Jacked or Shredded Ep 618



Alex Hormozi dissects the parallels between success in bodybuilding and business, emphasizing the importance of obsession, enjoyment, and long-term consistency. He argues that both realms require a balanced approach; in bodybuilding, a well-proportioned physique, and in business, a well-rounded company structure. Hormozi highlights the significance of specific knowledge, often gained through mentorship and practical experience rather than formal education. He shares insights on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, noting that understanding personal motivators can enhance performance in both fitness and business. Additionally, Hormozi stresses that discipline often stems from passion rather than sheer willpower, suggesting that true success is reserved for those who genuinely love their craft. He concludes by reminding entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts alike that significant achievements are not realized in months but years, advocating for patience and persistence in pursuit of excellence.

Summary Notes

Key Theme: Longevity and Obsession in Fitness and Business Success

  • Individuals who achieve significant success in fitness or business tend to have a long-term commitment to their endeavors.
  • Obsession or genuine enjoyment of the activity is a key factor in sustaining effort over time.
  • The wealthiest individuals often view business as a game, which can make the process more engaging and enjoyable.
  • The speaker's goal is to share lessons from building acquisition.com to help others grow their businesses.

My observation, who have become super fit, right, or super successful in bodybuilding or business are people who can do it for a long time. And the best way to do it for a long time is to be obsessed with it, is to actually enjoy doing it.

This quote emphasizes that the key to sustained success in both fitness and business is a combination of long-term commitment and a passion for the activity.

Key Theme: Parallels Between Bodybuilding and Business

  • Consistency is more valuable than short bursts of intense effort in both bodybuilding and business.
  • Persistency is a skill and character trait that can be developed over time, similar to building muscle.
  • The speaker draws parallels between the focused improvement in bodybuilding and specialization in business skills.
  • A balanced approach is essential in both bodybuilding and business for long-term success.
  • Weaknesses in either domain can become constraints that limit overall growth and development.

And so as I was thinking about this, right, between bodybuilding and business, one of the key things that matters is consistency, right?

This quote highlights consistency as a critical factor for success in both bodybuilding and business, suggesting that long-term, steady effort leads to better results than sporadic intensity.

Key Theme: The Importance of Balance and Addressing Weaknesses

  • In both bodybuilding and business, focusing solely on strengths can lead to imbalances and constraints.
  • It is not necessary to personally address every weakness, but ensuring that all aspects are covered is crucial for overall balance.
  • Departments in a business are likened to muscle groups in bodybuilding, emphasizing the need for a well-rounded approach.
  • The speaker advocates for the development of weaker areas over time to prevent them from becoming limiting factors.

Your weakest link in your business will be the constraint of the business. You don't necessarily have to be the person who fulfills that weak link, but the business must be balanced.

This quote conveys the idea that while an individual does not need to personally overcome every weakness, it is essential for the health of a business to address and balance all areas of potential deficiency.

Key Theme: Skill Development Through Quality Volume

  • The acquisition of skill is a result of not just volume, but high-quality volume, in both fitness and business practices.
  • The speaker has observed that entrepreneurs often need guidance to improve their workout routines, suggesting that attention to quality is essential for skill development.

So skill comes from volume, right? And it's high-quality volume.

This quote implies that developing skill in any area requires not only repeated practice but also a focus on the quality of each repetition or effort.

Importance of Proper Training and Execution

  • Individuals often believe they are effectively training or working out but may not be engaging the targeted muscles or achieving the desired results.
  • This concept parallels the business world, where people think they are marketing or selling effectively when they might not be.
  • The revelation of not actually engaging the back muscles during training despite years of workouts.
  • The importance of proper guidance and mentorship in learning and executing tasks correctly.

Move your elbows this way. Reposition your body. And for some reason, it's happened almost every time with back training. And they were like, dude, I've been training for ten years. And mind you, these aren't like fitness people. They're like business people who just were like, hey, I'll go work out with you. And they're like, dude, I've never felt my back before today with you.

This quote highlights the common issue where individuals have been working out for years without properly engaging the muscles they intended to train. The speaker emphasizes the difference that proper technique and guidance can make.

The Concept of Specific Knowledge

  • Specific knowledge is defined as knowledge that can be learned but not taught.
  • The acquisition of specific knowledge is through application, doing, apprenticeship, and mentorship.
  • The distinction between knowledge that can be learned in school and knowledge that is acquired through experience and practice.
  • The importance of finding mentors who have achieved what one aims to do, to learn from their experience.

