Midnights New Editions Break Down - Ice Spice, More Lana Del Rey and You’re Losing Me Reaction

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Hosts Cameron and Lisa of the "Swiftly Spoken" podcast delve into recent Taylor Swift releases, including the "Till Dawn" and "Late Night" editions of her "Midnights" album. They discuss the digital-only "Till Dawn" edition with its sunrise-themed cover and its inclusion of the popular track "Hits Different," now available on streaming platforms. The physical "Late Night" edition, with its dark blue and silver cover, features two new remixes: "Snow on the Beach" with more Lana Del Rey vocals and "Karma" featuring Ice Spice. They also touch on the music video for "Karma," analyzing its rich symbolism and possible hints at future Swift projects. The episode concludes with a deep dive into the new song "You're Losing Me," which they liken to some of Swift's most heart-wrenching tracks, noting its poignant lyrics and emotional impact.

Summary Notes

Introduction to New Taylor Swift Content

  • Cameron and Lisa, hosts of the Swiftly Spoken podcast, shift focus from "Speak Now Taylor's Version" to discuss recent Taylor Swift releases.
  • They aim to clarify confusion about the new content, including two "Midnights" edition remixes, a new song, and a music video.

"Welcome to Swiftly Spoken, a fan-made Taylor Swift podcast in which we break down her lyrics, deep dive into full album retrospectives, and theorize about what may be coming next."

The quote introduces the podcast and its purpose, indicating the hosts' deep engagement with Taylor Swift's work and their intent to analyze and speculate on her music.

"Midnights" Editions

  • Two new editions of Taylor Swift's "Midnights" are released: the Till Dawn Edition and the Late Night Edition.
  • The Till Dawn Edition is available digitally with a sunset vibe cover, while the Late Night Edition was initially exclusive to physical copies at Taylor's MetLife shows but later released digitally.

"So firstly to kind of start off, obviously 'Midnights' has now another two editions and a lot of people have been maybe confused or maybe there is still some confusion between the differences and why."

This quote explains the introduction of two new editions of "Midnights," acknowledging potential confusion among fans regarding their differences and purposes.

Till Dawn Edition Details

  • The Till Dawn Edition features all standard tracks, 3am tracks, and is characterized by its sunset/sunrise themed cover.
  • Lisa and Cameron discuss their personal opinions on the cover art's aesthetic changes.

"Right, so on the one hand we have the Till Dawn Edition which is exclusively available on digital platforms right now."

This quote identifies the availability and unique aspect of the Till Dawn Edition, differentiating it from other versions of "Midnights."

"Hits Different" on Streaming Platforms

  • The song "Hits Different" is finally released on streaming platforms, leading to chart success due to its popularity.
  • Lisa and Cameron reflect on the song's availability prior to streaming, its reception, and its placement within the new edition's cover art.

"Then we have 'Hits Different' finally on streaming platforms. I can't believe how much people adore this song and how big it's gotten just for being released on streaming platforms."

The quote emphasizes the impact of "Hits Different" being made available on streaming platforms and the excitement surrounding its release.

New Remixes in the Till Dawn Edition

  • The Till Dawn Edition includes two new remixes: "Snow on the Beach" with more Lana Del Rey and "Karma" featuring Ice Spice.
  • Cameron and Lisa discuss their thoughts on the remixes, their production changes, and the artists' contributions to the songs.

"So this is the new content that we have gotten on this Edition and the two remixes obviously 'Snow on the Beach' with more Lana Del Rey and 'Karma' featuring Ice Spice."

This quote introduces the new content within the Till Dawn Edition, highlighting the remixes as significant additions.

"Snow on the Beach" Remix Analysis

  • The remix of "Snow on the Beach" includes more vocals from Lana Del Rey and various production changes.
  • Cameron and Lisa share their differing opinions on the remix, the original version, and Lana Del Rey's increased presence in the song.

"It's a song that we already had with Lana Del Rey but now we have even more of her although there's not just that as the main change, there's a lot going on that has changed between in the two songs."

The quote details the primary change in the "Snow on the Beach" remix, which is Lana Del Rey's additional vocals, and acknowledges other nuanced differences in the song.

"Karma" Remix with Ice Spice

  • The "Karma" remix features a verse from rapper Ice Spice, with a slower tempo that alters the song's flow.
  • Lisa and Cameron express disappointment in the remix, feeling that it lacks the original's energy and flow.

