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Summary Notes


Alex and Layla, a business-savvy couple, discuss their unique approach to goal setting and business management. They emphasize the importance of creating space for new goals by eliminating unnecessary tasks, rather than piling new objectives onto an already full plate. They advocate for delegation and empowering department heads to foster a more efficient and creative team dynamic. Highlighting their own business, Gym Launch, the couple reveals plans to become more public-facing and share their entrepreneurial journey, hoping to inspire and educate others by documenting their growth and the mindset shifts required at different stages of business expansion.

Summary Notes

Introduction of Layla

  • Layla has been instrumental in running the business behind the scenes.
  • The host acknowledges Layla's significant contributions and decides to introduce her to the audience.
  • The host feels it's a disservice to the audience to not have Layla on the show.

"I feel like I've been doing you guys a disservice in hiding Layla away in the corner like Golem, you know what I mean?"

This quote emphasizes the host's realization that keeping Layla's role hidden is unfair to the audience, who could benefit from her insights.

New Year's Goal Setting

  • The hosts are engaging in goal setting for the new year, a common practice among many.
  • They have their goals displayed on a backboard, indicating a structured approach to their ambitions.

"So with the theme of it being the new year, obviously a lot of you guys are doing goal setting and things like that. So are we."

The quote introduces the topic of goal setting and aligns the hosts' actions with that of the audience, setting the stage for a discussion on this theme.

Traditional Approach to Goals

  • People often add new goals on top of their existing, full schedules.
  • This method assumes an unrealistic increase in capacity for attention and effort.
  • The hosts question the sustainability of this traditional approach to setting goals.

"And so when they set goals, they just basically set something on top of what they already are doing."

This quote criticizes the common practice of adding new goals without considering the already full capacity of one's schedule and attention.

Sustainable Goal Setting

  • The hosts propose making room for new goals by giving up other activities.
  • They emphasize the importance of sacrifice and stopping certain actions to make space for new objectives.
  • This approach is presented as more natural and sustainable.

"Instead of what things do we want to do, it's what things are we going to give up? What things are we going to stop doing what things are we going to sacrifice?"

The quote encapsulates the hosts' alternative approach to goal setting, focusing on what to give up to make room for new goals.

Commonality of Goals

  • The hosts acknowledge that most people have similar types of goals: financial, spiritual, romantic, etc.
  • They suggest that the key to achieving these goals lies in identifying what to give up rather than what to add.

"Most goals are more or less the same. You have financial goals, you have spiritual goals, you have romantic goals."

This quote points out the universality of goal categories among people and hints at a shared approach to achieving them through sacrifice and prioritization.## Goal Prioritization and Delegation

  • Emphasize the importance of identifying and focusing on goals that advance business objectives.
  • Recognize the need to remove tasks that do not contribute to these goals to make space for more critical activities.
  • Delegation is crucial for business owners to manage an increasing number of goals and responsibilities.
  • The necessity of hiring the right people to take on specific goals and tasks.

"It comes down to who do you need to bring on to take on those goals?"

This quote highlights the solution to managing an overwhelming number of goals: hiring competent individuals to delegate tasks to, which allows for better focus on priority goals.

Strategic Planning for Business Visibility

  • Discuss the strategic shift towards a more public-facing company presence.
  • Mention the size of the company and the misconception of its scale within the industry.
  • The importance of having the right team in place to manage the business while transitioning to a public-facing role.
  • Utilizing time blocking and calendar management to allocate time effectively.

"We're going to be far more public facing this coming year."

This quote indicates a strategic decision to increase the company's visibility in the upcoming year, requiring careful planning and resource allocation.

Time Management and Efficiency

  • The practice of time blocking to manage and allocate time efficiently.
  • The process of evaluating calendar events to determine which are essential and which can be eliminated.
  • The concept of creating a "vacuum of attention" by cutting out non-essential meetings, allowing focus on priority tasks.

"When in doubt, cut it out."

This quote reflects the aggressive approach to time management, emphasizing the importance of being decisive about removing non-essential activities to free up time for more significant priorities.## Effective Leadership and Delegation

  • Leaders should evaluate the necessity of their presence in departmental meetings.
  • Department heads should be empowered to lead without the constant oversight of higher management.
  • Over-involvement of leaders in meetings can hinder the decision-making and creativity of the team.
  • Leaders should focus on coaching department heads through growth and challenges rather than micromanaging.

"Because we shouldn't have to be on any meetings. If we're on the meetings more than we're coaching that person, then we're just putting a band aid where it needs stitches, essentially."

  • This quote emphasizes the idea that leaders should not be overly present in meetings, but rather should focus on coaching their department heads to handle issues independently, which is more akin to a permanent solution than a temporary fix.

"But what happens when I'm on that meeting? Everyone's going to look at me after everyone says a sentence and says, like, what does Alex think?"

