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In this episode of "13," a Taylor Swift fan podcast, hosts Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G, along with special guest Kyle from the Swift Alert app, delve into the multifaceted world of Swift fandom. Kyle shares his journey from an early introduction to Swift's music to creating an app that keeps fans updated with tour schedules, live streams, and Swift-related alerts. The conversation touches on the global impact of Swift's music, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the importance of community feedback in app development. They also discuss the anticipation surrounding Swift's next moves, the intricacies of being a male Swifty, and upcoming features of the Swift Alert app, including outfit tracking and exclusive merchandise. The episode balances personal Swiftie experiences with insights into the technical and community-driven aspects of fan engagement.

Summary Notes

Introduction to 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

  • The podcast is dedicated to Taylor Swift, analyzing her songs, Easter eggs, eras, and theories.
  • Hosted by Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G.
  • Special guest Kyle from the Swift Alert app joins the episode.

"This is 13, a Taylor Swift fan podcast breaking down every song, every Easter egg, every era, and every Theory hosted by the biggest swifties Nick Adams, Anna Zabo, Amy Nichols, and Lacy G."

The quote introduces the podcast and its focus on Taylor Swift, as well as the hosts' enthusiasm for her work.

Kyle's Connection to Taylor Swift

  • Kyle was introduced to Taylor Swift by a high school ex-girlfriend.
  • His interest in Swift's music started with attending a concert during The Fearless tour.
  • He has since developed software related to Taylor Swift.

"It's funny because they saw the Obsession at its very beginning it's probably funny for them to see how it's kind of blossomed into something that was that started in that way and now has become something that I really care about and have now created software around."

Kyle reflects on how his friends witnessed the early stages of his interest in Taylor Swift, which has grown into a significant part of his life.

Combating Stereotypes

  • Some men have felt that expressing interest in Taylor Swift's music is perceived as weird or feminine.
  • Musical legends like Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan have praised Swift's talent.
  • Public figures like JJ Watt and Flavor Flav have helped men feel more comfortable expressing their fandom.

"It's been fun to see what whatever the entry point is whether it's You Know Travis Kelsey in a football game or it's some other artist who is interested in her uh to see kind of that entry point open up so that we we aren't the only ones anymore."

Kyle discusses how public figures have helped normalize male appreciation for Taylor Swift's music.

Personal Experiences of the Hosts

  • Nick Adams shares that as a straight man, his Taylor Swift fandom has been met with surprise and skepticism.
  • The crossover between Swift and sports has brought different communities together.
  • The hosts discuss the myth of the "Taylor Swift curse" and her impact on sports teams.

"It's weird as a straight guy to be really obsessed with Taylor Swift because people don't really expect it...I'm a straight dude that loves Taylor Swift, what's wrong with that."

Nick Adams addresses the misconceptions about male fans of Taylor Swift and asserts his genuine fandom.

Swift Alert App Features and Impact

  • The Swift Alert app helps fans keep track of Taylor Swift's schedule across different time zones.
  • Kyle's app provides alerts for live events and connects users to live streams.
  • Anna Zabo praises the app for its usefulness and convenience.

"It started with exactly what Anna is talking about, the time zone math being really challenging...first things first create a calendar that would help adjust time zones for you to know what the schedule looked like and do a little bit of planning."

Kyle explains the initial problem that the Swift Alert app aimed to solve, highlighting its focus on time zone conversion and event planning.

Adjustments for International Tours

  • The app's team, including Kyle, plans to stay up at odd hours to provide accurate alerts for international shows.
  • There is confusion about the correct start times for shows, which the app aims to clarify.
  • The app will be especially useful for fans wanting to wake up for specific parts of the shows.

"Someone from our team will certainly be up at all hours...we were it's tough because there are a lot of conflicting accounts of when certain shows I will be Brewing an early morning cup of coffee and uh getting ready to to make sure those concert start alerts go out at 4:00 a.m."

Kyle discusses the challenges and dedication involved in providing timely alerts for Taylor Swift's international tour through the Swift Alert app.