"When you talk about disappointing, I think right, 'Karma' featured Ice Spice is for me disappointing. I just think it just lacks like um like a real umph about it."

This quote conveys Cameron's critical view of the "Karma" remix, suggesting that it fails to capture the essence of the original song.

Final Thoughts on the Remixes

  • Cameron and Lisa conclude their discussion by reflecting on the challenges of creating a remix that stands up to the original.
  • They reference the "Bad Blood" remix with Kendrick Lamar as an example of a successful remix.

"There's very few remixes that have ever been in the original. And I think the problem is is when you have such a solid remix like 'Bad Blood' featuring Kendrick Lamar which just smashes the original out the park."

The quote highlights the rarity of remixes surpassing originals and sets a high standard of comparison using the "Bad Blood" remix as an example of a remix that excels beyond the original track.

Artistic Expression and Interpretation

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the impact of a small artist performing in front of a large audience.
  • They appreciate the artist's career trajectory, especially without having released a debut album.
  • Lisa emphasizes the importance of narrative in music videos but acknowledges the focus on visuals in the discussed video.
  • Cameron and Lisa interpret the use of symbolism, allegory, and metaphorical imagery in the video.
  • They note the rapid succession of visuals and the difficulty in absorbing each one before the next appears.

"I don't know to be to be a small artist and suddenly pop up in front of 70,000 people that is like crazy in itself."

This quote highlights the significance of a rising artist's exposure to a massive audience, emphasizing the scale of the opportunity.

"I love them performances I think it was so endearing to see them together."

Cameron expresses admiration for the performances and the chemistry between the artists.

"I am a bit I'm a bit like I want a story but at the same time I get what it is stunning visuals more than an actual storyline going on."

Lisa prefers music videos with a clear narrative but understands and appreciates the emphasis on visual elements in this instance.

Music Video Analysis

  • They discuss the music video's lack of a strong narrative and its focus on stunning visuals.
  • Cameron and Lisa analyze the presence of Greek mythology in the video, mentioning Taylor as Themis and Charon.
  • They comment on the use of symbology, such as the hourglass and its representation of time.
  • Lisa and Cameron observe references to Taylor Swift's previous work and speculate on hints about future projects.
  • They note the mix of obvious and subtle references and Easter eggs throughout the video.
  • The discussion includes the interpretation of various scenes, such as the light bulb and The Wizard of Oz imagery.

"There's a lot of symbology a lot of allegories going on of yes representations different representations of karma but at the same time mixing it with imagery I believe to tease 1989 a reputation."

Cameron notes the use of symbolism and allegory to represent themes of karma while also hinting at Taylor Swift's previous albums.

"I feel like a lot is inspired or many of the images are inspired by Greek mythology we have uh Taylor as Themis who is the goddess of Justice."

Lisa points out the Greek mythology inspiration in the music video, with specific references to deities and mythological figures.

"The Hourglass is one of my absolute favorite visuals and the symbology behind it like time slipping through your fingers."

Cameron appreciates the hourglass imagery and its symbolic representation of the passage of time.

Fan Engagement and Interpretation

  • Cameron and Lisa highlight the different interpretations fans have of various scenes.
  • They discuss the Swiftie community's tendency to analyze and overanalyze music videos for hidden meanings.
  • The conversation includes the possibility of the music video signifying the end of one era and the beginning of another.
  • They encourage listeners to share their own interpretations and favorite elements of the music video.

"I've seen like three different people interpret The Hourglass scene in three different ways."

Lisa comments on the diversity of fan interpretations for a single scene, illustrating the depth of analysis within the fan community.

"But then other people have said. oh no. it's because she's. so she's got so much uh overflowing with ideas that she's kind of bursting the seams."

Cameron shares different fan theories about the meaning behind a particular scene, showcasing the variety of perspectives.

Music Industry and Marketing

  • Lisa and Cameron discuss the physical availability of the "Late Night Edition" of an album.
  • They speculate about the marketing strategies of Taylor Swift's team.
  • The conversation touches on the collectible nature of limited editions and how they are marketed and sold.
  • They consider the potential for staggered releases and exclusives related to tour stops.

"I just feel like they'll be missing out on the biggest trick ever to just sell it I feel like what they're gonna do is it's boosted midnight."

Cameron suggests that withholding the physical release could be a marketing strategy to boost album sales at a later date.

