Moment 132 Triple Your Life Expectancy With These 3 Health Hacks! (Verified By Dana White) Gary Brecka

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In a compelling discussion, the host delves into the transformative health journey of Dana White, UFC President, as recounted by health expert Speaker B. Initially plagued by a myriad of health issues, including hypothyroidism, hypertension, and severe hypertriglyceridemia, White's prognosis was grim. However, under Speaker B's guidance, White underwent a rigorous intervention involving a prescription ketogenic diet, hormone balancing, and a unique 'superhuman protocol' that utilized magnetism, oxygen, and light therapies. The result was a dramatic improvement in White's health, including significant weight loss, cessation of medication, and a near tripling of his life expectancy. Speaker B emphasizes the accessibility of health transformation through natural means such as grounding, breathwork, and exposure to sunlight, and discusses the profound physical and psychological benefits of cold water plunging and managing comfort in one's life.

Summary Notes

Discovery of Speaker B's Work Through Dana White

  • Speaker A was introduced to Speaker B's work via a clip of Dana White discussing Speaker B.
  • Dana White, the UFC president, was the subject of the clip that piqued Speaker A's interest.
  • Speaker A's friend shared the clip, leading to further research on Speaker B.
  • Speaker A watched videos of Speaker B addressing health issues and providing on-the-spot advice.
  • Speaker A's curiosity led to reaching out to Speaker B on Instagram.

The reason why I came across your work is because of a clip that involved Dana White. And that's the clip that made me go down the rabbit hole.

This quote explains how Speaker A discovered Speaker B's work, which was due to a clip featuring Dana White, prompting Speaker A to further investigate and eventually contact Speaker B.

Dana White's Health Before Meeting Speaker B

  • Dana White represents many individuals in his demographic who struggle with health.
  • He experienced hypothyroidism, hypertension, soreness, lack of exercise response, weight issues, brain fog, and was on multiple medications.
  • Dana White's public openness about his health allowed Speaker B to discuss his case.
  • Speaker B clarifies that while not licensed to practice medicine, the clinical team provided the diagnosis.

Dana White is an example... he was on seven medications at the time, three of which were for blood pressure.

This quote summarizes Dana White's health condition before meeting Speaker B, emphasizing the number of medications he was taking and the nature of his health issues.

Speaker B's Role and Expertise

  • Speaker B's expertise lies in training physicians to interpret blood work and genetic testing.
  • Although not licensed to practice medicine, Speaker B's clinical team made diagnoses that Speaker B communicated.
  • Speaker B has shifted focus from predicting life expectancy to extending life.

I'm not licensed to practice medicines. It was my clinical team that came up with the diagnosis, and I communicated it to Dana. I do train physicians to read blood work and genetic testing, but I can't practice medicine.

This quote clarifies Speaker B's professional role and limitations, highlighting the focus on training physicians and the involvement of a clinical team in diagnosing.

Dana White's Urgent Health Alert

  • Speaker B received a life-threatening alert for Dana White due to extremely high triglyceride levels.
  • The lab notified Speaker B in the middle of the night about White's critical condition.
  • Dana White's blood work revealed multiple serious health issues, including insulin resistance and high cholesterol.
  • Speaker B immediately arranged to meet Dana White in person to address the urgent health concerns.

Triglycerides are almost 800... I literally, at that moment, booked a flight for 730 or 830 in the morning to head out and see him.

This quote details the severity of Dana White's health alert and Speaker B's prompt response to address the situation urgently.

Speaker B's Diagnosis of Dana White's Symptoms

  • Speaker B deduced several of Dana White's symptoms based on blood work, including sleep issues and extreme fatigue.
  • Dana White's use of a CPAP machine and experiences of vomiting and forgetfulness were consistent with Speaker B's predictions.
  • Speaker B's accurate assessment of White's condition impressed him and his staff.

I am surprised that you can actually sleep through the night... I'm surprised you can even bend down and tire shoes... Dana, your level of brain fog and fatigue right now has got to be at a crushing level of fatigue.

This quote demonstrates Speaker B's ability to diagnose and articulate the implications of Dana White's health issues, leading to a moment of realization for White.

Patient's Health Realization and Intervention

  • Patient was unaware of severe health conditions such as snoring and gagging.
  • The doctor provided a stark prognosis based on extensive medical history and demographic data.
  • The prognosis indicated a life expectancy of only 10.4 more years for the patient.
  • This revelation prompted a significant behavioral change in the patient.

