an unexpected type of pain for the animal.

"I'm going to get low and put my helmet right in his numbers. Yes, put your head in the Bread Basket, stay low, keep your hips up, low to the ground, and drive."

  • The speaker is discussing using football tackling techniques as a strategy to fight a gorilla.

Discussion on Dangerous Sharks

  • The conversation transitions to discussing the most dangerous types of sharks.
  • They express a belief that sharks appear unintelligent.
  • The discussion includes a mention of bull sharks and tiger sharks as dangerous species.
  • They briefly touch upon the effectiveness of fighting back against a shark by targeting its eyes.

"Will you see that you got good chances just punching a shark, sticking your thumbs in his eyes."

  • The speaker suggests that in an encounter with a shark, attacking its eyes could be a viable defense strategy.

"I think tiger sharks are the most deadly, are they? Tiger sharks do the most; it's between a tiger or a moo. I think who kills the most."

  • The participants are unsure which species of shark is the most dangerous but speculate on tiger sharks.

"Bull sharks are the most, bull shark and tiger shark."

  • The speaker clarifies that bull sharks and tiger sharks are considered among the most dangerous to humans.

Discussion on Controversial Book

  • The conversation shifts to discussing a book one of the speakers has written.
  • The book is mentioned to contain controversial content with a provocative title.
  • They discuss the sales figures and the criteria for becoming a bestseller.
  • The conversation includes a mention of the author's encounters with the FBI due to the book's content.

"How to bomb the US, you wrote that book."

  • The speaker mentions a controversial book written by one of the participants.

"It would be a bestseller if the New York Times wasn't a uh, one of those."

  • The speaker implies that the book could have been a bestseller if not for certain unspecified obstacles.

"We sold a fuckload of these. I mean, 6,000 Book Sales is a lot, especially for an expensive like coffee table book type deal."

  • The speaker is proud of the sales figures for the controversial book they published.

"Here's the thing, when you strap a C4 to a woman, she sweats a ton, and she's the best thing to do is like look in her eyes when she's praying."

  • This quote references a disturbing and provocative topic discussed within the book.

"The shooter Meme got me some FBI visits."

  • The speaker mentions that the content of the book led to visits from the FBI.

"Trying to think what the craziest thing, Julian Assange guys calling me, that was fun."

  • The speaker recalls receiving a call from associates of Julian Assange, suggesting the notoriety of the book's content.

Personal Encounters and Self-Defense Strategies

  • Discussing past encounters with eccentric individuals, but no serious trouble experienced.
  • Strategies for fighting someone with a reach and height advantage, emphasizing the need to close the distance and use one's weight effectively.
  • The importance of a wrestling background in grappling and controlling an opponent.
  • An anecdote about a wrestling match where the speaker was bitten, leading to their loss.

"I know where to get him if I had to fight him. I know your weak spots already, dog."

  • This quote reveals the speaker's confidence in knowing how to exploit an opponent's vulnerabilities in a fight.

"If you're a bigger person, you have to just go ahead and rush him, you have to close that distance."

  • The speaker is giving advice on how to approach a fight with someone taller, suggesting that reducing the space between the fighters is crucial.

"I wrestled bro. I was a great wrestler. I was a state contender."

  • The speaker shares their background in wrestling, indicating a level of expertise and experience in physical combat.

"He bit me to win, son of a [__]."

  • The speaker recounts a specific incident during a wrestling match where they were bitten, which led to their defeat.

Strength and Fighting Tactics

  • The concept of "fat strength" and its effectiveness in a fight.
  • The impact of heavy hands in a fight, even when the opponent is guarding.
  • The speaker's belief in the inherent advantage of being "fat strong" and the potential damage such individuals can inflict.

"You don't want to [__] with people who are fat strong."

  • The speaker warns about underestimating individuals who may not look conventionally strong but possess significant power.

"Fat fat strong is a real thing."

  • The speaker affirms the legitimacy of "fat strength" as an attribute in physical confrontations.

Past Fighting Experiences

  • The speaker's history of getting into fights, particularly after moving to Los Angeles and during childhood in Georgia.
  • Childhood activities in Georgia involved physical play and fighting for entertainment, influenced by the lack of internet and encouragement to play outside.

"I used to get into a lot of fights when I first moved to LA."

  • The speaker reflects on their past, indicating a period of frequent physical altercations after relocating to Los Angeles.

"It's [__] WrestleMania like for real just trying to kill each other."

  • The speaker compares their childhood play-fighting to wrestling entertainment, highlighting the intensity and roughness of their games.

