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In this in-depth tarot reading session on Sunburst Tarot, the host delves into the past relationships of pop icon Taylor Swift, particularly with exes Matt Healey and Joe Alwyn. The reading explores the dynamics of these relationships, with Joe's being characterized by nitpicky issues and an eye-rolling attitude, suggesting a tumultuous connection filled with heated moments, while Matt's presence appears more reserved and anxious, hinting at a nervous energy possibly stemming from his interactions with Swift's fanbase. The host also touches upon the potential impacts of these past relationships on Swift's upcoming album, "The Tortured Poets Department," set to release on April 19th. Throughout the reading, the host emphasizes the speculative nature of the insights, framing them as personal opinions and interpretations for entertainment purposes. The analysis reveals patterns of emotional reactivity and unaddressed issues in Swift's relationships, suggesting a journey of personal growth and healing that may have influenced her music and public persona.

Summary Notes

General Overview of Sunburst Tarot's Reading on Taylor Swift and Past Partners

  • Sunburst Tarot conducts a tarot reading to explore Taylor Swift's past relationships, particularly with Matt Healy and Joe Alwyn.
  • The reading aims to uncover what happened in these relationships and their current status.
  • A future reading is planned to determine if Matt Healy or Joe Alwyn will be featured on Taylor Swift's upcoming album, "The Tortured Poets Department."
  • The reading is stated to be for entertainment purposes, based on intuition, psychic downloads, and channeling.
  • Sunburst Tarot emphasizes that the reading is based on opinion and not fact.

"hi everyone and welcome back to Sunburst tarot or today this has been a highly requested reading uh from a couple different people and this is going to be on Taylor Swift and I'm going to do it more BL more not blatantly but like very on more on a broader sense of let's look at Taylor and some of her past partners uh that she is no longer with the two main ones uh that I've been asked to do are Matt Healey and Joe elwin and people are just like can you just give us some like what happened what's going on. where are we now uh and stuff like that uh and then in a part two I want to look at separately of are either of these two exes Matt Healey or Joe alwin going to be featured on her newest album The tortured poets Department coming out on April ail 19th."

The quote introduces the purpose of the tarot reading session, which is to delve into Taylor Swift's past relationships with Matt Healy and Joe Alwyn and to speculate on their potential involvement in her upcoming album.

Impressions of Joe Alwyn

  • The reader perceives a sense of frustration or exasperation from Joe Alwyn, symbolized by an eye roll.
  • Joe Alwyn's energy is described as strong and more dominant in the reading.
  • There is a sense that many things went wrong in the relationship, possibly involving minor details that were nitpicked.
  • The reader envisions items being thrown, suggesting intense emotional reactions and possible arguments.
  • A pattern of quick escalation from calm to intense conflict is noted, with no clear resolution in sight.

"Joe Joe feels just like I just see an eye roll in my head it's like it's like. oh gosh another thing just just one more thing. and I'm just seeing an eye roll will heal him."

The eye roll is symbolic of Joe Alwyn's perceived attitude towards the conflicts and challenges in the relationship with Taylor Swift, suggesting a sense of weariness or exasperation.

Impressions of Matt Healy

  • Matt Healy is perceived as more reserved and nervous, potentially indicating anxiety.
  • The reader references the fandom's negative reaction to Matt Healy following his breakup with Taylor Swift.
  • There is curiosity about whether Matt Healy will be referenced in Taylor Swift's new album and if the relationship will be rekindled.

"and then I'm kind of Shifting it over to who I think is Matt Healey uh I will say I don't know everything I kind of went in a little bit blind all I know is Matt Healey was apparently an ex of Taylor in like 2021 I think is the information I was given and the fandom kind of tore him a new one."

This quote reflects the reader's limited prior knowledge of Matt Healy's relationship with Taylor Swift and the fandom's negative response to their breakup, which is relevant to the reading's exploration of past relationships.

Relationship Dynamics Between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

  • The reader senses a recurring theme of nitpicking and minor issues causing strife in the relationship.
  • There is a feeling of repetitive conflict, likened to insanity due to the expectation of different results without change.
  • The reader suggests a need for therapy or addressing underlying issues to break the cycle of reactive behavior.
  • The relationship is characterized by intense emotional responses, with Taylor Swift possibly being the more reactive party according to the reader's impressions.