Team Composition and Management

  • The Swift alert team is small and consists of Nick Adams, his wife, a friend who is a big Swifty, and an engineer.
  • They are the driving force behind the app.
  • Nick highlights the classic entrepreneurship challenge of not wanting to let things go but acknowledges the importance of embracing others' ideas.

"Right now it's we have a very small team uh it is myself it is my wife uh a friend of mine who is a big Swifty who's been and excited to to help out and then our engineer uh who is someone I found online at the start of this journey and has been really great."

This quote explains the composition of the Swift alert team and the roles each member plays in the project.

"But yeah uh if you the tighter you try to hold on to things sometimes you miss out on really good ideas that other people have uh and that that can be a big mistake."

Nick Adams discusses the importance of not holding on too tightly to control, as it can lead to missing out on valuable ideas from others.

Feature Development and User Feedback

  • The Swift alert app integrates features based on user feedback, ranging from 50 to several hundred messages a day.
  • User suggestions include new feature requests and corrections, such as spelling errors in quizzes.
  • Nick credits his wife with the idea for the new song rankings feature.
  • Most app features are developed from user feedback.

"Most of the features that you see coming into the app come from feedback that we get from users so we get you know we'll get anywhere from I don't know 50 to a couple hundred messages a day into our app system."

This quote emphasizes the role of user feedback in the development of new features for the Swift alert app.

"The new song rankings feature that we put out a couple weeks ago that that was purely my wife's idea from start to finish."

Nick Adams attributes the creation of the song rankings feature to his wife, showcasing the collaborative nature of the team.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Advanced filtering options have been added to the app, allowing users to filter surprise songs by venue, instrument, and album.
  • Upcoming features include year filters to track when songs are played, reflecting Taylor Swift's announcement of replaying songs in 2024.
  • The song rankings feature lets users rank Taylor Swift songs by album and overall, and compare their rankings with the community average.
  • The app provides a dynamic and personal experience, allowing users to adjust their song rankings based on their current preferences.

"We rolled out first some some just Advanced filtering options so if you want to go in and filter on the surprise song tracker um you're now able to filter by venue, you're able to filter by instrument."

Nick Adams describes the new advanced filtering options in the Swift alert app that enhance user experience.

"We added the song rankings feature that I mentioned we know you know swifties like to like to know like other people to know what their favorite albums and favorite songs are."

This quote introduces the song rankings feature, which allows users to express their preferences and see how they align with the broader community.

Personal Experience and Community Engagement

  • Nick shares his personal experience of ranking Taylor Swift's discography with his wife during a road trip, which inspired a feature in the app.
  • The app's community aspect is highlighted, with users sharing their rankings and having discussions about their favorite music.
  • The app tracks and facilitates changes in user preferences over time, providing a snapshot of their current tastes.

"The first time I ranked Taylor Swifts uh full uh discography my wife and I were traveling we were driving from North Carolina to Colorado and I basically told her like all right pull up an Excel spreadsheet."

Nick Adams recounts the personal experience that led to the development of the song rankings feature in the app.

"It's meant to be like a this is a snapshot of where my rankings are today at this moment and maybe not forever but that's how they are on you know January whatever."

This quote illustrates the fluid nature of music preferences and how the app captures a user's current sentiment towards songs.

Global Reach and Analytical Insights

  • The Swift alert app has international users, with the UK being the second most popular country.
  • Growth in app usage is observed in countries where Taylor Swift shows occur.
  • Nick expresses enjoyment in analyzing the app's global user data.

"Our second uh our second most popular country has been the UK for a little while um we've seen some pretty clear growth in Australia."

Nick Adams discusses the global reach of the Swift alert app, indicating the UK and Australia as significant user bases.

"I honestly I have I have so much fun going through and just looking at the map because Google has a little map that you can see like you know we've got we've got users in almost every count."

This quote shows Nick's enthusiasm for the analytical aspect of tracking the app's usage and its international appeal.

Global User Distribution

  • The podcast discusses the global reach of an artist's music, highlighting the presence of listeners from various parts of the world.
  • There is mention of having one user in countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Congo.
  • The conversation includes a humorous query about having users in Antarctica.
  • The number of users in France is noted to be 287, and this is associated with a song titled "Paris."
  • There is also a mention of having 52 users in Thailand and 56 in Japan, with an anticipation of an increase in Japanese users coinciding with the artist's tour.