"But at the same time again things are quite accessible which we'll get into yeah."

Lisa acknowledges the accessibility of music and related products, despite the potential for staggered releases or exclusives.

Album Packaging and Design

  • Cameron and Lisa discuss the album's dark blue cover, which they both love.
  • The color scheme of dark blue and silver reflects the album title "Midnights."
  • The CD design is appreciated for its beauty, reminiscent of Taylor Swift's VMA after-party outfit.
  • The full clock on the back of the album is a point of interest, though there is disappointment that it's not the complete version.
  • The placement of Taylor Swift's arms on the cover is likened to clock hands, which may or may not be intentional.
  • The poster included with the album is criticized for being less usable due to part of the album cover being on it.
  • There is a sense of missed opportunity with the lack of a CD booklet, which both Cameron and Lisa enjoy.
  • The album's packaging is compared to Taylor Swift's re-recorded albums, known as "Taylor's Versions."

"I love them, me too, of this one because it is midnights right midnights is not white midnight is that dark blue uh the silver the silver of midnights instead of it being in blue like it's been flipped obviously but instead of white and silver which I love."

This quote reflects Cameron's appreciation for the album's color scheme and design, which aligns with the title "Midnights."

"I love that color so much I love as well the fact that the back is the full clock."

Lisa expresses her fondness for the dark blue color and the full clock design on the back of the album, though she notes it's not the complete version.

"It almost feels a bit Taylor's version in its packaging with like tour photos."

Cameron notes the similarity between the album's packaging and the "Taylor's Versions" of Swift's albums, which often include tour photos and other memorabilia.

Physical Album Production and Constraints

  • The conversation suggests that the album's physical edition may have been rushed.
  • Decisions like not printing a booklet and using a poster instead are seen as time-saving measures.
  • The choice to make the CD a single disc is debated, with the possibility that it was to save time or due to other reasons.
  • Cameron gives Taylor Swift some grace, suggesting the song cuts may have been to fit the album on one CD.

"Everything that you've been pointing out does lead me to agree with you and believe that it was more of a rushed onto physical kind of thing because obviously it takes quite a lot of time to prepare a physical edition of anything."

Lisa agrees with Cameron's assessment that the physical album production seemed rushed, leading to certain design and content decisions.

Tracklist Changes and Speculations

  • The CD excludes some of the "3am tracks," which disappoints both speakers.
  • "A Glitch in Paris" and "Paris" are specifically mentioned as cuts that are personal to Cameron and Lisa.
  • Speculation arises about why certain songs were removed, including the possibility of them being related to specific events or being less popular.
  • The discussion suggests that the removal of songs may send a pointed message.
  • The speakers express frustration with the album feeling incomplete without certain tracks.
  • There is hope for another edition that might include all the songs, potentially on vinyl.

"The CD contains all of the standard tracks but not all of the 3am tracks which is such it saddens me."

Cameron is saddened by the exclusion of some "3am tracks" from the CD version of the album.

"It's weird that those two have been removed and like you said I feel like we are maybe being a bit gracious saying oh it's because they didn't want to fit it all on the it would seem a very important a very pointed message in you know."

Lisa discusses the oddity of the removal of certain tracks and the potential underlying reasons, which might be more pointed than just space constraints.

Vinyl Releases and Collecting

  • The speakers discuss the potential for the album to be released on vinyl.
  • Taylor Swift's trend of pressing special editions on vinyl is mentioned.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the vinyl editions, such as the "Love Potion" pressing, is noted.

"Do you think that potentially it will come to vinyl like because Taylor's been pressing a lot of stuff on vinyl but haven't got a CD release like lover life from Paris."

Cameron speculates about the possibility of the album being released on vinyl, given Taylor Swift's history with vinyl editions.

New Track Discussion

  • The addition of the new track "You're Losing Me" is discussed.
  • The song is described as fresh and not a vault track despite branding.
  • The song's lyricism is praised, and its emotional impact is compared to other poignant songs by Taylor Swift.
  • The song is seen as a reflection of Swift's current life and is appreciated for its storytelling and bridge.

"But I guess uh ignoring that how are you feeling about you're losing me like what what was your first opinion it's a song isn't it it's definitely a song."

Cameron and Lisa discuss their initial impressions of the new track "You're Losing Me," acknowledging its emotional weight and lyricism.