"so what I'm going to plan on doing first getting into the cards uh I just really want to see one what is this energy uh in relation with Joe and Taylor uh and what and like I want to say what when went wrong and in my head it's like what didn't go wrong is like what I'm hearing and it feels like it's coming remember all leged for entertainment purposes only it feels like it's coming from Joe it's like what didn't go wrong it's like there was like the thing with a cat with the cats there was a thing with how the hair was it's like the color of the chair it's like something was always wrong it was something was nitpicky it feels like."

This quote captures the reader's interpretation of the energy between Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift, where numerous minor issues accumulated, creating a pattern of nitpicky conflicts.

Tarot Card Impressions

  • The Knight of Wands represents Taylor Swift as volatile, unpredictable, and possibly hasty.
  • Joe Alwyn is represented by the Four of Cups, indicating emotional detachment and possibly hurtful words said in the heat of the moment.
  • The Queen of Coins between them suggests a focus on perfectionism, self-image, and a possible imbalance between work and personal life.
  • The reading implies that there may have been jealousy or possessiveness in the relationship, along with a need to maintain a certain public image.

"yep there's the Knight of Wands volatile a little bit unpredictable H hyperactive Hasty not shocked considering what I was just saying before. and then we're going to have Joe which is the four of cups which which is kind of interesting so this is like I think in the middle of their relationship it's like we have Taylor over here who feels very much aggressive unpredictable it's like remember we're going from zero to. 100 real quick. and then we have Joel over here which is like you have all this chaos going on over here. and I'm kind of having to detach from my emotions."

The Knight of Wands and Four of Cups tarot cards reflect the dynamic between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn as one marked by swift escalation into conflict and emotional detachment, respectively.

Work-Life Balance

  • The conversation highlights the struggle between work commitments and personal life.
  • One person advocates for more home time, questioning the need for excessive work.
  • Another person expresses the need to pursue goals and ambitions, identifying as a workaholic.
  • There's a tension between the desire to achieve more and the suggestion that one has already proven themselves and can afford to relax.

"Why aren't you home more like why are you working so much and then with and then like on one side it's like I need to do this I need to do that like I have goals Ambitions like I'm workaholic."

This quote exemplifies the internal conflict between personal life and professional ambition, where one side feels the pressure to work excessively to meet goals, while the other side sees the importance of being at home and having a normal life.

Entrepreneurship and Success

  • Discusses the trajectory of starting a successful startup and selling it for a large sum of money.
  • The narrative includes becoming a millionaire overnight and the subsequent decisions on what to do next.
  • Options post-success include starting new projects, investing in companies, or taking a consulting role to help others.
  • The emphasis is on the realization that after achieving success, one doesn't need to work as hard as before.

"So say you started your own startup and it like in like your mid 20s and you kind of just it went off I don't know. and it blew up it got really big. and then you kind of just sold it to the highest bidder whether that was a big Fortune 500 company or something and or other I come from the startup world."

This quote describes the journey of an entrepreneur who starts a successful business, which grows significantly and is eventually sold, resulting in a substantial financial gain and a change in lifestyle.

Personal Relationships and Defense Mechanisms

  • Taylor Swift is described as defensive when her relationship with Joe Alwyn is mentioned.
  • She tends to avoid discussing the relationship, indicating that she may still be healing from it.
  • The reluctance to address the relationship suggests a deep personal impact and a protective stance.

"Yeah she gets really defensive about this about this relationship uh she gets really defensive. I feel like whenever this relationship is brought up uh around her or it's like something she doesn't like to talk about I see like her like clamming up a little bit."

The quote captures Taylor Swift's emotional response to discussions about her relationship with Joe Alwyn, revealing her defensiveness and discomfort with the topic, which suggests unresolved feelings.

Emotional Baggage and Unaddressed Issues

  • Taylor Swift's cards indicate stagnation and unaddressed emotional issues.
  • The Knight of Coins reversed suggests a lack of progress, while the Knight of Cups reversed points to heartbreak.
  • The High Priestess implies awareness of the issues but a refusal to address them due to their overwhelming nature.

"So Knight of coins is kind of all being stuck uh you aren't moving but Knight of Knight of coins or Knight of coins upright is all about kind of slow steady progress moving forward when it's reversed it's like we're not moving at all."

This quote explains the tarot card interpretation, where the reversal of the Knight of Coins symbolizes a complete halt in progress, indicating that Taylor Swift may be feeling stuck in regards to her emotional state or personal growth.

Vulnerability and Trust in Relationships

  • Discusses the challenge of showing one's true self to a partner and the trust involved.
  • Taylor Swift is used as an example of someone who has curated a public image but showed vulnerability in a relationship.
  • The pain of the relationship's end is linked to feelings of abandonment and rejection.

