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In her final video before the release of "Tortured Poets Department," Rachel engages her audience with a "Most Likely To" game, predicting various aspects of the album's tracks. She anticipates "Clara Bow" and "Fresh Out the Slammer" to be on repeat, speculates about explicit bonus tracks, and considers "So Long London" and "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" as potential tearjerkers. Rachel speculates on the lead single, with "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" as a strong contender. She also discusses fan favorites, potential setlist additions, and songs with impactful lyrics and bridges. Rachel encourages her viewers to share their predictions and excitement for the album, which is especially meaningful as it's her first new Taylor Swift album experience in her new apartment.

Summary Notes

Final Album Predictions

  • Rachel is making her last video prediction about the "Tortured Poets Department" album before its release.
  • She introduces a game of "most likely to" based on questions from her community page about the songs on the album.
  • Rachel predicts which songs from the album will be on repeat, which bonus track might be explicit, the saddest song, and the lead single.

I can't believe this is the last time I'm going to be sitting down filming a video before the tortured poets Department comes out like Vlogs yes sitting down to film a video this is the last one this is it.

Rachel expresses disbelief that this is her final video discussing the album before its release.

I thought to kind of you know before the album comes out one final kind of prediction one kind of final guess is to play a little game of most likely to so I asked you guys on my Community page to send me some most likely two questions and to have them about the songs on tortured poet's department and let me tell you you guys asked some incredible questions.

Rachel explains the premise of her final prediction video, which involves a game based on community questions about the album's songs.

Song Predictions

  • "Clara Bow," "The Alchemy," and "Fresh Out the Slammer" are predicted to be songs that will stay on repeat.
  • Among the bonus tracks, "The Black Dog" is guessed to be the most likely to be explicit.
  • "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me," written solely by Taylor Swift, is predicted to be the saddest song.
  • "So Long London" is anticipated to be emotionally impactful due to its narrative of moving for a disliked person.

most likely to stay on repeat I think it's going to be for me. Clara Bow the Alchemy and fresh out the slammer

Rachel predicts these songs will be the ones she plays repeatedly.

most likely bonus track to be explicit so we don't know if the bonus tracks are explicit. yet. but I think out of the manuscript the albatross the Bolter and the black dog if I had to guess I would say the black dog just sounds like it could be quite vicious

Rachel speculates on which bonus track might contain explicit content, guessing "The Black Dog."

most likely to be the saddest song on the album um so Taylor Swift Taylor Swift wrote all by herself the songwriting credits came out the other day and all by herself Taylor Swift did in fact write um who's afraid of little old me.

Rachel shares her prediction for the album's saddest song, highlighting that Taylor Swift wrote it by herself.

Lead Single Prediction

  • Rachel had no prior idea about the lead single until a recent event.
  • A Spotify popup shop event at the Grove in LA hinted at the potential lead single.

most likely to be the lead. single. so I didn't have an idea about this until earlier so the Spotify popup shop happened and it's going on in La at the Grove

Rachel discusses how a Spotify event influenced her prediction for the album's lead single.

Album Track Speculation

  • Rachel discusses the potential lead track of an album based on a leaked track list.
  • She considers "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" as a likely lead single using "Swifty logic" and Taylor Swift's penchant for Easter eggs.
  • "Fresh Out The Slammer" and "Fortnite with Post Malone" are also seen as potential lead singles due to their anticipated popularity and collaboration.

"Number three is my boy only breaks his favorite toys and I really think that might be the lead or I could also see Fresh Out The Slammer being the lead but I could also see fortnite with post Malone being the lead because I know like that's a collaboration that like you know we're highly anticipating and that could be like an absolute Bop."

Rachel is speculating on which song from a leaked track list might be the lead single for an album, considering factors like collaborations and fan anticipation.

Song Predictions

  • Rachel predicts "Guilty as Sin" to be an upbeat song.
  • She expects "Fresh Out The Slammer" to become a new fan favorite.
  • "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" and "But Daddy I Love Him" are mentioned as potential standout tracks.
  • "But Daddy I Love Him" is noted as the third longest song by Taylor Swift, following "All Too Well" and "Dear John."

