Listen To This If You're Tired Of Being Broke (My Message to Ivante) Ep 556



In a candid conversation, Speaker A shares tough-love advice with Ivante, a young father working two jobs, on escaping poverty and achieving financial success. Speaker A emphasizes the importance of hard work, skill acquisition, and relentless dedication to self-improvement. He advises Ivante to cut costs ruthlessly, seek higher income through better jobs or side hustles, and learn to sell higher-value items. Speaker A also stresses the need for an information diet that excludes negative influences and focuses on educational content. He highlights the importance of persistence and creating opportunities instead of relying on luck, suggesting that a relentless approach to job applications and skill development can lead to success. Speaker B underscores the show's mission to provide actionable insights for building prosperous businesses and personal growth.

Summary Notes

Overcoming Poverty and Financial Struggle

  • Speaker A expresses a strong desire to escape poverty and provide for their family.
  • The necessity of hard work and sacrifice to achieve financial stability is emphasized.
  • Speaker A addresses the concept of luck and suggests that one should operate as if it doesn't exist, focusing instead on creating value.

"Like I'm sick and tired of being poor. I'm sick of not being able to buy the stuff for my girl that I want. I'm sick of not being able to provide for my kid. The question is just whether or not you're willing to pay it. If you're willing to pay it, crank the dial and volume will negate luck. But you can't rely on luck."

This quote highlights Speaker A's frustration with their financial situation and the determination to overcome it by increasing effort, rather than depending on luck.

Building Businesses and Documenting the Journey

  • Speaker B mentions their goal of building a billion-dollar enterprise with
  • They express a wish that successful entrepreneurs like Bezos, Musk, and Buffett had documented their journeys, and they intend to do so for others.

"I'm trying to build a billion dollar thing with I always wish Bezos, Musk and Buffett had documented their journey, so I'm doing."

Speaker B shares their ambition and the inspiration behind their decision to document the process, providing insights and guidance for others.

Providing Advice to Ivante

  • Speaker A recalls a moment where they provided brief advice to Ivante, a young man juggling two jobs and a child, and feeling the need to give a more comprehensive response.
  • The tweet addressed to Ivante is read, highlighting his difficult situation and the potential for an inspiring success story.
  • Speaker A advises Ivante to disregard the concept of luck and to focus on acquiring valuable skills.

"This is a video I'm making for Ivante, the young man who was working two jobs with a one year old who's struggling and said he was sick and tired of being poor and didn't know how to get out."

This quote introduces Ivante's challenging circumstances and Speaker A's intention to offer more detailed guidance.

Practical Steps to Financial Improvement

  • Speaker A outlines a three-step strategy for Ivante to improve his financial situation.
  • The first step involves cutting all unnecessary expenses to the bare minimum.
  • The second step is to increase income by seeking better job opportunities and considering sales roles.
  • The third step suggests starting with reselling others' goods and gradually moving to higher-value items.

"Number one, cut all costs. And I mean all costs. You don't eat out anymore for anything. And if you're hungry, you deal with it. If it's not from a discount grocery store, you don't buy it. Clothing. Ha. What you've got is everything you need for the next two years, period. No exceptions."

Speaker A advises Ivante on the importance of extreme frugality as a means to financial stability.

The Emotional Toll of Financial Struggle

  • Speaker A acknowledges the emotional stress associated with financial hardship.
  • They reframe feelings of sadness and hopelessness as ignorance, suggesting that gaining knowledge is the solution.
  • Speaker A emphasizes the importance of acquiring high-value skills to improve one's situation.

"Sadness comes from a lack of options. It's a feeling of hopelessness. But whenever you feel that, I want you to think this is ignorance, not sadness. It means I don't know enough and that I can control."

Speaker A offers a perspective shift, encouraging Ivante to see his situation as an opportunity for growth through learning.

The Path to Success

  • Speaker A recommends a relentless work ethic and continuous pursuit of better opportunities.
  • Sales is suggested as a starting point for improving financial circumstances.
  • The concept of "trading up" is introduced as a continuous process of financial improvement.

"Then get yourself a high paying job, and every day apply for higher paying ones. I recommend sales to start. Then once you get in there, for the love of God, work until your fingers bleed."

Speaker A advises Ivante to aim for high-income roles and to work tirelessly to succeed, highlighting the urgency and importance of effort in achieving financial success.