"And that's what it kind of feels like here a little bit where it's like that's the hurt it's like I've shown every part of me to you and everything in between. and then you ended up leaving and it's like we Haven to address address that cuz it feels like there's some potentially all leged remember uh this is just my opinion here and it's feels like some like I've shown you all the different parts to me and for those who have like some potential abandonment issues like I feel like that's kind of that's like one aspect to all of this."

This quote delves into the emotional consequences of being vulnerable in a relationship and the subsequent hurt when the relationship ends, suggesting that these experiences can lead to deeper issues like abandonment.

Public Perception and Fear

  • Matt Healy's energy is described as fearful, wanting to run and hide from public attention.
  • The intense reaction from Taylor Swift's fandom towards him after they started dating is mentioned, indicating a traumatic experience.
  • Healy's fear of the fandom is significant, suggesting a desire to be left alone and not face further hostility.

"Like they went after him and it wasn't pretty it was really really bad. and I think he's still like at least the energy around it feels like I'm I'm afraid of these people cuz I don't know if there were like death threats or like threats to himself or if there we like claims of like I'm going to hurt you or this that or like people coming after him like he like truly this man feels absolutely terrified of this fandom like terrified."

The quote describes the negative and aggressive reaction Matt Healy faced from Taylor Swift's fans, which has left him feeling fearful and wanting to avoid further confrontation or attention.

Matt Healy's Emotional State

  • Matt Healy feels anxious and nervous, experiencing physical symptoms like shortness of breath.
  • His energy is perceived as mournful, with an underlying sense of caring and love for Taylor Swift, although it's not necessarily romantic.
  • Matt is viewed as someone who wanted to care for Taylor, but was also intimidated by her fandom.

"it's like we're anxious we're nervous like I'm getting like short of breath it's like it's it's hard to breathe like it's are so very nervous uh in Matt's energy." "it's like I love her. but it's like I know I can't."

These quotes express Matt's anxiety and emotional turmoil, indicating a deep affection for Taylor but also acknowledging barriers that prevent him from pursuing a relationship.

Dynamic Between Matt and Taylor

  • A playful and friendly energy is described between Matt and Taylor, likened to siblings or close friends.
  • Their dynamic is characterized by an easy flow of conversation and mutual enjoyment, with a sense of balance and reciprocity.
  • The relationship is viewed as platonic with a strong, friendly bond.

"it feels like a very playful type of energy between the actual two of them it feels very very playful like like siblings almost or or like really close friends." "it's like I pour into you you pour into me. I pour into you you pour into me."

These quotes highlight the camaraderie and ease in the relationship between Matt and Taylor, emphasizing a non-romantic but deeply connected dynamic.

Taylor Swift's Emotional State Post-Joe Alwyn

  • Taylor is seen as emotionally withdrawn and guarded after her relationship with Joe Alwyn.
  • The King of Cups reversed suggests she was not ready to be emotionally open or enter a romantic relationship.
  • Taylor's emotional wounds from her past relationship with Joe are described as still fresh and impactful.

"Taylor which is the king of Cups reversed. overly emotional withdrawn emotionally unavailable." "it's like the whole Taylor and Joe's relationship like she was like that was a that's still an that's an internal wound that's huge large and didn't doesn't feel like it was completely even like scarred over at this point."

The quotes describe Taylor's emotional state as closed off and still healing from her previous relationship, indicating her inability to engage in a new romantic relationship at that time.

Matt Healy's Stability and Dependability

  • Matt is perceived as a grounded and stable individual, providing a sense of consistency and reliability.
  • He is seen as a "rock" in the storm, someone Taylor could rely on amidst the chaos of her life.
  • The King of Coins suggests Matt's role as a dependable figure during a tumultuous period for Taylor.

"Matt with the king of coins uh Matt also Matt in this okay words are getting dung dyed uh Matt is feeling a very stable person like out of all the chaos." "Matt also here feels feels like The Rock in the storm the island in the storm that's kind of steady sturdy and like doesn't move."

These quotes emphasize Matt's role as a steady and consistent presence in Taylor's life, offering stability during a difficult time.

Unhealthy Patterns and Codependency

  • The relationship between Matt and Taylor is described as having unhealthy patterns and codependency.
  • The Devil card suggests negative karmic connections and a toxic dynamic, despite the ease of their interactions.
  • Taylor's behavior is characterized as seeking stability in Matt amid her own emotional chaos, leading to an unhealthy codependent relationship.