"Guilty is sin for this one most likely to be an upbeat song I'm going to go with fresh out the slammer most likely to be a new fan favorite."

Rachel predicts the tone and potential popularity of the songs "Guilty as Sin" and "Fresh Out The Slammer" from their titles and context within Taylor Swift's discography.

Set List Inclusion

  • Rachel doubts that the new songs will be regularly added to the set list.
  • She suggests that Taylor Swift might play them as surprise songs during shows.
  • "Why Am I Just Like Favoriting Fresh Out The Slammer" is a phrase that indicates Rachel's personal preference for this song.

"Most likely to be added to the set list if any I don't think that she's going to add them to the set list I think she'll play them a lot as surprise songs."

Rachel shares her thoughts on how Taylor Swift might incorporate new songs into her live performances, leaning towards them being occasional surprise additions rather than set list staples.

Explicit Lyrics Prediction

  • Rachel discusses which songs might contain the most curse words.
  • She lists several songs that are eligible for this prediction, excluding bonus tracks.
  • "The Tortured Poets Department," "Down Bad," "But Daddy I Love Him," "Florida Love of My Life," "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart," and "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" are considered.
  • Rachel predicts "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" to be the song with the most explicit lyrics.

"The songs that are eligible for this that we know of not including the bonus tracks the tortured poets department. down bad. but daddy I love him Florida love of my life I can do it with a broken heart the smallest man who ever lived for this one I think I'm going to have to go with uh the smallest man who ever lived just because I feel like Taylor Swift is going to this is going to be the song where she it's just punch after punch like she's is going to have punchline after punchline."

Rachel is predicting which song will have the most explicit content based on the titles and her expectations of Taylor Swift's songwriting style.

Emotional Impact

  • Rachel anticipates "So Long London" to be a morning song with a significant emotional impact.
  • She argues that the song's narrative likely involves moving countries for a relationship, suggesting a deep emotional connection.

"Most likely to be a morning song I feel like so long London because you you literally would not move your life to another country if you didn't see a future with someone."

Rachel interprets the song "So Long London" as emotionally charged and reflective of a major life decision based on its title and presumed subject matter.

Fan Interaction

  • Rachel responds to a fan named Gracie Taylor's comment hoping to be mentioned in the video.
  • Rachel acknowledges and celebrates the fan's comment, indicating her appreciation for her viewers.

"Gracey Taylor's version said I hope I make it into your video you made. it girl."

Rachel is directly addressing a fan's comment, expressing excitement and inclusiveness by confirming the fan's appearance in the content.

Taylor Swift's Album: Anticipation and Predictions

  • Rachel expresses high anticipation for Taylor Swift's upcoming album "Midnights."
  • She has been a fan (Swifty) since 2008, indicating a long-term engagement with Swift's music.
  • Rachel feels this is the most anticipated she has ever been for a Taylor Swift album.
  • She predicts specific songs to fulfill various thematic roles based on their titles and potential references.

"This is the most anticipated I have ever felt for a Taylor Swift album and I have been to Swifty since 2008."

This quote underlines Rachel's excitement and long-standing fandom for Taylor Swift, suggesting that "Midnights" holds significant promise in her view.

Song Predictions and Associations

  • Rachel associates the song "Down Bad" with spice and excitement.
  • "The Alchemy" is linked to the theme of transformation, referencing a lyric from another Swift song.
  • She predicts that "The Alchemy" will include references to reputation and the concept of turning things into gold.
  • "Fresh Out the Slammer" is repeatedly mentioned, suggesting various themes such as Taylor's favorite and the need for a dictionary to fully understand.
  • "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" is associated with a powerful bridge and the potential for a remix.
  • "I Can Do It with a Broken Heart" is predicted to be emotionally moving and potentially a love letter to the fans.
  • "The Tortured Poet's Department" could be rage-inducing and have a notable bridge.
  • "Florida" is speculated to contain the most surprising lyrics and possibly address fan experiences.

"Most likely to have references to rep and midnights. Oh, I'd say the Alchemy for like the aspect of like turning things into gold."