Financial Struggles and Poor Influences

  • Recognizing the challenge of overcoming financial struggles, especially when surrounded by people with poor financial perspectives.
  • The importance of not spending money on unnecessary things when struggling financially.
  • The social pressure from friends and family who may not support new financial strategies learned online.
  • The likelihood of failure in financial endeavors and the negative reinforcement from one's social circle.
  • The critical need to ignore poor financial advice and focus on educational content that can lead to wealth.

"You know that if you're struggling with money, that's the last thing that you should spend money on."

This quote emphasizes the importance of prioritizing spending and avoiding unnecessary expenses when facing financial difficulties.

"The best way to stay poor is to listen to four people about how to get rich."

This quote suggests that taking financial advice from those who are not financially successful themselves is a sure way to remain in poverty.

Time and Money Management

  • The concept of having a "wallet of money" and a "wallet of minutes," and the necessity to spend both wisely.
  • The importance of associating with people who contribute positively to one's goals.
  • The idea that individuals in one's life should "earn their keep" by helping one reach their desired future.
  • The urgency and extremity needed in managing time and money during critical periods of life.

"Every single person you're choosing to pay minutes to or pay dollars to has to earn their keep."

This quote articulates the concept that one should only invest time and money in people who are supportive and contributory to one's success.

Sacrifice and Prioritization

  • The necessity of making sacrifices in personal comfort to save money for educational and skill-building opportunities.
  • The trade-off between spending time with family and working towards a better financial future.
  • The concept of balancing sacrifice within a family unit, where one partner may focus on career while the other focuses on childcare.

"I owned my car in cash, which I think was a $5,000 car. And I slept in a room with another dude in a house that had six other people in it."

This quote highlights personal sacrifices the speaker made to save money and invest in their future, showing the extent of commitment needed to change one's financial situation.

Long-Term Perspective and Family Balance

  • The idea of being "unbalanced" for a season in order to achieve long-term balance.
  • The importance of taking action to prevent stagnation over a period of years.
  • The notion of macro balance over one's lifespan and balance within a family unit.
  • The strategy of cutting out people who do not share or support one's larger dreams and goals.

"So there's two levels of balance I want you to think about. One is the macro, which is like you can be balanced over your Lifespan."

This quote introduces the concept of having a long-term perspective on balance, understanding that certain life phases may require imbalance to achieve overall life goals.

Overcoming Circumstances and Building a Career

  • The challenge of being "harder than your circumstances" to succeed despite difficult situations.
  • The acknowledgment that one may never get lucky and the need to win regardless.
  • The suggestion to use flexible work options, like driving for ride-sharing services, to accommodate a tough schedule.

"Luck has already dealt you a shit hand. Let's assume he's never going to give you the right hand. You're never going to get lucky, but you still need to win."

This quote addresses the reality that one may not experience good fortune and must find ways to succeed despite this.

Importance of Acquiring a Car

  • Save up quickly to purchase a car in cash.
  • Aim for a $5,000 car to avoid loan payments, only pay for insurance.
  • Insurance costs are lower for cheaper cars, reducing overall expenses.

Buy one in cash, negotiate, try and get yourself $5,000 car in cash.

This quote emphasizes the strategic financial move of purchasing a car outright to avoid loan payments and minimize insurance costs.

Dedicated Skill Development

  • Allocate 4 hours daily to learn a new skill through video resources.
  • Focus on a single skill to become proficient.
  • Use a timer to ensure dedicated and uninterrupted learning time.

I'm going to be spending 4 hours a day every day watching these videos... I need you to pick one skill that you want to have and only consume stuff about that.

The quote stresses the importance of concentrated effort in learning one particular skill through consistent daily practice.

Job Application Strategy

  • Aim to be the most impressive job applicant, not just another candidate.
  • Overcome the lack of experience with demonstrated hustle and personalized outreach.
  • Use personalized messages and cover letters for each application.
  • Research each company and tailor applications to show how you can contribute.

Be the best candidate that has ever applied... And you prove that by messaging multiple people at every company with a snippet personalized to each of them.

The speaker advises on the importance of personalizing job applications and directly reaching out to multiple people within a company to stand out as a candidate.

Persistence in Job Hunting

  • Apply to numerous jobs with a customized approach.
  • Be persistent and undeniable in job applications.
  • Physical follow-ups can demonstrate commitment and work ethic.
  • Accept that initial efforts may not yield immediate results, but consistency is key.

Do you think if you applied to a thousand places like that over the next six months, you wouldn't get a job?

This quote suggests that with a high volume of well-crafted, personalized applications, success in job hunting is achievable.