"It's just so good and such a just solid Taylor Bridge like I just couldn't oh honestly like I know this bit dramatic considering we've like barely had it a week at this point right."

Lisa praises the bridge of "You're Losing Me," highlighting it as a standout element of the song and a testament to Taylor Swift's songwriting skills.

Taylor's Songwriting and Production

  • Taylor Swift's collaboration with producers Midnights and Jack Antonoff is highly praised for creating a cinematic experience.
  • The production, including elements like a heartbeat, adds depth to the lyrics and enhances the storytelling.
  • The songwriting is noted for its detailed depiction of the emotional toll of a relationship ending.

"The production incorporates a heartbeat which stops and starts throughout which is just such a clever... it really gives the lyrics another meaning."

This quote emphasizes the creative use of production elements, like the heartbeat, to complement the lyrical content, creating a more immersive listening experience.

"I really think that it's like cinematic, isn't it?"

Cameron is remarking on the cinematic quality of the song, suggesting that the production and songwriting work together to create an enveloping atmosphere that tells a story.

Themes of Loss and Reflection

  • The song's lyrics draw parallels and juxtapositions with Taylor Swift's previous works.
  • Themes of sickness and dying are used metaphorically to describe the end of a relationship.
  • Lyrics reflect on the pain of realizing that love was not enough to sustain the relationship.

"The whole point of this song is basically the answer is no it wasn't enough right which is so sad."

Lisa discusses the central theme of the song, which is the heartbreaking realization that the love in the relationship was insufficient.

"The portrayal of how she explains things... the themes of sickness and dying I think are so incredible."

Cameron appreciates the metaphorical use of sickness and dying in the song to convey the emotional and physical toll of a relationship's end.

Continuity and Evolution in Taylor's Music

  • Taylor Swift's music is known for its narrative continuity across different albums.
  • Her evolving relationship with her music is highlighted, particularly through the re-recording of older albums.
  • The discussion notes that despite the volume of her output, the quality of her songwriting and production remains consistently high.

"I really do think her songwriting holds itself up in such an incredible way."

Cameron admires the consistent quality of Taylor Swift's songwriting, even as she produces more music.

"She's proper since focus on... Evermore she's really like coming to her own."

Lisa observes that Taylor Swift has become more established and comfortable with her identity as an artist, particularly since the album "Evermore."

Lyrical Parallels and References

  • The song "You're Losing Me" contains many parallels to other songs by Taylor Swift, such as "Cornelia Street" and "All Too Well."
  • References to past lyrics about love, war, and rebirth are discussed, including the Phoenix metaphor.
  • The song is praised for its emotional depth and the way it resonates with long-time fans.

"But have you thought of like the Great War and... you're losing me."

Cameron and Lisa draw a connection between the songs "The Great War" and "You're Losing Me," noting how the themes of conflict and loss are interwoven.

"It's painful because in the Great Wall she like calls off the troops... and you're losing me. she's part of the Army and the other person is dealing in the final the final blow."

The quote highlights the contrast between the two songs, where one depicts a ceasefire and the other, a final defeat in the metaphorical battle of a relationship.

Personal Growth and Artistic Expression

  • Taylor Swift's music is recognized for its ability to evolve while maintaining connections to earlier works.
  • The discussion reflects on how Taylor's re-recordings have helped shape a healthier relationship with her past music.
  • The significance of Taylor's self-awareness and growth as an artist is underscored.

"I do think it shifted their perspectives on looking at older music and being like no you don't have to completely destroy it to go on to the next thing you can learn from it and take it with you."

Lisa reflects on how Taylor Swift's approach to revisiting her old albums has influenced both her own perspective and that of her fans, suggesting a more appreciative stance towards past work.

The Impact of Taylor's Music on Fans

  • The song "You're Losing Me" is noted for its emotional impact and the strong reaction it elicits from fans.
  • The hosts invite listeners to share their thoughts and any lyrical parallels they've noticed.
  • The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to engage with the podcast's content on various platforms.

"This song has proper brought the Fanboy out of me."

Cameron expresses how the song has reignited his enthusiasm for Taylor Swift's music as a fan.

"And I'm not going to be that person. but I am going to deal you one more devastational thing one more tidbit that I noticed."

Lisa teases another emotional observation about the song, engaging with the listeners and prompting further discussion on the song's themes and lyrics.

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