Rachel draws a connection between the song "The Alchemy" and themes of transformation and reputation, hinting at its potential depth and lyrical significance.

Emotional and Cultural Impact

  • Rachel anticipates that certain songs will evoke strong emotions, such as making her cry or inducing rage.
  • She predicts which songs might resonate with broader audiences, becoming summer anthems or trending on social media.
  • There is an expectation that some tracks will differ from fan predictions and surprise listeners with their lyrics.
  • The song "Clara B" is mentioned as a potential source of healing for listeners.

"Most likely to make me ball my eyes out. I'm going to go with 'I Can Do It with a Broken Heart' for that one."

This quote indicates Rachel's expectation that "I Can Do It with a Broken Heart" will be a deeply emotional song that could bring listeners to tears.

Speculation on Fan Engagement and Love Letters

  • Rachel speculates on which songs might be considered love letters to fans.
  • She discusses the potential for songs to address fan experiences directly, particularly in the context of Swift's concerts and personal events.

"Most likely to talk about the fans, 'I Can Do It with a Broken Heart' or I could see Florida also because those were her first shows after the breakup was announced so I could see."

Rachel suggests that "I Can Do It with a Broken Heart" and "Florida" might include references to Taylor Swift's fans and their shared experiences, especially in the aftermath of public events in Swift's life.

Anticipation for New Music

  • Rachel expresses excitement for the upcoming album release.
  • She anticipates that "Fresh Out The Slammer" will make an impact.
  • Rachel speculates about the album's best song, suggesting personal excitement for a specific track.

I'm really feeling like Clara B is going to make an impact and I also feel like I feel like I don't know I really feel like Fresh Out. The Slammer I really do.

This quote shows Rachel's personal prediction and anticipation for the song "Fresh Out The Slammer" and its potential success or impact on the album.

Engagement with Audience

  • Rachel plays a game of "most likely to" and includes her audience in the activity.
  • She asks her audience to share their opinions on their favorite bonus track and most anticipated song.
  • Rachel creates a community feeling by involving her audience in the pre-release excitement.

I want you guys to answer tell me down below what your answer is to this. okay most likely to be your favorite bonus track mine I think is going to be the albatross.

This quote is Rachel encouraging her audience to engage with her by sharing their own preferences and predictions about the bonus tracks on the upcoming album.

Personal Connection to the Release

  • Rachel shares her personal connection to the upcoming Taylor Swift album release.
  • She is particularly excited as this is the first new Taylor album since she moved into her apartment.
  • Rachel conveys her plans to celebrate the release with her best friend, highlighting the personal significance of the event.

but like this one is just so incredibly special because it's my first um new Taylor album in my apartment so I am just so excited.

Rachel explains why this particular album release is significant to her personally, mentioning it's the first new Taylor Swift album she will experience in her new apartment.

Release Countdown

  • Rachel notes the proximity of the album release, mentioning it's less than 48 hours away.
  • She shares her excitement and anticipation with her audience, emphasizing the closeness of the event.

it is 2 days away from the release of the tortured poets Department 48 Hours actually less than 48 hours when you guys are watching this which is insane to say and I am so excited to share this release with you guys.

This quote captures Rachel's excitement about the imminent release of "the tortured poets Department" and her eagerness to experience it with her audience.

Content Schedule

  • Rachel outlines her content schedule leading up to the release.
  • She mentions a prep vlog and a release day vlog, indicating her plans to document the experience.

so we have this video we have my prep Vlog and then it's uh the release day. Vlog.

Rachel informs her audience about the upcoming content she has planned in relation to the album release, including a prep vlog and a release day vlog.

Emotional Support and Distraction

  • Rachel hopes her video has entertained her audience and provided a distraction.
  • She acknowledges the long wait for the album since its announcement in February.

and I hope I distracted you for a little bit because this weight is one that I'm telling you has been definitely um a long time coming and we've known about it since what February and it's felt like an eternity wait January or February I think it was Fe. no it was February.

Rachel expresses her desire to have provided her audience with a distraction from the anticipation of the album, which has been building since its announcement in February.

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