"We have one user in Ghana, we have one user in the Ivory Coast and in the Congo."

This quote illustrates the diverse geographical distribution of the artist's listeners, even in countries where the user base is minimal.

"How many do you have in Antarctica? I oddly do not see it on SP."

This quote humorously addresses the absence of users in Antarctica, highlighting the global scope of the user data being discussed.

"We currently have 287 users in France."

This quote provides a specific count of users in France, which is significant due to the artist's song "Paris," suggesting a connection between the song and the listeners in that country.

"We have 52 users in Thailand... only 56 users in Japan."

These quotes give specific user counts in Thailand and Japan, indicating the artist's international reach and the potential for growth in these markets.

Podcast Features and Updates

  • The podcast introduces the concept of an "outfit tracker" feature, which is in testing mode and is highly anticipated by fans.
  • The outfit tracker will allow users to see what the artist has worn during different eras and shows, with the ability to filter by era, outfit, and color.
  • There is a new icon designed to indicate when the artist wears something new, ensuring the feature remains up-to-date with the artist's fashion choices.

"We are getting an outfit tracker ready to go... you'll be able to see live during the show if you want to look at what she's worn in the first couple of eras."

This quote explains the functionality of the upcoming outfit tracker feature, which caters to fans interested in the artist's fashion.

"We did design a little new icon. So if she wears something new, you'll see that icon as a placeholder until we get the new art done for whatever outfit she rolls out."

This quote details the solution for incorporating new outfits into the tracker, demonstrating the feature's adaptability to the artist's evolving style.

Anticipation for Artist's Tour and Announcements

  • The podcast captures the excitement and speculation surrounding the artist's upcoming tour and potential announcements.
  • There is a discussion about whether the setlist might change and the possibility of new content being released.
  • The conversation includes the idea that the artist might surprise fans with unexpected changes or announcements during the tour.

"I'm very very curious though to see like does she switch up the set list even in some subtle ways."

This quote conveys the speaker's anticipation of potential changes in the artist's performance, reflecting the unpredictability of live shows.

"I will continue to clown daily every minute for rep until it happens."

This quote illustrates the speaker's persistent belief in a specific announcement, showing the dedication and anticipation of fans.

Swift Alert and Community Engagement

  • The podcast features a discussion about Swift Alert, a platform dedicated to the artist, and its role in uniting fans worldwide.
  • There is mention of a group chat for the Swift Alert team, where they prepare for potential announcements and updates.
  • The conversation touches on the impact of fan theories and how they influence the team's readiness to issue alerts.

"We have a rep alert written up all we need to do is like add a release date to it we're ready to go."

This quote indicates the Swift Alert team's preparedness for an anticipated announcement, showcasing their commitment to providing timely updates to the community.

"It's all in the table you got to be ready for any of it."

This quote emphasizes the need for readiness due to the artist's unpredictability, which keeps both the Swift Alert team and the fans on their toes.

Merchandise and Partnerships

  • The podcast reveals plans to release merchandise through the Swift Alert app, with a focus on accessibility and timely availability.
  • A partnership with a small business is mentioned, which will enable quick market response to memorable show moments with limited edition merchandise drops.
  • The idea is to integrate merchandise alerts into the app, allowing users to opt-in for notifications on these exclusive items.

"We are... talking about doing kind of merch drops on a regular basis so if she says something interesting or there's a rep announcement or whatever it is we will get some merch out there."

This quote describes the strategy behind merchandise releases, linking them to significant events or announcements related to the artist, thereby enhancing fan engagement.

"We'll be able to put that in there. So, yeah. She will no doubt keep us on our heels."

This quote acknowledges the dynamic nature of managing fan-focused features that need to adapt to the artist's spontaneity.

Appreciation for Team Contributions

  • Nick Adams acknowledges the significant contributions of a team member who prefers to remain unnamed.
  • The team member played a pivotal role in the "13 days of Swift Miss" event, which featured quizzes and Easter eggs.
  • The attention to detail in prize packages, such as confetti and friendship bracelets, is praised as a factor in the success of the event.