"the devil unhealthy patterns Cod dependency. yeah negative karmic connections a little bit toxic." "it's like everything was very codependent like you were like in my opinion what I'm seeing from the card it's like Taylor was looking for Matt for everything because it's like everything else around her was in chaos."

These quotes indicate that while Matt provided support for Taylor, the nature of their relationship was codependent and not based on a healthy dynamic.

Recurring Cycles and the Need for Healing

  • Taylor and Matt's relationship appears to be part of a recurring cycle of behavior for both individuals.
  • Taylor is advised to consider therapy to address her emotional triggers and aggressive tendencies.
  • The cards suggest that both Taylor and Matt would benefit from introspection and breaking their patterns of behavior.

"it's like those same things were coming up so we're going to zero to 100 really quick." "Taylor it feels like needs would benefit very very much from going to therapy and and not working herself to to the extent that she has been and doing a lot of time to do a lot of self-reflection."

The quotes suggest that the dynamics between Taylor and Matt reflect deeper issues that require personal growth and healing, with therapy being recommended as a beneficial step for Taylor.

Karmic Lessons and Personal Growth

  • Sunburst Tarot feels that Matt Healy has learned a karmic lesson.
  • Matt may have experienced a shift in his dating preferences after his relationship with Taylor Swift.
  • The end of his relationship with Taylor marked the beginning of a new cycle for Matt, where he focuses on self-improvement and healing.
  • Matt is portrayed as a "fixer" and is building himself up post-relationship.

"Matt is is Matt I feel like learned a karmic lesson here."

This quote suggests that Matt Healy has undergone personal growth, which is significant as it indicates a turning point in his life and relationships.

Relationship Cycles and Emotional Cleansing

  • Taylor Swift seems to repeat the same cycles in her relationships.
  • Taylor might have unresolved traumas that affect her romantic relationships.
  • There has been a noticeable improvement in Taylor's emotional health in her current relationship compared to past ones.
  • Taylor's emotional variability has decreased, indicating personal work and healing.

"Taylor over here it's like we keep going through the same Cycles over and over and over again."

The quote highlights a pattern in Taylor Swift's relationships, suggesting a tendency to repeat behaviors or dynamics that may be linked to unresolved issues.

Relationship with Fandom

  • The dynamic between Matt Healy, Taylor Swift, and her fanbase, the Swifties, is explored.
  • Sunburst Tarot reads tarot cards to interpret the feelings and relationships among Matt, Taylor, and the fans.
  • Matt's popularity may have been negatively affected by his relationship with Taylor.
  • Taylor felt emotionally fulfilled during her relationship with Matt, which was positively viewed by her fans.
  • The Swifties were at a peak of their influence and support for Taylor during this time.

"Matt in the fan base Taylor and Matt Taylor and her fan base."

This quote sets the stage for the examination of the interconnected relationships between Matt Healy, Taylor Swift, and her fanbase, highlighting the complexity of celebrity relationships and public perception.

Professional Synergy

  • Matt and Taylor had a cooperative relationship when it came to music and creativity.
  • Their relationship had issues, but their professional collaboration was successful.
  • The synergy between them allowed for the creation of what is described as "masterpieces."

"With a of coins is like you're doing it together like things are going really well you're meshing you're like you're able to work extremely well together."

This quote underscores the positive professional relationship between Matt and Taylor, emphasizing their effective collaboration in music.

Fan Base Dynamics

  • The Swifties were seen as powerful and influential during Taylor's relationship with Matt.
  • Taylor's relationship with her fans was very strong, with mutual growth and admiration.
  • The fanbase was not supportive of Matt, questioning his intentions and compatibility with Taylor.
  • The Two of Wands reversed indicates a disconnect between Matt and the fanbase.

"The fanbase it feels like and the fan base wanted a lot for Taylor and I don't think the fan base saw Matt as a person that was going to support Taylor."

This quote reflects the fanbase's protective stance towards Taylor Swift and their skepticism of Matt Healy's role in her life, highlighting the impact of fan opinions on celebrity relationships.

Matt Healy's Perspective Post-Relationship

  • Matt Healy's career and popularity might have suffered as a result of his relationship with Taylor.
  • He experienced intense scrutiny and possibly hostility from the Swifties.
  • Matt still respects Taylor's talent and work ethic but wishes to distance himself from the past and the fanbase.

"I think a lot of it is just like keep my name out of your mouth cuz I just want to live my life over here away from all the craziness that was that time of his life."

The quote captures Matt Healy's desire to move on from the tumultuous period during and after his relationship with Taylor Swift, seeking a peaceful and private life away from the intense public attention.

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