Demonstrating Work Ethic

  • Once hired, prove your worth through actions, not words.
  • Outwork everyone, including the top performers.
  • Adopt the mindset of continual improvement and effort beyond the norm.

Be silent and just kill. Look at what the top guy does and do twice as much as that guy does.

The quote encapsulates the advice to let actions speak for themselves by outperforming even the best employee, thus securing one's position and advancement.

Making Luck Irrelevant

  • Hard work and volume of effort can negate the need for luck.
  • Remember the mantra "volume negates luck" to stay motivated.
  • Consistent effort in learning and job applications will lead to success.

Volume negates luck.

This quote is a concise principle that the speaker shares, highlighting that through sheer volume of effort, one can overcome the reliance on luck in achieving goals.

Interview Preparation Techniques

  • Watching mock interviews and hiring experts to learn best interview practices.
  • Layla's videos are recommended for learning how to interview correctly.

Watch some of Layla's videos about how to interview correctly.

This quote emphasizes the importance of using resources like Layla's videos to prepare for interviews effectively.

Importance of Volume in Job Applications

  • Sending a high volume of personalized messages and cover letters daily.
  • Consistency in applying to jobs is key, with a suggested 40 personalized messages and ten cover letters daily.

Volume negates, Frank.

The quote suggests that a high volume of job applications can overcome the element of luck in the job search process.

Persistence in Job Seeking

  • Visiting potential employers in person to stand out and show determination.
  • Expressing eagerness and commitment can lead to job interviews.

And on the ones that really, really, like, you drive over there after you get off your shift, you stop by and just say, hey, I'm Avante.

This quote illustrates the strategy of taking extra steps, such as visiting employers in person, to make a memorable impression and increase the chances of getting an interview.

Long-Term Work Ethic

  • Working harder than everyone else for an extended period, beyond a week, month, or six months.
  • Committing to a long-term effort to surpass the top performers at a job.

You work harder than the top guy for a year. For two years.

The quote underscores the importance of sustained hard work over a significant time to achieve success in a job.

Willingness to Invest Time for Improvement

  • Being willing to dedicate years to improve one's situation.
  • Acknowledging there's a price to success and being ready to pay it.

Are you willing to give me 36 months to get yourself out of the feeling that you have right now?

This quote conveys the idea that significant personal and professional growth requires a long-term commitment and investment of time.

Overcoming Socioeconomic and Racial Barriers

  • Acknowledging that race and socioeconomic background can impact job search success.
  • Belief that consistent effort can level the playing field.

Independent of race, color, socioeconomic background.

The quote implies that despite potential disadvantages, continuous effort in job applications can help overcome barriers.

Learning from Rejection

  • Understanding that rejection leads to experience and learning.
  • Emphasizing that rejection is not a setback but a step forward.

If you get rejected a thousand times, you are no worse off than you are right now. In fact, you're better.

The quote highlights the positive aspect of rejection, framing it as a learning opportunity rather than a failure.

Analogy of Asking Someone to Prom

  • The experience of asking someone to prom is similar to job applications.
  • Being rejected leaves you no worse off than before, but with more experience.

If you hear a no. If you ask like 100 girls, do you think one of them will say yes to your prom date? Probably.

This analogy compares job seeking to asking for a prom date, illustrating that persistence can lead to a positive outcome, just as asking multiple people increases the chances of finding a prom date.

The Value of a Single 'Yes'

  • One positive response can change your entire life.
  • The importance of focusing on potential gains rather than the fear of rejection.

You only stand something to gain from yeses.

The quote emphasizes that the potential benefits of receiving a 'yes' far outweigh the cost of facing rejection.

Overcoming Poverty and Low Expectations

  • People in poverty may discourage ambition and suggest lowering goals.
  • Overcoming a difficult beginning can lead to an inspiring success story.

And everybody else around you who's poor is going to convince you otherwise, they're going to be like, why are you still doing this, man?

This quote reflects the negative influence that a surrounding environment of poverty can have on an individual's aspirations and the importance of not succumbing to it.

Motivation for Personal and Broader Impact

  • Using personal challenges as motivation to succeed and inspire others.
  • Being willing to fail not just for oneself, but for family and others who will benefit from one's success story.

Be willing to fail for your kid, for the story that you're going to tell them, and be willing to fail for the hundred other thousand other avantes that you'll be able to someday tell your story to so they can get out of their situation.

The quote encourages viewing personal failures as sacrifices made for the benefit of one's children and others who may be inspired by one's eventual success.

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