"For a 52 year old man to realize that he's not going to make it out of his sixty s, a big realization."

The quote emphasizes the shock and urgency felt by the patient upon learning his potential shortened lifespan, which was a catalyst for change.

Prescription Ketogenic Diet

  • The doctor prescribed a strict ketogenic diet tailored to the patient's health needs.
  • A detailed grocery list was provided to ensure dietary adherence.
  • The diet was part of a broader strategy to improve the patient's health metrics.

"We wrote a prescription ketogenic diet. I'm a fan of the keto diet. I don't think everybody needs to be on the keto diet, but by prescription ketogenic diet."

The quote reflects the doctor's belief in the ketogenic diet as a medical intervention for this specific patient, suggesting its use is not universally recommended but can be effective when prescribed.

Health Transformation and Results

  • The patient experienced a dramatic health transformation, losing significant weight.
  • The intervention led to the cessation of all prescription medications.
  • There were improvements in various health markers, including kidney and liver function, and the patient no longer required a CPAP machine.
  • The patient's life expectancy nearly tripled as a result of these changes.

"He's no longer using the CPAP machine. He no longer is pre diabetic. He no longer has insulin resistance."

This quote details the specific health improvements the patient experienced, indicating a reversal of several severe health conditions.

Superhuman Protocol

  • The "Superhuman Protocol" involves magnetism, oxygen, and light as natural therapeutic elements.
  • The patient invested in expensive equipment to practice this protocol daily.
  • Alternatives for those without financial means include earthing/grounding and breath work.

"And superhuman protocol is using magnetism, oxygen, and light, right? So the only things that we really get from mother nature."

The quote introduces the "Superhuman Protocol" as a method utilizing natural elements, suggesting that these elements are essential and beneficial for health.

Earthing and Grounding

  • Earthing and grounding are presented as cost-free methods for health improvement.
  • Physical contact with the earth can help discharge built-up electrical charge in humans.
  • The concept of pH and potential hydrogen is discussed in relation to the body's charge and health.

"We actually discharge into the earth. We actually, human beings build up a charge."

This quote explains the principle behind earthing and grounding, highlighting the physical exchange between the body and the earth.

Breath Work

  • Breath work is promoted as a powerful and accessible tool for health.
  • The presence of oxygen is linked to elevated emotional states and absence of disease.
  • The speaker practices a specific breath work routine daily and offers to teach it.

"People do not realize the power of something that is so accessible, so free, and so easy to do."

The quote underscores the simplicity and accessibility of breath work as a health practice, suggesting that its benefits are often underestimated.

Impact of Oxygen on Emotions

  • Oxygen is a crucial component in the molecular structure of positive emotions.
  • The speaker discusses the relationship between oxygen and the ability to experience certain emotions.
  • Breath work in the morning, combined with earthing, is recommended for optimal health.

"Oxygen is a component of that emotion. So if you look at the difference between passion, elation, joy, arousal, libido, and anger, for example, it's usually only one neurotransmitter and the presence of oxygen."

This quote illustrates the biological link between oxygen and emotional states, suggesting that oxygenation through breath work can foster positive emotions.

Breath Work and Its Benefits

  • Breath work involves deep, intentional breathing to improve physiological and psychological states.
  • Starting with three rounds of five breaths and gradually increasing to three rounds of 30 breaths can train the body to hold breath longer and improve oxygen tension in the brain.
  • Signs of progress include lightheadedness, tingling in fingers and toes, and temperature changes in the neck.
  • Holding breath after exhaling on the 30th breath allows the carbohydrate receptor to reset.
  • The practice can lead to being able to hold breath for two to four minutes between rounds.

"So I do three rounds of 30 deep breaths, like obnoxiously deep breaths, and I start by trying to take my belly button and pull my belly button out towards the wall." This quote describes the technique used in breath work, emphasizing the depth of breaths and the physical movement involved.

"If you get lightheaded, this is a good sign that the oxygen tension is changing in your brain." This quote explains that physiological responses such as lightheadedness are indicators of the effectiveness of breath work in altering oxygen levels in the brain.

The Importance of Natural Light

  • Exposure to natural sunlight, particularly the first light of the day, is beneficial for resetting the circadian rhythm.
  • First light lacks harmful UVA and UVB rays but promotes vitamin D3 production and positively affects cortisol levels.

"First light is the best way to reset your circadian rhythm." This quote highlights the significance of first light in regulating the body's internal clock, promoting better sleep and overall health.