  • Layla points out the issue with leaders attending meetings they don't need to be in, where their presence causes team members to defer to them instead of taking initiative and responsibility.

"And so what ends up happening is that I'm not delegating the decision making, I'm not delegating the authority and the power to the director who we are putting there to do those things."

  • This quote highlights the problem of failing to delegate authority properly, which can prevent department heads from fully stepping into their roles and responsibilities.

"And so for us, now we're getting off of all of those meetings that we were on for the departments, and we're just meeting with the heads of the departments that they can truly run that on their own, and then we can coach them and help them grow through the sticking points that we just went through."

  • Layla explains the shift in their approach to leadership, moving away from attending departmental meetings and instead focusing on one-on-one sessions with department heads to provide targeted coaching and support.

Networking and Community Engagement

  • The importance of connecting with listeners and building a professional network on LinkedIn.
  • Encouragement for listeners to reach out and connect with the show hosts.
  • Suggestion to tag others who might benefit from or contribute to the network.

"Just to let you know that we've been starting to post on LinkedIn and want to connect with you. All right? So send me a connection request, a note letting me know that you listen to the show, and I will accept it."

  • Speaker C offers an invitation to listeners to connect on LinkedIn, emphasizing the value of building a professional network and engaging with the community.

"There's anyone you think that we should be connected with, tag them in one of my or Layla's posts, and I will give you all the love in the world."

  • This quote suggests a proactive approach to networking by encouraging listeners to facilitate connections between the hosts and other professionals, thus expanding the community.

Personal Growth as Entrepreneurs

  • Acknowledgement that entrepreneurship requires personal growth and overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Recognition that first-hand experience as entrepreneurs is valuable for understanding and guiding others.

"Because in reality, us, the coolest thing about our business has been that we've had to grow as entrepreneurs. And so since this is our first time doing it, we know exactly what growth beliefs we had to break."

  • Layla reflects on the personal development journey they have undergone as entrepreneurs, which has allowed them to empathize with and coach their team effectively through similar growth challenges.## Growth and Scaling Challenges

  • Layla discusses the growth curves experienced from a small business to their current size.

  • Identifies the equivalent size of a team and the revenue it represents.

  • Reflects on the limiting beliefs they overcame at various revenue milestones.

  • Emphasizes the importance of eliminating certain activities to make room for new growth opportunities.

And so we know what each of those growth curves was like. And so when these guys are now at running an apartment that's 20-30 people, that's the equivalent of a business that's doing three to 10 million a year.

This quote highlights the comparison between the size of their team and the typical revenue of a business with a similar-sized team, emphasizing their understanding of growth at different stages.

And so we know what limiting beliefs we had that broke us from three to ten. Broke us from ten to 30. Broke us from 30 to whatever where we're at now.

Layla is reflecting on the mental and strategic barriers they faced and overcame at each significant revenue milestone.

And for you guys, I would at least pair everything that you want to do with something that you are going to stop doing or sacrifice in order to allow there to be a vacuum for the new thing that you're going to put in.

The quote suggests a strategy for growth where one should consider what to stop doing in order to make space for new initiatives or improvements.

Content Creation and Online Presence

  • Layla and the co-host discuss their experiences and plans for content creation.
  • They acknowledge the novelty and learning curve of being on video together.
  • Layla mentions the intention to start a new show focused on business rather than fitness.
  • They express a desire to document their journey for retrospective analysis and as a motivational tool.

This is something that we're also learning our dynamic because we're not usually on video together.

This quote indicates that Layla and her co-host are adapting to a new format of content creation, which involves being on video together.

It'll be fun for us to learn because we're going to hopefully start a show this year, the Alex and Leila show, which will be like a full length YouTube thing.

Layla expresses excitement about the learning process and announces the potential launch of a new YouTube show that will focus on their business journey.

Gary Vee said something the other day that has been really motivating for us from a content standpoint.

The mention of Gary Vee introduces the influence of external thought leaders on their approach to content creation and motivation.

Selfishly, part of us documenting this journey is so that hopefully when we hit the big mean, Harris is already pretty big, but the things that we want to accomplish, we can look back and be like, this is what we were thinking at that point.

Layla articulates the dual purpose of their content creation: to serve as a future reference for their thoughts and strategies during their growth journey and to share their experiences with a broader audience.

Community Engagement and Feedback

  • Layla encourages audience interaction through comments and likes.
  • The co-hosts show appreciation for their viewers' engagement and feedback.

If you guys dug this, shoot a comment. Shoot a, like, tag someone.

Layla invites the audience to engage with their content, suggesting that viewer feedback is valued and encouraged.

Thank you, Prince. Appreciate that. Otherwise, drop a comment, drop a like, and lots of love from Alex and Leila.

Expressing gratitude to a specific viewer named Prince, Layla reinforces the importance of community engagement and ends with a positive note, extending affection to their audience.

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