Naval Rob Khan said this about specified or specific knowledge, right? Is that specific knowledge is knowledge that can be learned but cannot be taught. And so the way that people learn it is through application and doing.

The speaker references Naval Rob Khan's definition of specific knowledge, emphasizing that it is acquired through hands-on experience rather than traditional teaching methods.

The Impact of Mentorship

  • Mentorship has a significant impact on success, as evidenced by research showing mentored individuals in academia achieve four times more than their non-mentored counterparts.
  • The transfer of specific knowledge from mentor to mentee is crucial for enhanced productivity and success.
  • The speaker's personal reflection on the importance of specific knowledge and the role of mentorship in acquiring it.

My good friend, Dr. Jebukashi PhD, one of the top two smartest people I've known my whole life, he looked at this big research study that they looked in academia, which was that people who have mentors in academia accomplish four times more than people with identical character traits, identical degrees and pedigrees and all that stuff who did not have a mentor.

This quote presents research findings on the value of mentorship, suggesting that having a mentor can significantly increase one's productivity and success, regardless of one's inherent abilities or qualifications.

First Principles and Authentic Experience

  • The speaker discusses the concept of first principles thinking and its application in teaching and learning.
  • The distinction between those who have authentic experience doing what they teach and those who merely regurgitate second-hand information.
  • Understanding the underlying reasons behind processes and being able to troubleshoot issues comes from first-hand experience.
  • The conversation with Brooke Castillo highlights the challenge of imparting this type of nuanced understanding.

I think what it is is it's first principles, like derivatives. Like most people that you see have not done the thing that they are teaching. What they do is they are spouting things that they have heard and just regurgitating them.

The speaker suggests that understanding and teaching from first principles is rare and valuable, as many individuals teach based on information they have heard rather than experiences they have had.

Learning Through Doing and the Shortcomings of Academic Systems

  • The speaker advocates for learning skills through practical experience rather than traditional academic pathways.
  • The concept of "earning while you learn" is promoted as an effective way to acquire specific knowledge.
  • The speaker shares a personal anecdote about a neighbor who learned to sell effectively by working on a sales team, emphasizing the value of learning by doing.
  • The criticism of academic systems for their inability to impart specific knowledge effectively.

You have to do the thing well, like training your back well, do the sales well in order for your skill to improve. And the way to do that is a lot of times by having somebody who is much better than you teach you how to do it, all right?

This quote reinforces the idea that skills improve through practice and mentorship, suggesting that learning from someone more experienced is crucial for mastering a skill.

The Importance of Intention in Execution

  • The speaker draws a parallel between bodybuilding and business, highlighting the necessity of intention behind actions.
  • The issue of going through the motions without true understanding or execution in both physical training and business practices.
  • The consequences of not executing with intention, leading to stagnation in physical appearance or business growth.

So, so many people go through the motions and they think they're marketing. They think they're marketing, but really what they're doing is they're like, no, we do the marketing. We do that stuff. Right?

The speaker illustrates how individuals may believe they are performing certain actions correctly, such as marketing, but in reality, they are not executing with the necessary intention or effectiveness.

Importance of Reviews and Sharing Podcasts

  • Reviews and sharing are crucial for spreading the word about the podcast.
  • The aim is to assist more entrepreneurs in various aspects of their businesses.
  • Reviews can potentially change the world for someone else.

"And the only way we do that is if you can rate and review and share this podcast."

This quote emphasizes the importance of audience engagement through reviews and sharing to expand the podcast's reach and impact.

Discipline vs Enjoyment in Fitness and Business

  • Many fitness professionals mistake their enjoyment of fitness for discipline.
  • True discipline involves doing tasks even when they are not enjoyable.
  • The misconception is that enjoying an activity equates to discipline, which is not necessarily true.

"But when it comes to business, they don't enjoy doing it. And so they are not disciplined because if you were disciplined, you would do it even though you do not enjoy doing it, right?"

The quote clarifies that discipline is the ability to persist in tasks regardless of enjoyment, a trait that is essential for success in business.

Long-term Success and Obsession

  • Long-term winners in fitness or business are those who enjoy and are obsessed with their pursuits.
  • Enjoyment leads to spending free time learning and experimenting, which is critical for sustained success.
  • Self-awareness about one's likes is crucial for setting realistic expectations in fitness and business.

"And the best way to do it for a long time is to be obsessed with it, is to actually enjoy doing it, right?"

This quote highlights the importance of passion and obsession as drivers for long-term commitment and success in any field.