"I will shout out I mentioned I have a friend who's part of our team um she's I won't mention her by name here. but she's been incredible uh super helpful."

This quote highlights the importance of team collaboration and the value of individual contributions that lead to the overall success of an event.

"It's all in the details you go so above and beyond."

This quote emphasizes the significance of attention to detail and the extra effort put into making the event memorable and enjoyable for participants.

Kyle's Humility and Leadership

  • Anna Zabo commends Kyle for his humility and leadership style.
  • Kyle's approach to leadership involves stepping back to allow others to express themselves and take credit for their ideas.
  • Kyle's generosity and kindness are recognized as key attributes that make him well-liked within the community.

"You still make me like you more and more just the more that I get to talk to you because you're you're saying man this is great."

Anna expresses admiration for Kyle's personality and leadership, noting how his actions make him increasingly likable.

"Thank you for your generosity and your kindness and being so cool to other people and nice to the swifties just thank you for being you."

This quote serves as a direct expression of gratitude towards Kyle, highlighting his positive impact on the community and his commendable character traits.

Swift Alerts Pricing Explanation

  • Kyle clarifies the pricing structure for the Swift Alerts app.
  • The initial rollout of the app was free, with no users, but there was always a plan to introduce in-app purchases due to development and hosting costs.
  • Kyle explains the financial investment from personal funds to develop the product and the necessity of charging for the app to recoup costs.
  • He outlines the revenue generation options for software products and explains why they chose a one-time payment model.
  • The app offers both a free version with limited features and a paid version that includes all features and future updates for a one-time fee of $1.99.

"What we have chosen to do is it is a onetime 199 payment if you make that payment you get access to everything in the product as we continue to roll out new features like the outfit tracker we talked about you will continue to get access to those features without paying anything additional."

Kyle explains the one-time payment model for Swift Alerts, emphasizing that users who pay will have access to all current and future features without additional charges.

"It is very expensive to develop software it's expensive to host software."

This quote explains the rationale behind charging for the app, highlighting the financial realities of software development and maintenance.

Community Support and Accessibility

  • Lacy G and Amy Nichols discuss the efforts to make Swift Alerts accessible to everyone, drawing a parallel to Taylor Swift's own approach to accessibility for fans.
  • Kyle is thanked for providing a free version of the app, which allows users to enjoy certain features without payment.
  • The discussion includes the personal time and money invested by Kyle and his wife to serve the Swift community.

"Like Taylor Swift you want to make this accessible to everyone but at the same time can pay too."

Lacy G acknowledges Kyle's intention to make the app accessible while also noting the option for users to support the service financially.

"We're hoping to make our money back from it."

Kyle candidly shares the financial goals behind the app, indicating that the intention is not to make a large profit but to recover the investment made.

Personal Life and Swiftie Identity

  • Kyle discusses his and his wife's dedication to Taylor Swift, including attending a concert with significant expenses.
  • They chose not to exchange Taylor Swift-themed gifts for Christmas, likely due to the cost of attending the concert.
  • The conversation reflects the personal commitment and enthusiasm for Taylor Swift within the Swiftie community.

"She and I went to the Glendale show together uh which as everybody knows was also not a small expenditure."

Kyle shares a personal anecdote about attending a Taylor Swift concert with his wife, highlighting their shared passion for the artist.

"We stayed away from the Taylor Swift stuff for Christmas this year."

This quote indicates that Kyle and his wife decided to forgo Taylor Swift-related gifts for Christmas, possibly due to their prior investment in attending the concert.

Gratitude and Community Building

  • The hosts express their gratitude to Kyle for his time and effort in building the Taylor Swift community.
  • They encourage listeners to download Swift Alerts and engage with the app's features.
  • The conversation concludes with heartfelt thanks and appreciation for Kyle and his wife's contributions to the community.

"Thank you for all you do for the Swifty Community yes for sure."

The hosts thank Kyle for his contributions to the Swift community, recognizing the positive impact of his work.

"Thank you and your wife for everything that y'all do and thank you for just being such a good person."

This quote serves as a final expression of gratitude towards Kyle and his wife, acknowledging their dedication and kindness.

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