Oxygen Masks and Concentrators

  • Using an oxygen concentrator can increase the oxygen concentration from 21% to 95%, which can be beneficial when combined with exercise.
  • Mild exercise with high-concentration oxygen can improve the storage of oxygen in the blood and has numerous health benefits.
  • After using an oxygen concentrator, it is recommended to engage in red light therapy for further health improvements.

"You want to be a superhuman. Do mild exercise every day while breathing 95%. Two, it's important that you're exercising, and then after that, you move into a red light therapy bed, photobiomodulation." This quote suggests that daily mild exercise with high oxygen concentration, followed by red light therapy, can significantly enhance one's physical capabilities and health.

Cold Water Plunging and Its Benefits

  • Cold water plunging has benefits beyond anti-inflammatory effects, such as activating cold shock proteins.
  • Cold shock proteins released from the liver during cold exposure help with muscle repair and reducing free radical oxidation.
  • A recommended temperature for cold water plunging is 50 degrees Fahrenheit for three to six minutes to stimulate fat loss and improve mood.

"These are reserve proteins that are in your liver. They're dumped into the bloodstream in effort to save your life." This quote explains that cold shock proteins are a natural response to cold exposure and have protective and reparative effects on the body.

"If you want to strip fat off your body, get in cold water three to six minutes a day." This quote suggests that cold water plunging is an effective method for fat loss, due to the caloric expenditure associated with maintaining body temperature.

Impact of Cold Water on Mood and Sleep

  • Cold water immersion leads to peripheral vasoconstriction, which pushes oxygen to the brain and can improve mood.
  • The process is similar to what happens during deep sleep, where oxygen is transferred to the brain, highlighting the importance of this organ's oxygen supply.

"That's why it has a very profound impact on mood, because if you think about it, what's the reason why we need deep sleep?" This quote connects the mood-enhancing effects of cold water plunging with the oxygen transfer to the brain that occurs during deep sleep, emphasizing the importance of both practices for mental health.

Brain Function and Nutrient Distribution

  • The brain receives consistent nutrient flow regardless of mental activity level.
  • Unlike muscles that get more resources when active, the brain's nutrient supply remains constant during different activities.
  • Deep sleep and cold water immersion are exceptions, increasing oxygen to the brain.

If I'm sitting at my computer and I'm watching reruns of the Simpsons, or I'm sitting at my computer and I'm solving the most complex joint venture agreement, partnership agreement with all kinds of mathematical equations, my brain gets the same amount of nutrients, same amount of blood flow, same amount of oxygen.

This quote illustrates that the brain's nutrient intake is not influenced by the type of cognitive activity being performed, whether it is passive or intellectually demanding.

The Comfort Crisis

  • Modern advancements have made life more comfortable, which can accelerate aging.
  • The pursuit of comfort undermines natural defense mechanisms and bodily strength.
  • Stress, including thermal and weight-bearing exercises, is beneficial for the body.

Aging is the aggressive pursuit of comfort.

The quote suggests that constantly seeking comfort can lead to premature aging by preventing the body from engaging in activities that promote strength and resilience.

Importance of Discomfort

  • Discomfort can be beneficial, acting as a stressor to strengthen the body.
  • Avoiding discomfort can weaken the immune system and overall health.
  • Learning to be comfortable with discomfort can improve emotional regulation and life resilience.

And so when you learn to deal and become comfortable with being uncomfortable, this is like a metaphor for life.

This quote emphasizes the value of embracing discomfort as a means to build mental and physical fortitude, which can be applied to various aspects of life.

Emotional State and Memory

  • The amygdala, associated with emotions, is the gateway to the hippocampus, which stores memories.
  • Emotional states can influence memory recall, particularly during heightened emotional experiences.
  • The connection between emotions, memory, and the prefrontal cortex suggests that current emotional states can shape one's future.

This means that your current emotional state determines your future. That's a biophysiologic fact.

The quote highlights the scientific finding that the emotional state one is in can significantly influence their memory and, consequently, their decision-making and future outcomes.

Controlling Emotion

  • Proper nutrition can help achieve elevated emotional states.
  • Breath work can interrupt and control emotional responses.
  • Starting the day with a positive emotional state, such as after a cold plunge, can make one more resilient to daily stressors.

If you can start your day in an elevated emotional state... Things roll off your back.

The quote suggests that beginning the day with a positive emotional state, which can be achieved through practices like cold plunges, can help maintain a positive outlook and resilience throughout the day's challenges.

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