The Role of Passion in Business Success

  • Passion for business leads to constant learning and thinking about the industry.
  • Those who love their field are more likely to outperform those who do not.
  • Technicians should manage their expectations if they lack a love for business.

"They're working 16 hours a day, high quality effort because they love it and they're fanatical about it."

The quote explains that passion fuels the extensive effort and dedication required to excel in business.

Adjusting Expectations and Seeking Mentorship

  • Technicians can be successful without being business experts by excelling in their craft.
  • Adjusting expectations is necessary for those who do not focus on their business or fitness goals.
  • Spending time to think and seek mentorship leads to improvement and getting unstuck.

"But if you spend your time thinking about all day long, you will eventually correct your form. You will eventually do it right."

This quote suggests that constant reflection and seeking guidance are key to making progress and overcoming challenges.

Different Working Styles in Fitness vs Business

  • Personal preferences and motivations can differ between fitness and business activities.
  • Understanding one's unique motivators is important for optimizing performance in different areas.
  • Insecurity can be a motivator in certain environments, while solitude may be better for focus in others.

"So, in fitness, and this has taken me now 17 years to figure out, is that I actually like working out with people."

The quote reveals a personal discovery about the speaker's preferred working environment in fitness, which contrasts with their solitary preference in business.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

  • Understanding personal motivation is crucial for success.
  • The speaker discovered that their motivation for fitness decreased when working out alone in their gym.
  • They found renewed motivation while working out in other gyms during travel.
  • Intrinsic motivation can sustain long-term success in any endeavor.
  • Extrinsic motivators can be helpful but may not be as sustainable as intrinsic ones.

"And when I work out, I have an extrinsic motivator. So if you can think to yourself, like, what is my intrinsic motivation for?"

This quote highlights the importance of recognizing what internally or externally motivates an individual, which is key for maintaining consistent effort over time.

Importance of Enjoying the Process

  • Long-term success is tied to genuinely liking the activity one is involved in.
  • Those who enjoy their work or discipline are more likely to outperform those who do not.
  • Finding enjoyment in the process is essential for sustained effort and improvement.

"The first thing is the people who like the thing are the ones who are going to succeed in the long term."

The quote emphasizes that passion and enjoyment for one's work are critical components of long-term success and cannot be easily outmatched by those without it.

Seeking Knowledge and Expertise

  • Advancement requires specific knowledge in a given field.
  • Learning from someone with expertise can accelerate progress.
  • Whether in business or fitness, doing things correctly is necessary for advancement.

"If you want to advance faster, then find somebody who has specific knowledge in the thing, whether it's business or bodybuilding, you have to do it right in order to make progress."

This quote underlines the value of seeking expertise to improve one's approach and the importance of correct practice for effective progress.

Consistency Over Intensity

  • Consistent effort is more valuable than short bursts of intense effort.
  • The speaker criticizes a flawed application of their "rule of 100," which requires daily action.
  • Long-term dedication is key to skill improvement and achieving goals.

"Consistency will always beat intensity."

The quote succinctly conveys the message that regular, consistent actions are more effective for success than sporadic, intense efforts.

Matching Motivation to Environment

  • Intrinsic motivation suits solitary work, while extrinsic motivation thrives in social settings.
  • Acknowledging one's need for external validation can be leveraged to enhance productivity.
  • Joining groups or communities can be beneficial for those driven by external recognition.

"The people who are intrinsically motivated, I think, will work better on their own. People who are extrinsically motivated work better in areas where they can show off."

This quote differentiates between the types of motivation and suggests suitable environments for each to flourish.

  • Identifying and improving weak areas is crucial for overall success.
  • In business, as in bodybuilding, balance and addressing deficiencies are necessary.
  • Learning new skills or partnering with others who possess them can correct imbalances.

"Weak links in your physique. You can be really good at sales, you can be really good at benching, right? You can be really good at one thing, but in order for the business overall to succeed, you have to fix the weak link."

The quote draws a parallel between improving physical weaknesses and addressing shortcomings in business to achieve a well-rounded success.

Long-Term Thinking for Success

  • Success in fitness and business requires a long-term perspective.
  • The speaker emphasizes that significant achievements take years, not months.
  • The "hockey stick" growth pattern shows that initial efforts may not yield immediate results, but persistence leads to exponential growth.
  • A business, like a body, needs all aspects to be functioning well to grow.

"Most people think in months, when the people who win think in years."

This quote captures the essence of the theme that a long-term perspective is critical for substantial achievements in any field.

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