Preferences in Women and Relationships

  • The speaker expresses a preference for a specific type of woman, contrasting with the diversity of women in Miami.
  • An anecdote about a relationship with a Ukrainian woman who is an executive at Google.
  • The speaker's unique approach to dating women who are wealthy and the dynamics of power and intimidation in such relationships.

"I like the girls [__] whiter than white out."

  • The speaker states their personal preference for very fair-skinned women, indicating a specific type.

"She's a [] executive at [] Google."

  • The speaker mentions the professional status of a woman they were involved with, highlighting her success and wealth.

"My approach to her was totally different."

  • The speaker describes how they interacted with the wealthy woman they dated in a manner that was distinct from how most men would.

Material Offers and Relationship Dynamics

  • Discussion of a wealthy ex-girlfriend who attempted to win the speaker back by offering material possessions, including a house.
  • The speaker reflects on the motivations and behavior of wealthy individuals in romantic pursuits.

"She just offered me a whole house."

  • The speaker reveals an instance where an ex-girlfriend tried to use material wealth as a means to rekindle their relationship.

Relationship and Living Arrangements

  • The speaker is considering the benefits of living without a mortgage or rent but is concerned about the negative aspects of living with a particular individual.
  • The individual in question is described as "crazy" and potentially violent.
  • The speaker acknowledges a preference for dating multiple women, which would be incompatible with the individual's expectations.

"Yes, the problem is she's crazy... I like multiple women. So it's like she ain't going for that."

This quote indicates the speaker's perception of the individual's mental state and the conflict with the speaker's dating preferences.

Martial Arts and Firearms Expertise

  • The individual is highly skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is also an accomplished shooter.
  • The speaker expresses concern about the potential for violence, especially given the individual's combat skills and shooting ability.

"She knows how to fight; she's like a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu... she shoots better than me."

This quote outlines the individual's martial arts and shooting skills, highlighting the speaker's concerns about her capabilities.

Material Gifts and Relationships

  • The speaker discusses receiving expensive gifts from the individual, including a competition-grade pistol and a luxury vehicle.
  • The gifts seem to be a source of concern for the speaker, who is wary of the implications and potential for danger.

"She bought me one and this [__] can shoot... she bought me a Range Rover two years ago."

The quote reveals the nature of the gifts given to the speaker, indicating the individual's financial capacity and the speaker's unease.

Celebrity Relationships and Speculations

  • The individual has a history with celebrities, including a past relationship with a high-profile individual.
  • The speaker and the individual speculate about the sexual orientation and past behaviors of Marlon Brando.
  • There is confusion about the identity of the individual's ex, with names like Marlon Brando and James Franco mentioned.

"Guess who her ex is... Marlon Brando... it's James Franco."

This quote shows the speaker's attempt to guess the identity of the individual's ex-partner and the surprise at the revelation.

Privacy Invasion and Trust Issues

  • The speaker recounts an incident where the individual gave him a Tile tracking device as a gift, which was secretly activated to track his movements.
  • This incident reflects a lack of trust and privacy concerns in their relationship.

"The first Christmas she bought me all these gadgets... so it was this thing, it goes inside your wallet... she was tracking me."

The quote describes the gift of a tracking device and the subsequent discovery that it was being used to monitor the speaker's location.

Body Image and Social Dynamics

  • The speaker uses humor about his wife's weight to connect with construction workers, suggesting that it helps him gain their camaraderie.
  • The speaker acknowledges that these jokes are fabrications and are part of his social strategy on the construction site.

"I'm building a house, and the construction workers... I always say that my wife's a big fat [__]."

This quote illustrates the speaker's use of humor as a social tool to relate to construction workers and establish rapport.

Personal Growth and Family Life

  • The speaker reflects on the positive impact of having children, noting that it has added substance to his life and helped calm his anger issues.
  • There is a recognition of the dangers of uncontrolled anger, as it has previously led to a violent encounter.

"There's something about having a kid, bro... they calm me down a lot. I used to have real bad anger issues."

This quote conveys the speaker's personal growth and the stabilizing effect that having children has had on his temperament.

The Dangers of Anger and Violence

  • The speaker shares a personal experience of being attacked due to an inability to control temper.
  • There is an acknowledgment of the risks involved in confrontations, especially when others may have hidden skills or weapons.

"I got jumped by these Hispanic dudes in LA just because I can't control my temper... you never know what somebody has."

The quote provides a personal anecdote that serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of unchecked anger and the unpredictability of violent encounters.

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